Blantyre Water Board spokeswoman under media fire for telling ‘lies’

As Blantyre residents and surrounding areas are still battling with persistent water woes, some Blantyre Press Club (BPC) members have accused of Blantyre Water Board (BWB) spokesperson Priscilla Mateyu of telling ‘lies’ regarding water problems, and have since asked to stop posting “lies’ on BPC social forum.

Mateyu:  Accused of peddling lies

Mateyu: Accused of peddling lies

BWB has been assuring water users that water problems would be a thing of the past, but residents have gone weeks without water.

And on Saturday, Mateyu announced through BPC forum that BWB had started pumping water from Walkers Ferry and Mudi, but nothing has materialised.

“We expect most areas to start receiving water Sunday afternoon, 18th January and those at the furthest end by Monday,” said Mateyu.

Three days down the line, nothing has changed, most households in the southern region are still drawing water from unsafe sources for domestic use and others have been depending on rainwater.

It is at this point that some media practitioners, who have not been spared from the predicament, accused of her telling ‘lies’ through their forum.

“Admin, can you please ban any BWB update on this forum? As journalists we shudn’t be seen to be entertaining lies…” suggested former broadcaster Greyson Chapita, currently working at Liverpool Wellcome Trust.

According to him, Public Relations (PR) is about winning the general public’s trust not through lies but through honesty and mutual understanding.

“Just a reminder of her many lies before; Madam Mateyu told us that the water crisis in BT would be history by December 2014, before changing the month to January 2015. She changed again to say March 2015.

“Just today (Tuesday) on this forum she says it might even take a year. My questions are; Does the madam PR know what she is talking about? Maybe she works on assumptions and guess work? Can we be wrong to call her incompetent? Is she being told to lie to us by her bosses or naturally she is a liar? So many questions bothering my mind,” charged Chapita.

He further observed that BWB does not have good PR strategy, “no wonder the desperation to reach out to the media through this forum”.

“Come up with a good PR strategy not lies and invest in the implementation. Stop taking us for granted,” said Chapita.

While Alex Business seconded  Chapita’s sentiments by stating “no more BWB updates on this forum; we have had enough lies from them.”

Several other members vented their anger stating that they will no longer “entertain your lies any more”.

Nation Publications Limited (NPL) reporter Ephraim Nyondo also said Mateyu’s updates are full of irregularities.

“We appreciate that the engineers are working around the clock but Madam PR shouldn’t go as low as lying to us,” said Nyondo.

However, Mateyu maintained that they started pumping water last Saturday, and that they are using one pump, as such they cannot supply to all areas.

“One thing people are failing to understand is that water is not like electricity where when you press a switch, lights are on everywhere.

“Even if we started pumping on saturday night and using one pump for that matter, its not that each and every household will get back water supply within hours or days. We even stressed the timeline of restoration that it will be gradual according to BT terrain,” said Mayetu.

She said with one pump instead of four, it can take even months or a whole year to fill up Blantyre City.

“That’s why since Sunday up until now we have been working hard to resume pumping on the other three pumps to make sure that there is enough water to distribute,” she added.

Mateyu further claimed that at the moment the Shire River levels are just ankle high as a lot of water has been drained by Escom to fix their own screens for power generation.

“I know its hard staying without water for an hour what more days. We feel your pain and we are really sorry for subjecting innocent lives to this kind of torture. But, trust me, the men and women working at the intake point are doing everything possible to make sure that water resumes in BT.

“However, I understand your anger of not wanting to see BWB posts again. I could feel the same if I were in your shoes. Be in my shoes as well for just a minute or rather take your time and make own judgement,” reasoned Mateyu.

But BPC members including Malawi Broadcasting Corporation’s (MBC) apparrently failed to come to terms with Mateyu’s claims.

Kapesa said “My humble request Madam PR: would you please list areas where there’s gradual restoration. We come from across Blantyre but it looks to me none has gotten a drop to drink. Which are these areas that have water?

“Secondly, which areas are you supplying with water bowsers? When? You used to run a water bowser distribution program I guess last year…where is it?

“As I had indicated in one of my earlier contributions on the issue I have a lot of respect for you personally; but as others have observed you’re lying to us.

