Atupele says UDF will pull a surprise: ‘Malawi credibility damaged by Cashgate’

United Democratic Front (UDF)  president Atupele Muluzi, who is serving in the President Peter Mutharika cabinet, has said his party will not be dumped in the dustbin of political history for working with ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Atupele Muluzi:
Atupele Muluzi: UDF will  not be buried

Muluzi persuaded his party into a parliamentary working coalition with DPP with a silent pact.

Critics have been arguing that the DPP-UDF coalition is slowly killing the UDF.

But speaking on Capital FM in an interview monitored by Nyasa Times on ‘Straight Talk’ programme hosted by Rhodes Msonkho on Tuesday, Muluzi said the party shall remain formidable.

“The UDF is not dead and will never be buried,” stated Muluzi, who is Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security.

He said some political parties are already focusing on elections due in four years time while his party has put its focus to work with government for the good of the country.

“After election in 2014, our focus was to serve and we got to move our attention from the next elections,” said Muluzi.

Muluzi who was famed for his ‘Agenda for Change’ said he was still pursuing the agenda which entails transformation leadership, saying that is embedded in the leadership of President Peter Mutharika.

He said UDF want to help Mutharika and his DPP government in the transformation of the country after what he said a Cashgate plague which forced donors to withdraw budgetary support.

“Our credibility as a country has been damaged because of cashgate. Our focus has been to restore credibility,” said Muluzi, adding “Cashgate destroyed our country.”

Muluzi said “His Excellency the President, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika” seeks unity in restoring Malawi credibility and win back donor confidence.

He said President Mutharika has put in place transformational changes which his party is pleased to support.

Asked on the future of UDF in the wake of the alliance with DPP, Muluzi said: “Our party remains a strong and formidable political party. I am very determined to keep UDF strong.”

He denied assertions that UDF has been swallowed by DPP.

“UDF has not been swallowed. After the 2014 elections, we did a lot of soul searching to reposition ourselves.

“You have to make a decision to either be part of government or opposition. You can’t be both,” said Muluzi.

He said coalition among political parties is normal in any democratic society

“Our focus is to assist to change and transformational of our country,” said Muluzi.

He insisted the UDF will remain relevant in the country’s politics.

“We are going to pull a strong surprise. UDF is strong and will remain a strong party,” said Muluzi.

“I am here to serve my country in any capacity that the President assigns me. I am very committed to serve this country,” continued the Home Affairs Minister.

DPP uses blue as its political colour while UDF uses yellow and blue.

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5 years ago

What is this Muluzi guy talking about ? hahahaha wakhuta uyu !lol

Angenda for change
Angenda for change
5 years ago

Go Tupex Go.we voted for u and we are in total support of ur decion.MCp and PP did not vote for u nor did they financially support u in 2014 elections.So dont be moved by stupid advise from those who hate UDF they are afraid and wish u could remain in opposition Azikusekani kuti ndinu Baby …They know kuti Ur door towards presidency is wide and open .Dont be fooled UDF will maintain its mps .The only patty that could shake eastern was pp bt now its based in US. Tinavota ndife and ee still trust and love ur ideas.enaewav… Read more »

Zanga Phe Basi
Zanga Phe Basi
5 years ago

greed n selfishness basi nothing else. u want to helo mask your numerous cases ya father committed while in govt.

Anthu cant see what is happening now! take it or leave it i dont support any political party *why?* they r all liars. period. but i am always very objective when making comments. mcp was going towards graveyard but God intervened by alĺowing JZU give room to Chkwera. Mcp has now a better repreaentation in the august house. come 2019 i doubt ngati udf idzakhale ndi many mps.

5 years ago

Coalition is just standard in every government wherever. I don’t why the craziness.

Mzungu wa mzeru
5 years ago

Anthu enawa sadzalamulanso. Amukanika ngakhale mbusa

5 years ago

Khani ili chonchi. Atupele akuteteza bambo ake ku K1.7 billion cashgate. Atachoka ku DPP, Bakili akulowa basi. That is the deal.

Richard jafali lion
5 years ago

Anthu okhawo opusa and osaziwa ndale ,akhoza kuwona zodabwitsa kugwila ntchito ndi Boma,koma kwa iwo akuziwa bwino zandale palibe chovuta apa,even ku USA ,otsusa amagwila ntchito ndi Boma

5 years ago

Atupere that’s maturity. Leave the fool out side it’s time to develop Malawi. You are wise . I salute you. UDF is party and u r a person.

5 years ago

anthu opusa inu a yao inu soona kulowa mukabudula wa Peter Muntharika

Imraan Sadick
5 years ago

Aphuzitseni Atupele ndale zachizungu kuti kukhala wa opposition sikuti ndiwe m’dani wa Boma Malawi belong to all of us not only to the ruling party
UDF is here to stay
Atupele Woyeeeeee

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