Armed robbers attack ex-diplomat to UN Janet Karim, MRA official in Blantyre

Malawi Police in Blantyre are investigating an armed robbery incident involving former diplomat to the Permanent Mission of Malawi to the United Nations (UN) Janet Karim and a Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) officer, only identified as Ms Konyani.

Karim: Robbed

Karim: Robbed

The former diplomat Karim and the MRA official were attacked on Sunday by armed thieves in Limbe commercial town on their way home.

Karim has just returned from a seven and a half year tour of duty as Malawi diplomat at the permanent Mission of Malawi to the UN. She is returning to Malawi after her recall in July 2014.

She apparently remained in New York to finish committee work at the U.N. but also stayed on to complete her master’s course with St John’s University. Karim received her Master’s degree in Global Development and Social Justice from St John’s University on June 14,  2014 in Rome,  Italy.

The thieves snatched a handbag,  two mobile phones,  groceries and K40, 000 00 in cash.

Janet Karim is veteran journalist and most Malawians will recall two periodicals she published and edited,  The Independent newspaper  and Woman Now magazine.

She is also founder if Malawi Media Women’s Association (MAMWA),  which established Malawi’s first women’s owned and operated radio station;  Journalist Association of Malawi  (JAMA );  Publishers Assiciation of Malawi (PAMA),  MISA-Malawi, Media Council of Malawi .

Police investigations continue.

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42 thoughts on “Armed robbers attack ex-diplomat to UN Janet Karim, MRA official in Blantyre”

  1. Nivindele says:

    Chonchi Nde JB angabwerere? Janet is seen as an enemy of dpp hence the attack. Usamale akupanga za njauju waku anti corruption. Wakutsina khutu ndimnansi.

  2. chatonda says:

    Malawi wayipa kwambirir tsopano. You guys from non governmental organizations, please wake up and stop wearing your identities everywhere like T shirts, golf shirts, caps bearing names of your organizations . Thieves will mark you to bed. Even your vehicles, should NOT have all those big letters like World Vision, Concern Universal, Toyota Malawi, CFAO, CCJP, Action Aid, Congoma, Cedep CHRR, etc Some of the thieves and thugs are sent by those who have cases somewhere… Please wake up.

  3. aunt says:

    Very confusing article. Two people were attacked by armed robbers. Where, how were they attacked. What time. Were the robbers armed with pangas or guns. How many were they in number. Did they snatch the masters degrees or the accolades were in the purse that was snatched. Please give us a break every year we are producing graduates.

  4. Makwasa says:

    I’m trying to figure out why this made the head lines???? It is a daily occurrence. Good publicity for Janet Karim who is slowly easing her way into DPP, well played.

  5. chefourpence says:

    Doesn’t Ms Konyani of MRA have a cv? How much was stolen from her? How? Are you marketing Janet Karim? And where is the armed robbery here? These are petty thieves!

  6. Gersom Mwale says:

    The former chief immigration officer,HJM,also was robbed in his area 3 residence few days ago. the armed robber shot his arm. why the media not report this issue. HJM now is working in Capital Hill.

  7. Malawian says:

    Robbery @51. Sorry for my country.

  8. Harold JM says:

    Yamikani Simutole,next time when you want to write us sit down and organize yourself. Iam a standard eight dropout but I feel I can write something relevant to my topic. Musamatichititse manyazi olemba nkhani athu, zikuwerengedwa mngakhale kujatu nkhanizi

  9. ujeni says:

    Malawians are being robbed and slaughtered to death by armed bandits as if we don have leadership. who is the president of Malawi? Can we borrow Mugabe and sort out the idiots.

  10. Namukachapa says:

    The reporter must have obtained this cv information from Karim herself. What was the purpose? Part of the biography info appears to want to explain why she didn’t return home immediately after recall in 2014. The other part appears to be advertising her achievements. And by the way how many people who get robbed of more than K40,000 make the headlines? Give us a break.

  11. Mgawadere says:

    Chitetetzo………….. chilungamo vichivichi zausiruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  12. Ozisata says:

    JosepH Banda and Gas machine head,,…spot on this story contains nothing on the alleged attack

  13. M'ngoni wa ku Maputo says:

    Agreed, After all why giving more attention to Karim and not the other victim?

  14. Mrs apm says:

    Zikomo baba dpp che muthalika pa zonse mukupanga koma it wl b only one day, few hrs and few seconds u wl change ur name to daniel phiri. GOD ALONE LORD HEAR OUR CRY.

  15. ndadabwa says:

    some of the police men were at the stadium on duty. some were assigned to do the usual errands of stealing. amubera Janet ndi a police ndipo Guta ali m’gulumo

  16. Nasibeko says:

    Well said comment NO.16 by the name Gas Machine Head

  17. We’re not interested about personal achievement

  18. Bongololo says:


  19. Ndakwiya says:

    Hope the news has reached kachama & his back room staff. Seriously something has to be done to tame this malpractice! If these robbers are able to sneak at daylight what more during the night? Robber @ 51 kkkk

  20. Joseph Banda says:

    Nyasa Times, it appears this reporter has never seen a chalk in any school of Journalism. If you like him, then I suggest that you conduct very intensive training on story writing and reporting. THE ISSUE HERE IS ABOUT THE ARM ROBBERY and not what the victim has achieved.