“I am interested in areas that have a drop either from taps or bowser so I can get a pail too from those that I know in those privileged areas”

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53 thoughts on “Blantyre Water Board spokeswoman under media fire for telling ‘lies’”

  1. Likhweru says:

    Zopusa zomati Kuchinyonga ku;i madzi. I stay in Chinyonga madzi ndikumakatunga pa mjigo cha ku Bangwe uko every. Stupido

  2. Mulibwanji? says:

    Mateyu, we are not your Kids wamva. why cant you shut up and eat ma banzi akowo. Do you think people are fools that you can say such lies. Opepela iwe eti? yelekeza utinamizenso uwone. mbuzi.

    we are spending sleepless nights because of wakuteta imwe??


    iwe mateyu utisamale usatiyese ife a malawi ngati ana aamako kapena zibwenzi zako pa town pa. madzi ndi moyo sinkhani yoti uzitumbwa kapena advancing the agenda of your fellow crooks. Takupatsa up to saturday ngati madzi sabwera brace for mother of all demonstrations in history

  4. phodogoma says:

    Mateyu just retrieve the statement you made about water availabilty and equate that with the current supply of water in Blantyre. Really if you have umunthu, you can come to the public and apologize. You are our daughter and for sure we will forgive and forget your sins completely. NDI CHIBWANA CHA MCHOMBO LENDE KUUZA BOZA AMALAWI AMENE AKUFA NDI LUDZU. CHONDE PRSCILLA PEPESA NDITHU FOR YOUR RESPECT. oTHERWISE PRISCILLA YOU ARE A LIAR, ARROGANT.

  5. Keen Follower says:

    Much as we appreciate that the board is working around the clock, iam not still clear on why every year they talk abou silt (Mud) Someone is sitting in the office planning of eventualities but still no solution. Please Goverment should come in. This is crisis . This Board is the worst inthe southern hemsphere.

  6. prinquo says:

    kapito ulikuti ? watiziii tiamatche anthuwa ukuwona bwa?

  7. She gets an approval from the bosses. You think she just wakes up and says that?

  8. Patriot says:

    Inuuuuu. Alipo Mlomwe ananenapo zoona? Mateyu ndi mlomwe wabodza ngati Nankhumwandi CCTV yake ija.

  9. Angoni says:

    Mukungosokosa apa osapita kukathandiza kukokola nchenga watseka machine wo bwanji…. U r busy making ur silly comments whilst u r failures at your own companies…..we are all affected with water shortage and lets suggest ways to improve the situation

  10. tuvitwana says:


  11. Mc says:

    The blame should go to management, not her. She is told by management what to say. Even the press releases themselves are released with management blessing. She is not an engineer by the way and cannot gell yoh how long the work will take. Her bosses, engineers among them, know better and they therefore tell her what to say. These are the people who should be blamed. If she decides not to say what management has told her to say, that will be tantamount to insubordination and you know what that means

  12. Nchobwi says:

    The biggest mistake was when the president sided with BWB about their capacity to improve water supply in the city. Now the BWB can relax knowing that the president is on their side. Please Mr president, stop backing organisations with poor service delivery. A special fund is also needed to fund restoration of water in the city, otherwise the city will pay dearly when a cholera or similar outbreaks starts. Where is the mayor in all this? He is just quiet like a soaked chick

  13. Okay says:

    Too much and plenty of water in Zomba at Mulunguzi dam. Do you mean such water cannot be tapped to feed Bt?

  14. fagoman says:


  15. DO not write about her anymore let alone anything about bwb. Too much corruption: i still recall two hundred million kwacha given by chair as a sitting president which was shared, escom did the same by taking dead transformers to south africa for re~wiring and painting only to declare them as new transformers. Its money was shared too. NO POLITICAL WILL

  16. Natsha says:

    Dont make it personal to her. She is a middle manager at best and she is being told what to say. Personalising is not professional.

  17. Kakha Erutu says:

    Manyasa, did I read you right that Mzuzu is better than BT? People from that side always cry for development – saying they are sidelined. Are really sure of what you just said? Ngati zili choncho ndiye kuti anthu wa ndi osayamika.

    1. ujeni says:

      Mzuzu Water Board, go and rinse your brain in bleach you daft man

    2. Maji kwithu says:

      Northern Region Water Board ikuyendako bwino chifukwa cha osogoleri wake. Mr. Titus Mtegha ndi manager wosakasaka njira zopitisila pasogolo bungwe lake., panopa, ma prepaid metres akupelekedwa ndithu ndipo ife ma users tikusangalal ndi system imeneyi. Chachiwiri, chairman wa NRWB ndi Mbusa Levi Nyondo. Ndiye pofunika kumasulira apa? Eetu, ma profit amagwirisida ntchito kukweza bungwe, osati kulowesa mumathuma a ma bwana kapena andale. Ingotumizani anthu anu ku exchange visit ku Mzuzu.

