Bophani accused of perverting course of justice: Malawi cashgate

Former Deputy Inspector General of Police Nelson Bophani has been accused by Malawi’s Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB)  of abuse of office and perverting the course of justice in an investigation into the cashgate scandal.

Bophani: Accused of abuse of office

Bophani: Accused of abuse of office

In a typical case of the hunter getting hunted, Bophani at the onset of the ‘cashgate’ investigation under President Joyce Banda headed a multi-agency special unit that initiated the probe.

His arrest came after Nyasa Times carried a story that Bophani was earmarked for arrest.

“Mr. Bophani has been arrested for a suspected charge of Misuse of Public Office and Conspiracy to Defeat Justice…This is in relation to the on-going investigation into ‘cashgate’,” said Egrita Ndala, spokesperson for the Ant-Corruption Bureau in a statement released Thursday.

Authorities said he will answer charges on allegations that he concealed files of a fictitious trust called Good Deeds Trust of former budget director Paul Mphwiyo.

He reportedly concealed the investigation file of  the case in which Mphwiyo is accused of  Good Deeds Trust in September 23  to buy a house title number Alimaude 12/263 from Geoffrey James Kayanula at K50 million knowingly or having reason to believe that the said price or money were proceeds of a crime.

As head of the ‘cashgate’ investigation team, the former deputy police chief was privy to all investigation files.

ACB suspects he concealed certain information to protect certain people in the ‘cashgate’ investigations.

Authorities said  Bophani is also accused of concealing information in the case of businessman Stafford Mpoola on money laundering charges in relation to Malawi Cashgate scandal .

Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) arrested Mpoola in October 2013 after he was suspected to be  involved in siphoning money amounting to K1, 113,397,413.31 from the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) through his company, Stadal Building Construction.

Mpoola is also a signatory to Dan Civil Engineering and Building Contractors which is also mentioned as part of the syndicate that has stolen billions of government money through ghost contracts and companies.

Bophani is the sixth person to be caught in ACB’s ‘Cashgate’ net in less than five days.

Apart from the arrest of one of Mphwiyo and his wife Thandi, the anti-graft body has so far also arrested businessperson and politician Hophmally Makande who handed himself over to ACB following a tip that there was a warrant for him and Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (Mera) director of legal services and company secretary Ishmael Chioko.

During Banda’s administration, Bophani chaired an investigations unit tasked with unearthing how public funds were looted in ‘Cashgate’.

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27 thoughts on “Bophani accused of perverting course of justice: Malawi cashgate”

  1. nkhedu says:

    kodi mabere tiwawona sunday lino ku mulhakho?

  2. Posachedwa boma likhala likuwalipira misonkho yathu chifukwa chosowa umboni

  3. Nambewe says:

    Bophani unanyanya kumvera Joici. Why hide the true culprits? What professionalism is that Mr? What goes around must come back. Raphael azibwera kuzakuonani kumeneko.

  4. Bantu says:

    in the thick of things, person x appointed Bophani to spearhead police investigations into cashgate. As it were, Bophani’s mission turned out to be that of concealing useful information about cashgate. Funny enough, person x publicly claimed knowing the thugs and motive behind assasination attempt of (now senior cashgatist) Mphwiyo. It is tempting to conclude one of two things: person x was the most naive appointing authority the world has ever seen or person x was the cashgatist-in-chief and was directly involved in designing the cashgate masterplan. #Arrest_the_fat_thief_!!

  5. wonder says:

    The hunter has been hunted. no sacred cows anymore in Malawi. let him be taken to court, he should prove his innocence there.

  6. Anthu enawa akumangidwawa boma liluza ndalama za misonkho yathu,akungogwira anthu,ena okuti sizikuwakhuza,just wait & see.

  7. Anthu enawa akumangidwawa boma liluza ndalama za misonkho yathu,akungogwira anthu,ena okuti sizikuwakhuza,just wait & see

  8. malapwalapwa says:

    Sorry to say that,what goes around comes around.

  9. Eliam k says:

    Koma yaaa

  10. Nyapala says:

    Zikukhala ngati sanabe nawo. Angomufuna a DPP.

  11. akwasosa says:

    agwidwe basi.

  12. Jabulosi says:

    This case will be difficult to prove!!! Bophani is a trained professional investigator and there are no laid down procedures of individual investigation skills just like all lawyers don’t have standard skills same applies to accountants. Hiding Files!!!! sha!!!! THIS IS WITCH HUNTING…MIDNIGHT SIX!!!!!!

  13. GONANI says:

    I am pretty sure that by the time this process is concluded Malawi will be spotlessly clean, free from the cancer of corruption that makes our nation stink.

  14. Chindazi says:

    Munthu wa Police kukhalaso mbava……..inyongedwe basi………He should go to Military Police jail……

  15. golo says:

    There is no substance whatsoever with these allegations leveled against Bophani. Why cant we have the report of names of those who plundered and assisted to plunder the loot rather than mere witch hunting. At the end of the day Bophani will have no case to answer at all.Lets get serious, why are ACB not pouncing on those sacred cows we were made to believe that are are appearing on the cash gate report? Otherwise this is just a publicity stunt by the ACB and Govt to show that they are doing something about cash gate. I fear we will just be moving in circles wasting time and money.

  16. Njolopingo says:

    Insteady of dealing with those that have been named in cashgate report you are busy witch huntung, mwasowa chochita chani kweni=kweni?

  17. Sapitwa kakulanye says:

    Not a surprise at all? But big question is why did Mr. Bophani choose to conceal the investigations of the two cases of Messrs Mphwiyo and Mpoola? Was it an order from somebody or personal decision based self interest? I hope his behavior during the Joyce Banda administration will be scrutinized. That time we heard that he was more powerful than the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Loti Dzonzi. He visited Mr. Mphwiyo in South Africa, and in one incidence came to Malawi together but vehemently denied as just a coincidence to be on the same plane as Mr. Mphwiyo. There are so many stories and hopefully Mr. Bophani will cooperate to tell Malawians why he behaved strangely and made so many denials. Otherwise, he will be in trouble for protecting the sins of other people. Remember; Mr. Bophani, this war is not yours, just say it all. This is your chance to clear you personality. Otherwise you might be in trouble.

  18. Chikadzakuwani says:

    Mu bopheni ameneyo

  19. nenazako says:

    za zii di ndithu

  20. amangeni basi kaya ndani take them all kuchitisa manyazi malawi shem on u how f*****k u are,

  21. M'tsabana! says:

    Oky …! Tamva.. Zinalembedwaa Kaleeee….!

  22. Dr. Godfrey Mvuma says:

    No mercy for such individuals. He is a criminal. Deal with him mercilessly.

  23. Changanyamaso says:

    Za ziii zopanda ndi mchele omwe I thought you will tell us that he is also a cash gater. Witch hunting iyi

  24. Unenesko pera says:

    Thanx alot, agwidwe. Koma za 92 billion sizikumveka bwanji

  25. phantom says:

    deal with him plz

  26. madzi akumwa says:

    aaaaaa za ziiiii paliso nkhani apa

    1. Munthu ukadzolowera kuba umayamba kuwona ngati palibe nkhani…..

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