Atupele says UDF will pull a surprise: ‘Malawi credibility damaged by Cashgate’

United Democratic Front (UDF)  president Atupele Muluzi, who is serving in the President Peter Mutharika cabinet, has said his party will not be dumped in the dustbin of political history for working with ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Atupele Muluzi:

Atupele Muluzi: UDF will  not be buried

Muluzi persuaded his party into a parliamentary working coalition with DPP with a silent pact.

Critics have been arguing that the DPP-UDF coalition is slowly killing the UDF.

But speaking on Capital FM in an interview monitored by Nyasa Times on ‘Straight Talk’ programme hosted by Rhodes Msonkho on Tuesday, Muluzi said the party shall remain formidable.

“The UDF is not dead and will never be buried,” stated Muluzi, who is Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security.

He said some political parties are already focusing on elections due in four years time while his party has put its focus to work with government for the good of the country.

“After election in 2014, our focus was to serve and we got to move our attention from the next elections,” said Muluzi.

Muluzi who was famed for his ‘Agenda for Change’ said he was still pursuing the agenda which entails transformation leadership, saying that is embedded in the leadership of President Peter Mutharika.

He said UDF want to help Mutharika and his DPP government in the transformation of the country after what he said a Cashgate plague which forced donors to withdraw budgetary support.

“Our credibility as a country has been damaged because of cashgate. Our focus has been to restore credibility,” said Muluzi, adding “Cashgate destroyed our country.”

Muluzi said “His Excellency the President, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika” seeks unity in restoring Malawi credibility and win back donor confidence.

He said President Mutharika has put in place transformational changes which his party is pleased to support.

Asked on the future of UDF in the wake of the alliance with DPP, Muluzi said: “Our party remains a strong and formidable political party. I am very determined to keep UDF strong.”

He denied assertions that UDF has been swallowed by DPP.

“UDF has not been swallowed. After the 2014 elections, we did a lot of soul searching to reposition ourselves.

“You have to make a decision to either be part of government or opposition. You can’t be both,” said Muluzi.

He said coalition among political parties is normal in any democratic society

“Our focus is to assist to change and transformational of our country,” said Muluzi.

He insisted the UDF will remain relevant in the country’s politics.

“We are going to pull a strong surprise. UDF is strong and will remain a strong party,” said Muluzi.

“I am here to serve my country in any capacity that the President assigns me. I am very committed to serve this country,” continued the Home Affairs Minister.

DPP uses blue as its political colour while UDF uses yellow and blue.

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89 thoughts on “Atupele says UDF will pull a surprise: ‘Malawi credibility damaged by Cashgate’”

  1. kabotolokamo says:

    What is this Muluzi guy talking about ? hahahaha wakhuta uyu !lol

  2. Angenda for change says:

    Go Tupex Go.we voted for u and we are in total support of ur decion.MCp and PP did not vote for u nor did they financially support u in 2014 elections.So dont be moved by stupid advise from those who hate UDF they are afraid and wish u
    could remain in opposition Azikusekani kuti ndinu Baby …They know kuti Ur door towards presidency is wide and open .Dont be fooled UDF will maintain its mps .The only patty that could shake eastern was pp bt now its based in US. Tinavota ndife and ee still trust and love ur ideas.enaewav sangavotere UDF chifukwa mtundu wao umaealetsa kutero kkkk .Oncr again dont listen to Fools who never loved UDF sincr 1994 and keep on focusing ahead .Ukitiukiti kuti wawawa

  3. Zanga Phe Basi says:

    greed n selfishness basi nothing else. u want to helo mask your numerous cases ya father committed while in govt.

    Anthu cant see what is happening now! take it or leave it i dont support any political party *why?* they r all liars. period. but i am always very objective when making comments. mcp was going towards graveyard but God intervened by alĺowing JZU give room to Chkwera. Mcp has now a better repreaentation in the august house. come 2019 i doubt ngati udf idzakhale ndi many mps.

  4. telme says:

    Coalition is just standard in every government wherever. I don’t why the craziness.

  5. Anthu enawa sadzalamulanso. Amukanika ngakhale mbusa

  6. Kavuluvulu says:

    Khani ili chonchi. Atupele akuteteza bambo ake ku K1.7 billion cashgate. Atachoka ku DPP, Bakili akulowa basi. That is the deal.

  7. Anthu okhawo opusa and osaziwa ndale ,akhoza kuwona zodabwitsa kugwila ntchito ndi Boma,koma kwa iwo akuziwa bwino zandale palibe chovuta apa,even ku USA ,otsusa amagwila ntchito ndi Boma

  8. Banzo says:

    Atupere that’s maturity. Leave the fool out side it’s time to develop Malawi. You are wise . I salute you. UDF is party and u r a person.

