Blasphemy! Prophet Mboro claims Jesus has ‘hot’ wife

South African based controversial Paseka Motsoeneng, a self-styled ‘prophet Mboro’ has incensed many Christians with hi  blasphemous comments on Sunday that his “visit in heaven” he found Jesus Christ has a “young, hot” wife.

Prophet Mboro

Prophet Mboro

Reports claim that in the first church service which he gave Sunday, the Prophet described heaven to his followers.

Talking about his heaven experience, Incredible Happenings Leader, Prophet Mboro,  said Jesus Christ, the Lord and Saviour of the Christian Religion, has a young hot wife.

“I saw heaven and it is a surprise. Jesus for example, has a beautiful Xhosa wife. She is young, hot, and extremely attractive,” he said.

Christians generally do not want to hear any blasphemous statement against Jesus.

Mboro made international headlines last week after his followers claimed he was ‘abducted’ by God during an Easter service and taken to heaven.

Upon return, the man of cloth claimed he took pictures of heaven using his Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone.

His spokesperson proceeded to announce that the church would be selling photos of “heaven” a development which has seenMboro  roundly mocked online.

Although some of Mboro’s followers rushed to say that the story was satirical, that didn’t stop many from ridiculing the pastor.

“If the Americans can go to the Moon why can’t Pastor Mboro go to Heaven and take pics,” tweeted one. Another commented: “Don’t forget your selfie stick when U go to heaven.”

For those unable to afford the donation, there was also plenty of humorous speculation online about what the photos might show.

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92 thoughts on “Blasphemy! Prophet Mboro claims Jesus has ‘hot’ wife”

  1. Vincent Safalao says:

    This guy so called “mboro/mbolo” whatever you call him, must have mental problem and I’m asking well wishers to take him to the hospital before the situation worsening.

  2. gum bomadum says:

    He went to hell not heaven.May God forgive him.

  3. tumelo says:

    gyz do u know what is meaning of mboro is a name for maporofeta

  4. Legwara-gwara says:

    God created heaven and earth, beautiful as they are but not selling pictures of any, so who r u to sell pictures of heaven? Th

  5. nigga g says:

    as we all don’t know what is in heaven so this wife for Jesus?

  6. nigga g says:

    inu a shaft mwapenga heavy

  7. M.M.Chinyophilo says:

    pls dont copaire jesus with humans being pls,find other means of finding money pls

  8. Jobeh Chikonamombe says:

    If only this prophet knows what mboro means here in Zimbabwe, he would know that he is really one…infect its head

  9. Gift Paparazzi says:

    He is just a comedian not a prophet kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

  10. juzwell says:

    Hell ikukudikila paseka…hell is waiting for you,,you will confirm all these..befor the throne of Almighty God

  11. Emmanuel Chiipira says:

    what is saying Prophet Mboro is totally rabish

  12. Daniel Ayibu says:

    This So Called Prophet Is Very Stupid!God Wil Punish You!

  13. Ambuje Kukaya says:

    The guy is haluscinating a lot

  14. thus beyond madness

  15. mary says:

    Go deeper Mboro!!!!

  16. Magaleta says:

    Very Sad

  17. Dat z insane man!

  18. VYOTO says:


  19. KB says:


  20. cathy wa prince nelson says:

    Indeed we r in the last days,may God forgive him cos he don’t know what he is doing. And I pray that he ll come back to his senses and repent before it is too late for him

  21. mazomba says:

    this is the right time his followers must understand where their pastor is going n they must jump out of the sinking ship before is late even a child can see

  22. william chibambo says:

    Why is he braviousily putting Jesus Name to shame?