    I got lost to know what this guy was trying to write. I guessed and felt sorry for the victims. If he wanted his should have covered what Janet has achieved in another article, OR know how to combine the issues. PROBABLY LET THIS GUY LOOK FOR ANOTHER JOB!. That will be fair for himself, the readers and Nyasa Times.

    1. Gas Machine Head says:

      I agree 101 per cent. But I think Nyasa times ought too look into the issue of sub-editing very seriously. many articles are posted raw from the reporters with avoidable errors.

  21. amina says:

    All police were in Blantyre over the independence weekend. Something like this happens in front of their nose what was happening in other districts God knows. We are in shambles with this DPP led govt. Something big wrong here.

  22. wales banda says:

    Pamalawi pavuta, kungokhala ngati kulibe a police, shaaa

  23. Zanga Phee! says:

    When it comes to this situation the so called minister of internal security how do you feel? i wish if these robbers could attacked you guys then could feel how it pains.Perhaps you are watching it as a movie,shame with you Malawi a smallest country failing to control,yet you want to be a president of this nation but you are failing to control your ministry don’t feel incompetency yourself Sir Please clear these masses i don’t have time to be reminding you of your task Sir.See my name.

  24. munthu wamkulu says:

    Zikomere chilima votegater ndi mbendera vitsiru

  25. Gas Machine Head says:

    Very poorly written article Yamikani Simutowe. You have an intro that has to do with robberies involving two people, Janet Karim and Konyani. Then what do you give us readers next: A biographical sketch of Janet Karim. The robbery issue is only tackled in one paragraph. Worse still, you do not mention anything about the MRA person and how he was robbed and what was robbed. Were they together? Were they separate incidences? In a nutshell, the story is about robberies but yet 99 per cent of it is about who Janet Karim is. Pathetic. And how in the hell did the sub-editors allow that to on online? Poor journalistic skills.

  26. vitumbiko mwakipuyi says:

    Am so sorry mum,that’s Malawi for you..robbers will follow you like a stubborn fly when they know you are a diplomat…they think you have plenty of it…

  27. learnedmi says:


  28. Patriot says:

    Atupele MUST STEP DOWN
    He is failing us on security.

  29. aurora says:

    Dpp aitchulapo pa nkhaniyi?zopusa eti!! 4 once live DPP out of robbery…………

  30. Wiseman nyirongo says:

    We live together with armed thieves in our location but we cannot report to the police when something bad happen you are the first people to attack the leadership this will not help our nation. You can criticise but the country is denied the development. People voted whether bad or good we shall review after 5 years . For the good of our country lets respect the leadership.

  31. bwangazi says:

    Mavota vota!!! Munaika manyi ku state house!!!!!hede hede hede!!!! Alomwe alomwe alomwe nophiya!!!!!!!!!!!! Kunyini kuti buuuu!!! Ya mwana mulomwe pa goliati ku thyolo!!!

  32. zizwa says:

    KU BT musadaule ndizomwe mumafuna mesa munamuvotera nokha Peter? Zangoyamba mulira

  33. Honala says:

    I feel sorry with people like No 2. You are the one who is not patriotic. We are complaining about weak security not that we are not patriotic. I know you are DPP supporter. Please dont just back up everything. You will feel it when it will one day be your son/daughter killed

    1. Kanthu Ako!! says:

      You either have a problem of language, or just a problem.

      No 2 has not excluded him or herself from being unpatriotic, he/she is not accusing anyone, he/she has made a statement of fact.

      In some countries they cut your hand for stealing, because it shames the country. Thieving has nothing to do with strong or weak security, neither has it got anything to do with which party is in power. People are thieves, and they are motivated by different things.

      There are thieves and robbers in the Vatican and its a very small and well guarded place, there are thieves and robbers in Monaco and it is the richest per Sq inch.

      No 2 has not backed anything apart from America.

      Next time please comment sensibly.

  34. ngwachi says:

    Forget that’s our real present Malawian life
    -getting contacts is a prob but Lord will lead!!

  35. cheyo the real northerner says:

    This might be the end of IG Kachama, police chief. He is not going to withstand at that position come rain come sunshine

  36. Yankees says:

    Dpp aagwira mseu; m0t0 kuti buuuu;

  37. That’s Malawi Mama. Zinthu zafika pa njuga yeniyeni.

  38. ambuje says:

    [email protected] with APM and DPP, the current situation reflects on the kind of leadership that Malawi now has.

  39. Mzumara says:

    We should have started talking about this immediately after becoming independent. Why can’t we have a spirit of patriotism like Americans?. Americans always think that their nation is the greatest country God has ever created. With this spirit, all Americans work towards making their nation the greatest always.

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