Bishop Zuza’s body lying in state at St Peters Cathedral

Malawi Catholic Church Christians from Mzuzu Diocese and other faithfuls converged at Mzuzu Central Hospital mortuary  on Sunday to pay their last respect to Bishop Joseph Mukasa Zuza, who died in car crash on Thursday at the age of 59.

Paying respects to Zuza

Paying respects to Zuza

Faithfuls mourn Bishop Zuza

Faithfuls mourn Bishop Zuza

At exactly 1:05pm Bishop Mathews Mtumbuka led mourners in prayers before the body was taken to St Peters Cathedral  with a spontaneous outpouring of affection for the  courageous Bishop.

“”The Catholic Church has lost its shepherd. Malawi has lost a champion of human freedom,” Bishop Mtumbuka said.

The body of the late Bishop Zuza is expected to be laid to rest Monday,  according to the Episcopal Conference of Malawi.

The Apostolic Nuncio to Zambia and Malawi, Archbishop Julio Murat, has confirmed that he will attend the burial. The Nuncio is based in Lusaka, Zambia.

Bishop Zuza will be buried at Katoto Catholic Cemetery  in Mzuzu Diocese after a requiem Mass.

He was born in 1955 in Malembo, and in 1982 was ordained a priest of the Diocese of Mzuzu.

In 1995 St. John Paul II appointed him Bishop of Mzuzu Diocese.

Apart from being Bishop of Mzuzu Diocese, Bishop Zuza  was head of Catholic church in the country by virtue of being chairperson of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi.

‘Chindere chakufikapo’

Bow of tribute to Bishop Zuza

Bow of tribute to Bishop Zuza

Rest in peace Bishop Zuza

Rest in peace Bishop Zuza

The late Bishop Zuza used to speak justice and upliftment of the marginalized, slamming the roots of the socio-economic problems of Malawi.

Many in Malawi have reminisced on how Zuza rebuked former Malawi President  late Bingu wa Mutharika for his autocratic leadership. At the time, it was not a popular thing to do.

Bishop Zuza advised the late Mutharika to stop gagging civil society, the media and the faith community, saying they had a role to play in safeguarding democracy and the rule of law.

“They tell us (clergy) not to interfere with politics; we are seen as intruders. They say that civil society organisations were not elected; yes they were indeed not elected but they are working for the good of the nation,” said Zuza

He then went on to tell the President that he should not think he was a perfect leader  —Chindere Chakufikapo.

Bishop Zuza was also the promoter of culture and traditions, the African prelate had expressed concerns over Western influence affecting African culture particularly on the issue of homosexuality and same-sex marriage.

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109 thoughts on “Bishop Zuza’s body lying in state at St Peters Cathedral”

  1. Bwantasa Gomdwe says:

    Was he not amongst the team that was trying to vote for homosexuality and try to change the Bible to implement the leadership of the beast last year in Rome? God is cutting off every tree that has not born any fruit.

  2. phil says:

    May your soul rest in eternal peace my beloved bishop.

  3. Watu says:

    Gone fr good z Mr “Chindere Chakufikapo” RIP Bwana Chindere Chakufikpo

  4. all iknow&believe is that malawi has lost acouragous bishop who could stand 4 the truth.may his soul rest in peace.

  5. A MALANGA says:

    Bishop Zuza will be greatly missed by all of us. He was a great spiritual leader. May his soul rest in peace!!

  6. Yahudah says:

    When YAH appear to moses he he appear to him as the Power of Abraham, Isaacs, Jacob. YAH is the power of the living those who obey all his words. But you are right god is god it is Satan is the god of all gods. And he rule over this word the dead, the sinners, the whore, adulterers, murderers, drunkards, idolaters, slanderer, homosexual, thieves, drunkards, jezibel, muslim, christan, jews they all servant of The gods Satan the master deceiver. Father of lies and falsehood.

  7. Yahudah says:

    Proverbs 12:15
    The ways of a fool is right in his own eyes.