  18. king'a says:

    BWB ikusungaso munthu wa Mai pampando? Amainthawi yawo inathatu akaphikile abambo Nsima mukumusungilanji ameneyo

  19. Mwenecho says:

    money to improve water in the south has been stolen by leaders of this country from the soupih south musova .mbava whiy putting the blame on this woman while dolla mwaba kuyambira Bakili 1.7 bijlion, 92 and 20 leave the girl alone mwela pple

  20. Kataki says:

    Blantyre Water Board!!!!!!!! How many times have you lied to Blantyre residents? Since 2010 you have been lying to us that come next the water situation will be the thing of the past. Always next year which next year now. In 2010 we thought in 2011 thing would have improved but nothing Came 2011 you were telling us of 2012, Then 2012 you were telling us of 2013,. In 2013 we though I would be 2014 but things are getting worse and worse. The only news we are getting from Blantyre Water Board are issues involved the embattled CEO Andrew Thawe that they are investigating him on corruption cases. In my thinking , I believe that water boards have enough money to solve these problems but bosses at Blantyre Water Board are busy pocketing the money. If Blantyre Water Board is struggling like this when they have money from European Investment Bank and World Bank to improve the problem of water in Blantyre since 2010 what are you doing with the money? Isn’t it the same money we are now hearing of corruption allegations? If indeed Andrew Thawe was stealing from Blantyre Water Board then I can equate him to Lutepo. This is our Lutepo in Blantyre and ACB has to do something because people lost their lives when BWB could not supply water to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital. What about those people who have died due to cholera as a result of dry taps in Blantyre? To APM now can you please replace the Director who is responsible for engineering and water distribution immediately it looks like they have no clue of what they are supposed to do. I think they are buying time in order to keep on milking BWB. Otherwise these people are turnishing the image of your government APM> If they are on contract I think pay them and replace them otherwise they will do more damage to your government. This is too much for Blantyre. As for their CEO who is on forced leave don’t let him come back I think he will do more damage than he did.

  21. brutsha says:

    Ndiye choncho anthu akuda muzilimbana ndi azungu? Morons! Izi kwa a Zungu sizingachitke olo pang’ono ndi mulandu. Madzi sinkhani yoseweretsa. Koma kuphoda 2hours kuti azizayankhulu motumbwa pa media.

  22. yunusu says:

    Ine ndinafunsa kale kuti kunyezima nkhope yakeyo nkumati madzi alibe kunyumba kwake?osamunyengerera chizipita basi gologolo onyansa nkhope akuti kuzipoda hehede

  23. Abdullahman El Majid Nthumbidwa - Sitaubi says:

    Stupid media.

    Kondwani Nankhumwa has been telling one lie after another and you’ve not picked on him simply because he bribes you with some small change.

    What if the engineers at BWB are failing to do their job? I would have thought that the pronunciations of BWB PRO’s press briefings are premised on assurances by her technical colleagues!

    Chonde chepetsani umbuli wanuwo. This is a non issue and please get your facts right next time you want to have a field day over someone.

    If at any given point the PRO didn’t give you allowances, for which you’ve become notoriously know for, blame it on management.

  24. opportunist says:


  25. Wamisala adaona nkhondo says:

    Mateyu shud be dismissed from her position because she always lies to public

  26. nangozo says:


  27. christopher manda says:

    nonse a cashgate musatisowese mtendere mungoziperekeratu

  28. amina says:

    Why cant BWB survey the Namadzi river springs. Fancy someone from abroad came and started purifying water from Namadzi river. How far is it from Namadzi to Blantyre? My foot down. How far is it from Zalewa roadblock shire river to Blantyre?

  29. o says:

    kikikiki going without water in a country and week where others are drowning in floods. To me this represent a lack of managing and harnessing the free water that is flooding us while other countries like Israel are in a desert and go long periods without rains but they don’t experience what is happening in BT. ha ha ha incompetent and visionless BWB.

  30. christopher manda says:

    amalawi ndindani yemwe angathe kuwona zipupa zonse zanyumba nthawi imodzi.chonde amalawi denkhani vuto lamadzi lintha posachedwa.this is not political essue to brime.

