Archbishop Msusa leads thousands in mourning two catholic nuns

Archbishop Thomas Msusa of Blantyre Archdiocese on Monday (16th February, 2015) led thousands of people in mourning two nuns, Sr. Martha Clemence Makwasa and Sr. Chrissy Govati, of Servants of the Blessed Virgin Mary (SBVM) congregation who died last Friday and Saturday respectively and their remains were buried together at SBVM cemetery in Nguludi, Chiradzulo District.

The final prayers at the grave

The final prayers at the grave

Fare thee well the holy nun

Fare thee well the holy nun

Mourning nuns

Mourning nuns

Speaking during the homily, in the requiem mass which was also concelebrated by Bishop Montfort Stima of Mangochi Diocese and priests from various dioceses and congregations in Malawi, the Archbishop called upon all the Christians to be ever-ready by doing good works which nobody else can take away from the other.

“Charitable works and all works of mercy will merit us to enter with the bride and bridegroom in the hall. Your good works cannot be taken away from you and my good works cannot be taken away from me. With good works we will enjoy the beatific vision of God in his eternal glory. We should learn then to be characterized by good works,”  said Msusa.

In his eulogy the Archbishop who is also the President for the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM) consoled the SBVM Congregation and the rest of the Catholic Fraternity for the loss of the two nuns.

He further said that while the whole Catholic Religious Fraternity was on Saturday celebrating the Year of the Consecrated Life where by people recalled the positive contributions by the Congregations in the Catholic Church; SBVM was in double tragedy of mourning two nuns.

Representing the Mother General, Sr. Ruth Kamwendo, thanked all the people who have been supporting the deceased in various parishes and especially during their painful moments at the hospital and old people’s home.

Sr. Martha Clemence Makwasa from Masanjala Parish in Chiradzulo, who has died at the age of 82 and joined the Congregation in 1953, has served in many dioceses including Zomba at Nankhunda Seminary. While Sr. Chrissy Govati hailing from Mtepuwa in Mulanje, joined the Congregation in 1999 at the age of 24 and has served in Mangochi and
Dedza Dioceses.

According to the Mother Superior of the Congregation, Sr. Elizabeth Naphuntha, the deceased nuns leave the Congregation with 278 members who are serving in Chikwawa, Blantyre, Zomba, Mangochi and Dedza Dioceses where the Congregation has convents. In 2015 the Congregation is clocking 90 years and on 25th  March 2015 six novices are expected
to join the Congregation.

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38 thoughts on “Archbishop Msusa leads thousands in mourning two catholic nuns”

  1. it is sad that the nuns have passed away without enjoying the joys and blessing of marriage through a doctrine that is purely tradition and no where at all in the Bible. the blood of these innocent nuns will be upon some Priests that taught them all these things that are no where in the Bible. even at the grave the Priests are telling people to do good works in order to go to heaven, the Bible does NOT teach this!! its through FAITH IN JESUS. no amount of good works can take you to heaven. please Catholics members in Malawi read the Bible for yourselves…..

  2. Bandasiime says:

    Munthu ngati zinthu zina sukuzidziwa ndibwino kufusa or better still keep quite. A Katolika do not waste time talking about other so called churches and why do the others have sleepless nights over us? Shame!!! Mind your business and let God be God. You cannot and should not take His place and judge others on His behalf. The same Bible you claim to know better does not allow it.

  3. Dr. Mango says:

    We are mourning our two nuns. Where are stories against Catholics coming from? You Devils why do you waste time attacking Catholics?? YOU WILL NEVER SUCCEED! Catholics, this is Lentern Season let us pray hard for convesion of those attacking the Church.

  4. Kweni PK says:

    Nonse mukuyankhula zopusa against Catholic Church, MUSOVA coz nothing you say will change what we catholics believe in. I AM A CATHOLIC AND I AM PROUD!! xoxoxo. Go get a life. Katolika mpingo wa pamalo ponse.

  5. Jebison Slindine Nyoni says:

    We Catholics are not amused by what people are writing about our Church. We know there are Christian Churches who from the beginning to the end of their services castigate our beloved Catholic Church instituted by Christ himself. We are not moved because we regard them as zidzuluku. From the time of Jesus until the reformation there existed one, Catholic and apostolic Church. Above all God is the righteous judge and not fellow fallible human beings. We cannot tremble before family business empires disguised as Churches. Neither do we wither before people who condemn before asking us why we do the way we do and execute our faith. Viva Catholic Church. Ndipo ngakhale mphamvu za ku Gehena sizidzatha kuwugonjetsa……

  6. Matthias Masebo says:

    Rest in eternal peace sisters

  7. Matthias Masebo says:

    I believe and understand that whenever you talk of churches you’ll I’ve see satanism in them . I’ve seen and witnessed with my eyes . Read and understand the Bible snd follow again what God says . Don’t just pretend in front of people but do what is expected of you if you really follow your Bible. I’m a real catholic but I’ve never heard pope, bishops or priest says follow me.My fellow Catholics I’ve been approached by so many people like these but I always tell them one word anf and the stop right away . I don’t blame them .Everyone will be saved according to his / her own good work.While were remembering the sufferings of our Christ.At this time of LENT let us all Catholics pray together and forgive them.Fir they don’t know what they are talking about.

