Blantyre Water Board warns of another dry taps  crisis 

The Blantyre Water Board (BWB) have warned that residents of Blantyre and surrounding areas will likely to experience another acute water shortage problem from Tuesday due to the falling down of an Escom pole at the main water pumping station Walkers Ferry.

Mateyu: Water outage

Mateyu: Water outage

The  BWB spokesperson Priscilla Mateyu says in a statement on Monday evening  that “due to heavy rainfall at Nkula, Escom 11KV incomer number 1 pole has fallen down at Walkers Ferry near the new chlorinator house at 15:40hrs.”

Mateyu says all pumps have tripped off which means that no water is being pumped from Walkers Ferry to Blantyre and surrounding areas.

“Pumping will only resume once power is back on. Customers are urged to use water sparingly. We will keep you updated.”

She did not state when the water supply will resume.

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54 thoughts on “Blantyre Water Board warns of another dry taps  crisis ”

  1. Taweni says:

    The people are saying it all.Personally I don’t know why the parastatal exists.I t is currently following the footsteps of their underwriters who have a host of failed projects.


  2. Amunabawa says:

    Tidalira madzi a mvula.Mulungu satitaya

  3. listener says:


  4. Gogo says:

    Koma iwe priscilla madzi ayamba liti? we want 2 know.ndiye kt sitmalipila?koma mutmva tikangodwala!!!

  5. Mulomwe says:

    Nyika republic what you are saying its nonsense. You think you can be a republic and survive. Muzalilitsa ana anu. Stop that shallow minded thinking

  6. brutsha says:

    The only solution to this is citizen empowerment. People should stop tolerating nonsense like this. What worst case scenario do we need for us to mobilize all the affected residents to rise and teach BWB staff a bitter lesson to remember for the rest of their lives.I have always said that the irony in Malawi is that you will note that at BWA there is a contigent of so called CEOs (engineers) enjoying hefty packages yet they don’t haveany slightest clue whatsoever to solve these water problems.

  7. kagonanitu says:

    Tikunena zosamveka chifukwa ntchito ya manja sitimayidziwa. tsiku lina tikawonererepo zikachitika simuzabwerezanso kunena zopand pake.

  8. ibrahim makwati says:

    koma water board ya madzi yandikwana bwanji

  9. Mlauzi says:

    BWB is a statutory corporation – kampani ya boma, – supervised by the incompetent Petulo and his mediocre DI PHI PHi – aka Madzi Magetsi Palibe. No wonder they can not even provide a basic need as defined by Abraham Maslow. Anthu akadwala choleras/ typhoid ndi inuyo makape. You will pay for the loss of innocent lines

  10. Koma chi Mateyu chi ndiye chili makoratu

    1. Zingalume says:

      Phiri mzimayiyu Ngofunika kumuona asanapake zopaka paka ! Kuti amaoneka chonchi akadzuka kumene?

  11. NAKAMBA says:

    Komatu ESCOM mukuinamizira. Ine I stay in Blantyre. Honestly when did water start? Do not play with our minds BWB. You know kukhala chete sikupusa. Mai Mateyu ndi gulu lanu mwatikwana pepani chonena. Ndinena pano magetsi akuyaka, tsono polo munena inuyi ndiyopanga supply ku BWB kokha? School me umbuli wandivuta.


  13. elder sage2 says:

    Priscilla, good communicator – never loses her cool despite repeated irrelevant questions. Keep it that way in 2005.

    However, ka weight kanu is getting out of hand. Check your diet!

  14. golingo says:

    Mavota vota munavotera agalu mu office!!!! Blantyre people pa nyo panu!!! Musalire mwamva, this what you voted for!!!!!!

    Pamtumbo panu!!!! Go and get water at state house!! Mbuzi inu

  15. yuona says:

    Madzi ake ati? Ife kwathuku adasiya kalekale.

  16. fkr says:

    I am sorry this is unacceptable. Where is plan B? Generator supply should escom fail? Will people at BWB please wake up and do something. Think of you are capable stop excuse after excuse and if you can’t think then quit the job and allow a competent person to do the job. Seriously !

  17. mona says:

    Bola inu amzathu a ku south kuno a central region water board sanena ndi komwe madzi akasiya or kuti vuto ndi chani Iiiii ku Malawi kuno service delivery is very poor

  18. ujeni says:

    It just shows how poorly qualified our Poly graduate Engineers are, Half-baked. No way should calamity be happening on the same spot again and again. When you construct and instore such facilities, every other consequence should be analysed and measures put in place to deter damages due to such disaster but not in Malawi. Even a brickwall at a football ground is build with zidina

  19. Maggie Lucius says:

    Please journos why do you put faces of people instead of, for example a dam or BWB offices. I am afraid this lady’s face looks too happy to be delivering depressing news such as this one. It is like she is happy we are suffering !!!!!

  20. Phodogoma says:

    Time has come for ESCOM to start making comment on some of these claim by water boards. Otherwise one day or the other people will empty their anger on ESCOM. I live in Blantyre and I am proud to tell the country electricity supply has improved and no body can complain at all. The problem is with our Bt waterboard.Bt water board is failing big time. Shame on you.

  21. Observer says:

    There is no water now for more a week at Chilinde Newlines location. Why is Lilongwe Water Board not in the news. Nations Publications, Times Publications, Zodiak where are you. Visit houses around the Mosque or behind CCAP and Seventh Day churches in this location. It is pathetic. No water since last year.

  22. water says:

    IZI ndiye mwaziwa kuneneratu. Koma kamtengo kamodzi kokha kasatilepheletse kumwa madzi.

