Ben Phiri needs to reflect and DPP must put cadets house in order

There are two things which are very worrisome and terribly suspicious on how Ben Phiri has continuously received unrelenting attacks from Z Allan Ntata to the point of resigning – whether a tactical or real resignation. Let me get straight to my points.

Ben Phiri

Ben Phiri

The first worrisome and suspicious thing, is that the militant DPP youths wing, commonly referred to as the Cadets, have right from the beginning pretended not to notice that their party’s high ranking official and colleague in the youths wing, Ben Phiri, was getting severely bruised by Ntata. Even further suspicious is that at some point, Ntata has not spared even President Peter Mutharika. But still, this did not move the cadets, even an inch, to defend the President from Ntata. It seems that, as long as Ntata was attacking the President with regards to his relationship with Ben Phiri, the cadets did not really care.

The second is that a couple of anonymous individuals, under pseudo identities, clearly from among the Cadets, attempted to defend the honour of Ben Phiri. These were not just mere Cadets because a mere Cadet would not dare to publish an article on DPP’s Malawi Voice to defend Ben Phiri. Those that attempted to defend him are obviously part of the DPP and probably government propaganda machinery. But the worrisome and suspicious thing about these guys is how they miserably failed to neutralize one guy, Ntata, and protect both Ben Phiri and the President, even with all resources at their disposal. As a matter of fact, their effort went unrecognized in the media.

What am I driving at? What has happened so far is very important for both Ben Phiri and the DPP. Ben Phiri needs to reflect seriously on why the DPP Cadets, whom he himself recruited and tutored into Cadet-ism, left him to suffer brutally and alone at the hands of Ntata.

DPP Cadets are the most organized, enthusiastic, and the most intelligent youths of all youths in Political Parties. The Cadets would not have failed to shield Ben Phiri from Ntata. But their failure to shield him, and strike Ntata on his behalf only means two things: either, Cadets enjoyed that Ntata was bruising Ben Phiri, in which case, they agree with him, and they feel for some reason that Ben Phiri deserves the beating from Ntata. And of course, their failure even to defend the President, means Cadets too, disapprove of the relationship between Ben Phiri and the President. Or Cadets fear Ntata, and consider him not their match. But given my experience, I don’t think Cadets fear Ntata. So I choose the former; they agree with him, and feel Ben Phiri deserves the beating, and his relationship with the President needs to be disapproved.

And Ben Phiri and DPP need to reflect seriously on the type of Cadets that are entrusted with the delicate duty of shielding party officials and government machinery on the media. I am very afraid. If the guys, could not defend one Ben Phiri, and of course the President from Ntata then we cannot expect these Cadets to shield government from the cunning donors, the ever bitter Opposition Parties, and the fearless Civil Society Organisations. There always come a time when government must use its boys to safeguard the international and local reputation of government on social and mainstream media, and hold people’s opinion in favourable shape. But if the entrusted DPP boys could not contain just Ntata, then DPP has a reason to worry for its future.

And finally, the DPP needs to put the house of Cadets in perfect order. It is very clear that the Cadets have lost the will and enthusiasm to fight. DPP must not forget that it is these very same Cadets that sacrificed their own money, time, jobs, business, relationships, and everything to push DPP back in power. Why have they lost the spirit to fight for DPP and its leader?

Personally, I think what DPP cadets need are not rewards. I don’t think cadets need jobs. Cadets are the smartest guys in town and they know that the DPP government cannot employ all cadets, and not all cadets are educated and competent enough for jobs. Most of them can not fit anywhere in government or Parastatals. Moreover, employing only Cadets would be a very sad manifestation of cronyism and nepotism, which must be discouraged in strictest terms.

The solution however, is for DPP to come up with an inclusive policy that would recognize the Cadets as part and parcel of the ruling Party and ensure that they are empowered with resources and opportunities to play active roles in political and development affairs of the Party and government. Otherwise DPP must brace itself for a disappointing campaign and internal fights on the road to 2019. Unfortunately, DPP will not be able to win the 2019 Elections with disgruntled Cadets.

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26 thoughts on “Ben Phiri needs to reflect and DPP must put cadets house in order”

  1. Judith Theu says:

    I remember DPP had a powerful youth wing called Blue Professionals and Ben Phiri dump the group for the reason best known to himself. I remember guys like Gray John Lai, Honourable MP, Christina…… anthu amenewa ali kuti? DPP need youth of such cariba .

  2. Nivindele says:

    Ti achina nyamalikiti timeneko

  3. What iam reading from your comments are signs of frustrations. Character assassination for Z Allan Ntata will not assist you fellow Malawians but arguments or debate with him from apolitical dimension and what he is bringing forward osati zooneka ngati mzimayizo. A professor can not look intelligent if he taps/gets his/her advice from a standard eight drop out man. We are having an inverse variation here.

