Asian traders take Malawi Police to task over insecurity

Some Kasungu Municipality business persons on on Monday took to task police officers in the district over insecurity issues.

Some of the Malawian of Asian decent doing business who met the Police

Some of the Malawian of Asian decent doing business who met the Police

This follows the never ending armed robbery cases taking place in the district mainly targeting the Asian business persons.

Recently, Muhammad Afzal and Ayub Kazi were attacked and robbed off over  K2 million in total.

In an interview, Afzal said the thugs attacked him at his house which is  behind his business place  before they delta with his neighbor Kazi.

The development has the forced the Asian business community to form a committee which will look into the issues of their security.

“This is a seven man committee that will work hand in hand with the police on the issues concerning security by providing a vehicle and fuel  for night patrols,” he said.

Kasungu Police Officer in Charge Senior Assistant Commissioner Sekani Tembo  said they are as well concerned with the security lapse and assured them of some improvements.

” We are making sure that business people are well protected and that there business places are well secured,” Tembo aid.

Meanwhile,  Tembo said the police have leads to the suspects who are connected to the attack.

The police are also warning the business people not to keep large amounts of money in their homes but rather bank the money.

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they must not evade taxes,then there will be enough money for fuel for the police.They must stop stashing cash in Swiss banks,then Malawi will benefit.They must pay realistic wages to blacks,then there will never be inside jobs to these robberies.They keep too much money in their houses to avoid banks.Idi Amin saw it,Kamuzu Banda saw it,Mutharika benefits from his close association with them


If you want them go to there countries than you malawians should work hard.tell me if no asians can you produce a loaf of bread .

Ine mwenye

None of these India boys are of Malawian Asian decent!!! Serves them right they all buy there citizenship passport from corrupt immigration officers and call them selves Malawian Asian what nonsense send them back to India


go back home Asians. hope you have a home.

Aaron Mwala

Pay proper taxes pay poor Malawians who you call mwanaboys better before you complain of security

zitsiru inu

To the ppl with narrow frustrated idiotic minds and against mwenyez. Tell me how much tax do u pay? U do businesses very well in your areas and lie the authority you don’t qualify the threshold of 10m turnover in a year.

MRA has deliberately kept a blind eye over you guys… don’t make touch noise and don’t behave as a good citizen as you are only begging free monies in theft or kupempha which is a noum and tradition in Malawi to beg.

You are protected by authority so better keep your shit mouth shut.

Busy brains

@ Chefourpence, you are 100 % right! These Indians should pay full tax to the govt and complain latter. If our govt is struggling in getting monies is simply these crooked Indians. Just imagine one Mwenye invading K50 billion!! Or lets say only K5 billion. How many are indulging in this crooked ways? Don’t be fooled, all the Indians make night meetings conniving how to swindle govt in taxes. Have you wondered why they insist on speaking their foreign language in our land?

Busy brains
To be frank, I have no mercy with this kind of robbery. The aim behind keeping all that money was to change into dollars and externalise to India. In Blanytre, there is OG Issah at Maselema who handles millions of Kwachaz from his fellow Indians and give them dollars. Likewise, if I was the govt, I would close Victoria forex bureau for it is a hub of all calendastine money laundering activities of all the Mwenyez. When they are going abroad, this bureau is the one that do all the dirty games. Ndimamulira Bingu pa zimene anapanga potseka ma forex… Read more »
Mdicai Longwe

While I blame the so called thieves, but I remember some two or so months ago the President gave MPS vehicles amounting to over 500. You mean to say that not even one vehicle was given to Kasungu Police Station? This was the time when the IG, Kacham who has thrown in the towel was appointed. He pledged to curb all thieves but alas stealing and armed robbery were the order of the day during his last 3 months as number cop. PLEASE GOVERNMENT SUPPORT THE POLICE SERVICE SO THAT THEY CAN SERVE US BETTER.


as long as you are not providing the vehicle so that they should just be guarding you indians but rather for the whole community.

and am also surprised that you indians are complaining about thieves when you yourselves have stolen a lot of Malawians money through tax invasions. an example is that MK2,000,000 which was stolen, why keep all that amount in the house, i know you want to change it on the black market and send it Bombay


Ohhhhh dear we are paying millions to the MRA but thy dont show the money yyyyy???ask them

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