  23. Nyapapi says:

    O’ Chibwe you wanted her to say when water will resume when she has told you the problem is with ESCOM?

    Stupid reporter!

    But its high time these stupid water boards had their own power generators for times like these!

  24. dumerang says:

    Stupid don’t you have a big Gen set. Eiish these people mumatopesa bwanji! No zeru

  25. Mwanansena Alongenji says:

    ESCOM please do your work ASAP but make sure you fix this permanently. Aphale angafesuka na Cholera.

  26. chosatheka says:


  27. Namanyepwa says:

    Koma ndiye kuphodatu, zoti madzi akusowa ngati bodza

  28. Kaka says:

    These are the aftermaths of Thawe’s actions. CEO wopanda nzeru ngati amene uja sindinamuone. Ati Engineer . Nananonso a Malawi Board of Engineers mukungopeleka title ya Engineer munthu akangochita supervise the digging of pipe trenches mwati Engineer. Zamkutu. He was my classmate ankabwera ku supplementary exams every year. He was about to weeded on academic grounds. I am not surprised to hear that he does not like young intelligent engineers at Blantyre Water Board. Koma boma don’t make a mistake of taking him back to BWB. We will deal with him physically. Galu wachabechabe ngati ameneyo.

  29. Hemaso says:

    Tizitchingila a mvula anuwo tatopa nawo kuwadikilira.

  30. George says:

    Kodi madzi anayamba kutuluka?

  31. phwetekere says:

    The problem is not Escom, the problem is eni ake a BWB, ndalama.zonsezija sangagule ma Gen set for these unforseens? Nanga a ESCOM atati ndalama.zokonzera tiribe kaye mwina tidzakonza after 6 months ndekuti nayo waterboard yathera pomwepo?

  32. Patriot says:

    Kodi PR ameneyu Degree yake ndi Professiinal Liar? Anayitenga kuti? Popeza University of Malawi do not offer such programmes.
    BWB is MEDIOCRE full stop.

  33. Ticoon Li says:

    Likakuona Lisilo Mvula Siikata

  34. Humphrey says:

    Tidazolowera mavuto

  35. Nkhombokombo says:

    Water has been dry for ages now, it a surprise to learn that there will be water outage which was never there. I don’t expect ESCOM can take a whole week planting a single pole. BWB tell us something new and constructive, not this trash!

  36. Njolinjo says:

    Can’t you work over night to rectify the problem? Work as usual is the major problem with most of our service providers.

  37. Rodriguas Latata says:

    BWB is pathetic. I wonder what do they do from 1 to 30. Coming here with heavy make up to speak shit, showing total incompetence. Another firm should be allowed to pump water from Shire to Bt; simple. BWB too showy without action yet people pay bills every month. Shame on you, shame.

  38. Madzi ndi moyo. Pezani mphamvu zina za magetsi osadalira ESCOM yokha.

  39. chefourpence says:

    this is rainy season. Cholera! Cholera! Osangoti phwiii kumeneko! How long does it take for a whole organisation to lift and fix a pole?

  40. Achisale Kumangoni says:

    This formerly DIESEL PETULO PALIBE party is slowly becoming a Madzi Magetsi Palibe party (MMP)

  41. why dont you get a loan from world bank and put pipes in mulanje mountain to blantyre, blantyre and mulanje mountain its lets than 100 kms which can cost u one year period to end this problem

  42. Che sipokosi says:

    ESCOM pple kagwireni ntchito njochepa iyi. Ine ndimakudalilani pa changu.

  43. Gwamba says:

    Koma mayi mateyo munanyengana ndi ndani kuti akupatseni udindowo chifukwa honest chizungu chimakuvutani mayi mupempherere kuyelako ndi nyerolo kupanda apobi mmmmmm pitaninso nkalasi mukupangitsa manyazi eg.ati me to cook the girl food my father hahahahah ndiye kuti chani????

  44. Kadakwiza says:

    Where is a standby generator, Mrs Water Board? Blaming game, Shame.

  45. fathi slshehaab says:

    pris madzi anayamba kubwera liti ma tap pipes kwanu?

  46. Amphibious Mkondamadzi. says:

    We have a hoard of Engineers.What are they doing?Just mere titles?Getting paid obscene salaries for doing nothing.If it were run by the Chinese you would see them working day and night until the problems is settled.Osamangilira driving balloon tired company vehicles for doing nothing.The expensive company cars should equate the type of job you are doing.You are always letting down Malawians with your substandard type of work.Please jack up your services.

  47. fathi slshehaab says:

    prus madzi anayamva kybwera litu ma tap pipes kwanu?

  48. joseph says:

    Bwb you mean you dont have a standby generators?..why are you playing with your lovely customers lives?..

  49. kasitomala wamkulu says:

    Malawians should learn to work 24/7.Japan built one good road after losing to Tsunami.They never moaned and waited for years to build lost properties.Start working now.These warning r not important.Lets embrace the spirit of hardworking and Malawi will change one day.Escom and Waterboard are a great disappointment in Malawi.What they know is chasing bills.Please improve your services.

  50. Namalila says:

    Escom, please work on the problem urgently as resumption of water supply will depend on you.
    Remember water is life.
    Government, please intervene urgently before people’s anger is accumulated.

  51. brutsha says:

    Mvula ikakuona litsiro sikata.

    1. man deu says:

      Koma ndezoonadi

  52. max nsani says:

    You mean the water started running? Asa! We have been waiting for the water to start tor 3 weeks now so that its a surprise to me to hear that its going to stop again. For me, it will be a continuation of the status quo…shame!

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