  4. Mba Vyo says:

    Political problems are solved with political solutions. First things first. To solve the problem that is between Ntata and BP one needs to find a root cause. the root cause as some have pointed out on this forum is GREED on the part of Ben and lack of appreciation on part of APM. Greed: Ben is agreedy Guy because he wants everything for himself and him alone. To me if Ben was cleaver he could be the the first one to know why Ntata is always on him. He could have known that Ntata is shouting for Ben’s attention as a person close to APM who can give at least something as token of thanks for the effort Ntata played for DPP as a party and APM as an individual.
    As apolitical solution if I were Ben was to tell APM to give Ntata a post in our Diplomatic missions to silence him. But Ben despite Ntata crying for recognition he has remained quiet hence drawing all the wrath and scathing from Ntata.
    APM’s lack of appreciation: Ben as a right hand man for APM and also as young village cultured man he would told matchona that it is in culture that when you go hunting as a village in the forest and you hapen to kill an Elephant you do share the spoil. Everyone who were with you has to be given a share. Although others get the lions share thats life. But to totally deny the skinners of the elephant even uwende Blood) is not only immoral but selfish. So to APM he has failed to recognize the likes of Ntata. The solution therefore is to silence him not by dealth God forbid but by a post away where Alan is.
    Lets not be greedy and always let us know and reward those who assisted us in the fight to the top.

  5. BigMan says:

    Why would DPP cadets care about a madman ranting while hiding somewhere in her majesty’s petticoat? Let Mtata make all the useless noise that he wants, it doesn’t really matter one way or the other.

  6. Ndine UK says:

    The root cause of this is jealous sprouting from Ntata’s evil heart against Ben. To be honest this guy is lazy and he believes the only way to make easy money is by attacking Ben every day, every column, etc. He can even disguise himself as a reader commenting on his fictions. This put a lot of us in dilemma when it comes to choosing law or Engineering. It seems many of these lawyers are narrowly minded as they are not creative but rather choose evil as a tool to intimidate others they perceive better off than them. A whole barrister engaging in a cold war with an innocent soul, just because he is very close to the president, what a sorry sight. As a man who is an expert in international law and very familiar to Malawi constitution can he tell us where it was written about a prime minister in Malawi laws? This guy is a Briton as you can see he is mixing British law where the Prime minister is the supreme political leader to ours where the President and the vice are the supreme political leaders. Even a layman in the law field in Malawi knows very well that the post of Prime minister in the current political dispensation does not exist. You unpatriotic African, traitor why choose to bring trouble back home while enjoying pick- nicks thousands and thousands of miles away in London? Here back home development is on its course and little by little we are adapting to zero aid. We are not like you cowards, who run away from mother land because life there is unpromising. Like brave soldiers we keep our purse and show our brilliancy in the face of the enemy and we will die fighting until poverty and those scary things you showed tail are conquered. If you really have guts come home and dare zero aid, hunger and diseases not your nonsense. Our brains are now boiling working very hard peeping for formulas to make our mother land a heaven not your rubbish. Ben is APM’s aide, so what does this have to do with you? You want to keep on dictating in APM’s affairs to the extent of telling him who to work for him? You are the one who want to make APM a puppet. Are you going to cough money for his personal workers? Iwe uzipanga za ku UK don’t disturb us.

  7. Green Accres says:

    I am one of the disgruntled cadet and I like this. We suffered so much for the Blue Party, but only Ben has been enjoying

  8. Chipapwiche says:

    Brats won’t stop at anything. The battle is over with Ben and now you want to drag the cadets!! Allan,you are slowly but surely becoming a disgrace. Its clear you can’t write on any other issue apart from Ben. You never think of other quite important areas to tackle in helping to develop Malawi. Your pen seems to run out of ink now….

  9. real man says:

    Stupid article and waste of time

  10. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Those who live by the sword, shall die by the sword.

  11. Jelbin mk says:

    I didn’t finish reading this crap but what I noticed is that the stupid writer was worried because his fellow DPP cadets did not perform up to his expectations not to the expectation of sensible and sane Malawians. Did he expect the cadets to manhandle Ntata? Is there any job description for the cadets in our constitution that he should be worried about their inaction? The writer must be very stupid and a thug in nature.

