APM rejects Malawi govt shielding DPP culprits in K577bn cashgate

President Peter Mutharika has reacted angrily that his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government is shielding his cronies accused of embezzling K577 billion during the reign of former president Bingu wa Mutharika.

President Mutharika: No one in DPP is being shielded

President Mutharika: No one in DPP is being shielded

“What do you mean by that? We are prosecuting the Peoples Party officials in the cash-gate because they were in government. You do not expect the state to prosecute Malawi Congress Party officials when they have not done anything wrong. Should the state prosecute them for the sake of prosecuting them, no,” said Mutharika.

The President was responding to recommendations by Public Affairs Committee (PAC) to speed up prosecutions of those involved in the K577 billion cashgate, saying there should be no sacred cows.

PAC chairman Felix Chingota courageously told Mutharika in the face to ensure he brings DPP and government officials to book if evidence linked them to the multibillion loot of government money at Capital Hill, the seat of government in Lilongwe.

Mutharika said the government was waiting for the K577 billion report from parliament, saying the government cannot do anything until parliament discusses it.

He said he would not shield anyone if connected to the public money loot.

Deputy chairperson of parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Kamlepo Kalua said his committee failed to discuss the report due to shortage of time. “

The report was given to us, we looked at it but we did not have time to discuss the contents. I hope the committee will be funded before May so that we can meet and discuss the contents,” he said.

He said it looks like the money has increased from K577 billion to K1 trillion, saying the DPP led government of Bingu failed to reconcile bank statements.

Kamlepo alleged some senior DPP officials now forming part of Peter Mutharika cabinet were involved in the scam, vowing “if government does not fund us, I will personally spill the beans. I do not care whether they will kill me.”

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30 thoughts on “APM rejects Malawi govt shielding DPP culprits in K577bn cashgate”

  1. Vyantonda says:

    hahahaha this is being thrown to Parliament again and Parliament is saying govt. where is ACB? this country I wonder

  2. The Partriot says:

    Action speaks louder than words, your excellency!

  3. Kadakwiza says:

    Very sad indeed, shame to be Malawian. Every Malawian citizen whether first, second or third citizen must be ashamed about what is happening in our country. We have failed ourselves. We have failed our children, our grand children and finally we have failed our beautiful Malawi. All because of our leaders who trusted most yet they took advantage and let us down.

  4. Kanthiti Mzandu says:

    Peter, Godall Gondwe and others in dpp party are connected

  5. Makopa says:

    When I arrive there in Malawi, l will start a party. When I win the election, l will make sure cashgate culprit are brought to book, and share care cashgate money to all the people of Malawi. Old people will get pension everymonth. Hospitals will have medicines. Hunger will be a story of the past corrupt leaders who hide tax payers money in over seas bank while people are suffering with poverty left and right. Vote makopa.

  6. Ojere says:

    Ada Kamulepo kumeneko ndiye kubwera. APM is another person who knows how to talk and hide . We are behind you man APM akudziwa the truth of the matter

  7. VINKA says:


  8. Naligonkhwiro says:

    If this cash gate was in Europe it could not take a week to find who did what. Just look at people who has built many houses without a loan and how much they earn where they work. Government worker having four big houses and no loan. The truth all Malawians are thieves and have contributed to suffering and poverty of this country. They pretended to be good people during Banda. Because he could not let them do what they wanted. Azungu akuziwa kuti APM wanuyi isna thief nothing mre. Chaponda is his left hand. Now money is coming to agrilcuture he put Chaponda t here to steal. What does Chaponda know about farming. Do u give a job to a person without knowledge? Donors are not stupid like u Malawians. Alibana ndi MCP he was not even here during MCP. What a shit is he? He is sleeping in a house MCP built. U stupid Malawians are going to vote for this empyt headed man who know nothing about the country. He is ruled by his followers arsle licking people. Put Chakwela next time to clean the mess. He will wipe them all.an I know Malawans dont like him for no reason. But he is the only person u have. Otherwise give this country back to colonial. You are failures up to down. U will be beggars forever and your children too.

  9. Tozer Tsono says:

    So why not explain the non-reconciled k577bn during your brother’s reign? Or when are you funding parliament so that they can discuss the missing or an unaccounted for funds?

  10. Katsabola says:

    it Seems many malawians are still ignorant despite the much effort to educate and civic educate them. Why do you fail to read up to now that DPP are the master minders of cashgate?