  23. pastor zimba says:

    he needs deliverance he is demonised jesus himself taught us that in heaven they is no marriage for pple wil be like angels
    so what it means is that he is completely lost and he dont knw what he is saying may be we forgive him for these are last days he might be fulfilling scripture

  24. nganali kombweke says:

    koma prophet penis, ndikukhupilira kuti zithuzi zimene akunenezo anakatora kwa jesus navas wa man city kapena wathu yemweyi yesu matiki

  25. Not all who says,”Lord,Lord”will inherit the kingdom of God.

  26. Charles says:

    He’s abungler,acretin,adimwit,adolt and apenis (mbolo)

  27. Kondwa Ikwanga mwamlima says:

    MBC TV missing leading the nation. How would they broadcast individual views as the party’s. Salim bagus is not PP spokes person for PP party. Just as much we appreciate the development, them differentiate person views to Party’s.

  28. Muli says:

    stop talking nonsense here, you just want people to know how law thinking capability you are, no wonder devil uses people who deceive themselves men of God to bring a shame to real men of God, I suggest you sit down and find another way of making money not that name you are playing for. You will die twice just watch your ways.

  29. Busy Brain says:

    This prophet is sick nyd medical care

  30. Ze Roberto says:

    This guy is lucky because he is tampering with a religion that teaches love and forgiveness. If it were that other religion which doesn’t allow God to defend Himself instead they try to defend Him the guy would be dead by now.

  31. C.Kalonga says:

    aske him phone number for jesusi not Jesus I know. The opposite of his heaven might be earth.

  32. Innocent Chisokwe says:

    This Person Needs God’s Intervetion.

  33. opportunist says:

    This prophet his brain is full Maggot and am not sure of what teaching is propagating

  34. agrippa says:

    if you want to joke around then find something else to joke wish

  35. Mboro imeneyi ya dzukaa isiyeni ikambe

  36. Samuel says:

    Only those feeding on milk and not hard food can carelessly take what he is lying if he truely said this.

  37. mboro yeniyeni says:

    the face is mboro indeed. ten commandments.waiwala ameneyu should be he went under world satanic world

  38. Bwambwaka says:

    Lord have Mercy! This is too much! Anwe but Why out of all these names ppo r going for dis name PROPHET?????

  39. dibani says:

    even his face and name tells a soty. just look at his eyes!

  40. Charles says:

    You’re abungler, an idiot, acretin,adimwit,adolt,adummy,adope,adumbell, apenis, amboro, afame-seeker,AND Agod’sprophet

  41. Charles says:

    idiot, bungler,cretin,dimwit,…….?Munthuyuwaipitsadzikola Malawi,

  42. Joe says:

    For sure the coming of Jesus is near. Come Lord and redeem this world.

  43. Madalitso says:

    Some Prophets, kulidoli pakulanda kwa Fumu.

  44. Cate says:

    This guy needs divine intervention on a serious note. He is disgusting.

  45. Cate says:

    This is madness at its best.

  46. Tikondane says:

    Time has come, and here it is, that people will do and speak several strange things convincing themselves that they are in the service of Lord Jesus but not knowing they are messengers of Satan! Let’s read our Bible in spirit and truth, and meditate upon the word of God day and night to avoid deceit! The word of the Lord shall never change; any persons speaking strange things speaks of himself. Heaven and earth shall pass away but His word shall never change.These are last days. The fear of God no longer exists. People shall treat God as a mere human being….BUT HE OWNS THE WHOLE WORLD, EVERYTHING AND EVERY LIFE FROM THIS TIME FORTH AND FOREVER MORE. Amen.

  47. Masozi Mwenifumbo says:

    Abba Father, arise, appear as a Consuming Fire and be a swift witness amongst us as per Mal 3 and Matt 3, and save us from Babylon!!! Heavenly Father, and clean the True Bride of Jesus Christ according to Eph 5!!! Amen!!!!!!!

  48. Aningo says:

    Pastor Penis is not speaking, he is masturbating and ejaculating

  49. Nickson Ngwira says:

    I think this is the end time,this person doesn’t need deliverance but God should take and expose him with the fire hes playing around with


    This prophet Mboro (PENIS), is mentally challenged. He must stop play around with Jesus Christ. He is playing with fire.

