Asian in spiritual healing scam being probed in Malawi

A self –proclaimed spiritual healer, an Asian Imtiaz Ali of Blantyre is a target of Malawi law enforcing agencies over obscene wealth he is amassed apparently by defrauding people .

Ali, who has a Malawian passport obtained in questionable circumstance, charges people mostly rich business men and women for spiritual healing.

His clients believe Ali is running a cynical campaign of dishonesty.

He charges people a lot of money and has reportedly built several flats and buildings in the city of Blantyre.

Sources say Ali ran a sophisticated operation to gain the confidence of his victims  and was also involved in Siku transport case of cutting lemons.

“We want to bring to an end Ali’s cynical campaign of dishonesty,” one of his victims told Nyasa Times.

“I am ready to expose his lies and deception,” she added.

Sources in Blantyre Asian Community said indeed there is a scam involving a bogus spiritual healer Ali , who is conning those facing hardship or health trouble, and falsely promise to solve their problems in return for large sums of money.

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20 thoughts on “Asian in spiritual healing scam being probed in Malawi”

  1. wales banda says:

    Zafika posauzana

  2. phiri says:

    amwenye ambiriwa Ali ndi milungu ina kupatuka allah

  3. Mwama Du says:

    Amalawi kukonda ma shortcuts.

  4. Raza Khan says:

    Pata Phiri
    Are you senseless? This sort of issues are good publicity for us people who don’t know about us get to know us and we can swindle these fools for more money.
    Imtiaz baba had nothing when he came here he was a sweeper in Ajmer now he has flats (the ones savers choice claims he has built for him) buildings and many followers he has sorted his life out by fooling idiots so let people say what they want there are many more fools to milk money from

  5. Bobo says:

    Do you guys remember billy chisupe???i if you do so that’s the ANSWER!!!

  6. It’s thru stupidity, ignorance & lack of God in one’s life that leads people to conmen or con artists.

  7. Abu Savers says:

    He is who he is and i dont care for all of you people

    Does malawi not have singanga

    I built all his flats for him and if Mra wants to raid They should raid me first

  8. imtiaz ali aka baba says:

    Hahaha Pata Phiri (Baba’s Cashier). If you don’t have anything good to say than just keep your rotten mouth shut.

  9. flora says:


  10. ndawire says:

    till ndi ma phrophet ambiri otelo…mwaona kuti ndizachilendo poti ndi mwenye?…musiyeni…ife anthu ife ndi osamva…chomwe tikumapitilako nchiyani

  11. mwana mulopwana says:

    this information is incomplete, it seems the writer just woke up and found a paper and writing material without thinking what to write,

    I don’t now how this person was defrauding people , please Mr Journalist learn to bring all the information ,

  12. Mc Phodo says:

    Leave the man alone. He is lucky if he is making money out of nothing. As long as he doesnt false anybody to fall into his trap. Its okey. Fools are those who take their aluveras to him without returns. Somebody’s life can not change physically by words only from other guys like him. Kupusa bwanji a Malawi.

  13. pat says:

    Opusa ndi opitakowo. Inu simunamve kuti tili ndi Mulungu amene amapereka zosowa zathu zonse? Ndiye chopitila kwa mmwenye chani? Kupusa basi!

  14. tchingo says:

    kunta u r right….let him go scot free otherwise we hv more conmen who masquerade as prophets and propheteses.

    and nobody forces the magnitude of the believing people to go to these swindlers except for their own folly. even the most educated hv rpoved to be the best fools in this matter of belief.

  15. Idi Amini Dada says:

    leave him. we have fake traditional healer every where just like him. those wanting to expose him are just born of jelousy. maprofeti athuwa nao amaba mnjira zomwez koma muwasiya why? js

  16. maganizo anga says:

    sies man…amapereka okha ndalama…mukati akuwabera mukunama…….anthu akugwiritsa ntchito church for business. palibe chachilendo apa. you must instead teach the people ACHENJELE NAO ANENERI ABODZA…. basi

  17. mlangizi says:

    What about Bushiri?

  18. Pata phiri says:

    Bull sheet he is conning people he doesn’t charge even a penny its the wahabi sect who’s making his damaging his name

    1. paddy says:

      @ Pata Phiri, please mind your sentence construction and coherency of ideas!

  19. kunta says:

    Please leave him alone he just uses a similar formula like these prophets and pastors of ours!

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