APM tours sugar factory, Malawi Mangoes project in Salima: Underlines GBI as key component of development

President Arthur Peter Mutharika has reiterated his government’s commitment to see to it that the Greenbelt Initiative GBI) becomes the flagship vehicle for food security, job and wealth creation for Malawians.

Mutharika greeting the investors

Mutharika greeting the investors

Mutharika having a word with the people

Mutharika having a word with the people

President Muthatrika greeting MCP spokeswoman Jessie Kabwila at the function

President Muthatrika greeting  opposiiton MCP spokeswoman Jessie Kabwila at the function

Crowds in Salima who came for the function

Crowds in Salima who came for the function

President Muthatika and vice president Saulos Chilima touring the projects

President Muthatika and vice president Saulos Chilima touring the projects

The Mangoes project in Salima

The Mangoes project in Salima

In the factory

In the factory

He was speaking in Salima on Monday when he toured Salima Sugar Factory construction site.

“The Green Belt Initiative is key in our achievement of these goals, and this sugar factory is part of the vision. I have always desired to see the progress of the Green Belt Initiative because this is one of the flagships of my government. More than ever, this government is resolved to transform and develop this country,” said Mutharika.

The Green Belt Initiative is planned to use the available land and water resources to increase agricultural production and productivity. It will play a pivotal role in increasing incomes of the people and improve food security at both household and national levels.

The Malawi leader emphasized the need to boost production in order to turn the country’s economy to a predominantly exporting nation, which is his government’s core goal.

“The sugar project is expected to create more job opportunities for Malawians. Many people will be employed in the sugarcane plantations, the processing factory and transportation activities among others.

“The increasing economic activities in this area will bring rural development to Khombeza area. I see a town one day. Besides, 250 farming households in the medium scale farmers stand to benefit as well as the small scale farming Malawians,” he said.

He added: “Increasing sugar production is also part of the diversification of our sources of revenue. The project will bring the much needed foreign exchange earning into the country. We have relied on tobacco for too long, and we are set to diversify our export commodities through the Greenbelt Initiative.”

There are basically three major players linked to the investment; Smallholder farmers producing sugarcane on 530 hectares; Medium Scale farmers producing sugarcane on 1500 hectares and the Salima Sugar Company.

This is a joint venture between government and private investors. The company will produce sugarcane on over 4000 hectares and manage the sugar factory.

In addition, Mutharika disclosed that government has decided to transform the Green Belt Initiative into a Public Trust and GBI Holdings Limited Company as a way of giving the masses unparalleled service.

This arrangement will streamline operations, enhance efficiency and achieve the desired results.

More than 300 Malawians were employed during the construction of the factory alone. On the same day, the President also toured another of Salima’s major investments, Malawi Mangoes, a food processing company that produces mango and banana beverages.

He commended the company for helping boost mango and banana farming in the area as smallholder farmers have been empowered to enhance crop production to support Malawi Mangoes core business.

Malawi Mangoes is a major international standard fruit processor in the country that supplies fruit pulp or puree to major drink manufacturing companies in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and other parts of Africa.

At both sites, the President assured investors of his government’s unabated support through creation of a conducive environment for businesses.


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68 thoughts on “APM tours sugar factory, Malawi Mangoes project in Salima: Underlines GBI as key component of development”

  1. mzomera says:


  2. Mathanyula says:

    Tidzidya mango omwewo, mabvuto Alipo . Man can not feast on mangoes alone.

  3. The Patriot says:

    Malawians, when are we going to wake up? A president tours a factory , already the handclappers and boot lickers are crediting him for the project! Amangwetu tulo bwanji?? Chbwino tiyeni zonse zikuchitika mu nthawi ino timupaketu: lack of funds to run hospitals, economic hardships, devaluation of the kwacha! Mumva kuti ayi zimenezi chifukwa cha JB! Shut up, omwewo opusa amene mungawapusise mwamva!
    In developed countries , touring a factory by a President gains no political points but here in the poorest country in the world! Its ok to be poor in material things but POVERTY of neurons in the grey matter is like cancer! Majority of Malawians a just very dull!!!

