Auditor General quashes Ntata on Mutharika being ‘biggest fish’ in K92bn cashgate

The National Audit Office has quashed claims by Allan Ntata, the late Bingu wa Mutharika’s legal adviser, implicating President Peter Mutharika in the K92 billion (US$206.7 million) Cashgate which was reportedly mismanaged during the first Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Kamphasa: K92 billion audit query analysis report ready

Kamphasa: K92 billion data analysis not forensic

Ntata claimed pressure is mounting on President Mutharika not to release the MK92 billion forensic audit report because he is linked to the looting from the public purse at Capital Hill during late Bingu’s eight-year rule.

Germany-funded financial investigation—conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) will expose ministries and departments behind the K92 billion heist between 2009 and 2012 as well as broader public finance malfeasance as it also covers the years up to 2014, according to sources close to the audit exercise.

PWC have finalized results of data analysis in the K92 billion audit query and presented the interim report to Parliament likely to tabled this week.

The report covers a period of five years, which includes the period when the K92 billion issues occurred but pointed out that it is “not restricted to the K92 billion.”

According to a statement by Auditor General Stephenson Kamphasa, the data analysis results are only the first step towards a full forensic investigation and does not in any way mention anyone let alone implicating them.

“The data analysis in not a forensic audit, rather it is the first stage of such audit which needs to be looked into and will be followed by forensic investigations.” Kamphasa said.

“ From the data analysis alone, it is not possible to establish exact amounts or causes of the discrepancies nor how many of these funds were misappropriated. Therefore, at this stage, no loss of money has been determined nor the names of those behind it,” reads part of the statement by the Auditor General seen by Nyasa Times.

As a next step, the NAO, with support from German government, intends to conduct and finalise further investigations into the causes, individuals and companies involved and the amount of money concerned within a time frame of around 10 months.

K92 billion went missing over the eight years of the presidency of the late Bingu wa Mutharika and the structure of that government is the same which incumbent Peter Mutharika is using.

According to Ntata, a Mrs Sadiq of HTD allegedly defrauded government through the Malawi Police close to K20 billion on bogus purchase of motor vehicles like KIA Sorento and President Mutharika is “closely linked and associated with HTD and the bogus payments could be linked to him.”

Ntata alleges that from 2010 to 2011, Mutharika travelled regularly with a Mr Harris Sidik the Director of HTD.

“This was the time the two were allegedly sharing their share of the MK92 billion,” claims Ntata.

The implication of the President might just heap more trouble on him as Parliament is likely to seek for his audience in the chamber to answer these implications. Currently, Mutharika is playing hide and seek with Parliament where he is wanted to explain the proposed sale of Malawi Savings Bank and other contentious issues.

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46 thoughts on “Auditor General quashes Ntata on Mutharika being ‘biggest fish’ in K92bn cashgate”

  1. Ntata might just be right but is he confessing or what?????? Cos I know that he is saying the truth but is he himself clean from this mud??????? I don’t think so. The other name that is missing here is Mulli……..,

  2. Innocentmasamba says:

    Abig nsomba ayingwile kt ena atengelepo phunzilo.apo ayi 2015-2016 bug apange nd ndalama zathumba mwake asamatilime aphawife shirt

  3. jon says:

    we will see who is shamed

  4. jj says:

    Mtata’ to be honest with you’ you are the Bigfish on 92billion then peter!
    Do not distance your self on ths scandal’
    dont forget you were katswiri wa malemu’ shame on you.
    Dzenje ukukumba apali ugwelamo wekha.

  5. Ntata Is Just Trading Himself To Malawians Nothing Else. Look The Veicles Were Supplied Is That Cashgate? What Amud Person Ntata Is. Nawe Kabwila Udzikhala Ngati Unapita Ku Sukulu Udziyamba Waganiza Kaye Usanalankhule

  6. vaanwyk says:

    Musamnene Ntata kut ndi wamisala wonama. akulu amati “wamisala anaona nkhondo”
    My beloved fellow malawians, this man u call kamphasa is a lier! Even though he can sing songs of lies, by shielding the “big fish” l swear God will shame him. The eye of God sees even in the dark. Dede Kamkondo wrote a novel wth a title “Truth will Out”. No matter how long it might take. Every lie has an expiry ery date tagged on it.

