Assets Director requires K55m to complete verification process

Malawi’s Director of Public Officers’ Declaration, Christopher Tukula has said his office require about K55 million to complete the initial verification of all declared assets.

Tukula: Offices to verify

Tukula: Offices to verify

The declarations made will be treated as public information and accessible to the general public upon application to the Director, according to Tukula.

Speaking during the official launch of the public access to declaration Monday, Tukula indicated that the whole initial verification expected to end June this year.

He said the Directorate is compiling a database upon which a public access platform will be developed in phases.

Tukula also said public access to declaration is a legally sanctioned and internationally recognized practice which is widely accepted as a reasonable, necessary and justifiable public interest derogation of private interest in modern democratic governance.

“The first phase of the platform will be open to the public with effect from Monday, March 2 2015 and it will initially cover officers listed under Part A of the first schedule to the Act (Political and Elected Officials),” said Tukula.

To access the declarations, according to the Act, members of the general public will be required to fill out an application form detailing personal particulars and contacts details; particulars of the officer whose declarations the applicant would like to access; specific details of the information the applicant would like to access from the officer’s declarations; and specific reasons for seeking to access the information, among other requirements.

“Where the Director refuses access to declarations, he shall, within 14 days from receipt of the application, notify the requesting party in writing stating grounds for his refusal,” said Tukula.

He also warned that any person who, upon accessing declarations submitted by a listed public officer, misuses or abuses the information shall be liable, on conviction, to a fine of K500,000 and two-year imprisonment, without prejudice to any other legal remedy available to the injured person.

Tukula also assured the general public and all listed public officers that every effort would be made by the Directorate as a regulator of the process to uphold the ideals and objectives of the Act and to discharge its duties in a professional, fair and impartial manner.

He said the right to privacy and personal security of public officers will be one of the key considerations in granting or refusing approval for public access.

“This practice, apart from enhancing the effectiveness of an asset declaration scheme, is also aimed at enlisting citizen, media and civil society participation in the oversight and scrutiny of governance and its officials. In turn, this promotes transparency and accountability and fosters public confidence in the integrity of the public service,” said Tukula.

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33 thoughts on “Assets Director requires K55m to complete verification process”

  1. Mohammed karim says:

    How about the filthy rich asian tycoons
    I think it is thier resposibilty to help fellow malawians during the difficult times after all their fortunes came from malawi

  2. interested party says:

    Criminals are barred by MPSR to hold public office

  3. ian Bonongwe says:

    Verification is ok but not by a criminal! !!!!

  4. Nyenyenye says:

    Actually as a quantity surveyor I think this K55 million is too little if they are going to do proper verifications and certify that the assets are not linked to stolen funds.If 20 members of cabinet declare 20 houses and several assets located in say 20 districts.To travel and verify the existence and exact valuation of those assets can take K20 million in valuation fees alone .Now what about assets for soldiers, policemen, MPs, PS, CEOs etc.Proper Verification is a very expensive exercise.Tiziona.

  5. mwado says:

    If you read the article the procedure was laid down by Parliament in the assets law.and people can lie in the declarations.afufuze kumene if the declared things are real.fotseki.

  6. aphiri says:

    55million is for travelling and making sure that u thieves declared right things. If they find that u hide some u LL see fire

  7. wanangwa says:

    What is the money for? Plz explain.

  8. mshadada says:

    barack obama ali ndi chrystler, nyumba imodzi mu chicago, ma share angapo mu ma company awiri….akazi ake ali ndi nyumba ku washington…..

    palibe zokuti munthu uvutikenso ndi ma application anuwo. just google “barack obama net worth.” ikulembelani zonse google.

    why must we always do zachimidzi pa zinthu za simple? tizatukukadi ife?

  9. Chamahungwa Qoma says:

    Bambo Tubular, do the honourable thing and go home to serve your interdiction.

    Timagalasi peyapeya ngati zenizeni apa.

    You’re just another disgrace of a lawyer.

  10. Achimidzimidzi says:

    I think this Tukula person is not the right officer.

    Why are you making access to the declarations very complicated to an ordinary person. How many villagers can be interested this trash.

    If make the assets public without any conditions.
    Mphakana application?

  11. Ochewa says:

    Munapanga declare ngini ya fake akufufuzeni kumene alomwe agalu inu.mbava

  12. mbale says:

    You are comparing USA to Malawi? Those are incomparables.There are so many things which happen here which can’t happen in the USA.The wife of the president can’t steal money from the Aids commission and people can’t be fired illegally in the USA.

  13. Ben Phiri says:

    Ine nkhani za ofesi zimandidabwitsa.zikakhala za normal mumangoti ziii. Koma zikakhala zikukhala ni ndiye achoke.tikukuonanitu.

  14. ian Bonongwe says:

    Verify that is good.

  15. bokhobokho says:

    @chembuye issue is about criminal verifying? ??? ? Howdo we teust that criminal?

  16. bilimankhwe says:

    Tukula issue here is rhe public perception of you as a criminal in clinging to a public office. We will teach you Mphwiyo lesson so that you must start respecting MPSR. Usawone ngati ndiwe shashaaaa

  17. Chembuye says:

    Nonsenu mukutokota apanu mukuopa verification akufufuzani kumene.palibe kubisala akufinyeni kumene.

  18. kester kaphaizi says:

    This idiot has court cases. Why don’t you get cleared first?

  19. g phiri says:

    This can’t happen in USA we are so submissive in our culture a criminal holding an important office like this??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!@!!!!!!!×2

    1. g phiri says:

      I meant insubmissive

  20. Atate Rashid says:

    Zopanga verify ma asset zo nde usayerekeze kapenatu ngati ukufuna kuzima

  21. ujeni says:

    K55m? Does this verification require importation of raw materials, does it require plant and machinery importation from abroad. Does the Director require an importation of a bulldozer and Caterpiller to do his job? Surely this request of K55m is a sign of a failed state

  22. Yeah says:

    Criminal records prevent you Mr Tukula to continue holding a public office

  23. ntchende la mfumu says:

    Muyimitseni ntchito inu a parliament if you want this office to be respected by public

  24. Ngaliba says:

    Ok so criminals can still run government offices without being cleared first by courts?

  25. Ndilowe says:

    Zoonadi why is he still working? Selective applicatuon of regulations? His work is null and void

  26. Juma says:

    We will challenge his records in court. Declaration being compiled by a dishonest criminal public officer?

  27. Jeke says:

    This is the most stupid country having a criminal suspect as a public officer? Useless government and parliament. Belekanyama I had respect for you. Interdict this bastard now

  28. milimbo says:

    Yaaa a public office being run by a criminal suspect? Malawi tsopano

  29. mgemi says:

    Why is this criminal still working in the first place? Public Service Regulations don’t allow him. He is supposed to be on interdiction. We will challenge his works in court. A criminal cant ask us to declare assets

  30. mtimuni says:

    he is making a lot of unnecessary noise

  31. ochewa says:

    kodi iyeyu akugwilabe ntchito? ndimayesa was fired tu!

  32. zte says:

    useless office….palibe chasintha apa

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