Judge jail Namata, Kasamba in Malawi cashgate crackdown

Two cashgate convicts – Maxwell Namata and Luke Kasamba –  have been given custodial sentences despite  returning just over K24 million (US$50 955) they stole from government coffers as mitigation for a lenient sentence.

Namata:  Jailed

Namata: Jailed

Judge Annabel Mtalimanja in her determination has opted to give the two a custodial sentence.

In her sentencing, she has slapped Namata with eight years with hard labour and Kasamba four years IHL.

“The scheme of money laundering laws is to confiscate the proceeds of crime and not just the principal sum stolen,” said the Judge.

Namata and Kasamba were convicted after being found guilty to encashment of two government cheques totaling K24.1million through Cross Marketing Limited, a company whose director is Kasamba. One cheque was of K14.4 million, while the other was of K9.7 million.

During sentence submissions hearing at Lilongwe High Court, Namata resituated the mis-appropriated  K14 million in cash while Kasamba has paid  K4 million and a truck valued by defence at K9million (US$19 108) .

But Justice Mtalimanja said in sentecing:  “These were not crimes of opportunity, but careful thought was applied.”

Special prosecutor in the cashgate scandal, Kamdoni Nyasulu, was satisfied with custodial sentence “ to send strong message” to all cashgaters.

Namata’s lawyer Ralph Kasambara  has asked Justice Mtalimanja to consider being first offender, the cooperation with the state during investigations by Namata as reasons for remorse.

Kasambara, himself also answering money laundering charges related to cashgate, told the court that by returning the money, the state has recovered the loss it suffered.

He could not immedietely comment on the conviction and sentencing.

The duo now joins Victor Sithole who was sentenced to nine-years, TressaSenzani serving a three-year sentence and Wyson Dzinyemba Soko who will serve a seven-year term.

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Kasambala hahahaha ma loya afeki, kodi amayi anakunyengani ndani kuti mumusankhe munthuyu kukhala minista?


Nde kuti chibwenzi cha wanagwa ndi Alice chiyambiransotu. Nanga ngati alice amanyenyengana ndi wanagwa namata asanamangiwe nde pano zibeberatu. Bola akamazatuluka asazapeze ka mwana ka alice kofanana ndi wanangwa

steve chisoni

zakazo zachepa komanso big chambo amangidwe nawo pamenepa


Ralph kasambara udzafa imfa yowawa….end of quote


Lafu Kasambarayo mumumange 15 years






I don’t understand these cashgaters. Do you think one can win a case against a state while being represented by a fellow suspect? uku ndiye kuseweretsa ma judge. Koma umbuli ndi matenda. Money laundering amalandanso anything associated with the proceeds. In this case manyumbanso apite.


Cashgaters are a parasite to the economy of this country. Silently sucking out our already bleeding economy. This senseless plundering of our tax needs stiffer and uncompromising sentences. Am not satisfied. Almost 30% of my salary is remitted in taxes and I wouldn’t be amused to see someone with no remorse plunder it like the cashgaters did….I understand Mr Namata has several pending cases, it’s my sincerely hope these are not sentenced to be served concurrently with this one.

Eliam k

Excellent,akwidzingeni mbava

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