  12. bob says:

    The article is full of words but no substance. Bull shit

  13. ooh kani says:

    This Ntata guy seems to be empty headed. I really doubt if he is practicing his profession a broad. How dare he is? He thinks every Malawian is busy reading his nauseating rubbish-to hell!! This guy is in UK and to be honest he is not part of us. If he is really patriotic why choose to wedge his battle from a foreign battle front? If you really have guts come back home and establish your business in the mother land to create jobs to your fellow Malawians rather than busy fighting innocent soul, else God will punish you. Munthu wanji wa m’muna womalimbana ndi ku saluni kukamanga kelo kiti zamanyi nkhosi basi-uvutika ndi BENIYO suunati ndi mbuzi zinzakozo!! We are daring zero deficits and APM is busy lobbying entrepreneurs to get established in the mother land while you are running away with your companies. We all know that you are doing all this out of jealousy. Even a kindergarten fella knows very well that in Malawi there is no post of a Prime minister. Get shamed Mr. Barrister. It seems you are not having clients out there because ndiwe mbola and you have met with true Barristers. The truth is you will be like that till 2024. Uzichemererana ndi anzako akumidimawo not us.

  14. tuvi says:

    stupid article written by mbuzi

  15. Nsena says:

    In evry NOSENCE there z sm little sense bt reffering 2 dis,i feel sorryful 4 worsting ua time preparing dis BIG NOSENCE….Go 2 “HELL”

  16. Mthandeni says:

    My fellow Malawians can you Google images of
    our neighbouring cities of Maputo in Mozambique and Daressalaam,Dodoma Tanzania
    Why we are behind in everything?Do people like
    Ben phiri in authority can really take us forward?where are our intellectuals,the eggheads,the brainiacs and the idiot savants to take lead and I think the past 50yrs you the southerners you have moved us backwards.
    Federalism is what malawi need now and even the chewas from center you have contributed less to undeveloped malawi.

  17. Kenkkk says:

    How can someone write an article like this, promoting thuggery and violence from the already undisciplined so called cadets, effectively myp in disguise?

    Are you saying cadets don’t think and they should have been supporting the thieving, corruption and behavior of Ben and dpp even when in their own hearts they know that such practices are bad?

    It seems you wanted them to physically attack Ntata or bring some kind of physical harm to him. What kind of mentality is that? Only thugs fit that. The cadets also can’t match ntata in terms of education to mount any effective counter argument especially when facts speak for themselves. The cadets also realized that they can’t be seen supporting bad governance and practices of Ben and Peter.

    Ntata just be careful, you may end up in a mwanza- neno car accident like our dear journalist Ralph.

    This stupid writer is promoting violence and thuggery.

  18. nganga says:

    Ben Phiri let me teach you. The president salutation is your excellency sir and complimentary is I am sir your humble servant.your resignation was childish and yopanda ulemu and that’s why it was sent back by chief of staff

  19. wakumudzi kwa Jali says says:

    Inu a DPP mumandipangisa manyzazi alwayz!!! mmesa mumati inu ndiye Chipani cheni cheni nanga izi ndiye ziti?????? kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkManyaza !!!!!

  20. Masharubu says:

    This article, which has clearly been written by a DPP “Cadet”, is as stupid as any article can get to be . If this is the kind of thinking which is prevalent amongst the DPP intelligentsia, then I feel sorry for the future of the Party . This is a load of crap . Tudzi teni teni .

  21. Joseph says:

    Firstly, the language used in this article, knowing how mafia-like and thuggery the DPP cadets are is irresponsible to say the least. Is the writer encouraging the DPP cadets to be wielding their pangas at all CSO’s and gvt critics? Secondly, DPP is doing a good job of damaging it’s own international reputation- what with the indecisive decisions by the gvt, the cashgates in parastatals, the strikes,……dont even get me started on Ben Phiri and self enrichments at the expense of poor Malawians!

  22. thinktankmalawi says:

    This one Called Ben phiri is a liability to DPP….and stop elevating this guy…he just happens to be a long time personal assistant (whatever that means) to the now president..That’s all.There nothing special about him…you are making him bigger thanks he really is..and he is enjoying it…and you Give him credit For recruiting cadets???..come on

  23. shaft yaikulu says:

    what a silly article. osakadya mbatata zowotcha bwanji?

  24. Patriot says:

    Ben akulamulira dziko atakwera pa kariyala.
    Baba aja is just being manipulated, you can see the panic when the Prime Minister said he is resigning. Baba said to himself “apa ndiye ndiyaluka basi”.

  25. Ambere chile says:

    It should be another disgruntled cadet writing this article. Stupid and uneducated cadets have no place in today’s modern politics. Go get a job

  26. Ambere chile says:

    This article is a load of bull. What do you mean neutralizing Ntata. Tread carefully on what you write. Neutralize is a very strong word to use, it can sometimes refer to killing.

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