  31. o says:

    kikikiki going without water in a country and week where others are drowning in floods. To me this represent a lack of managing and harnessing the free water that is flooding us while other countries like Israel are in a desert and go long periods without rains but they don’t experience what is happening in BT. ha ha ha incompetent BWB.

  32. manyasa says:

    Mzuzu City is better than Blantyre, this Bt City is hell on earth, no street lights, no water eishhhhhhhh

    1. ujeni says:

      Akuti they have Ndirande, Bangwe, Chilomoni, Mbayani, Chilobwe, kunyadira ma slums, filthy dirty dwellings using pit latrines in the middle of the city, only in Malawi

  33. Alungwana says:

    Any word from Kapito and Allan Ngumuya?

  34. Jonjo says:

    It is from Priscilla’s Chest as in Sunday Times kkkkkkkkk

  35. John says:

    Abale Blantyre ndi town.It’s actually a village.No street lights at all and yet they have ati a Mayor.Blantyre inapita ndi A Ngwazi HKB.Amuna bawo amene aja.Osati zina zonse taona za china.After HKB palibenso wachita zanzeru.MCP woyeee

  36. Cashgate 1 says:

    Vuto la amayiwa amafuna azikhala pa news anthu aziwaona. In doing so she always create news like friend wake waku Ministry of Health.

  37. muonosile says:

    My humble request to APM and your Government,Professor president Sir,please come to our rescue. Would you pls just fire these BWB people, why does government tolerate such nonsense? You may agree with me there is nothing tangible that has ever come out of BWB since its inception. Former president Bakili Muluzi fired MANEB executive one time when they proved useless, why can’t you professor do likewise to these thugs. We are finished, do these so called BWB management indeed know that water is life???

  38. hoitty says:

    Escom ananeneratu how long the problem was going to take but this woman keeps giving false hopes. Monse wayambira mawa mawa. if you had told us this problem will take 2weeks or more bola. Komanso why is DPP government silent on this problem? Atchukumiseni mabwana kumeneko cz they are taking lives for granted. Kwawo amakathila ma bowser. Ndipo bill ikabwera ngati masiku onse ndidzayambisa demo. I better see a significant reduction in my bill.

  39. Mpaliwalingwa says:

    Agalu inu,,, U MUST BE VERY STUPID!!!!

  40. Towera says:

    At least we’ve had water since Sunday evening in some parts of Chilomoni, Nyambadwe, Chinyonga have had water since saturday, some parts of Limbe and Chiwembe. Lets all appreciate the problem at hand and stop throwing stones at BWB, they are doing all they can to restore water cause timakhala nawo mmakwalala momwemu and nawonso mmakwawomo mulibe madzi. Water Board Employees are spending nights and nights at Walkers Ferry just to make sure that they give us water.

    1. hoitty says:

      Ukunena chonchi chifukwa uli nawo madzi mdala iwe. Stay for two weeks without a drop and no rain water then you should come and appreciate the efforts of Water board.

    2. ujeni says:

      Kuganiza kopusa kumeneko. The fact that they are not performing at work and we live in the same neighbourhood is not an excuse to allow mediocrity. How about thieves who steal transformers and you live with them in your neighbourhood, do you condon their behaviour, nanga ma armed robbers, are you not going to report them to the police or not because they are your neighbour. kuganiza kwa chi colonial basi

  41. Alex Likoswe says:

    Water is a human rights issue. No water no life. People entrusted with the supply of water should know that they are dealing with peoples’ lives. We better all of of us lay down our tools and deal with the water issue. Assuming Malawi was like Botswana, a desert country, what would have happened.

    Now let the government, the private sector, the civil society including me find a lasting solution. Things should not be as usual always. Interesting, our leadership that have tasted western life with minimal problems of water have no clue to fix it. Sorry maningi

  42. Hebrews says:

    Mungopita kunyumba kwake ndi kukabiba basi!

  43. vero says:

    atiii….amakhala ku Blantyre….koma amamwa muzithaphwi….just go ku Cash gate city….

  44. mayi mateyu ndimafuna ndikufunsile koma basi ndatha nawe chidwi.

  45. get load from world bank to build intakes in mulanje mountain and dig tranches from mulanje to blantyre then water problem will be history .

  46. ujeni says:

    paja mumati Blantyre is the best, the place is more like a village, with residents drinking water from stagnant ponds, housing useless, roads useless, electricity none existence, dark town, in dark continent

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