APM grooming Chaponda for presidency: Malawi ruling DPP shifting loyaty to Foreign Minister

President Peter Mutharika is reportedly grooming Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr George Chaponda who is also a Member of Parliament to succeed him as the next president of the party and then be its torch bearer in the next elections.

Chaponda: To be next leader for Malawi?

Chaponda: To be next leader for Malawi?

DPP insiders have tipped that Chaponda was the President’s preferred candidate for leadership of the party.

Mutharika is making sure Chaponda is exposed to international community by leaving him to represent him on the diplomatic stage.

The President is also said to be delegating all his important assignments to Chaponda – a trusted minister  and has started getting preferential coverage on state media to propel him as the next DPP czar.

Chaponda who is leading Malawi delegation to African Union Heads of State summit expected to take place from 30 to 31st January , dismissed the grooming assertions as coming out of “ignorance”.

He said such reports linking him to succession plan   should be taken with a pinch of salt.

But DPP sources say members are now shifting the loyalty to Chaponda as they see him as the next leader.

“Most of us are now repositioning ourselves to Chaponda,” one MP told Nyasa Times.

Both DPP spokesperson Francis Kasaila and government spokesperson Jappie Mhango were coy to comment on the issue.

Mutharika’s spokesperson Gerald Viola referred the matter to DPP spokesman.

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67 thoughts on “APM grooming Chaponda for presidency: Malawi ruling DPP shifting loyaty to Foreign Minister”

  1. CryMalawi says:

    President Wa ziphwitsitu ndiye. Wa tribalism.

  2. ObServer says:

    Anyone can lead malawi. Provided he /she can mobilise the masses. Age, education, is not not that important. Personally i think politics should be left to older people who have contributed to the nation building by providing service up to the age of 55. There after they can retire to politics to waste. Young people lets get the expertise we need in our areas of fields and groom our juniors them we can join politics

  3. High Time says:

    Enanu mubakhala chete ovota ndi a DPP tsono inu zikukhuzani bwanji? You will be amazed by the landslide. Once blue always blue ndiyomwe anthu tikuyendera.

  4. CHOKAZINGA says:


  5. KUKHALA says:


  6. Chaponda says:

    Chaponda. DPP is a joke really

  7. All4ks says:

    When heads of states meet, it is the vp who is supposed to go if the president doesn’t go. Not the foreign minister. The foreign minister can only go as part of the delegation led by the vp.

    But we all know this dpp decision is not new, it was coming and Chilima is being sidelined once more.

    The fact is only southerners, to be specific lomwe thugs, can control and lead dpp.

    So Chilima and all others in dpp start repositioning yourselves. Remember the worm that turned.

    Smile mcp.

  8. Mlomwe Original says:

    Chaponda! Si uja amati tisamaphwise uyu.Muziwe kuti akangokhala mtsogoleri uyu sitizaphwisaso.Mmimba muzizangotipweteka.iiiii chaponda munthu oipa uyu ,munthu olesa anzake kuphwisa.Asaaaa.

  9. KARU UNITED says:

    He is filled with hate. That is the problem with Chaponda. As someone has said he is to DPP what JZ U is to MCP. Both will never rule Malawi. They only succeed in driving people away.

  10. KUTHA KWA DPP!!!If pipo in his own area dont want him.Try to greet him out of respect as an elder from your area and c hw PROUD n POMPOUSLY he will look down upon u!He has started putting pipo as his MP’s in all constituencies.

  11. Faith says:

    Similarly Barack was glooming Edward Kery by representing him in forums.

  12. Son of Peter says:



  13. vwapuvwapu says:

    better mukanayikapo Jessie kabwila kkkk apo ayi mwiniwake alipo kalale Klaus eeeeh kkkk.

  14. Thoko Salijeni says:

    Understand Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique and TZ politics. You become president after being anointed as successor by an incumbent president. Dr Chaponda is on his way to becoming Malawi, if whatever you are saying is true. Hate him or loathe him.

  15. Ufulu says:

    Chaponda is to DPP what Tembo was to MCP. Munthu wankhaza zosayamba. Give us another name. Where is Kalirani? What about Kaliati? So women are still marginalized?

    1. Nangolo says:

      I think something is wrong with Malawi politics. This wakwithu syndrome is not going to take us anywhere.

  16. Cosy Achross Bitoni Matembabd says:

    Lhomwe hegemony to end

  17. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    Correspondent Muheya: you are peddling in speculations, no less.
    Your piece has no evidence for the purported grooming. If Chaponda is one of the most experienced, competent ministers, a loyal DPPer, and a trusted one at that, then good for him. But do not throw distrust in the ruling party.
    Hold your guns until you have proof, or credible evidence.