  51. davie kathumba says:

    please can some one take this mad man to the mental hospital…

  52. Nambewe says:

    Kutha kwa dziko nditu! this is a deranged man! He fantasises about God and jesus and he has no clue what he is saying!The The Lord please open this bllind man’s eyes!

  53. max says:

    uyu ndi mborodi eti?

  54. Desire Gracious says:

    What are the signs of madness ?????what did the Bible say about the coming of jesus christ???

  55. Dan says:

    Deranged face speaketh forth derangesd ideas

  56. Nelson says:

    That guy his stupid he just want to be famous, if Jesus was Envious wit body Or anything that has to do wit eye Perception he would do it While he was here on earth please May God almighty forgive him

  57. Riedd junior says:

    U r mboro indeed thats why you talkin stupid madness coz u think nothing but to ejaculate ur nonsense

  58. Shubaba Basham says:

    Koma awa nde masiku omalizandi basi, anagwilitsa ncthito njila yanji ameneyu popita kumwambako, uyu mngakhare ali mbusa komanso akufunika mapemphero apadera dera, akufunika over night prayers kamingi ameneyu.

  59. Michael says:

    he was in fasting for four weeks.i assume the guy could be hallucinating lols

  60. kk says:

    Uyu wake wakwana,ndipo wakalembetsa kale dzina lake ku Hell

  61. lily says:

    Though the Bible says touch not my annointing,i believe it means those that they are really anointed by GOD’s power and not by gods. For this man i have no kind words,but to say he is an agent of Lucifer ! what kind of teaching is this? much as i know the christian belief,there is no where written in the Bible that Jesus is married to a Xhosa wife. The man has a psychiatric problem. He needs deliverence.

  62. There was a time of the apostles, then came the evangelists, then came the bishops, then now the prophets. Every time, these men faced accusations, false stories, rumour mongering etc. I remember some real bad stories associated with Apostle Ndovi, Apostle Khoviwa, Apstle Zalimba etc. Now the attack is on the prophets. In all these these things, I have learnt one big thing about we Malawians: we are a jealous and envious lot. All these outbursts are motivated not by the love for Christ at all but envy and jealous for those who have done better than ourselves. Please lets search our hearts if our talk is driven by the love of Christ. If not as I see it we are busy serving the devil and we will pay for it.

  63. Achogamata says:

    There is nothing like this in my Religion,the true religion of God and you know what Religion is it.You pipo hate the true and in return the trueth will hate you.I just love my religion so much.Peace be upon those who believe in the true.

  64. Mugonapamhanya says:

    In many African languages Mboro means “dick” or penis. This devil has lost all his brains and he uses his dick to think. I don’t blame him. I blame his stupid follow this lunatic like headless chickens.

  65. Khailda says:

    this prophet is a son of satan and is a devil him self and if he was staying here in malawi i cud hang up his neck and feed to the pigs for he is worse than human fisez

  66. NOT SURPRISED says:

    Mboro is hanging on the thin thread and all superstitious miracles are gone and he is running out of time to pay the dues to the shrine of his oath and soon it will be Bushiri.

  67. mulweli kalikokha says:

    please take this man to the Dr because he is sick

  68. chidongo says:

    He can do that with Christians. Let him try doing it with Mohammed and see if he would survive the reaction of our Muslim brothers and sisters. The prophet is mad simply put.

  69. Ankara Mohiwa says:

    he smokes marijuana, check his lips. stay away from this devil

  70. mercy says:

    Ameneyu ndi MBORODI !