  4. Phwado says:

    Pali chani apa?How many ordinary Malawians afford a packet of sugar?APM ‘s ass is just too hot because of a multitude of his stupid blunders and he just wants to divert our attention.If it were a maize production it could have been understandable.The score?0/% period.Goofed again kkkkk

  5. Henry Kachaje says:

    That’s the Leadership we have always wanted

  6. Mirella K says:


  7. Nkhwawa CDSS says:

    We love you President Peter Mutharika

  8. Mzuzu City Vendors says:

    Bwana pitilizani Ntchito Imeneyi

  9. Karonga Nyungwe says:

    We trust APM not Mbofyo Mbofyo yayee

  10. Bolero CDSS says:

    Lets support the efforts by His Excellency APM to uplift the living standard of Malawians

  11. Mpherembe says:

    In APM we believe Viva APM

  12. Enukweni Supporters says:

    APM Boma

  13. Yohane Jere says:

    Adada President tikumuwongani chomene lutizgani Ntchito iyi

  14. Ngwira says:

    Professor Peter Muthalika you are the missing link we Malawians have been looking for please continue doing the Good Job

  15. Zomba Malosa says:

    Your Excellency Prof APM this is the way to go congrats

  16. Pia says:

    Oltho political tricks r dea…this shows how concernd our president is…thanks JK 4 o de issues u tacked & our APM 4 such quick response

  17. paliani wa paliani says:

    This is what we what we wanted and been waiting for,as an intelligent president u will resume alot of companies that can manage irrigation farming,

  18. gibbbbbbo says:

    my commet is loading………………………………………………………but

  19. malawi view says:

    APM/DPP ndi MALAWI chubu ndi teyala kkk titukuka ife…. mzungu atilira!!! za homo ukoooooooo

  20. Picture Analyst says:

    Lets forget the story and concentrate on things that matter. After all, am just a Picture Analyst.

    Picture no. 2 – APM The Giant
    How come the commoners look tiny yet APM looks so gigantic he doesn’t even know there are people there hence look at the trees far away? Or he/overzealous cadets has/have made the people kneel? This is torture, for the ground is hard. Of course so are their knees.

    Picture no 3 – It must have been hard for Kabwila to bow to APM and shake hands with him. She is a doctor of philosophy, of course in a, e,i,o,u and therefore doesn’t understand that the road we take to avoid meeting some people is actually the one that meets us them. Simple law of quantum physics.

    Picture no 4 – Can you see any aorta of hope in the faces of these people? How come I cant! Yet they are young and on whose shoulders, the future of this country lies.

    I fear for the future of my country!

  21. ADE says:


  22. Patrick Phiri says:

    For those who don’t know, the Green Belt Initiative was started by Bingu. Your JB never initiated anything except kuononga K20 million distributing K2000 worth of maize. Akhale kunja komweko, asbwerenso.

  23. BigMan says:

    Wonderful for the country, this is what we need to hear. Not just the usual opposition barking, barking, barking and barking some more…….for nothing!

  24. The real ujeni says:

    The works of Joyce Banda, she signed this agreement and officially open it, this is just politicking by Peter Mutharika desperate to look busy shaaaaa!!!!

  25. Mhesha says:

    That’s the way to go Malawians. Donor aid willl not assist us sustainably.

  26. John K Black says:

    There is no sugar factory, there are no sugar fields. Nothing is functional. Let’s wait and see if it ever does get to work……

  27. munthu wina says:

    But i have not seen any product of the “malawi mangoes” in our markets/shops, does it mean they are just getting our cheap labour and export everything? Are the proceeds reinvested in malawi or outside as well? My Malawi!!!

  28. MLOMWE says:

    Project ya mama Joyce Banda imeneyi enanu mwangogwera

  29. OGO!! says:

    Saulos is a realist..dresses rightly for occasions… APM kumaona zinazi..suit kulikonse?

  30. RayAnne says:


  31. sangomaaa says:

    A kabwila mukutani???

  32. BRAJOE says:

    Is this different from Dwasco and sucoma?

  33. kambwali says:

    bravo my tax, nobody should boast on our taxes……its for malawi not dpp.

  34. Mophiwa mohiwa says:

    In Ethiopia, a sugar factory cultivates 50,000 hectors minimum here it is 4,000 and you people are making noise? Please travel and see the world see what other are doing and you will cover your face in shame!!!

  35. Koma ????? says:

    Can Malawians be empowered to run such projects than leave these in the hands of foreigners? Malawi mangoes and this sugar factory are all foreign owned….Malawians can do this if empowered appropriately…yes? Noteworthy, most of the employs on ground, planting and caring for mangoes, next the sugarcane, and factory labourers/technicians are Malawians making money for others………Malawi Black empowerment is required!

  36. ling long says:

    #16 – It’s relay-race not relay-less!

