Attacks on Muslim converts ‘unacceptable’ says Muslim Association of Malawi: Rumphi chief hospitalised after assault for embracing Islam

Muslims Association of Malawi (MAM) has condemned the attack of Group Village Headman M’bodo of Rumphi for embracing Islam.

Chife M'bodo attacked for embracing Islam

Chife M’bodo attacked for embracing Islam

Press reports indicate the 89-year-old chief was attacked by one of this subjected for giving land to be used for the construction of a Mosque.

He is battling for his life in hospital and police spokesman for Rumphi Victor Khamisi confirmed the incident.

Spokesperson for MAM, Sheikh Dinala Chabulika, strongly condemned the attack of the chief, saying victimising Muslim converts is “unacceptable.”

“There is need to tolerate each other as Malawi Constitution guarantees freedom of worships,” said Chabulika.

He no religion is superior to the other.

Sunday Times newspaper which reported about the attack of the chief also published an editorial comment condemning the incident in Rumphi.

It said religious conflicts elsewhere are highly emotive matter and can easily escalate into open warfare if not dealt with expeditiously.

The paper also faulted police to sit  “cross-legged” under the guise of conducting investigations, waiting for the victim to recuperate to interview him, saying it is a testimony that policing standards have fallen and crime has  found “fertile ground” on which it has thrived.

The paper declared ‘there is no place for religious bigotry’ in Malawi.

Meanwhile, Sheik Chabulika has encouraged the Muslims to continue the observance of the holy month of Ramadan, a period marked by intense prayer, dawn-to-dusk fasting and good deeds.

Muslims believe Ramadan to be the month in which the first verses of the Quran, Islam’s Holy Book, were revealed to the Prophet Muhammad more than 1 400 years ago.

The 30 days of fasting are expected to end on July 6 upon the sighting of the moon.

As one of the five pillars of Islam, fasting is obligatory for all healthy Muslims – a test of patience and endurance whilst refraining from eating and drinking from dawn till sun-set.

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Masozi Mwenifumbo
Hear you all, near and fear! A true Christian will not use violence (physical weapons) to propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ, BUT THE LOVE OF GOD, AND OTHER SPIRITUAL WEAPONS CLEARLY WRITTEN IN EPH 6:10FF, 2 COR 10:1FF, 1COR 12-14 etc. And a True Christian will not DEFEND CHRIST JESUS WITH PHYSICAL WEAPONS/SWORDS LIKE PETER DID DURING THE ARREST OF JESUS CHRIST IN MATTHEW 26. Remember how the Lord Jesus Christ strongly rebuked Peter strongly after his mistake of striking the servant of the High Priest with a SWORD, warning all us in Matthew 26:52b, “THOSE WHO TAKE THE… Read more »
Winston Msowoya
Violence breeds violence.Right now,there are thousands upon thousands Muslims crossing over to Christianity worldwide,they are ashamed and frustrated to be Muslims whose teachings are embroiled deeply in blood-letting amongst the world populations.The fact of the matter is that,Islam is a violent cult whose Prophet Mohamed,was an avowed criminal and womanizer that is why their cult is violent and truthfully,misguided appellation.Christianity does not solicit people to join their religious denominations,while Islam is using money to buy membership.What a pinch beck religion? Southern Africa is now a crucial target for Islamic religious incursion and as such,PETROL DOLLAR is a frontline weaponry towards… Read more »

please ensure you get back the land. Those moslems should not be allowed to build a mosque. please, please, please, prevent those moslems from building the mosque. We do not want Ashababu, Boko Haram in Rumphi. This chief is very stupid. Even if he was converted to Islam it was foolish of him to give land.


You Malawians are foolish and jealous!
You hang on to land that is not yours.. You don’t want anyone to own land but yourselves and you all are poor as dirt and can never do anything with any land anywhere on Earth!..
As you travel around Malawi you see Mud Churches being built everywhere.. Why not a Mosque? That is prejudice and nasty as is typical of Malawians..
Muslims have every right to build a Mosque just as Christians build their Mud Churches!.
It’s high time this rotten culture change!…

Mu Khristu Weniweni

Akwapuleni, apheni and awumbuzeni agalu amenewa. asilamu ndi anthu opembeza satana. mosque imeneyo zayiwotcheni basi.

The Chief ought to have been chased away from the village. These are money loving chiefs and not those with their own people’s welfare at heart. He deserves what he was given. You Moslems you have been masquerading in our villages especially in Rumphi giving out money to chiefs and village heads in an attempt to woe them into joining your Religion. Please know that any true religion can not be sold except one that comes from unbelievers. The land in question where the chief comes from does not practice sadaka or the so called amberechire religion. Such chiefs will… Read more »
The eye and ear

This incident is unfortunate. what makes is worse is that we Malawians for the past 30 years of Dr. Banda were fed with manipulated historical facts; when you read historical facts you learn that the people in Rumphi were moslems and Mlowoka Chikulamayembe was a Yao from across Mozambique.

The traditional leader is just going back to his ancestors’s roots. The more we don’t research our history, the more we cant understand arising issues.

Kanthu Ako

Chikulamayembe did not come from Mozambique, and even if he did, Malawians had their own religions not Islam. Stop giving information that you know nothing about.

Being Yao does not mean you are Muslim.

The Analyst
O…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………O . . . For being Christian, some may whisper in their skin, “Aachita bwino.” . . . For being Muslim, some may whisper, “We shall see, tingomaliza kaye fasting.” Yet, even the most basic of analyses shows no godliness in either of these statements. . . . If anyone doubts the Muslims’ whisper, hear this . . . Muslims are taught hence believe that if they face opression or injustice or any undesirable situtation, they must act; either with their hands (by force), or tongue (by speaking against it), or feet (do nothing and walk away). However, they are… Read more »
Racist McTumbukaFace

The stupid chief was not beaten for converting to islam but for giving land to al-Shabab!

The chief needs to be dethroned, who in their right mind would convert to a religion of murderous terrorists?


May God forgive you Mc TumbukalFace, for you know not what you are commenting on


These stupid moslems kill their fellow moslems for embracing christianity. Nde akudandaula chani? Nonsense!!!!!


How i wish you (Mr. Tumbuka) had a chance to get the facts about Islam than making such daycare classes comment. i wonder how you as person can make such a fallacious point/argument. do you have evidence that we have al shabab here. in case you don’t know Islam, lets get engaged i will provide guidance on how you can understand Islam and wash away your unprecedented relentless accusations of Islam.

Stouch muslim

Islam will come into your house whether you like it or not. It will step into your veins bro

Mu Khristu Weniweni

why force a religion to someone iwe stouch muslim. kodi why dont you just focus on your pseudo religion anthu inu


Guli lina la zigaweka zolutsa zachikhristu ndiye zomwe zachita mtopola oopsawu kwa Mfumu yosalakwa. Atati abwenzere mulimba?


Is the issue about converting to Islam or that of giving out land. It’s the land issue that’s highly emotive and no wonder it led to his beating.

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