Blantyre robbery gang jailed for 10 years

Two men involved in a string of terrifying robberies in Blantyre and have been jailed for 10 years with hard labour by the Blantyre Magistrate Court on Friday.

The men – 40-year-old Richard Almando and 30-year-old Harold Mpoya -were brought to justice after police launched  an investigations when the two on 18 November 2011, armed with a pistol, robbed business man Mathias Mbuzi in his shop at Manja township in Blantyre and went away with cash amounting to K120, 000 ($211) and TNM Cell phone and Airtime amounting to K150,000 ($264).

Prosecution told the court that  the two men were responsible for an absolutely terrifying series of robberies and motivated purely by greed for money asthey showed a total disregard for their victims, a number of whom continue to suffer anxiety caused by their experiences during the robbery incidents.

Passing judgement, First Grade Magistrate Kondani Chinangwa said the two were “utterly lawless “.

Chinangwa said he gave a stiff punishment to serve as a reminder to others of how seriously offences of this nature will be treated.

Almando hails from Nakholo village in the area of Traditional Authority Kaduya in Mulanje while Mpoya comes from Magwira village in the area of Traditional Authority Chimaliro in Thyolo.

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33 thoughts on “Blantyre robbery gang jailed for 10 years”

  1. matako a pusi says:

    The sentence is too harsh the ps for tourism just got three years for stealing millions koma awa timahundreds of kwachas with violence mpaka 10 years

  2. Tell me of kasambala’s conviction. Not these lads.

  3. Likoma Economist says:

    Govt should revise these archaic and ancient laws. Armed robbers are essentially potential murderers. If convicted they shud get either 50 years or life imprisonment.
    This is a madness. Lutepo stole billions and yet he got away with 11 yrs. These guys stole thousands; probably a few millions, they get 10 yrs! This is insanity! And somehow we believe that we can stop crime.

  4. chefourpence says:

    Just make K.C a judge! He knows how to throw YHL! This is a no nonsense Magistrate. Samaumila zaka. I know this fella from MJ, Machinjiri etc. He is notorious for tough punishments. When you are on the wrong side of the law, just pray KC is not the presiding magistrate.

  5. chefourpence says:

    Just make K.C a judge! He knows how to throw YHL! This is a no nonsense Magistrate. Samaumila zaka. I know this fella from MJ, Machinjiri etc. He is notorious for tough punishments. When you are on the wrong side of the law, just pray KC is the presiding magistrate.

  6. Thakwalakwa says:

    Bola obela boma kusiyana ndi kubera munthu wobvutika mzako.

  7. Mlomwe says:

    Komatu mlomwe mukumtukwanayi ikayambika saathawa amangonyika chiguduli kuti mpaka chiume ndiye naye apumule kulakatitsa zibakela.

  8. NO CHILUNGAMO says:

    Inu ma jaji mumasiyanisa bwanji milanduuu apa ndiye mwaonesa kukondela wa cashgste 10yrs uyu wa 270pin mukumpasa 10yrs nanga akudwalayi muzamuninkha zingatiii that will be 3yrs nzachiziwikilee.

  9. tsetsefly says:

    Good that these idiots got stiff punishment.

  10. angoni apaphata says:

    Awa ten years. Ok. Mphwiyo lutepo kasambala ndiye bwa? Tikukuonani… Mudzapangenso chiweruzo cha ma vote ku court. Tidzakumana. Sniper.

  11. phwiphwi says:

    Apita tchende lanu, apita tchenderaaaa tchenderaaaa nuu tibenso m’bomaa. Goes the song.

  12. Cashgate convicts after stealing billions of Kwachas akupatsidwa 3 yrs imprisonment with soft labor……small timer ndix Gang after stealing hundreds of valueless Kwachas akupatsidwa 10 yrs imprisonment with hard labor—-that’s Malawi judiciary

  13. What? says:

    I can therefore foretell that Kas a Mbara and Mphwi iyo will be severely punished.

  14. Mphwache says:

    Alhomue nioopysa

  15. Pat says:

    Kasungu market completely gutted by fire. Electrity suspected cause

  16. Trapence & Undule says:

    Alomwe okhaokha awa

  17. M'Bingo mutalikaaa says:

    Alhomwe amenewo. Osakamubera mbuyanuyu bwanji?

  18. Jamison Lungu says:

    Ma rubbish business bringing insecurity in Malawi. A gang of two small time criminals put away. I am waiting for the killers of that ACB investigator to be brought to justice. They should be hanged by their b***s. I look forward to the day the killers of Robert Chasowa will be brought to court; yes, and the killer of Gasa too. I hear the killer of Gasa is well connected. Rubbish business killing our country.

  19. chindaxi says:

    Good…. Our judges please give more years in jail for the thieves or let them rot in jail.

  20. KAMBWE says:

    Ahlomwe awa zichitochito zawo izi…muona December uno pa xmass mbuzi Mr Ibu Pitala iwakhululukira…

  21. Gift Kondowe says:

    Stiff punishment is the only solution to deal with criminals so that they shouldn’t bother again.

  22. ... says:

    Nanga mpolisi mzawo uja amati guta kaya, akalowa liti? Kapena mumpatsa so bail ya number 3 ndi kuyiwala mulandu wake. Iye sakulowa kudende chifukwa chiani? Kapena mukuopa kuti atchula ma bwana ku polisiko?

  23. Prodigalson says:

    Chilango chachepa

  24. neba says:

    Almando comes from which Mulanje? You mean Mulanje in Mozambique, perhaps?

  25. Vinje says:

    From thyolo eeeti

  26. mathanyula says:

    who else? Always lomwes, lomwes. Kuba alomwe, umbuli alomwe, kutamba lomwes, zigololo its them, killing ov albinoz for rituals n eating their flesh its lomwes!!!! This disgusting mtundu, just like their master Petulo Mathanyula should be sent back to Mozambique. These are a disgrace to Malawi. Or else wipe them off all. Whoever brought this shit of a clan to Malawi should b stoned to death!

  27. MO says:

    Mbuzi has lost it,thèse two would gave been handed back ti mbuzi so that hé punish them ,apa akhaleso akudya money yathu

  28. Professor Linton Pamberiii says:


  29. mgawadere says:

    Alomwe amenewo bwanji abwerere komwe anachokera ku Mozambique

  30. mpimpa says:

    If you look @ that 2 pple have stolen <k300 000 for a person and they are punished for 10yrs while Lutepo him alone anaba billions not for a person but for the nation and is only punished with 11yrs. Anthu ophuzira ma judge aweluza basi. Za ziiiiii

  31. Luton says:

    Water please no fourth term. Let others take over please

  32. Yusuf says:

    Alomwe alomwe, nophiyaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Decent Citizen. says:

    10 years is not enough.All thieves should be stoned publicly living their heads dangling on poles.Stop these human rights things.Read the history of Europe very well,criminals were heavily punished during medieval times.Some were even used in Science Lab experiments being dissected alive in human anatomy experiments.You hang a few of them,robberies and cashgate will be history in Malawi.You won’t have some ugly fences in your houses to protect yourselves from these half wits.They deprive others of human rights,why should they be accorded human rights when they think of making easy money by terrorising other people’s homes?Dare to come to my house,you will have your balls crushed.

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