  8. Nedi emmanuel says:

    Dear Sisters, Rest in Eternal Peace

  9. MIRRIUM says:

    AMUNAMUNA, go read the book of your church-Romans. we are not saved by works but by grace ok. it continues to say if we are saved thru good works then Christ DIED in vain. kapena kuti the death of Jesus is meaningless.And that OUR righteousness is as FILTHY RAGS. not only rags but filthy-understand the English here. Nsaza zonukha. Why do you argue on issues that are settled in the True Word of God not your Chitsime?. Ntchito zathu bwana sizikatilowetsa muufumuo zilikutalitali ndi chilungamo cha Mulungu. Ndichifukwa chake the bible says in Romans yomweyo mukawerenge”THERE IS NO ONE RIGHTEOUS-EVEN 1″ we thank God for Charismatic Catholic, its coming up and opening people’s eyes
    Number 2
    The bible says Heb 9:27 go read, Kwaikika kwa munthu kufa kamodzi, ndipo atafa, chiweruziro kapena kuti Judgement. Izi zomati tipempherere akufazi munazitenga kuti? kodi pansi pano moyo wako unali wotayika ndiye ukafa anzako angakupempherere kuti ambuye akulowetse? Stop living in a dream brother.Make things right with God nthawi ikadalipo.May the Lord Open your eyes, Jesus will find you sleeping brother. Ambuye atithandize inu ndi ine kumzindikira Mulungu oonayo.

  10. sabiti says:

    RIP sionse oti ambuye ambuye akalowe,sionse akuchiritsa,kuchotsa ziwanda, kudzutsa akufa, kulemeletsa ali mwaiye koma okao ochita chifuniro chaolengayo.Please dont talk bad of the dead bcz u know how pple will talk of wen u are gone

  11. okambanje says:

    DEAR KIKA Christianity and Catholism are two different religions there is no way you can compare the two. Catholics believe in the power of the church more than the word of God. not a single chapter in a true original Bible pope can point to prove the rightous of his techings. i was a cotholic but now am a xristian.

  12. dzungu says:

    There are intelligent members in the catholic church but they have no wisdom. I agree with what Kadaona has wrote and advised you the catholics about kusowa luso lomawerenga baibulo pa nokha osamangodalira Chitsime chimene chimabisa za kuya zomwe ziri mu baibulo. May just one member of your church, after reading these comments ask him or herself kuti kodi bwanji ife timakonda kudzudzulidwa kuti ndife anthu osadziwa kuwerenga ndi kumvetsa ndi kukhulupilira zomwe ziri mu baibulo, ndipo akadzifunsa chomwecho, apemphe Mulungu kuti amutsuke mmaso ndikumudziwitsa choonadi ndi chilungamo(Yohane 8:32) osati kumangonamizidwa ndi their church leaders. Musamaope kudziwa choonadi kuti mungasiye kupembedza mafano. Anthu ena amene amakuuzaniko za mu bible wa sikuti amafuna kukukokerani ku mipingo yawo ayi koma amafuna kuti mudziwe choonadi kuti chikumasuleni mu nsinga zomwe satana wakumanganizo, satana wakubisilani choonadicho. Mpingo siudzapulumutsa munthu ayi koma choonadi chomwe ndi Yesu/Mulungu ndicho. Mu mipingo yonse muli anthu ena omwe ndi akuba, adzigololo, abodza and the like, komanso muli anthu ena amene amayesetsa kuchita bwino. Ask through the name of Christ, not Maria, no no no and a big no. What Kadaona has said is correct that stop damaging Maria’s CV. NO MAN, I MEAN A HUMAN BEING BORN OUT OF A WOMAN IS HOLY, koma inu a Katolika you believe there there is someone( a human being) who is holy whom you address kuti HIS HOLINESS< uje uje, thus kuchitira mwano Mulungu because it is only GOD the Almighty Father in heaven who is HOLY. Ndichifukwa chake ma holiness anuwo mumangowamvera ndikumawakhulupilira akamakuuzani za mabodza, dzanjatu lidzakulemberani muli kugwiritsa ziwiya za mukachisi kuikamo vinyo. Kafunseni mlaka Maliro adaimba kuti dzanja lalemba.

  13. cnkhuto says:

    You corrupted small evil brains, why do you question the Bishop’s message? Is drug dealing, adultery, gangstering and satanism good works? Do not be foolish and don’t be fooled by the evil, that message is loud and clear. Catholic faith and Catholic bishops do not compromise when it comes to preaching the gospel. I can not say I hate you bad interpreters but I hate the devil working in you which is making you classify satarnism as good works. English the second language.

  14. Happy Eduardo says:

    Christian rebirth should precede good works and not otherwise. There are so many non-Christian believers who do good works-some of them even more than what Christians do but that can and will never merit them enter the hall with the groom and bride as per the sermon in question. What type of teaching is this?

