Bamusi warns PAC indaba against resignation calls, ultimatums for Malawi President

Presidential advisor on civil society has warned delegates to the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) indaba which starts Wednesday to desist from calling on President Peter Mutharika to resign or giving him ultimatums.

Bamusi:  PAC should not call Malawi President Mutharika to resign or givinghim deadlines to solve issues

Bamusi: PAC should not call Malawi President Mutharika to resign or givinghim deadlines to solve issues

The presidential aide, Mabvuto Bamusi said instead, urged the delegates to discuss issues with sober minds in order to come up with resolutions that can make Malawi move forward.

“We should have collective responsibility for the problems affecting our country. Calling upon the president to resign or giving him unnecessary ultimatums is not the way to go,” he said.

He said the government has high respect for PAC, saying this is why senior cabinet ministers would be attending the meeting in Blantyre.

“This tendency of finger pointing is not helpful,” said Bamusi, saying the government is ready to listen to all resolutions made at the conference and if possible offer solutions.

Delegates are expected to discuss the political landscape, the economy and food scarcity that has hit the nation.

“Delegates to the meeting should also be able to listen to the government, to listen to the steps the government is taking to address the problems,” Bamusi said.

PAC spokesperson Father Peter Mlomole faulted Bamusi, saying he was putting words in delegates’ mouths.

“No one has said the President should resign, no one has issued ultimatums, where did the delegates say this? Let the meeting run its course,” said Mlomole.

Mlomole said all the delegates are Malawians and the government should let them discuss issues freely

. On reports that some civil society groups are allegedly up against the meeting, Mlomole said they are exercising their freedom to disagree with PAC saying that is normal in democracy.

A  grouping of 30 Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)  – mostly been deemed pro-Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government  -under the banner of Civil Society Platform for Constructive Dialogue (CSP-CD) accused PAC of being against government but providing no solutions to the country’s socio-political environment.

Mulomole said PAC does not serve individual interests but serve the public.

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55 thoughts on “Bamusi warns PAC indaba against resignation calls, ultimatums for Malawi President”

  1. Matako says:

    Haha this Bamusi guy is a clown. He is talking about pointing fingers . Really Bamusi? This man is forgetting that his administration has been blaming everyone else for the economic problems our country is facing. Isn’t it funny now he does not believe in finger pointing? What a hypocrite.

  2. Mbuya says:

    ladies and gentlemen aside Saulosi amuna amu DDP ali beautiful chaponda, bamusi, mwanamveka, mussa, the list is endless ujeni uyu kkkkkkk

  3. wika says:


  4. Grivin Banda says:

    Mavuto Bamusi ali buuuuu kutuwa ndi modza ngati mafuta kulibeko ku DPP

  5. Harawa says:

    Guys, Musiyeni uyu Bamusi, mwana wosamva

  6. Hamu says:

    A Bamusi ndinu achitsirunso dele.

  7. Omex70 says:

    Mabvuto Bamusi is one of the useless guys who are betraying our clueless president. You better sgut up your stupid mouth Bamusi otherwise you are making us more angry with your senseless talk.

  8. 2016 welcome says:

    There was a time when the likes of Mabvuto Bamusi, Collins Magalasi used to feature on MEJN program trying to articulate economic issues. I took them for intelligent people. I was wrong. Now they are both president advisors and I wonder where all that has gone especially against the economic turmoil the country is going through. Too theoretical!

  9. Spectator says:

    Bamusi ndi munthunso yemwe samakonda ziko lathu la Malawi, Kamuthu kadyera kwambili. Cholinga cha Bamusi ndikukhala pa udindo basi or Amalawi onse atafa kakhoza kukakamira udindo. President Peter Muthalika ndi wabwino kwambili, koma anazungulilidwa ndi anthu oyipa kwambili okonda udindo kuposa dziko lawo. who dont care about Malawians, unpatriotic thugs; but udindo basi. Afiti, ana anjoka, Alusifara, ana a beliyali, Dzinkhanila dzokhadzokha. Kuchita kupangira kondaine kuti adzisankhe unduna ndi u adviser. Kumangompasa Chidima Nsogoleri wathu kuti asakuchoseni udindo. Olo lero Bill Gates atati apereke $5 billion yothandizila malawi koma achepese ma advisers zikhoza kukana. cholinga zilamulire basi. AGULUKUNYIDA INU

  10. Tan'gatan'ga says:

    Iwe bamusi! Mutu ngati chibhama. Who are you to gag freedom of expression. Wakhuta mbwanda eti. Zingophwisa uko!

  11. Kamija says:

    To be honest DPP and its followers you are not helping your leader APM. Kaliati, Chaponda etc how do you allow the President sleep on the job? You are nuts! At least in your cabinet meeting you should have foreseen this economic turmoil and food shortage. And now you are blaming PAC for voicing concern on behalf of the voiceless. You are simply flat heads.