  37. aurora says:

    its funny how jessie kabwila spits out shit about the president of Mdubs koma apa akupeleka ulemu..kkkkkkkkkkkkkk i bet she will wash her hands with acid because of the hatred she has for DPP…kkkkkkkk VIVA APM.

    p/s: I didnt read the story I just saw the handshake between my president and Kabwila..to me its funny…

  38. Dodolido says:

    Investment by none Malawians. Exported to non-Malawians. How will the forex come here?

  39. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    I commend you Jessie for availing yourself at the function. Being a developmental project this is the spirit highly commendable for opposition and ruling government to bury their differences. Kungoti tonse tisamayankhule mopsya mtima. Tidzipanga ma checks and balances athu bwinobwino sicholakwika ayi.

  40. Gas machinehead ukudwala says:

    gas machine head, I like your name but you are an idiot all the same. Green Belt Initiative ndi project ya DPP. What are you talking about. Peter ndi President wa DPP komanso wa dziko la malawi. Do you see the link now?

  41. sayi upha says:

    Malawi kuti atukuke akufunika zinthu ngati zimenezo osati ndalama zobwera atazitembelera kale ayi.Mulungu anatipatsa kale nyanja ndi nthaka ya chagira chofunika ndikugwiritsa bwino ntchito ma locally availabe resources if we are to develop.Malawi needs leaders like APM who thinks about long term term solutions of bailing out our country from poverty not going to gwadira azungu to help us.Kodi zikanakhala kuti tinali ndi makampani ngati amenewa in every district ndiye tilibe osauka mpaka pano?.South Africa ikuwoneka ndiyolemera chifukwa amapanga katundu wambiri ndikumatumiza maiko akunja. Koma a ndale aku Malawi amafuna tikakamira kupempha ndi kunyengelera azungu kuti azitipatsa chithandizo ndi chifukwa takhala tili osawu kwa 50 years after independence
    .What we need is job creation in our country komanso ma community college aja apa ndiye akhala akufunika chifukwa ma factory ngati amenewa mumakhala ntchito zambiri za manja. For instance population ya anthu aku Nkhotakota ndi Chikwawa ambiri simungawapeze ku BT kapena LL chifukwa ambiri amagwira ntchito mu factory ndi ku ma farm. Komanso anthu ambiri adzasegula ma business osiyana siya ndi kubwera kwa ma factory amenewo.

  42. kusimbwa says:

    All this is for jb you are insulting and for you its self praise tapangani chitukuko chanu tione pajatu mumati yaikazi siikokangolo nanga zikuvuta pati atonde alipo?

  43. Donald Trump advisor on Malawi affairs says:

    This is what people want,if you can be doing this everyday then Malawians will want DPP to rule them forever,no more resignation calls,people do not just like to hate government for the sake of it, they want such kind of developments and if you can do exactly that you will be surprised,it will be like magic how people will love you.
    Now with this factory in salima the youths will have real jobs right here in Malawi,no need for them to go to South Africa.
    Forex revenue for the country will increase in the process reducing inflation,purchasing power parity for the Kwacha will improve,poverty levels will go down and the countries economy will be moving forward.
    I wish if we had such kind of factories and industries producing something in every district,town centre and in every corner ,this can work wonders on our economy.
    During elections campaign we had such kind of brilliant ideas from Presidential contestants,I remember one of them said he will be able to create 3 million jobs for Malawians unfortunately that candidate lost miserably but am just wondering can’t you came forward and tip the present Government on how to achieve that,I hope they are a listening government and they will incorporate your ideas into the system.
    This is a country for us all,let’s love it.
    It’s like a ship,if its sinking we will all drown,and if the country is doing fine and the economy is looking good we will all enjoy.

  44. Lottie says:

    Its good to see Kabwila shaking hands with APM. Sometimes, we have to swallow our pride for the benefit of the country.

  45. mtumbuka1 says:

    @ noxy, you seem to be very much in the dark my friend. If you have a corrupt president who is surrounded by corrupt individuals and a whole corrupt government system it does not matter who invest in that country. If that was the case Malawi could have surpassed most of our neighbouring countries. Look at Illovo a south African company but because they go to bed with politicians, sugar still is very expensive in Malawi than any other country in the world, secondly is the issue of kayerekera mine, bingu brought them from Australia but are Malawians benefiting from it? It’s bingu and peter who still benefit from the mine. Let’s just hope poor Malawians will benefit from the mango company with dpp in power. Unless peter and his thieving buddies stop stealing, it doesn’t matter who comes to invest still Malawi will never develop. It was also enough to send a minister to see the mango nurseries and in turn claim less allowances as a cost cutting measure than the whole president, vice president & soldiers to see mango plants! Out of this world indeed.