  7. Ethurama says:

    Rubbish & Un-proffessional Kamphasa Waisting Our Resources…To Hell

  8. Phwado says:

    Kaya ndiwe kamphasa kapena Kamkeka ukukhala ngati udadya nawo!Wandikaikitsa zedi!

  9. mphatso says:

    I dont understand the fact that Ntata claims HTD supplied kia sorentos.I thought in cashgate things were not supplied at all.

  10. Tione says:

    Tulutsani report tilione basi lidzere kwa speaker

  11. The Patriot says:

    Anthu ngati amaenewa ngofunika milandu DPP ikadzachoka mboma!

  12. Charombanthu says:

    Bwana Kamphasa, we all know that all you are trying to do is to protect your job. That Cashgate started in the Bingu era is not news to us all and all we need now are the specifics. So don’t waste your energy refuting what Ntata or any other writer is saying about the report.

  13. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawi is in big, big trouble

  14. Omex70 says:

    Shame on you Kamphasa for trying to protect the president. Be care with your stupid mounth.

  15. pamsundu says:

    I have said many times 92billion stories is not real which created by Yeremiah Chihana pamsundu pa kabwila hule

  16. wanthu says:

    i wonder when i see people backing up a mud Ntata, this guys is an empty tin and has nothing to do. ,thats why he is just producing sound on baseless thing. Let him be on face book that is his office working as a volunteer.

  17. dolo says:

    Nagti akunama nde tulutsanitu report tione ife. Peter is a thief. He and his DPP cadets. Mbava zokhazokha!!!! Ndipo dziko lakukanikani inu.

  18. watchdog Ngondo says:

    a thief pointing a finger on another thief.. Mbava zokhazokha. If you were clean enough,, you would have arrested JB already……nobody to trust, hands akimbo

  19. Maximum Prison says:

    When did Malawian President went to Parliament to answer questions from the dull parliamentarians who are failing to represent their constituencies? If some of the MPs like the Ntchisi MP is failing to present a written speech in Parliament, do u expect these ones to ask the Proffessor anything! If it means the likes of Kabwilas, we know they are disgruntled people who just want to make noise anyhow!. Musova!

  20. Patriot says:

    Ndiye mwati Cashgate inayamba ndi ndani?
    DPP tate wa Cashgate.

    Only MCP will bring back sanity in this country.

  21. Nachipanti says:

    The AG is under political influence. There is no act of professionalism in what this man is doing. This same man played around with MK13billion cashgate report and now he wants to play around this MK92billion report. One word of caution Mr AG. These people will fire you or dump you once they use you. They will render you useless.

  22. ujeni says:

    Ntata is original evidence, he was there and seen it. Why should we wait for an audit to read what was stolen when an original first hand insider tells you how they were doing it. Ntata is Audit Report first class on K92bn cashgate, the other report wont be believed because it will be doctored. we are not stupid anymore.

  23. ujeni says:

    Kamphasa is a stooge and a handclapper, dont take Malawians for fools, this is not 1990, we are in democracy and there is technology out there to get information whether you like it or not.

  24. A Ntata tiyenazoni, tiziona mene zithere ndithu

  25. Nyau Isthobwa says:

    Akamphasa iyi ndi ntchito patalike pafupike mudza choka watch your tang`i

  26. bob says:

    This is a useless auditor general and it is a problem arising from giving positions to non professionals. The case of turning a Theology graduate into an auditor General

  27. thosimo matapwata says:

    Don’t trust Allan Ntata. he is a disgruntled guy who aims at nothing but tarnishing the image of APM after he fell out with him. For those who don’t know, Ntata was sent back from the state house gate when he pushed his way into the state house without appointment to meet APM.
    What else do you expect from such a disgruntled fella if not posting negatives on the social media.