    Deuteronomy 16:18
    Appoint judges and officers within all your gates, which YAH your power is giving you, according to your tribes. And they shall judge the people with righteous right-ruling.

    John 7:24
    Do not judge by appearance, but judge with righteous judgement.

    I john 2:4-5
    4. The one who says, “I know Him,” and does not obey His commands, is a liar, and the truth is not in him. 5 But whoever guards His Word, truly the love of YAH been perfected in him. By this we know that we are in Him

  8. evelyn wazili says:

    May his soul rest in peace

  9. Lovemore says:

    @ yahuda. Am not a catholic but I just say this to you akulu. Let God be the judge. If u r good at reciting verses you wouldnt have missed what the same says “do not judge for you will also be judge”. Look up in ur bible its there. So guard ur tongue. Nobody knows the real truth of whatever these stories emerge from. Do you have proof (written or Physical) with original backing facts about what your saying? How many children are lost because of him in counting? Since you know so much about the real christianity, has God himself told you to condemn Zuza, as u r his right hand man. I dont think so. Let God be God. He is the only the truth on earth. He alone can say whatever he want to coz he is the CEO of the whole universe. So, shut up iwe mfalisi. Umusiye mulungu akaweluze yekha.

  10. Chitsiru/chindere its the same as stupid. Stupid means u’ve made a mistake. This doesnt mean kutukwana. Let his saul Rest in Peace.

  11. Julius K. Kamdewuke says:


  12. MARKO KALUA says:


  13. MRS MARKO KALUA says:


  14. apao says:

    In bible muli may oti Ana ajoka inu onena anali.. Kupita kwa …he wasn’t the first one.RIP

  15. Big brain says:

    Rest in peace but go greet Bingu first!!!

  16. kondwan malawi says:

    Phepani mwafwa tafwa

  17. ben wa ben says:


  18. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    I come from the South, from Lhomwe area. But, calling somebody ‘Chitsiru’ sikutukwana. There are worse words than that, it’s not take them literally, without understanding the situation interpretation at a time of delivery. Ayi. Even in the bible, these words are there. Malingana ndi zochitika za munthu, amakhala wise or stupid. Some of you do not even understand the meaning of the word the Bishop was interpreting for. After all, there is no tribalism here. He could say it to anybody, of any tribe. Some people only think about tribalism, anything they hear, see, talk is about tribes. Mbuli za anthu, sick minded people – When we die reality will be revealed.

    1. powder says:

      pipo are not reffering lomwe here but word chitsiru does not receive fovours from god!!! get it clear not bcz was ur bishop, he didnt deserve even the title. was naughty. we will all die! that should not be an excuse

  19. John chunga says:

    We will miss u bishop zuza only God knows .R.I.P. man of God

  20. Innocent says:

    RIP Bishop, deep lessons learnt that no word can utter. I think God will help us understand this in His own way and what it means!


  22. Mathews 5 v 22 yatenga Zuza. Wasala Mwakasungula. Nyondo, its up to you to please God or to please your fellow everchanting tumbukas. Choose one. But remember Mateyu 5 v 22.

  23. Clement says:

    Amipingo amene mumayika mtanda m”machurch mwanumu,kodi YESU akanakhala kuti anawombeledwa ndi mfuti, ndiye kuti mukanayikanso
    mfuti makachisi mwanumu? sichipongwe koma ndikufuna kudziwa!
    wodala amene akufa mwa AMBUYE ngakhale amwalila, adzakhabe ndimoyo. heaven at last

  24. Paul Dolezar says:

    Kodi wasiya ana ngati mmidzimu? Nanga zidzukulu ndi zidzukulutudzi? Paja Akatolilika amalola ansembe ndi mabishopu to have as many unofficial wives and concubines ndipo amawayimbira nyimbo pamaliro ngakhale zili choncho. While Mkhristu wamba akakwatira mitala or kukhala ndi chibwezi chodziwika mavuto

  25. Charlene says:

    May the soul of Bishop Zuza Rest in Peace

  26. Clement says:

    alekeni akufa ayikane akufa wokha wokha! siwonse akuyenda koma alindimoyo! zintchito zawo ziwachitila umboni,wosamenya
    njoka yakufa kale.