  18. King Jaffe Joffer says:

    It would be a catastrophe nightmare for Malawi to migrate from one joker president to another comedian. Realistically APM and Chaponda don’t measure up to the president job. These two men with contorted faces dont inspire a bit and they must be stopped!!

  19. Thus DPP,even chilima knew it before that thus what DPP does.

  20. Molicious pwandapwanda says:

    Ife sitikufunaso atsogoleri okalaba tatopa nazo izi.we want new generation to take the sits’ again! we don’t want to have a oldest leader in malawi. please we don’t want that.

  21. ntaganda says:

    Let it be people.if Destiny say so who are you to say the opposite

  22. BigMan says:

    A small minded article. As foreign minister do you expect him to be kept away from diplomatic duties or international travel? Find something real to write about.

  23. Malawianah says:

    Chipani cha lhomwe ichi..anyway no problem coz UDF belong to Yao and MCP goes for chewa..ndimene Malawi alili.

  24. He! says:

    Did Chilima tell you that by acepting to be VP he wants to be the president of Mw? Is he a politician or technocrat?

  25. john says:

    Ndidamuuzatu kuti alomwe awa angokugwiritsa ntchito. taonani Chaponda ayamba kugwira ntchito za VP.

  26. Sapitwa says:

    Wolemba nkhaniyi ali ndi cholinga chofuna kubvundula madzi kuti anthu anyoze DPP umo adachitira ndi JB.
    I think DPP would not like to see history repeating itself. If APM wanted Chaponda to be his running mate, he could have not wasted his time to choose a Captain of Industry Chilima. If DPP would command respect like Frelimo in Mozambique and Chama Chamapinduzi in Tanzania, it should respect its VPs so that former Presidents could be respected. DDP should be open and come clean on this one. Ndale za mtundu wotere chotsani!

  27. Journo says:

    Chaponda is one of the most boring and dumbest guy i have ever seen just try to interview him the guy is clueless

  28. Zagwa says:

    You really think Chilima is a foolish villager? Mwaishosha mugona angulu inu!

  29. Eliam k says:

    What about chakwera,Atupele

  30. mlomwe says:

    kkk nde malozatu!

  31. eddie k says:

    God help us we’re tired of selfshines

  32. MYAO says:


  33. The Partriot says:

    No problem, game on!
    The million dollar question is does DPP know that other tribes have capable leaders as well?
    It seems the most important qualification to lead DPP is belong to the Lhomwe tribe, not so?
    Please, other tribes lets take a good note of this! Let us show the Lhomwes that everyone can rule this country, not only them!!

  34. Chambochokoma says:

    Have you ever seen vp in malawi being next president? Its not news to me

  35. MYAO says:



  36. Witcan says:

    If that is the case then JB should be called to come and rule this country for her remaining 8 years. This is total madness! Buy why Malawi? Inenso ndidzakhala president basi !

  37. Chembe says:

    If u people are observant enough look where mwanaveka’s loyalty is bent to. He is aware of the next move.z

  38. Mulhomwe Wankulu says:

    Ndimmene zinayambira Bingu ndi Peter koma anthu ena ankatsutsa kuti ndizabodza…..lero nde ndizimenezi tikuliranazozi mbatata ya chabechabe. Koma abale ndi izi zomwe upresident? Koma kumalawi nde kwaphwekadi.

  39. Buyelekhaya Nginde says:

    Zayambapo tsopano.

  40. impi says:

    Though I do not buy this story but my question is why is Mutharika sidelining the Vice President? The VP is supposed to represent the President on all crucial meetings like the AU, something is not right.

  41. mwape says:

    I don’t see any problem with this, please leave them

  42. sinapondamtota masiyafumbi says:


  43. Zika Virus says:

    A Chilima tinakuuzani ife.

  44. Wachamba waku kk says:

    Shaaaa Chilima used and dumped like a condom. A malawi ndife opepela makamaka aku Southern region. Come 2019 i can see Chaponda ruling us.

  45. Guantanamo says:

    Even during the era of Bingu Chaponda wielded extreme prowess. Chaponda is the ‘heart’ of DPP. His opinions drive the party. He is the man behind the ‘down sizing’ of prominent Northerners and the architect of quota system. Bingu used Chaponda when he wanted to ‘drive home’ an unpopular policy. Chaponda was minister of Education when quota system was introduced. He was minister of Justice when crucial appointments of High court Judges were made, and he was minister of Foreign Affairs when some ambassadors were recalled from service.