  46. Happy Eduardo says:

    Is this great project happening in Malawi? As others have already commented, if we can have such projects in every corner of Malawi the country could transform. Bravo APM!

  47. ADE says:


  48. chilipaine says:

    Uyu ndiye President! Osati zina zija ncthito kulongolola pa misonkhano basi. Love them or hate them, the Mutharika brothers have something in them…God bless you.

  49. Zama Donors Zamkutu says:

    Ma CSO Tayankhulanitu apa hahahahaha ng’we ng’we ng’we!!!!

  50. Yobe Phungwako says:

    Thumbs up to both the activist, academician, politician Jessie Kabwila and the President for the good gesture in the handshake at this Government function. The presence of the Honorable MP shows that she would give a credit where it is due, and the handshake extended by the President demonstrates that all Malawians are his people and that, true to his word, there is no enmity with anybody in this country.

    The dissenting views are but an expression of differing views on principles of governance, and not personalities. I think we should give a credit where it is due! I for one think this is the way go-developing our Nation together, regardless of political affiliations.

    Once again Bravo our President, Bravo Jessie, Bravo the mighty MCP!

  51. changa palibe says:

    We should remember about how long has the project taken to come to this level and how long is the President in the office? We should thank him for accepting to go and open the project.Thank you Mr President.As your late Bro used to say; running a Gvt is referred to as a relay-less

  52. Pat says:

    Mmmmm there we go. Imagine we had only three of these factories in every district, according to the cash crop in that particular district. Malawi would (and will) soon be better than South Africa. Keep it up mr president we are on the right track. Ngati Jessy Kabwira wafika popereka ulemu ndiye kuti ziri bwino.

  53. wovinidwa Ine says:

    Jesse Kabwila-Kapasula, usiru bwanji apa?
    Ukuoneka ngati wozichepesa popereka moni kwa Bwana APM, koma muntima mwako muli “jezibel” baasi.
    APM should have simply ignored your presence: extended the hand, and then withdraw it as you extend yours. Ndizimene timachita kwa munthu wa mwano, kumuzu!
    Komalero ndiye wasamba, ndikkuzola “Ambi”.

  54. popapo says:

    Ministry of Lands please demarcate an area just adjacent to the project for low and middle density plots so that it grows into a small nkhombeza town. We should not allow shanty village mushrooming around this project.

  55. Mngoni says:

    The vision President

  56. Nachi says:

    Mu constituency ya Kabwira kkkkkkk Tiziona

  57. Hd says:

    Long term mostly brings change than short term so we want that gbi, please mr president can you also visit mpamantha rice factory in nkhotakota district this factory can also help to boost our economy, bravo mr president

  58. Cashgate1 says:

    I like the simplicity of Saulos. Some of the attire APM dresses at certain functions does not match.

  59. Salima boy says:

    Young investors like Jonathan and Craig of Malawi Mangoes are true role models for African youth. I wish we could take advantage of their presence to start thinking deep and succeed.

  60. mtubzitubzu kumputa mkunkhudza says:

    Thats the the start of new life in our country

  61. Wakufuna Kwabwino says:

    Watch the DPP government. It is a government synonymous with infrastructure development. It is a government of strategic thinkers unlike the short-termism and handouts thinking of ther parties.

  62. Dididid says:

    Noxy,have you heard that its his project? Are smallholde farmers DPP?

  63. True man says:

    Thats what I expect a father to do encouraging and empowering business keep it up osati zotukwana zija ayi.

  64. Benson T Phiri says:

    Which development

  65. khomani says:

    Well done Jessie shaking hands with the President nde zofunika zimenezo ku mtundu wa a Malawi. Gwililani ntchito limodzi. Love Malawi the warm heart of Africa.

  66. Noxy says:

    Calls for Peter Mutharika’s resignation will be heavily neutralised by these developements,Peter you are on track.Keep it up Mr President.Do more of this it’s what people wants.Manufacturing an economic driving force.

    1. Gas Machine Head says:

      Mr Noxy, he just toured the projects. If you recall, JB also toured these projects when in power and in fact opened the Malawi Mangoes factory. These projects commenced way back. They are not Peter Mutharika’s projects. Do your google search and find more about these projects. You must have been in the dark.

      1. JJ says:

        I tnk ura the one in the dark its a vision of late Bingu

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