  9. BABAZULA DA IZO says:

    anthu opusa inu a yao inu soona kulowa mukabudula wa Peter Muntharika

  10. Aphuzitseni Atupele ndale zachizungu kuti kukhala wa opposition sikuti ndiwe m’dani wa Boma Malawi belong to all of us not only to the ruling party
    UDF is here to stay
    Atupele Woyeeeeee

  11. zingati zanu says:

    Akanakhala kuti sali mboma bwenzi akutani? Atatuwatu ngati enawa. Uli bhoo Atupele. Bakula and once matured we make you the leader! Akulankhula zawowa atayeni. Zawo ndi zingati!

  12. Jafari Musah says:

    Ife sitisintha chipani a UDF adzakhala a UDF enanu mudzakhalanso mbali yomweyo nde democracy imeneyo. UDF for ever.

  13. mwendanato says:

    chitsiru chili ndi mwini kkkkkkkkkk

  14. Telling the Truth says:

    Baby Muluzi surprised many Malawians when he said he is going to pull a surprise. What surprise? Defeating DPP? What is it that he is going to be telling Malawians in 2018 to vote for him? That he supported Peter Mutharika? Atupele you must know you have bitterly disappointed many Malawians who supported you. You are a totally spent force. You remind Malawians of the terrible blunders of your father which gave birth to DPP.

  15. joj says:

    Like father like son! Muluzi senior surrendered the ‘the UDF’ to Mutharika senior; now Muluzi junior has done the same. At the time we thought its because of ‘kusaphunzira’ but now it might be a combination of greed, bad advice, arrogance and paranoia.

  16. Joe Mpezeni says:

    Mwana wopanda vision uyu.He is just good at barking like his father.Udf will never rule Malawi again probably you should consult mafia Saulos kuti azakujudulireni mavoti but chances for Udf to come back to govt are neglible.Udf inatha ngati makatani.

  17. Chigawenga says:

    UDF is done! baby Mulizi needs to wake up from his slumber and realise that. He has become a hand clapper instead of what he believes in. I once supported him but once he sold his soul I dumped him. UDF will never resurrect from the tomb baby Muluzi has burried it in.

  18. Real Malawian says:

    Never in our lifetime.Probably a suprise pull will happen in your Kapoloma village.

  19. thoko kafoteka says:


  20. thoko kafoteka says:

    fight till de end

  21. Chemakoyo says:

    I m still love my party UDF without change my mind.

  22. nanga wabwino ali kuti,. says:

    Muzapanga manyazi Atupele akulamula 2019.

  23. kenkkk says:

    His bootlicking, handclapping and embarrassingly stupid title uttering and praising of apm reminds me of the Kamuzu era. That means his his political career is progressing downwards and down stream towards water falls.

  24. musova says:

    Ife amene timavotera udf sitikudandaula koma amene simudamuvotera ndi amene mukunyoza, 2019 ife tidzavoteraso udf

  25. ikamuna yamemena says:

    Foolish plan boy I now agree with Uladi that you are a boy and your actions have vindicated it. Forget about your agenda for change. People can now see how greedy and unstable you are. What do you mean working with the government? Even being in the opposition is part of working with the government as you offer checks and balances. I feel pity for the innocent diehards of this once famous party how it has now been thrown to the dogs. The best you could do was come out of that mess you have created for yourself and start working with the grass root. Go and mobilise the yaos who had hope in now defeated Joyce who enjoys self exile in states. Use your father for that campaign. Up to when should you find solace in such gimmicks of joining government when you have been defeated? Be what you have claimed to be and be principled than what you are doing boy

  26. vavlov says:

    So what real value is UDF bringing to the government, other than the party’s leader benefiting and his father finding some some to dodge his case of corruption. Atupele has nothing to offer; his agenda for change is no different from his father’s. It is amazing how easy Malawians can be cheated by even the most foolish politicians

  27. Maveya says:

    A malawi ndi ife omvetsa chisoni kwambiri,Atupele ndi munthu yemwe angasinthe zinthu pa malawi regardless kuti his father ruled in which way u think,remember you were talking kuti lets vote for peter coz his brother was a good leader ng’ooo mwauponda anthu safanana similary you cant liken Atu to his father

  28. Aferazao says:

    A baby shall always remain one. The only thing baby Atupele can do is drink more baby milk and eat more celerac and Likuni Phala.

  29. Rat says:

    whether you like it or not 2019 Atupele boma.Keep this commentin your heads.

