Bed bugs causes closure of Salima Secondary School

Students at Salima Secondary School have been forced to leave campus and go home because of menacing bed bugs.

Beg bugs

Beg bugs

Some students told Nyasa Times that some students who had money rented houses in nearby areas.

“The most hit are the boys hostels. The situation is out of hand,” said one student.

He said there was high rate absenteeism due to the bed bugs.

“Last time we had a similar situation, our hostels were sprayed but looks like the chemicals did not work, how come we have the same problem,” said the student.

The headmaster of the school refused to comment on the matter referring the reporter to the ministry of Education spokesperson who said he needed more time to get details on the matter.

However Nyasa Times witnessed the students boarding buses to their respective homes.

It is not known when the students will be back.

In Dowa, 25 girl students at Dowa Secondary School have spent a night in police cells after they vandalised school property, accusing teachers of calling them prostitutes.

This is a sixth time within three months that secondary school students have caused havoc in the district.

It is not yet known the cost of the damage but some teachers said it was extensive damage.

Management of the school had to call in the police to quell the situation which now went out of hand. It is expected that the girls will be suspended from the school after their release.

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15 thoughts on “Bed bugs causes closure of Salima Secondary School”

  1. joe says:

    bwanj amalawi opusa inu,even if vote ur so called rev.chakwera malawi wud stil remain poor,it can only begin with u

  2. Brazilian Wax says:

    It was necessary to usher in democracy but for sure we are/were not ready, as a country, to manage it. Since the dawn of democracy all systems are in sorry state. I remember when I got selected to Mchinji Secondary school in the early 1990s the facility was impeccable. Ask me how the facility is today. Kamuzu remains my hero. As if the failure to manage our own affairs as a country is not toxic enough, I heard this other day a member of parliament advocating for legalizing marijuana sugarcoated it as industrial marijuana. Are you sure with our sorry systems we will be able to handle complications associated with marijuana? Interestingly, all this is happening when there is full time state president, cabinet ministers, principal secretaries, directors etc all enjoying hefty packages. Shame!

  3. chimanyisko says:

    Mumgwirizano muli mphavu. Bed bags as small as they are chasing people Lol.

  4. wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaaa!!!! says:

    The problem of bedbugs has nothing to do with the absence of Kamuzu, or laziness of the Minister of Education, as some unabashed critics would imply.
    We never had bedbugs at Blantyre Secondary School (yes, that famous BSS) many years ago, but that is NOT because we were cleaner, or more vigilant. The world is evolving, and now even hotels in temperate climate countries have bedbug problems more seriously and more frequently. Not unusual these days to hear of a four-star hotel harboring bedbugs. Evolution, resistance to pesticides, etc?
    The school should remain cool, no panic; and bring in proven pest control specialists. This is not cheap, but there is no choice here, is there?
    With the removal of some of the most potent chemicals (eg Aldrin) in the arsenal, resolution of this kind of problem (Nkhungini, Utitiri and the like) is a slog.
    Even though stigma is almost always attached to these infestations, they are not from lack of hygiene. But the psychological stress, sometimes serious, is always there.
    Hopefully, the students going home are not taking the bugs with them, as they (the bugs) often hide in clothes; the seams etc. And these buggars (pun intended) can survive for months without a human blood meal!

  5. Chinjoka says:

    Malawi? Wut a joke

  6. safusa says:

    This would not happen under Kamuzu. Look at schools like Dedza Secondary and Mzuzu govt.secondary, these schools were formidable in tnose days under Kamuzu and the likes of Kanyama Chiume etc as education ministers.Who is the minister of Education now? These people are getting these fat salaries for nothing,the whole lot of them including the so called president|I really feel sorry for this country. By the way I am not a Tumbuka but in those days it did not matter where you came from and I am one of those who benefited from that govt. Boys and girls went to those schools on merit unlike thesedays where you go to those schools because your parents have money mostly cashgate money| Look at Kamuzu Academy| Kamuzu must be turning in his grave|

  7. madiru mhango says:

    If investigations provide certainty that the girls were indeed called sluts by a teacher or teachers,then the teacher or teachers should be displined for conduct unbecoming. The name calling does not create an environment for these girls to gain education. I pity them and please let justice prevail. They are not whores, if they are let their parents know and deal with the issue. Do not degrade students with satanic impunity.

  8. Tina says:

    Umphawi wationetsa zinthu

  9. Chingolopiyo says:

    Thus terrible, Sanjama Pvt schools have nsabwe ndi nsikidzi, ena amati nkhunguni all becoz of over population at the sch, ministry of Educ its gud be checking both publick and private schools becoz these insects can cause dieses outbreak

  10. QueenB says:

    They can’t get rid of bed bugs by just spraying anti pesticides only. They have to get rid of mattresses and beddings as well. The beds are also pretty much infested.



  12. No laughing Matter says:

    Why Getting surprised the state of our schools leaves much to be desired. Most of the school don’t even have repair and renovations initiatives. This simply means ever since Kamuzu died the schools are in sorry state . The new leaders must bury their heads in shame. How can a minister of education go to bed and sleep with this kind of shameful thing? Give up the salaries you earn for doing absolutely nothing to the plight of students

  13. trouble says:

    Malawi at its own best

  14. thecitizen says:

    if you were real reporters, you could have dug up all the info regarding the dowa students scenario…
    but since you are an amarturesthats your article appear like the one written by a primary school student.
    spend time going through articles from site like , and
    and see how one enjoys reading their stories…
    you must improve your reporting, dont give us half baked stories…

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