  28. captain says:

    Auditor General lied yesterday in Nations. Newspaper that report has bn sent to parliament yet the speaker and committee chair refused that they didn’t receive it , hw can u trust such type of auditor general. There is too much pressure on their side

  29. Twaniche says:

    The report should be read. 10 months? Buying time or what? We r suffering mr auditor despite u getting a scone ya metre not to release the audit.

  30. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    The AG must be a very stupid idiot. Probably he has been sent by STUPID DPP to make those remarks to protect THE CLUELESS KANGAROO. You think Germany can waste all that money with no intentions of knowing beneficiaries of the 92 billion? APM wabira pachande msana ukuwoneka! heheheeeeeeee!!!

  31. Kachindamoto says:

    If I were The Auditor General I would keep my mouth shut. Because if you are not careful you are about to go down with Mathanyula.

  32. Rexon Banda says:

    Asaonese ngat angathe kulamulira atakhala iye zinthu ndekt zfika pa worse kulibwino awasiye adye makobid ndi nthawi yao.

  33. Manifesto Silungwe says:

    Ntata uyu ndi mtesi!

  34. kabotolokamo says:

    Malawi lucks leadership ! for too long we have been cheated and now the truth comes to light…… who is fooling who here !

  35. Atcheya says:

    The Auditor General, at least to me, is neither denying, nor confirming that Peter Mutharika was involved. he is just playing hide and seek as his statement is very baseless. it has just shown me that maybe there is an iota of truth in Ntata’s ramblings

  36. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Who the hell in his right mind would think the Auditor General would speak against his “employer” keep fooling yourselves and the dunderheads not the clever Malawians

  37. BigMan says:

    Mtata, in hiding just like abiti Mtila. Come home and make that noise here if its true.

  38. angoni apaphata says:

    Ntata does not need to wait for audit report. He was there. He knows what happened

  39. cheucheu says:

    Mr Auditor General its either you are protecting your job or you have not seen the leaked report that some of us have seen. You can sugar-coat this all you want, the facts remain the same………… musova!!!!!!!

  40. mona says:

    Mr auditor general or whatever you call yourself, auditors are supposed to be independent and of highest integrity
    Sometimes I wonder if you are professional the way you react and respond to issues
    You are refuting claims by Allan Mtata and yet the government you are backing is failing to bring forward the audit report to parliament for discussion
    Then why is government of German saying they will publish names and you are saying the report does not have names, do you think pricewater house can wast money and times to carryout an audit withhout stating in the report the names of those involved?
    If I was ACCA I would have removed you in the register of members because you are a disgrace to the profession
    Auditors must act with care and not the way you are acting as a spokesperson, shame on you

  41. Kes says:

    Ma Shaba Ako coward Ntata. You have no balls, if you had your frustrated coward ass would not have run the moment Bingu died.
    You mislead Bingu along with the likes of Malopa.
    You should be ashamed of yourself.
    My prayer is that someone some time soon should sue your ass. The British courts are very friendly, and the are a lot of lawyers that operate on a no win no fee base.
    A lot of good peoples names are being tarnished in Nyasaland for no good reason by the likes of jealousy envious poisonous d vile like Ntata.

  42. CHEJALI says:

    But ntata are You sef ulikoooo coz dpp usamale ikusowetsatu iyiiiiii

  43. CHEJALI says:

    Kkkkkk ziliko chaka chino zofukula ndi manja khasu lilipooo

  44. mathanyula says:

    Asakuyikeni chibazi pakamwa APM, every 1 knows that APM is a big fish,

  45. A M says:

    Utisokosera nkulinga utamva

    Usi sufuka popanda moto dala

    Mwana ndani ???

  46. Bigimani wankulu says:

    Same o same

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