  30. Manyasa says:

    So you will take over from your boss Pitala? kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  31. Felix-mutu says:

    Am not Malawian though have lived in your tranquil country. Atupele, African politics is largely about exclusion and by joining the ruling clique you have been swallowed. Your every moves are shadowed and you have been neutered. When progressive opposition forces congeal to wrest power form government you will be viewed as a mole. The government of the day at that time will view you as a parasite. The African landscape and parts of the worlds are strewn with parties like yours invited to the high table to be compromised and rendered useless . You have written the political obituary of your party and confirmed that you are in power to dine at the high table, picking morsels thrown your way as you are kept on a tight leash

  32. Kapolo sakwiya says:

    Under ground politics watch come 2019 UDF will rule under the bunner agenda for change

  33. Malawian Mom says:


    What you need to know is that, this systematic cash gate which is killing our Nation-started with your father. The whole Nation is in this problem because of your father.

    Greedy boy!!!!!!!!!! Just as your dad said.”running a country is not an easy task.” You need to go back to your father, and ask him why he said that.

    This country need someone who is not looking for a salary. We need someone who got his own money,and the heart for the Nation.

    when I say this am not talking about like this guy who is trending on line that he is the man of God, yet he is another thief who robs people in the day light in church. No!!!!!!!!!!!

    All I see is THAT our Nation is in a big trouble,”SICK”


    For us as a Nation let us all plant trees. If you have a family of five plant five trees. If we do this we are going to do good for our Nation,and the generation to come. Please take this news to your village.

  34. To hell.Kwanilitsani zofuna za moyo.

  35. It shows imaturity in this boy if you think people are kids like you walemba mmadzi Bambo wako anabela ndalama milandu iili ACB Utiwuza chani

  36. Malawiano says:

    Atupele baby weniweni

  37. Moni says:

    Thank you No. 46 for your frank talk, we UDF supporters are few who comes/knows about this network but has the same power of votes. Therefore Atu, don’t ever be discouraged by haters/failures whose agenda is to hate UDF. When did they start saying that UDF is finished? For your information, they started in 1993 right after referendum. They campaigned under the banner of them being more learned, forgetting that in doing so, they were insulting the majority of voters. With their bid to finish UDF they coxed Bingu to leave UDF with a promise of supporting him rape our laws which they did, but instead of finishing UDF, they finished their own party Aford. They made UDF be without a candidate in 2009 but it still survived. They buried it when Atupele was with JB, here it is still surviving. But where’s their Aford, NDA, RP, FOND, MARAVI, PETRA, MDP etc..? Parties they supported? Nowhere..

  38. ibrahim makwati says:

    ngati kuli anthu opusa kwambiri kupepera kwenikweni ndinu bwana muluzi ndi gulu lanu lonse la umembala waUDF MBUZI ZAANTHU iwalani simuzalamulanso malawi ndakaika

  39. ZZ Junior says:

    Don’t mind these haters Atu, most of the comments here are made by people who did not vote for you. We, true and genuine UDF supporters are not moved we are still (like MCP used to say) nganganga pambuyo panu. Some quarters in Malawi have a personal vendetta against your Family in general and your father in particular simply because your father defeated their beloved wakwithu Chihana. These comments are driven by hate and tribalism. By the way isn’t Enock Chihana the son of Chakufwa Chihana? Isn’t Enock Chihana the president of AFORD the party once led by his father? Atumbuka please be objective.

    1. M23 says:

      Atupele was not rejected by Northerners, but his fellow Southerners who opted for APM. So stop blaming Northerners you idiot. If he is a person worth his salt, vote for him and nobody will be offended. If Atupele is to win, he may need the votes of Atumbuka who you are vilifying. Just like Aford, greed is what is killing UDF. I have no problem leaders coming from the same family or clan as long as they have leadership qualities. But what do we see in this country? Just because your father, mother or brother was at one time a leader of some party it doesn’t automatically follow that all family members possess the same. Why should your father, brother or mother handpick you when you are capable of succeeding on your own? I thought Atupele left PP Government to show the people he can make it on his own. After failing on his own, he has gone to DPP. What does this tell Malawians? Atupele is someone who can never make it on his own. He will always rely on Muluzi Senior or anyone in government as he did with JB and now APM. Forget UDF surprising Malawians as far as winning an election is concerned. Surprise us, yes Atupele will, with his erratic behaviour and not otherwise.

  40. Imraan Sadick says:

    I put the blame squarely on Muluzi Snr ‘ s head . Atupele akunyozedwa lero coz of lack of foresightedness on the part of Muluzi Snr . Achikulire aja akanakhazikisa ma business akulu akulu, there would have been no reason for Atu to keep on clinging to APM’S jacket . And UDF siikanafika pomwe yafikapa . Shame, shame, shame .