  27. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Psalm 14:1. A fool (chindere) says in his heart there’s no God, they are corrupt and their deeds are vile.

  28. Hebrews says:

    Chindere ndi wochenjerawo onse amwalira basi onse akamana kumene aliko. Msiyeni Mulungu akhale mulungu! Ngakhale ena munakuwiza convoy ya maliro a Bingu uyu wango zifera yekha nkhalango ngati nyama yakutchire! Osamasewera ndi Mulungu!

  29. Kanyimbi says:

    Leaders are placed by God. David denied to lift his hand against Samuel. The bible warns that nobody should call his brother a fool. So if you do anything against the bible, it means you are against God. Men of God learn to live by good examples.Do not rebuke a leader in public,it is lack of respect.

  30. phodogoma says:

    Human being is nothing but image of God. By calling fellow human being stupid or Chindere it means you are also calling God stupid or chindere unless you do not believe that man is God’s image. And man is God. So Bishop Zuza you will find two Chinderes, Chindre you met on this earth and another Chindere ( God Himself) in heaven. All on you, man.You were a freedom fighter for your fellow Tumbukas not me at all. You were teaching wrong things to Tumbukas by act. Using abusing language in Tumbuka means freedom fighting.Worse from the man of God who is supposed to teach by examples and acts. Even current Roman Papa Francis says freedom to expression has limits. Bishop Zuza went beyond his limit to freedom for express. Freedom for express is not an open concept at all.Atumbuka musamubakire munthuyu anali wochimwa zedi. Still rest in peace.

  31. edwin says:

    It is a lie to say the Bible condemns the word ” Chitsiru” read from your Bible- psalms 14:1; Proverbs 19:3; 22:15 & 1st Corinthians 3:19. Only if we knew his convex. Malawians!- Mdzukulu Chokhu.

  32. Mpaliwalingwa says:

    Chitengero chachikangawa. zakumana kale zindele.

  33. First Lady says:

    Koma atumbuka muli nawo chintchito. Now I can see that umamaka amene ali ndi mpira, ndazindikila kuti atumbuka akuopseza chitetezo chamitundu ina pa Malawi pano I’m proud to be northerner

  34. Yahudah says:

    This man cause the children of Israel the lost sheep to worship demons and lead them astray with his religious cult call christianity, the second commandments forbids us to make a graven image that is woship as a god and serve it or even bring it in your house, he had his idol tammuz around his neck and the sun god jesus (hey-zeus) which is today represented by a pale skin muzungu hanging from the idol tammuz (cross) this man die for his wicked ways lest the rest of you woipa people in malawi repent or else you will die.

    1. Lovemore says:

      Am not a catholic but I just say this to you akulu. Let God be the judge. If u r good at reciting verses you wouldnt have missed what the same says “do not judge for you will also be judge”. Look up in ur bible its there. So guard ur tongue. Nobody knows the real truth of whatever these stories emerge from. Do you have proof (written or Physical) with original backing facts about what your saying? How many children are lost because of him in counting? Since you know so much about the real christianity, has God himself told you to condemn Zuza, as u r his right hand man. I dont think so. Let God be God. He is the only the truth on earth. He alone can say whatever he want to coz he is the CEO of the whole universe. So, shut up iwe mfalisi. Umusiye mulungu akaweluze yekha.

      1. Yahudah says:

        Proverbs 12:15
        The ways of a fool is right in his own eyes.

        Deuteronomy 16:18
        Appoint judges and officers within all your gates, which YAH your power is giving you, according to your tribes. And they shall judge the people with righteous right-ruling.

        John 7:24
        Do not judge by appearance, but judge with righteous judgement.

  35. Yahudah says:

    Psalm 68:4
    Sing to the father, sing praises to his Name raise up a highway for him who rides through the heavens by His Name YAH

    Exodus 23:13
    And in all that I have said to you take heed. And make no mention of the names of The Gods, let it not be heard from your mouth.

