APM confirms probe into sale of presidential jet by JB

Malawi President Peter Mutharika on Monday lashed out at those insinuating his is planning to buy a jet once the country’s economy stabilize but revealed that his administration is working to find out the actual truth on how the presidential jet, bought during President Bingu wa Mutharika’s time in office, was sold out without Malawi significantly benefiting from the proceeds.

Malawian President Mutharika : This jet nonsense must stop once and for all

Malawian President Mutharika : This jet nonsense must stop once and for all

Commentators have hinted that Mutharika’s government was staging events to influence the nation to support its desire to buy a presidential jet.

One of the event was Mutharika’s trip to Malta for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) where he used commercial airlines throughout all the three connecting flights to his destination.

Through the trip it was also reported that the President’s luggage and confidential documents went missing during the flights.

But Mutharika has dismissed the assertions that his is contemplating of buying the jet, arguing some people are obsessed with the idea.

”I hope this nonsense will stop once and for all, government has no plans to buy a jet,” said Mutharika who was  visibly irritated by the issue.

”Lets leave this obssession and move forward”.

Asked about the presidential jet that was sold by the Peoples Party (PP) administration, Mutharika said government was still investigating the issue.

He said that upon completion of analysing the issues government will come up with a report which will be made public so that citizens will have to appreciate how processes were conducted in selling the jet.

The President said if something fishy happened in the process then necessary measures will be undertaken on those that were involved in the issue.

He warned that the arm of law will take its course on those implicated in the controversial sale of the jet that was sold under former President Joyce Banda’s tenure.

Mutharika highlighted that Joyce Banda and her administration contradicted themselves as to what exactly what happened with the proceeds from the jet sale.

”There are procurement systems in this country. If the procurement system was not followed, those who flauted the procedure will be found guilty. Believe me we will get to the bottom of this,” warned Mutharika.

The Dassault Falcon 900EX Presidential jet bought in 2009 by late Bingu wa Mutharika’s administration, cost Malawi almost $22million, a move that angered western donors who claimed that the jet was partly bought using funds aimed at uplifting the impoverished citizenry.

Banda sold the jet to British Virgin Islands company Bohnox Enterprises, and claimed the proceeds were used to buy maize and medicine for the country.

Reports, however, revealed that the jet was bartered.

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21 thoughts on “APM confirms probe into sale of presidential jet by JB”

  1. selfish decision says:

    I believe the truth of jetgate are investigate even before your took over the country so don’t fool us here.
    Just start the case now if you have teeth. I like Mugufuli he acts I wsh we had so many people of his kind

  2. Sikusinja says:

    It is you Peter Mathanyula who is the most stupid, nonsense person in Malawi and Africa beyond, nonsense president each time you cry like guinea fowl!

  3. chemuyaya says:

    what you know is shouting. u useless leader. cant you sort out this electricity mess, Economic mess first? who do you think you are? when you wake up what comes in your mind is to talk about Joice Banda – a lady for that matter. I feel sorry not only for myself but for my wife and daughter for having a visionless leader like you.

  4. ZZ Junior says:

    Fact 1. A presidential jet not Bingu jet was bought by DPP government.(it was criticized)
    Fact 2. The presidential Jet was sold by PP government.(It was criticized)

    wabwino azitani guys?

  5. Nachisale says:

    Billy, the 577$ billion was supposed to be investigated by PP not DPP so if PP left it , don’t blame the current government. anaona kuti zonse zili bwino a PP wo!

  6. Mpumulo says:

    If selling the jet was illegal then buying or the thought of buying a new one is blasphemous!

  7. mapwevupwevu says:

    Even if the investigations are never concluded I am just happy that Joyce Banda is weeping and gnashing her teeth right here on earth!

    Ufere kunja konko mai woipa iwe! Nalikukuti wachabechabe!

  8. eliam mtika says:

    this guy is either very lazy or very stupid or both. it takes 2 days to figure out what happenned to jetgate! Too slow to think and too old. this man should retire and let Chilima take ove.

  9. The Patriot says:

    Mr President, mind your language! There can only be one President at a time, some of the people you are calling “nonsense ” are future Presidents of this country. Respect is earned and your language is eroding the respect that we have for your office! If you want us to respect you solve our economic problems! Otherwise no matter how much you bang tables or issue arrogant statements, no artucu,ate Malawian will respect you!!

  10. Mmmm says:

    Koma chi dziko ichichi ndichokanika basi

  11. jimmy says:

    Mr President, please stop this nonsense of calling us nonsense when we try and speak out on matters that mater. please stop it!!!

  12. Billy says:

    The K577billion DPP Cashgate came well before the presidential jet sale so why investigate the jet sale before the DPP cashgate first? Are you Malawians so afraid of Peter Mutharika that you fail to ask him searching questions? He must investigate the K577billion DPP Cashgate first BEFORE the jet sale.

  13. Mpumulo wa Bata wayandikila says:

    Who is investigating MK577 billion ????

  14. Cocoon says:

    What about 577 Billions? Can you release the report? You are part of cash gate Mr President!!!

  15. James Phiri says:

    While you’re investigating how the jet was sold also investigate how is was first procured. I’m sure there were some deals involved when the jet was bought and that may be why it’s difficult to publish the truth about how it was sold.

  16. mphatso says:

    It looks like school is not helping Malawians in any way.educated people who can not audit their own country,weve got to depend on Billy whatever.Jetgate we are to investigate my foot.if I were the presidents I tell you all these things will be sorted out in one month if not one week.too much corruption in Malawi is what delays justice.look at the courts two years to convict someone and then he take 6 months in jail.who is fooling who.
    Lets do things the MUgufuli way not just wasting time.What do you do in the offices?

  17. choka phiri says:

    I support JB for staying away from this.evil man Who is full of revenge. APMHE watts to se JB deadline. His brother tried. Hej is so angry AT JB for stoppning himla to taket over after His brother. And also for treason. Don blame JB. Once se comes in Malawi se Will be killed. Believe me. JB get all The information from mot expert. What has he done with The money he sold The bank? Why did he sell The bank? Why van he not take a public plane? Hej is has the money of His own Why vant he buy one?

  18. choonadi says:

    Kodi a Maurice kuti a president asaoneke ngati akuchita stage events mukufuna akamakwela commercial aircrafts adzichita chani? Wakwela commercial lero mukuti akuchita stage. Luggage yasowa mukuti akuchita stage. Dont you know kuti zoterozo zimachitika mma commercial flights? Kodi anthu inu vuto lanu ndichani kwenikweni? I am sure kuti atakwela njinga ya kapalasa simukwanitsidwabe. Chomwe mukufuna ndikuti achoke pampando.

  19. magufuli says:

    Joice Banda will not come back to Malawi at all. All these cash gates for her alone. Government cases take a long period of time to conclude.Joice Banda is a great thinker and she read the game far long time ago that Malawi is not going to provide peace for her. Dr parallel structure maker is now under pressure. To extent of running away from her own country. Peter keep the fire burning but do not dare to bring her back through inter pol. Leave her alone, we DPPs we are living peacefully. Just put your cards in oder so that she should not dare to come to Malawi through 2019. Hahahahahahah I am enjoying here mama.

  20. humuza says:

    Mr President we are tired hearing about your investigation into Jetgate. It seems you know the truth but you dont want Malawians to know. Because you also have dirty hands some where. THIS NOSENCE MUST STOP ONCE FOR ALL.

  21. Truck says:


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