  41. Chief says:

    za ziiii zozizira.

  42. Sengo says:

    iwedi ndi babydi

    1. Bwanje says:

      Is Atupele still breast feeding? He seems vey unstable kikikikikikikikikiki

  43. Zagwa says:

    Maloto a chumba. Kulota ndi ulele

  44. machika says:

    Malawi politics come 2019 UDF boma watch the space

    1. sam says:

      That’s maturity we want,more fire Atupele Muluzi,and make. Aplan

  45. Mwamhuju says:

    May UDF rest in eternal peace

  46. Asset Declaration says:

    Free advice to baby: the more you talk like that the more you offend your frustrated followers! You are adding salt to festering wounds!

    Please just proceed with your mapwevupwevu silently. Musatililitse mokweza wawo…..tafa kale kwambiri.

  47. ine Nganya says:

    you are right Atupele I dont trust Malawians. They can put him to power so that keep on suffering

  48. John Tomoka says:

    Donot cheat malawians UDF is dead and burried

  49. DPP is truly a break away party from UDF. In other words, DPP was born from UDF. Now how do you allow a break party to kill and swallow the mother party? Bakili once described DPP as boma lolowera pa window. Is the Muluzi family running away from court cases at the expense of UDF? That is a pity.

  50. Manyasa says:

    You cant be both indeed and section 65 must be applied on these fools

  51. Kadakwiza says:

    Atupele Boy,

  52. Chipewa says:

    Palibe cha nzeru chimene inu a Tupele mukunena! Zipani zonse zalowa mu multi party era kuyambira UDF,DPP,PP kenaka DPP again nonsenu mwatibera ndalama zatbu. Kungoti nthawi yinakwana kuti zidziwike mu nthawi ya a Mayi- koma nonsenu mukukhuzidwa ndi cash gate!HONESTLY SPEAKING.


    Mdyomba bebe UDF is already buried. Those are just rhetorics of a dying horse. Atupele, you are finished kkkkkkkk hahahahahahaha!!!

  54. tombolombo says:

    Useless idiot.

  55. mulanje boys says:

    I don’t see any sense mr Muluzi. Your actions are talking louder than what you are saying here. We are watching you from a distance.

  56. mr Atupele,stop dreaming my the moment mutharika wants to use you as the way bingo used your father dont think you will inherit power from Dpp hands these pple are too clever than Kalulu.the time you ll be realise ll be too late for you to escape from the hands of Dpp take young man you are too small for this battle

  57. Dikisan says:

    Udyeretu chifukwa kumene tipitatku ndi utsi okha kha . In mizimu yanga ukutero. Mwatha mwatha vomerani. Mudzapeza MP (1) in 2019

  58. Chilongo says:

    Be informed that your party id gone and buried and will never resurrect form the grave you personally has sent to go and rest eternally. Be informed that to say that UDF will at any time pull any surprise is a fallacy of its highest order,.

    You have single handedly sold it to DPP and you should never think you will be able to redeem it for as long as the Mlakhos are concerned. Ngati amene amati anapopa njingayo analepghera kutiphwetsa how do you think you will do it?
    Friend chalaka bakha nkhuku sisingatole. Enjoy the position and lets see those who are not enoying mapwevupwevu along with you now will support any such bid as to allow you to stand again. This will be your political demise

  59. mulopwana says:

    dyera ndi maloto ahhhaaaa………………….

  60. Trevor Manyi says:

    577 BILLION woyeeee

  61. Moni says:

    UDF detractors who never voted for it in their lives, always rushes to predict UDF’s demise because that’s what they’ve been wishing all along. But sorry, you will wait forever because UDF is here and will be here forever until your parties will be no longer around. This’s why we chose Hon. Atupele to lead this party, else, with this coalition, if it was somebody else, DPP would’ve swallowed UDF. Keep dreaming the demise of UDF and you will never wake up, because that dream will never be fulfilled.

  62. Presidential Advisor says:

    ….are you failing to read the sale of MSB and the Road To 2019? Its a strategy in place to keep the leadership in the MTL fold. That man will need to have a strong financial base to run a campaign thats why he won the bid, come 2017 when the bank has recapitalised he will look the best finacial mind on the marketa nd gets drafted in cabinet replacing GG. You and GG used again. 2018 he will be appointed candidate at the expence of VP,who may be asked to be runingmate, if VP gets disgrantled thats when you can be considered.Cant you see the new title of Dr bestowed on him in his PR on Tv and Social media? Its to rule some sembrance of authority. Did you read about his address to MSB staff, he is already in. Soul searching time!