    Luke 8:21
    My mother and my brothers are those who are hearing the words of YAH and doing it.

  36. Mbanangwa says:

    Bishop Zuza sanatukwanepo munthu. Most of you miss the analogy he gave, the first person to miss the analogy was Bingu Mutharika himself. He did not get the facts right.

  37. Dick says:


  38. dongo dongo ku chigwere na ku half london mzuzu says:

    Alomwe makani kusamva kukupwetekani. Zuza nana tchule zina la munthu kodi mumamvela wayilesi yanji? mulakho radio kapena. iyewanati munthu amene amazitenga wanzelu kwambiri kuposa aliyensd ameneyo ndiye chitsilu!! pana tchulidwapo bingu pamene paja? inu ndinudi mbuli eti. Nanga akafa APM muziti wafa chifukwa cha zuza. Bingu anayankha pemphero pa mzuzu university iyeyo amazitenga kuti ndi mulungu. samalani milomnd yanu musanakanthidwe. kusapemphera kwa pitala kwa yika malawi pa mavuto. zivomerezi, madzi osefukira, kuphedwa apolic, anthu kudulidwa ziwalo, a zigoma akuphedwa lelo. ma voti kumabela, mbava zikuthola ma bank, Nacgate, mulakho gate zonsezi mu 6 month of mulowe leadershp . nde muzitinso zonsezi ndi Zuza. alomwe ndi zisiludi .

  39. tuvitwana says:


  40. jp says:

    A Rumero ndiye chindere chakufikapo mungalinize bingu ndi bishop, mkmwe a malalwi tinasaukila ndi zigubu, kusowa sugar, kupja a Thu, kusamva kuba ndalama. Za boma kusunga mzikwama kunyumba ako anthu yikusauka, panalibe cholakwakwika kumuuza pamaso kuti a Ali garu bwino, mwinanso ndinu amene mwakamuchititsa ngozi Bishop zuza, eeeeeee nkuthekadi zikuoneka kuti muguna kubwezela amene simanalikukondwela nawo pano etiiiiii, mukudziwapo kanthu inuyo a rumero but if iys like that, mwaputa mkuyo muphetsanso bulu wanu uja opanda mano mkamwayu.

  41. musisipala says:

    Let the Soul of the Bishp rest in peace. Its not for us to judge

  42. Good maganizo says:

    Chitsiru ndi chitsiru basi nkuwona maliro a Bingu amakuwidwa.

  43. Michal says:

    Our lordship bishop Mukasa Zuza,am speechless,most people loved you and all your deeds across Malawi nation. We may all have to realise that we are NOT perfect in the eyes of God Mt 7:1 God is the last to judge all of us reasonable.
    Miss you

  44. Isaac chagwa mzuzu says:

    Do not touch or insult the annointed one.Bingu or Bishop’s mistakes should not make you and me produce insults.We just need to burry the past and focus on what Bingu and Bishop did well then Malawi will be united.Mind you Zuza was Bingu’s Bishop in any way and Bingu was Zuza’s president and God has a final say on their program in other form of life.We will be fooled seeing a Bingu and Zuza singing in paradise while we mockers in everlasting hell.God help Malawi not north or south only.

  45. Ulemu says:

    Mukamaliza zanuzo muwerenge mateyu 5 vesi 22.

  46. Yahudah says:

    Proverbs 19:16
    He who guards the command guards his life, He who despises His ways dies.

    Deuteronomy 32:39
    See now that I, I am He, and there is no Mighty one besides Me. I put to death and I make alive. I have wound, I heal. And from My hand no one delivers!

  47. Nyagondwe says:

    Kungoti atumbuka ndi anthu ovuta. Amafuna attention nthawi zonse.

    1. MSANA WA PETURO says:

      A chitsiru inu. Kumwera kwanuko afa angati ndi ma floods? Should we say that God is punishing you for your signs? Pajatu inu alhomwe ndi atumbuka kwanu nkukangana zii. Muzikhala ngati ife aChewa anthu akhalidwe osati zogawa ma t-shirt achipani chobera mavoti pa maliro.