    Things are obvious not ok in all aspects and a good leader is judged when there is a crisis that is the time you distinguish a good leader from a bad one. Unfortunately as a citizen i can not pretend that I am enjoying my life in Malawi now and when I look at our leader APM there is no hope of relief to come soon. This is the fact Mr President !

    Let other well wishers step in to mobilise some solutions to the nation and stop the suffering of the masses in whatever capacity they do it.

  12. lost decade says:

    Eetu eh

  13. nandongera says:

    Eedi a chaponda ndi a mwachaje mwalemba zoona. akatengedi refund ya tindalama tawoto kwa Mbendera.
    Eti iyeyu Kukana ma million a Cash gate a chipani chimene chimalamula cha PP nkumabvomera kulandila timachange ta chipani chimene chinali ku opposition cha DPP?

  14. griffin says:

    its high time we face the reality we cannot continue like this,government is not living in reality for instance, there is no maize yet one is saying we have enough maize,malawi yafika posauzana DPP ndi chipani cholephera mwayiwala inalephera nthawi ya bingu inu zautsiru eti

  15. chaponda says:

    Pac more fire this man is empty can no longer lead us give him one month to resign & he should be refunded his money which he government from Mbendera

  16. mwachaje says:

    Pac more fire give him dead line of one month to resign akapume ndipo akatenge ndalam zake kwa Mbendera zimene adagulira boma asanafe

  17. chimwemwe says:

    Kwacha is performing the worst ever post colonial rule we have had droughts, donors not helping budget support in all Kamuzu, Muluzi, Bingu, JB administration but the kwacha has never devalued like this. Economy has collapsed, kwacha is in ICU and bleeding to death and what we hear is we have lot of forex reserves, what do we do with the forex reserves when inflation is out of control, we malaiwans can not afford a basic living. PAC is our last hope or we shall have to joing our zimbwabwean freinds to John as Malawi is a failed state at the moment

  18. leonard says:

    Please PAC need to discuss blunders by Reserve bank which has caused the massive devaluation. April 2015 reserve bank introduced policies that exporters keep there proceeds in full, these exporters are greedy white tobacco companies like JTI, Africa Leaf, limbe leaf they hoard there dollars from proceeds and demand selling rates from banks instead of there buying rates which has and should be the case, thereby forcing commercial banks to revise exchange rates upwards. Since exporters retain 100% there is no forex liquiidty in the market.. The tobacco companies do not gorw there tobacco they are milking the nation with exports from our fellow local malawians, they give peanuts to them in kwacha and then hoard dollars and sell them at exhorbitant prices making extra profits of millions of kwachas.Reserve bank has seen this policy is not working but still not reversing please PAC question this as this is causing inflation, depreciation and effecting lives of us Malawians

  19. mwachaje says:

    Democracy, which we all pretend to subscribe to is about tolerance of others and their views. Voltaire a French philosopher says

    He also says

    In other words in a democracy everyone has a right to their opinion and they have a right to say it.
    You cannot muzzle them because they have a different opinion from yours.

  20. Joe Kapiza says:

    Let people discuss fully bt with respossibility. Dont issue threats or ultemetams. Bt discuss with sobber minds. Imaphweka akamayendetsa wina. Tikawopsezana kapena kupatsana malire will end up nsima yosapsa,which will not benefit malawi

  21. KARU UNITED says:

    Ka Mabvuto Bamusi ndi kandaninso pa Malawi, “fwe! fwe! fwe! fwe!”

  22. VYOTO says:



  23. petulo says:

    umbuli umbuli .mmtsogoleri wina aliyense ttimafuna timuchotse.dziko la malawi nd mbuli .kaya PAC imaganizabbwanji. PAC can not solve the country.samaona dziko kumene llikupita imaganiza za llerr. PAC kkwawo mkubweretsa mavutooosati kukonza dziko ayi.

  24. Twaibu says:

    If you are indeed a listening government, then please listen to people’s calls for the resignation of the President.

  25. Chihana's Follower says:

    Bamusi. is a infantile. The right of PAC to be free of political interference was hard fought for and not given on a plate.
    Bamusi should focus on advising Peter Mutharika to address the concerns of donor nations about the billions of public funds stolen by Peter Mutharika and his brother Bingu. And to tell us Malawians the real reason why donors refuse to provide budgetary support to Malawi, which as he knows is because the donors want the Mutharika family to return the stolen money back to Malawi.
    It is a pity that MCP and opposition do not understand the Constitution because if they did then Peter Mutharika would be impeached for failing to win the trust and confidence of the donor countries.
    Whilst old Peter Mutharika falls down, wets his pants and is spoon fed, Malawians are starving and the country’s hospitals and infra structure is crumbling!. Money is taken out of Malawi by Indians and is being banked in Dubai and UK. This would never have happened under Kamuzu.

