APM focused on  infrastructure development: Commissions upgraded Masauko Chipembere highway

President Arthur Peter Mutharika says good road infrastructure in the country is a catalyst to efficient service delivery and vibrant economic activity which culminates into transformation of livelihoods.

Mutharika commission the upgraded road

Mutharika commission the upgraded road

The upgraded Masauko Chipembere Highway

The upgraded Masauko Chipembere Highway

DPP supporters welcome Mutharika at the function

DPP supporters welcome Mutharika at the function

He was speaking in Blantyre on Saturday when he officially opened the upgraded Masauko Chipembere Highway.

“We also need good road infrastructure to ease access to public services such as hospitals, schools and markets among others. Good roads facilitate trade and result in economic boom.

“Malawi is an agro-economy and for our farmers to move their produce to the markets, they need good roads. This is why my Government has put road infrastructure as one of our priorities,” said President Mutharika.

He added,”Economically, this is one of the most important roads of Blantyre. This road is the spine of the City. And this is the road that connects us to every surrounding district. Blantyre, the President said, will undergo a huge facelift in as far as road infrastructure is concerned.”

According to him, several roads are being upgraded to asphalt surfacing from this year. These are township roads of Angelo Goveya, Manje, Mbengwe, Chilomoni, Chinseu,, Chimwankhunda, Ma Land Rover Chirimba, Railways among others.

He also disclosed that there will be bypasses round the City of Blantyre to decongest traffic.

Some of these roads are from Chigumula Trading Centre to Mapanga, via Bangwe and Mzedi,from Chigumula to Mpemba Trading Centre via Soche Quarry, from Mpemba to Chilomoni via Pensulo and Chigwaja Townships and from Chileka Airport to Ngumbe via Army Secondary School, to M1 Road.

The Malawi leader called upon Blantyre residents to take good care of the road infrastructure which will soon include street lights in many of the city’s townships.

Japanese Ambassador to Malawi Mr. Shuichiro Nishioka said in an interview at the function that his government finds Malawi a dedicated and development- conscious partner who understands the need for world class infrastructure to support development.

The project is being funded by the Japanese Government to the tune of MK12 billion which they provided through Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA). Contractors on the job are World Kaihatsu
Kogyo Company Limited, Nippo Corporation and Shimizu Corporation.

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17 thoughts on “APM focused on  infrastructure development: Commissions upgraded Masauko Chipembere highway”

  1. Kande says:

    Talk about government reforms, how much did we save by Mathanyula commissioning this patch of a road????? Can we talk about the economy and the plight of 3 million Malawians .

  2. Kande says:

    Is this an inter-continenantal highway or a road to no-where?

  3. dee kay says:

    So little upgrading by Roads department requires a ceremony? and misewu yake yopanda drainage system. Basi a creation of persistent floods. How did roads built by Kamuzu stay long time?

  4. Mthawanji says:

    It looks nice but why those kerbs on pedestrian as they cross the road is that not a trap to pedestrians considering heavy traffic of pedestrians.Why not removing them atleast on pedestrian crossings.

  5. Guantanamo says:

    A whole president officially opening a one kilometer up-graded road. It was more of a party rather than a govt function. But the development starved dpp and APM found more joy in ‘opening’ an existing road.

  6. Kamoja says:

    But what about Lilongwe’s car traffic from Old Town to Area 3 as you cross Lilongwe River Bridge?

    1. Che Wanimiliyoni says:

      U r right Mr Kamoja that section needs a quick rethink. I once suggested to an LL City Council roads engineer that a temporary way to solve this problem (as we a wait a dual carriage which will not solve matters either) is to construct a road from Minibus terminal near Bwaira hospital to ESCOM Substation road. For the time being we can have a timber deck bridge on LL river. Construct a roundabout at PMF (LL CCAP). Having done that stop all right turns on M1 heading towards BT from Townhall roundabout to PMF. I dont think LL City Council can not afford this.

  7. ineyo says:

    Nyalugwe mchepsya, Mseu umenewu ndi otsekulira President?

  8. High Time says:

    APM aleke a galatiya azitokota iwe chitukuko patsogolo. Alephera ma plan awa ndi awa oti akugwetse koma angoyaluka okha. Analimbikitsa umbava ndi umbanda koma alephera. Posachedwapa adayamba kuotcha misika komanso sadapite nazo patali. Lero ndi awa ayaluka akukambirana zolanda Boma ndi a Lucy Citembeya. Nawonso a Nsowoya kupereka official verhicle ku chibwenzi chawo chi hule chija koma lero ndi awa ayalukanso. Nseu wa Kasiya- Santhe APM usausiye uumalize basi ndiponso zikatero m’busayu adzayambe kukuvotera ndi iyeyo 2019 poona kuti kwao alawako nseu wa tara koyamba chilengedwereni cha dziko lapansi. But keep on maintaining cool and collectiveness. Never argue with noisy empty tins coz people will not notice the difference. Blantyrenso taijudula monga mmene wanenera za International Airport ndi Stadium. Awa a gulewa azilima fodya ndi ena a henyahenyawa azifwafwaza usipa koma ife ndale tinaziyamba 1915 ndi John Chilembwe ndi Dr Daniel Malikebu. Anawa saakudziwa zimenezi. Angowafunsa a Chair awakumbutse kuto a Elapoera ndi a Nyono ndi ma cousin adachokera limodzi ku Mozambique.

  9. Yellow Yellow Yellow says:

    Project initiated by Muluzi opened by Mutharika

  10. Blessed Banda says:

    The by pass roads in BT are making sense except one (Chileka Airport to Ngumbe via Army Secondary School).

  11. Che Wanimiliyoni says:

    Great if these road projects will be implemented. Add a short road from Ndirande to Mudi/Maselema to decogest Makata road. Dont forget public carparks in Limbe and Blantyre CBDs. Ena nde akupanga msanje akufuna zonse zaboma zizipita kuLilongwe, mwauponda. OPhiri, amwenye amanga Blantyre mudziwanso imeneija ndi Lagos yapaMalawi. it controls the Southern region which happens to be the most populus among the 3. Nde mukufuna zitukuko zizipita ku minda kusiya pamudzi? Hehehe.

  12. Lets take our country back says:

    Tidya misewu yomweyi, Bwana yabvuta ndi njala

  13. 2016 welcome says:

    With Peter Mutharika I don’t see any reason why Malawi should have a president. He is a complete liability to the nation. An epitome of mediocrity.

  14. Oppostion chabwe says:

    Heee Heee, road to reach hospitals without drugs? Roads to schools without teachers where kids sit on the floor? Roads to markets to sell what husks? Invest in Electricity and irrigation you fool and everything else will fall into place.

  15. alick says:

    is lilongwe the capital city?

  16. Patriot weni weni says:


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