    2. Honourable says:


    3. kadamanja says:

      inuyo mukufuna zonse zabwino zizikhala kwanu anyagondwe. Ndiye timawona anzanthu atumbuka kukhala ngati anthu wovuta.

  48. Simbweni says:

    All these judgements are useless, the chief judge, God will judge them. Death the common denominator has equalised them. Stop this shit and concentrate on other things. You want me to call you ….. That word somebody has left? No I can’t the bibles says we should not call others that. Period!!!!!!!!!

  49. Simbweni says:

    Kudzudzula si kolakwika koma mpaka chitsiru? From munthu wamulungu? Baibulo libalemba momveka bwino za nkhani imeneyi. It is unfortunate kuti dziko lapansi limaombera mmanj a zinthu zopanda pake chifukwa chosazindikira. The message was more clear without the words chitsiru, chindere which the bible does not allow. Especially those words coming from a church leader to a leader? Osamangoombera mmanja zilizonse apa

    1. hoitty says:

      Bible limatchula mawu oti chitsiru several times. monga verse yoti Chitsiru chizinamiza kuti kulibe Mulungu

  50. mfumusinyasa says:

    A captain Romeo. Do you see any link between the two deaths. Do you want to tell me that Bingu died becoz he was called chindere. Anthu inu mukumatichititsa manyazi ndi u savage wanuwu. Uja anapitira zache uyunso wapita molemekezeka. Mwaonapo wina akukuwiza convoy ya maliro ngati zina zija. Shame on you

    1. Nyagondwe says:

      Ine sindikuona kusiyana onse ndi maliro a mixed bag basi. What message has he left to the next generation kutukwana atsogoleri. Musawayerese apa munthu wa mulungu sangatchule mtsogoleri waziko ………….. Ana aka mamva zimenezo azitichani. I better go for demo than kumayankhula moduka mutu. Ndiizitu zasalazi mpaka muyaya anthu akukamba kuti Bishop ananena president kuti ……. Black missionaries inaimbatu paja mulomowu

    2. powder says:

      when god says …nditchimo, it doesnt matter kuti wachitayo ndani. mwina bingu but enawa ankadziwa bible how could…. god judges accordingly

    3. MIKE A.M PHIRI says:

      Oro Munyoze Aliyense Adzaweluzidwa Pa Ntchito Zake,,,,do Not Judge.

  51. Nephtali Wamwai says:

    Go Wel Poor Man Of God.Only Tumbukans Wil Miss. Munthu Wanji Wa Ambuye Onena Mzake Kut Chitsiru?

    1. Honourable says:

      If you are a Christian read your Bible and see how mighty men if God used to call useless leaders, “children if vipers”; “stiff necked people”; etc.

    2. 0881239916 says:

      Olo mutanena uyu sazukaso ayi president wanuso sazukaso.ingoziwani zanu basi mkazamwalila anthu azati chani pa imfa yanu.osati muzilimbana ndi anthu akufa plz.

  52. RIP out Good Bishop.I am a presibetarian but you inspired me Bishop

  53. John Chindere says:

    Walekeni wakasangane keni konko chindere chikufika mocheda.

  54. JOHN says:

    Bingu @ 78 yes but with no respect for human dignity, Bp Zuza 59 with rational approach to humanitarian activities/ issues, so Mr think!!

  55. Mdicai Longwe says:

    Inu a Captain Romeo Chuta siosewera naye. Bingu was the president of Malawi while Bishop Zuza was a leader of the church so comparing and contrasting God and man is not on more especially at a time of mourning like this.

    The Bishop was a man of courage whether you like it or not. Because of what he said on that day as you are claiming of CHINDERE CHAKUFIKAPO. Malawi was trnsformed in one way or the other. So the bible says do not judge . Be careful Mr Romeo when commenting.