  26. crescent says:

    amalawi mmalo mokonza dziko mumaloza chala ppresident sizikuthandizani ayi.mungotaya nthawi mumapanga ngati mbuli.mumasokoneza mapulezident kugwira ntchito yawn bwino.zonse sizingatheke hero nd leroy ayi.kumbukirani kuti amavutika nd akumudzi.

  27. golo says:

    We are where we are as far as free speech is concerned because of PAC. First and foremost PAC along pressure groups UDF and Aford fought gallantly for multiparty politics in this country at a time when the then mighty MCP was in power led by the fearsome Kamuzu. There was no DPP then…..ndiye zomapanga fwefwemfwe apa ndizopanda pake. Nobody can dictate to PAC come hell or high water.

  28. thinktankmalawi says:

    Za zzzzzz….poor governance only observed when the Mutharika s are in office….????..That mother thief ruined the economy while the so call PAC looked the other way….PAC inali kale..

    1. Apawo says:

      You don’t just get it, do you? This is not even about PAC. It is all about APM and DPP doing what they are supposed to be doing for the people of Malawi. APM’s supporters should be helping him ensure that basic Government services are provided for citizens, instead of wasting time trying to muzzle perceived opponents. For starters the DPP government should be honest about current maize quantities, buy additional stocks in good time, work day and night on logistics to get the maize to Admarc markets, and ensure that there’s order at the markets. In other words, the DPP government must start governing. Government is not just about enjoying the obscene perks.

      Malawians may be docile, but there are many instances in the past when Malawians have erupted – 1959, 1964, 1992, 2011. If APM continues kungokhala phwii, believe me PAC will be the least of his problems. Simuzaona zinthu ngati “za zzzzzz”, ankolo…

  29. Chafwa Chavunda says:

    ABamusi mukuveka koma musathe mau mungazachite manyazi pa mawa……….ndangodutsapo

  30. delegate says:

    PAC is really causing panic and sleepless nights for the DPP leadership. The government is sending a high powered ministerial delegation – partly to intimidate PAC and the government machinery is already in full gear with propaganda war against PAC!

  31. Ineyo says:

    Let APM indeed resign. He takes Malawi for a ride SHUPITII! And let me also warn this good for nothing Bamus kut PAC si yagogo ake. Leave alone.

  32. Chinyama Phiri says:

    the only way to move Malawi forward is without Mutharika so calling him to resign is the order of the day

  33. Nganituwe says:

    thats malawi, nothing works, its all good for the ruling Gurus

  34. citizen okwiya says:

    Kodi awa mphamvu akuzitenga kuti?
    Why is the govt so worried about the PAC Indaba?
    It means you know something is wrong right?
    Sort out your mess before you start issuing threats/warnings.
    Kwangali kuopa, adakuuuzani kuti mpandowo ngwa muyaya?

  35. Ngolongoliwa says:


  36. Ineyo says:

    I feel sorry for APM, so as a whole President you depend on this guy to talk to the nation? Mr. President, do u read news and see what your so called ministers and advisors tell us on your behalf?? I understand Mr Bamusi, he is thinking of his bread and butter if his master is to resign…. its not tomorrow but surely u will be out one day.

  37. Peter says:

    Nobody can move PAC It has been there to save the interest of all Malawians. let PAC alone do to the interest of all Malawians. if it means to resign it for the benefits of Malawians . Bamusi your just looking your pocket not Malawi . solid behind the meeting outcome

  38. mphatso says:

    economy has gone to the dogs anf we should not ask people to resign i want godall and chuka to resign, the economy destoyers of malawi

  39. Peter must fall says:

    this is stupid..-and uncalled for. we cant step aside and see Malawians struglling. economy off track because of this stupid president.

  40. Peter must fall says:

    this dunderhead must go immediately tatopa naye- it appears there is no end to the suffering Malawians are subjected into- therefore let him who lied to Malawians that he will give them a better life fall

  41. peter rules says:

    we all chicken brains our problems got nothing to do with president. This is Africa if we think things can change in second we are all mad.

  42. Nthengazagule says:

    Yes indeed Mabvuto Bamusi we should all have a collective responsibility for problems affecting our country and one of such COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILLITY is to tell our President to resign because he has FAILLED. 0 pa ten

  43. peter must fall says:

    If resignation call is the solution to the problem Our country is facing let it be.