  46. Ngamo says:

    Phunzilo ndinalitola mudziko mwathu muno ndiloti, amene amanyonyosoledwa, ndikunyozedwa kunkhani yazandale ndi maudindo a mubomawa ndiamene amatuluka kukhala opambana nthawi zambili….i gues i start 2respect chaponda as my president

  47. Kalanga ine ……odi ndiphwisiretu asalowe pa udindo mkulu ameneyu..Apa ndiye lamulo loletsa kutsitsa mmpheya lija ndiye likubwera basi

  48. Honarouble1 says:

    Utsi sufuka popanda moto!!
    Atcheya ankakananso poyamba paja,,,,let’s wait n C

  49. Zikukoma says:

    By the way, who told you that Northerners want to rule this cursed Nation. The North holds the cure this curse. North is teaching us in schools, North is treating us in hospitals, its still the North that will feed us in 2016/17. God continue blessing the North and people from there.

  50. Njunga says:

    Musova we will vote any person who will stand for DPP even bakha lizawina in the name of DPP yambani chipani chanu mwatikhalila nthawi yayitali.

  51. rute says:

    grooming him for presidency by sending him for internantional meetings? do international meeting participants vote in malawi? zinazi ukamva – thereis no way that george chaponda can win the presidency and even if a martian came to malawi today they would kno that chaponda cant win the presidency.

  52. smart says:

    matchona…nkhalamba za ma degree achikalekale..zitengera kuti
    tizangokwapulanapo basi ..chaponda kukhala president ayi..kapena wa a lomwe ku mulanje osati wa malawi

  53. Asante says:

    Dr. George Gangandule Chaponda, BA,MA, LLB(Hons), LLM, PhD

  54. Dominic khwiliro says:

    This is simply referred to as our “Democracy is losing its Solemnity”

  55. Mjomba says:

    May God help our land and guide us on choosing a leader of this nation as He did in the time of Moses from Egypt to Canane.

  56. Gwenembe says:

    I don’t sympathise with Saulos Chilima on this issue. God is punishing him for his sins. One thing I know is DPP this is your last don’t dream of winning, but I say hurray to Mathanyula for sidelining Chilima, waiwona Bangwe ameneyu. People are now suffering because of his crookedness kubera mavoti. Masterminder was Saulos Chilima, wadyapo.

    1. Inu says:

      This is the problem with Malawians. We dont care about the evidence until things turn ugly. I dont know Saulosi personally but if you say he did what he did then where is the evidence? Malawians dont realize how stupid this character of ours is of just believing in something and preaching it as gospel even if we dont have any proof until four eldery people lose their life in Neno. What is the difference between saying Saulosi anabela and four grannies were witches when both cases dont have evidence?

  57. bozwell makaranga says:

    If Malawi would like to see this country torn apart on ethnic lines then Chaponda is the sure candidate to trigger that to happen. It is common knowledge that this guy is extremely tribalistic to the core. People can tolerate being downtrodden up to a point. It will be a big mistake to even consider Chaponda to rule this country.

  58. Kingman says:

    Ndiye zamisalatu ndi awa omwe am living to u s a basi

  59. ambassador says:

    If true then it’s a big joke. Look Chappnda is not even fit to be a Foreign Minister!

  60. 2016 welcome says:

    We saw it coming. An empirical lesson to Ntcheu people who voted blindly. Muona; chibwezi cha nkhwangwa chokoma pokwera kuimangira mchiuno koma potsika kungoiponya. Anthu ampatuko aku Ntcheu. Used and dumped.

  61. Mphondo Zagadabuka says:

    Soka kwa ntumbuka Chaponda akazakhala president!

  62. Brian,MBA,BAac says:

    Let us wait and see who will be the next President.

  63. Jetli says:

    Chaponda to President..My foot a man who keeps on Confident when doing thing …What a shsm of the President will he be

  64. Kadakwiza says:

    In Malawi everything is possible. So come 2020 Dr. George Chaponda will be the President of Malawi. This is what we call selfish. This shows that no one from the north will one day become President of Malawi. What about Chilima, what about Atupele Muluzi?

  65. Nosedive says:

    This is good news..it leaves Chilima out of the picture. He can form his own party with his own trusted people and we will vote for him. He will leave behind remnants from Bingu and Muluzi era whom APM was forced to give posts in Government and positions in the Party just because they were in DPP…

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