  11. DOBO says:

    Am not surprised and I will not be surprised. APM is an ex-student of YALE University in USA. Most ex-students of YALE University become members of SKULLS AND BONES, a very secrective satanic society who believe in NEW WORLD ORDER theories. Among the top ten secret satanic societies, SKULLS AND BONES is the top most seconded by FREEMANSONARY and ALLUMINANI ranked seventh. Countries whose leaders are members of SKULLS AND BONES face a lot of unexplained calamities. For example, USA faced unexplained calamities during the presidency Bush, an ex-student of YALE University and a well known member of SKULLS AND BONES. Am not saying APM is a member of SKULLS AND BONES but the truth is that he is an ex-student of YALE University and his spiritual status is known to himself. The most important thing as nation is to pray to God in the name of Jesus Christ to have leaders who do not belong to one of these top 10 secret satanic societies in earth .


    GUYS ???

    Eeeee h koma

  13. Kenkkk says:

    This dpp president is really out of his head. Pp was only in power for 2 years, yet cashgate started years before that mostly during bingu era and the records show that. If you have mcp era cashgate report, then bring it out for the culprits to be punished. Theft of govt money has no time limit.

    Is the president now trying to protect the bingu cashgate era? Now we know why the report is not coming out on the 577bn, they deliberately tendered it late to parliament and then deliberately not funding finance committee to scrutinise it.

  14. Mzozodo says:

    Galuyu asatibowe

  15. Zilani says:

    Logically, PAC should be asking APM to trim his powers. Once that happens, appointment of ACB boss will be done by independent authority hence no president’s interference in cash gate related issues.

    PAC, should also date MPs in parliament and tell them to stop the nosense of absenting themselves from deliberations in parliament.

  16. Shonai says:

    You did better Mr president To beam the dicussion/Debate.Malawians of good will listened with admiration.We have now known what sort of genalists we have in Malawi.What they have written in their News papers is completely not we were listening to May there was another meeting apart from that one.They nave degraded themselves,people will leave buying Malawi news papers .

  17. muzgawacharo says:

    Mfiti ndiyomwe imalira kwambiri komaso imakhala ndi ukali pamaliro, pitala ndi mchimwene Wako Daniel Phiri mudaba Ndalama zathu, anthu obwera inu kwanu mulibe

  18. Misheckanderson says:

    kiodi andale wonse ndiwokuba tawonani zinthu mmene zikukwerera kukhala ngati boma iribe ndalama yochepesa kuti zinthu zisamakwere iwowo azingolemererabe usauka azingossaukirabe because ppoor people have no hope that one day ndidzasimbako lokoma palibe koma kuti ndibe ine muwonna zakazake zimene angandi charge zambiri pomwe andalewa ndichaka kananso miyezi koma sizoona tikuvutika ndife kumadulidwa misonkho koma ndalalmazo azibanso ayi akanangobwera yesu tatopa nazo ife

  19. MARTIN says:


  20. Cheni cheni nchiti says:

    According to DPP, if the loot, stealing was done by its member, there is no problem, but if its political enemy frm the opposition, that is stealing, they can be prosecuted. Shame to me for being a Malawian, bola ndikanakhala osaona ndiosamva

  21. kamps says:

    Mad Kamulepo,so you mean if they fund you ,you will not spill the bean,what is preventing you from revealing the evidendence.

  22. newton chione says:

    truth will set us free. please go ahead Kamulepo

  23. Samuel Lwara says:

    Young Peter is Young Peter. He simply remain young peter. Knows nothing and remains young peter. Has no future for his country because is young peter. He is young peter and only talks to himself through a mirrow world, is indeed young peter. He will die young peter. He will be buried young peter. He will be remembered young peter for ever for failing Malawians at the expense of abundant resources because is young peter. God will punish him because is young peter. No man on earth created in the image of God shall inherit his brothers keeper wisdom for any leadership. Young peter is young peter and not a leader at all.

  24. tuvitwana says:

    If u don’t shield anybody, wy not do a forensic audit the way jb did, ukunama mtchona iwe ma che nde ako.

  25. Den foster says:

    Sell of MSB not methoned, another day light robbery

  26. Themba says:

    Spill the beans kamlepo, they will not kill u coz we are all behind u. Uyo wakuteta na mwana withu ise wa nampoto wazaona vimwekumweku

  27. Kuba says:

    Uwulule KK.

  28. Asante says:

    I salute u Mr K. Kalua. Malawi need someone like you.
    Becoz u try to tell the truth! Go for it!!!!!!!!

  29. santana says:

    Soon after the findings of the 577bn embezzlement one of the Sunday Times of that time revealed that out of the 577bn 350bn was embezzled during the PP. So Kamlepo should first tell us the people who were involved in the racket during the run-away woman. Nkutheka nayenso ali momo. APM should not waste his time with the 577bn just to please whoever. First let the PP and Kamlepo tell Malawians who shared the 350bn from the 577bn, period.

  30. Nyamulani says:

    Kamlepooooooo! Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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