  63. chaiwone wawo says:

    I don’t see transformational leadership in Malawi as long as what I hear the leaders say is the desire to act well and win donor confidence. Transformational leadership to me will be leadership that believes that Malawi generates enough resources to run its affairs if all the resources were not stolen by greedy and selfish people who would rather still billions and live like king when fellow the majority of fellow countrymen cannot afford two decent meals in a day. Transformational leadership should be demonstrating the desire to use resources efficiently for the benefit of all Malawians. Transformational leadership should be preaching about not wanting to go back to the donors who through their aid still rule Malawi. Transformational leadership should be interested in Malawi fully independent politically and economically. I have not seen that leadership yet in the stooges we have as leaders today.

  64. Bob says:

    Oh yes unless you find a powerful witchdoctor probably in Moshko otherwise I see less than 4 UDF MPs in the house after 2019:

    1. me says:

      one MP only. and it will be himself like Aford’s Enock

  65. True Malawian Citizen says:

    Cashgate surprise was created by UDF, natured and engineered by DPP, exposed by PP JB. What another surprise do you to give Malawians?.

  66. Kavuluvulu says:

    Mwana ni mutesi uyo.Akagwere uko kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk !

  67. George phiri says:

    Dreams!!!!! Dreams!!!!! Keep on dreaming in colour my brother. Surprises can be both positive and negative so lets wait which one will be your take. The best bet here is to expect udf to have no mps after 2019.

  68. Charombanthu says:

    “Pull a Surprise?” What surprise? Similar to the one that Bingu pulled on Bakili maybe, but not single handedly. UDF is dead and burried.

  69. Bornface c Mwale says:

    Komabe udf ndi mbiri yakale chikutha ngati makatani

  70. Chimani. Game says:


  71. marble says:

    “You cant be both government or opposition” so the decision was made. In his own words Atupele says they are government not opposition.

    1. Analyst says:

      So he has accepted in his own words to have crossed the floor. Sec 65

  72. Udf pulling a surprise? My foot.chipanitu cha udiefu chatha ngati makatani olo muwafunse a chair akuvomelezani. Palibe chanzeru chomwe kamwana ka atupele kangatiuze. Matama onse ankachita before last years elections pano anangosanduka boot licker WA Pitala. Kodi paja unakhala namba chani pa chisankho? Ngati anakutibula amai ndiye ukuti ungapange chani iwe. Zingobani ndi mbuyako Pitalayo tizaonana 2019

  73. MAN KENYA says:

    Even Kenya’s UDF which came third in the 2013 elections dropped it’s opposition role and joined the ruling Jubilee party giving similar reasons. Kenyans challenged it as traitors for not serving the purpose they were given. That is just selfseeking no matter your justifications, Muluzi.

  74. gabriel says:

    UDF will face what the Liberal party faced in the 2015 General Election in the United Kingdom. Atupere doesn’t have a clue.

  75. akm says:

    bebe just sit down..mwana olila ndi nkodzo wake omwe

  76. Kwao says:

    Baby ukunamiza ndani?

  77. Masharubu says:

    The reason Atupele is “prepared to serve in any capacity which His Excellency the State President Prof. Peter Mutharika may assign to him is very simple : Personal economic survival . After 10 years as State President, Atupele’s father Bakili Muluzi never set up any viable business entity, not even a grocery shop, from which his son could be eking out a living. And this is a chap who has never done a day’s honest work in his life. It is therefore clear that Atupele has no choice but to cling to any ruling party for his own financial survival. Words like “I am determined to help the president develop this country” are mere lies and should be replaced by words like: “I am determined to ensure that my family has food on its table for as long as possible”.

  78. mfumusinyasa says:

    Munthuyu ndi mwanadi eti. He is wining and dinning with the cashgate founders yet he says he wants to repair Malawis image. Adzakuvotera ndi ambuyako

  79. MAN KENYA says:

    That is politics of the belly. You were defeated and you should run the role of the opposition, keeping checks and balances. UDF is now a briefcase party, sold to the highest bidder, DPP. You are just after your salary, frankly speaking.

  80. omar khaliffa says:

    Ni MMomo mjomba Atupele twende nayo

  81. john says:

    What transformational agenda when civil servants are paid the following month,when kwacha is nose diving,when there are no drugs in hospitals and there is breakdown in security. Mukupanga zamnthumba mwanumo bwana

  82. Tili Chenene says:

    UDF supporters and a few others who use their own models on calculating some things still believe UDF is strong and will kick. Kkkkk! We have funny dreamers in Eastern Region

  83. Greencardless Malawian says:


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