  71. Akungolonje says:

    Nothing is wrong with Mboro and all those so called Prophets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The truth, whether you will accept it or not, is that something is wrong with Christianity. Fellow Christians its high time you need to preach the truth and the true word of GOD. Nthawi yatha, mwanamizana mokwana, Mulungu wakukwiirani tsopani chatsala ndi chipasupasu. chonde vomelezani kuti zonse mukuzichemerelazi ndi za satanic. Satan akukulamulirani mpaka nonse ndithu brainwashed nkumaona ngati ndi za u Mulungudi. Tamvani nangatu tsopano komwe zikupitaku zikuti bwanji. Zoona Yesu nkukhala chidya khanda???????????? Ndiye momwe amaonekera makanda a chizula, Xhosa pa Joni,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!!??????????? Tiye nazoni ife kwathu nkumverera, mutiuza ndinu ma neighbour mu mpingo.

  72. Prophet Mboro says:

    What is different here than inviting angels to your church – heaven is in our mind. He saw heaven – who are we to question him. Its another PROPHET – trying to reap from ignorant people who believe that supernatural powers are the answer to the laziness.

  73. mercy says:

    No wonder,ndi MBORODI ! ameneneyu.

  74. t twist says:

    oooooooooooh plz dont use jesus name in ur bznez

  75. Akungolonje says:

    Nothing is wrong with Mboro! Lets hit a nail right on its head, the truth is that something is wrong with Christianity whether you admit and accept it or not.

  76. Eye Witness says:

    These hijackers of the true gospel of Jesus Christ deserve media blackout. Contrary, they are enjoying massive free space across all kinds of media. So tell me who is a fool.

  77. osaopa says:


  78. Zilani says:

    Seriously, the guy is mentally ill. The followers are excessively stupid.

  79. Kasiya Boy says:

    God forbid! The Holly Bible ensures that noone carries any good/treasure on the journey to God’s living place even with expensive 4n.Angonena kumene adapita.Tsono poti a yesu ndi ambiri koma Yesu Khristu wa ku Nazareti ndi mmodzi.Afunika mental chakeup.

  80. mkulu says:

    chamba chakupwetekani a prophet dick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Tigawani says:

    Please friends avoid commenting such blaspemous statements.Because you are guilty the way you coment.
    To begin with there is no marriage in heaven. How can somebody speak such a plasphemy and people believe it.
    The wife of Jesus Christ is the Church that He bought it with His own bood and that is what the Bible says.

  82. Mwantepele says:

    i can not judge who is wrong & who is right but guys remember that GOD must be honored! dont play jokes 4 pple 2 lough! with spiritual things b coz r very sensitive! dont do this guys dont play fool games!

  83. mlambe H lunzu says:

    If Jesus is your Lord as you claim it to be,and indeed, you found him with a young,spicy and hoty inside wife as you are narrating of what your eyes witnessed their in the heaven,therefore Jesus being The Lord the same time the saviour of christianity,do you tell us that this Lord has weaknesses?because the one who eat and drink has his/her own weaknesses of responding sometimes the call of nature!if Jesus the so called your Lord had a hot young wife which means he can ejaculate,he can pretend as if he is about die while feeling good soon after ejaculation!mr Mbolo are sane?

  84. Ken says:

    He is psychologically infected.His brain is going out of sanity.Please,S.A.s take care of this good man before his brain is completely out of his head.

  85. gulugunya says:

    You mean Jesus created the hottest lady for himself, giving us these cold ones. Shaaaaa!

  86. WAMISALA says:

    Remember me
    In thy kingdom
    Lord God.

  87. therere says:

    Mad prophet even the name itself says alot

  88. King sparta says:

    Last dayz

  89. fbjk says:

    End times indeed,false prophets as mentioned in the holy books are exposing themselves,even his names tells what type of person he is.Taking fotos in heaven with fone???Taking fotos of a True Prophet Jesus????Claiming a major holy Prophet Jesus has a “young hot xhosa wife”,something is seriously wrong with this guy.

  90. Lupwito says:

    This stupid drunkard guy must go to prison mental indeed, his is a fool of the fools. F*ck

  91. Ze Roberto says:

    Take him to a mental hospital for assessment. That is not deliberate, it’s pathological.

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