  56. Thomas says:

    Captain Romeo u r CHINDELE CHAKUFIKAPO

  57. Thomas says:

    CHINDELE. NDIWE CAPTAIN ROMEO kasi mnthu wazeru wangakhala Chikamwinu ndichifukwa chake mulibe Ma surname

  58. Mwama Du says:

    The brave leader and true son of Nyika state.

  59. jijo says:

    let’s not compare a Bishop and a president. za Caesar kwa Caesar, za kwa mulungu kwa mulungu. rest in peace Bishop zuza.

  60. Mbanangwa says:

    I was part of the group from the mortuary. It was a moving experience indeed! There are several bishops already, Bishop Sitima, a bishop Pagani, Bishop Msusa, bishop Phiri from Zambia, Bishop Kanyama, Khumbo Kachali, Deputy Minister of Defence Japi Mhango etc. the church was jam packed!

  61. Captain Romeo says:

    Tsopano tione kuti chindere chakufikapo ndi yani : Bingu died at 78 while Bwana Bishop at 59, Bingu left 4 children while Bwana Bishop not known, Bingu died while Head of State while Bwana Bishop died while head of Mzuzu Diocese, Bingu was a Doctor of Economics while Bwana Bishop we don*t know , and so on and so forth

    1. koma says:

      He spoke for most of us . Even in death he is respected. Bingu was a gud leader but messed up when he died he was not respected. He messed up our nstion including u n ur chicken head!

    2. Honourable says:

      Ate you implying that to die young means you are a fool? To be less educated means you are a fool? To hold lesser position in Society is to be fool? Not to hold a political office means you are a fool?

    3. Wodala says:

      Captain Romeo
      You are wasting time with your obssession of the past leader. I am not sure whether he would have liked what you are saying if hr was around.

  62. VYOTO says:

    May Late ZUZA’s soul RIP.A Zuza sanaliwokonda masikono ngati enawa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. titani says:

    Aah thambo lagwa,RIP


  65. Dzombe says:

    Rest in peace

  66. MICHAEL says:


  67. Shamim Patel says:

    Rest in peace bambo

  68. supuni says:

    The wise man has now met the chindere chakufikapo! Mawu msamatha akanganya inu! Let’s speak to each other respectfully! There was no need to call others chindere chakufikapo! Death is no respecter of persons!

  69. chebokosi says:


  70. Mlomwe original says:

    RIP bishop

  71. czar says:

    RIP you were a Man

  72. fwiti says:

    Wiv lost a great son of God RIP

  73. Shimoshimo says:

    Rest in peace Bishop

  74. mtima wa nyani says:


  75. ISAACS MTOLI says:

    Rest In Peace

  76. Mtumbuka-07 says:

    Bishop Zuza, we ll mis u & u ll remembered by so many pipo……R.I.P.

  77. Zangazanga Ncqube says:

    That was a homily targeting nobody. He who has been pricked in his heart repents.

  78. Kaya says:

    RIP bishop Zuza

  79. Maliseni says:


  80. Kodi ndiyekuti mwapezerapo mpata omutukwanirabe Bingu? Why are you highlighting the bad words which this dead bishop uttered? Poor writing this is. Musiyeni bishopo wakhunyu atukwanayu apite ndizintchito zake zauchindere .

  81. dadaboma says:

    MCP, UDF, PP and other parties have expressed sorrow at the untimely death of Bishop Zuza, but not DPP, the party of death and darkness. RIEP our Bishop; only God knows why this has happened, what it all means, and how the void left by Zuza will be filled.

  82. jjm says:

    May his soul rest in eternal peace

  83. chamakoza says:

    RIP Zuza we will mis u

  84. Dr. Mango says:

    May His Soul Rest in Eternal Peace!!

  85. we have lost true son of Malawi may his soul rest in peace abwino sakhalitsadi

  86. Namihavani says:

    MHSRIP one thing you journalists you have linked him so much to Bingu but why

    1. Gitabo says:

      Nkhani yake ndi mulomowu

  87. ANKOLO says:


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