  44. Mulhomwe Wankulu says:

    Ka Bwamuswe kaya mmati Bamusi ndikandaninso…kakagwele uko. Unali ndani chipanda PAC in 1992 who fought gallantly against Kamuzu’s dictatorial leadership? Galu iwe odya manyi angaa. Asiye a PAC akambilane zomwe akufuna a Malawi osati n’sete zakozo ayi!!! Stupid!!!!!!

  45. Peter must fall says:

    We support you Peter all the way. We will always be behind you pano tinadzuka

  46. Chimuzanga Majoti says:

    The panacea to the problems bedeviling Malawi is not having APM and his government to resign. PAC should instead be asking those who stole from the Treasury especially Joyce Banda to do the honourable thing and return that loot so that the country has got resources to provide for its citizens. As far as l can remember PAC has been awfully quiet about Cashgate and yet they expect the government to provide for citizens when the fiscus was emptied by these heartless crooks. Malawi is where it is today not because of APMs ‘misrule’ but because some unpatriotic baboons looted the treasury and our partners are punishing us for that. The call for APM to resign has nothing to do with what is happening to the economy but that as usual PAC is doing opposition’s bidding especially the MCP to oust DPP out of power for once again losing the last election. But the fact is that will not happen soon bomali lamva kuwawa kale and when it came in there was no money in treasury and no donor has provided any financial support and it will go on as it mpakana 2019. And guess what? 2019 DPP itenganso bomali and the only way for PAC and their handlers MCP to do is jump into Lake Malawi and never be seen.

  47. ICC says:

    Mxiiii!!! Iwe Mavuto dziko silako ndilathu ili. Don’t dictate to us

  48. The Analyst says:

    What is wrong with PAC setting a reasonable timeline within which some reasonable and immediate demands need to be fulfilled? The problem with Africa, Malawi singularly; is laziness hence inefficiency i.e. wanting to work without deadlines. Thus, projects take forever to be completed.

    And who is Bamusi to tell PAC what to do or not to do and what to discuss and not to? You see; the problem with overestimating one’s strength is the risk of misleading oneself into thinking that you are a crocodile when in fact you are just a lizard.

    If PAC is to make nonsensical or unreasonable demands (which is very unlikely), it will have overestimated its powers and shall have to live with the shame of thinking it is a crocodile while its merely a lizard. But this does not warrant you, Bamusi (the already known lizard in town) to demand what PAC should or should not discuss or do!
    Indeed . . . The guilty, are always afraid.
    . . . They hear voices even in the quietness of the grave . . .
    . . . They feel being talked to, even when no one is talks to them . . .
    . . . They feel being followed even when no one follows them . . .
    . . . They fear their own shadow

    Live a just life, and be true to your words and promises; you shall fear nothing or no one.

  49. stephen says:

    mantha bwanji?

  50. wika says:

    a bamusi mwafika size yomawuza a p a c chochit /zokambilana. IKADAKHALA PAC YA 1992 BWENZI MUTADZIWANSO NDI ZIBWANA ZOMWE MUKUYENDETSERA BOMALI.

  51. Apao Kugola says:

    Bamusi is becoming probably the most stupid economist that I have ever seen. Where is his constructive criticisms. He used to be a very bright guy during Muluzi’s tenure of office. Today he is more of chaff (Madeya). A wise presidential advisor cannot go public putting his words into the deletages’s mouth. Shame on you. Kodi umphawi womwewu kapena greed kapena kanundu? Kodi mmene PAC inkawongolera democracy ya dziko lino munaliko?

    Shame again shame.



  52. Cox says:

    Mlolome who ever you are, you are the man. Mavuto Bamusi, kiss my black ass and shout your fucking mouth up. You are one of the people misleading the President. Let PAC deliberate without any government interference.

  53. Bamusi Kachamba says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Achitsilu Amavuto awa mwadzina lawo koma Amayi ndiye Adakwera Pachulu Apita tikuti Achoke asaukitsa dziko ameneyi Fwakafwaka wachabe ndiye adikira next year it will be darful compare to ooooooooooooo what he seeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  54. Colleague of late Dr Chihana says:

    Dear Mr Bumasi

    You need to be educated into why some of us joined late Dr Chakufwa Chihana to fight for democracy. In a democracy we the people of Malawi have a right to free speech. Therefore to demand that an incompetent and corrupt leader resign is an enshrined right of every Malawian including members of PAC in our constitution.

    And it is the right enshrined in our constitution for parliament to impeach the President if members so desire. One of the criteria as someone who fought for democracy would use to impeach Peter Mutharika is his failure to win the trust and confidence of the donor countries because of the billions which Peter and Bingu stole of public funds.

    So Mr Bumusi my advise to you is for youy to crawl back into the gutter that you belong to. You have no right in a democracy to dictate to PAC. Who do you think you are?

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