  15. kadakaona says:

    a Katolika kudontha pa baibulo mumandimvetsa chifundo zedi. Mu Katolika muli well educated people but the fail to read the bible by themselves and understand it clearly, they choose to listen to their so called fathers and bishops and the Pope ku mabodza omwe amachita preach! Catholics, work up, read the bible and believe to what it says. Yesu yekha ndiye njira, moyo ndi choonadi. Palibe dzina lina lililonse pansi pa thambo lomwe tingathe kupulumukilapo koposa dzina lokhalo la Yesu, koma kumapempha chikhululukilo kwa Mulungu through Mai Maria, Pope kapena Priest is unbiblical. Mutaliuza dziko a Katolika inu just a single word from the bible limene lidati kudzera mu dzina la a Papa, a Bishop, a Mai Maria. Musamamuonongere CV Mai Maria chifukwa anali mai wabwino amene anali asadadetsedweko ndi chigololo pa thupi lake ndichifukwa chake Mulungu adamusankha kuti abale Yesu, koma Mulunguyo sadanenepo kuti tizipempha kudzera mwa Mai Maria ayi. Mulekeni Mai Maria kumuonongera mbiri, akugona mmanda kudikila mdzukilo pamene Yesu adzabwera ndi mfuu, ndi malipenga kudzadzutsa olungama amene adagona mwa Iye. Please please a Katolika mwapusitsidwa nthawi yaitali, take an initiative to read and understand the Holy bible panokha.

  16. Kika Kanawe says:

    Catholic dogmas leaves a lot to be desired,where do Catholics get these misleading teachings?I always feel sorry for those who do not read the Bible on their own and let the priests mislead them

    1. nyasi mmaso says:

      Sorry to say that it just shows your stupidity by comenting on issues that you don’t know. Go and revisit the history of the true bible and why some are called protesters

  17. AMUNAMUNA says:

    To non catholics,there is no way one can be a sister without being born again. Charity work by nuns is genuine and holy.

  18. Mlomwe says:

    May their souls rest in peace

  19. Mr M Kabaza, mchinji round about says:

    RIP. Now these nuns they eat well for sure! Look at their fat faces, what they eat, nsima yomweyi kapena yogort? ,

  20. mphwanye says:

    to say thay charity works can lead one to salvation is misleading. its the same to say Ghadafi is in heaven. the man did alot of charity works. Pablo Escobar, the drug dealer did alot of cjarity works as well but I doubt if he received Jesus as his lord and saviour. Jesus is the way, as he is the Lord.

  21. MCP GVT says:

    RIP. No Christ no Life. Brothers & Sisters, accept Jesus as yo Lord & personal savior. Be born-agains in Christ Jesus & u wil b saved, its not by being religious.

  22. That is a deep rooted un biblical lies of the catholic. Church.As per the bible no one dead is singing somewhere with angels,u die u go to the grave waiting for the trumpet on the resurrection day,then u will be able to start singing with angels if u are righteous.go and study the bible not the well(chitsime), it’s full of lies.

  23. Steve B says:

    Totally agree with Max Nsani, the message from the men of God should be accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and saviour not about charity works which are also done by evil people. Max, its the Holy spirit who revealed this comment!

  24. Edwin Bright says:

    Catholic Theology is kinda heretic. Bishop, you said good works merit us entry with the Groom? Good Works do not bring about Salvation.
    Faith plus works equals Salvation? No!
    Faith in Jesus alone and Him alone results into Salvation Plus Good works.

  25. aDeaconsss says:

    Bwanji sakunena what has killed them? The 82 year nun bola u can say old age but stil pamakhala the illness she succumbed to. The other nun joined wen 24 as of now she cud be 39years. This is untimely death the work of the enemy. Anthu a mulungu shouldnt die young, she hasnt lived to declare the works of the Lord.

  26. INU Lalirani says:

    Good works cannot merit anyone to enter heaven, no Mr Msusa. Only Christ’s atonement can merit us! Good works are just consequences of a heart that has Jesus in it.

  27. dyakit says:

    vry sad,RIP Sisters.

  28. ngˊombe zikapenga says:


  29. Aaron Paul Msimuko says:

    Mizimu yawo yiuse mumtende wa Christu

  30. che bint says:

    so bad.till we meet again.

  31. wakukaya says:

    RIP our beloved Sisters

  32. Max Nsani says:

    May the sisters rest in peace. Now for the Bishop`s message, you should be telling them to receive and accept Jesus as their Lord and saviour, walk with Jesus in their lives, that way the Holy spirit will guide them always and the works of mercy and charitable works will flow naturally because when the holy spirit is guiding you, and Jesus is inside you, the rest follows automatically.

    There are drug dealers, adulterers, gangsters, satanists who do charity work, pay fees for orphans, and feed the hungry but they will not enter the kingdom with the bride….because without Jesus, all that is nothing. Just saying….

  33. Their Souls Rest In Peace.

  34. Mtumbuka-07 says:

    May zea Souls Rest In Peace!


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