Atupele Muluzi to Malawi Muslims: ‘Ramadan Kareem’

Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Atupele Muluzi, who is also president of the United Democratic Front (UDF) has said as Muslims go through the Holy month of Ramadhan, it is a season for heightened reflection, worship, compassion and community.

Atupele Muluzi speaks during the Annual Ramadan Iftar - Pic by Stanley Makuti

Atupele Muluzi speaks during the Annual Ramadan Iftar – Pic by Stanley Makuti

Ramadan is a sacred month of fasting from dawn to dusk and is observed by adult and sane Muslims all over the world as a fourth of the five pillars of Islam.

Muluzi, a practising Moslem, said the special month of Ramadan provides spiritual nourishment  andcalled on Malawians to embrace a spirit of love unity and forgiveness as.

He was speaking Friday evening at the official residence of the Egyptian Ambassador to Malawi, Maher El-Adawy during a fast-breaking service of the second day of Ramadhan.

“Ramadhan is a month of extreme importance by its very virtue of being one of the most important five pillars of Islam. This is a month of fasting and reflection; thanking Allah for his blessings on us but most importantly a month of repentance because God’s door of forgiveness is always open,” said Muluzi.

The Minister also noted that Ramadan is a time when Muslims reflect upon the wisdom and guidance that comes with faith.

He thus urged that Malawians should exercise forgiveness for one another in the same way they ask for Allah’s forgiveness.

The Egyptian ambassador El-Adawy said he organised the event because the Ramadhan is an apt month to spread the message of love, peace forgiveness and unity; and “Malawi needs everyone’s efforts to develop and move forward.”

“This is a month when the rich give to the poor, the able help the unable and the privileged help the underprivileged,” said the ambassador appreciating the large turnout of people; both Muslims and non-Muslims.

The event was climaxed by a banquet which was preceded by a prayer service.

Sending his wishes, Muluzi said, “As the holy month of Ramadan begins, I wish all Muslims a joyful Ramadan Kareem”.

Fasting,  is the fourth of the five pillars of Islam and is intended to help teach Muslims self-discipline, self-restraint and generosity.

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12 thoughts on “Atupele Muluzi to Malawi Muslims: ‘Ramadan Kareem’”

  1. dodo bush says:

    Hashim this doesn’t require us to understand English.We are very afraid of the bloodthirsty boko Haram.

  2. hashim says:

    The speech its loudly and cleary it dnt pointn any1 or any chuch or even any paty bt here u can see some1 ugues or sweln wthout knowng the point of the speech. Malwians late us send our childrn to schol myb we’ll open our rens to the point plz its abot month of ramadhaan he was tlkn as his religion he belongs to so chekout ur wrds guyz

  3. hashim says:

    Its jst enymity among citizns. bt if I can see therez nothng wrong here to ugue coz its abot ramadhaan speech abot not war. Malwians we need to undstnd englsh propry.

  4. A MPINGO says:


  5. Mr min says:

    Guys get a life
    Every religion should be respected
    Today a Christian in Europe has killed like 7 people in a church
    Dosent mean all us Christians are bad people !
    That doesn’t even make all the Muslims bad people
    Chonde time to think in the open
    God bless

  6. Chiku says:

    Akang’wing’wi inu mukufuna munene chani? What wrong has Atupele done here? Ma comment ake aziiii, zosagwirizana ndikugwirizana komwe, uzafera pamphasa pakopo, unya! Mudakalibe mtulo, mkonono! Atupele is here, will be there and muzakhala mukumumva, yemwe uja! Zazii, bokoharam ndiye kuti chani? Ntchito gule ndi kutamba basi!

  7. UKBASE says:

    Forgiveness !!!!!!!!!! There is no such thing in Muslim world as forgiveness. I wonder which God to you Muslims play to. All you think is killing as you already said ” We love our death as your life. What kind of people are you. God said He will protect us but you muslim seems as you are protecting God. A Atupele, tamagodyani ndalama zabomazzoooo.

  8. Muslim brotherhood in malawi i reject it in jesus name

  9. Analisti weniweni says:

    Why are they failing to forgive Morsi in Egypt instead they are baying for his blood.Alshabab and Boko Haram are killing people on daily basis.All the ISIS of Syria and Irag are forgiving moslems.What they think is about War only.

  10. musova says:

    Well said Atupele enawa adangobadwa ndikutsutsa basi

  11. VIYAZI TEMBO says:


  12. puludzu says:

    Atupele now. Once again trying to be relevant among his cohorts after selling them to Mulakho. Can’t stop loughing

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