BP&P hits back at ex Malawi News editor: Demands back K4.1m hospital bills

Printing  media  giant  BP&P said yesterday  it fired its weekly Malawi News Editor Limbani Moya  after being advised by the country’s top most private hospital Mwaiwathu, which  declared him unfit to continue working as a journalist, lawyer for BP&P Innocent Kalua  confirmed to Nyasa Times.

“Around the year 2012, the applicant, Mr. Limbani Moya  was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease …the ailment was so serious that he had been rendered unfit to report for work for a continous  period  of more than nine months during which period he had been in and out of hospital,” Kalua said in a court document filed as part of defense in a  case in which Moya is suing the media house for unfair dismissal.

Times Group boss Leonard Chikadya:  Cancels donations to kidney failure journalist

Times Group boss Leonard Chikadya: Cancels donations to kidney failure journalist

He added that BP&P terminated Moya’s employment at a time when the company was undergoing restructuring aimed at reducing payroll costs due to harsh economic conditions. Editor for Daily Times Damiel Nyirenda was also retrenched along other senior managers.

Kalua , in a court document  titled  Respondent ’statement  of reply  to the Industrial Relations Court of Malawi matter number 449 of 2014 says BP&P has in its possession  a letter from Mwaiwathu Private Hospital on  Mr Limbani Moya’s  health status including invoices from a South African Hospital Carstenhof  Private Clinic.

The ex-editor who is still unemployed, is expected to travel to India to have a kidney transplant after well-wishers through a task force (Friends of Limbani) successfully raised about K12 million tom enable him access expert treatment.

Malawi Vice President Saulos Chilima last Friday teed off at a charity golf function at Blantyre Sports Club to help raise funds for Moya whose sister donated her kidney in an effort to save his life.

Moya sued BP&P for unfair dismissal, a move which angered BP&P Chief executive Leonard Chikadya who cancelled a K100 000 donation towards the Limbani Moya fundraising efforts.

Chikadya also banned the media house from giving any coverage to the efforts including the Vice President’s charity golf assignment. All coverage has been done by BP&P competitor Nation Publications and numerous radio stations.

“You may wish to know that Mr. Moya during his illness, BP&P advanced him up to K7.8million for his medical treatment. He only paid back about K3.7 million. He owes BP&P K4.1 million which now BP&P is claiming back from Mr. Moya,” Kalua said in a statement which he signed and seen by Nyasa Times.

Mwaiwathu private hospital Chief Executive and Director Prof. Jack Wirima refused to comment saying they do not discuss patient’s issues in the media before cutting the phone.

When contacted for comment Moya said he is focused on his health and does not wish to comment on matters that are in court.

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God is watching mr manager, he is the owner of everything

M'Malawi weniweni

A Chikadya, dziwani kuti moto umapita komwe kwatsala tchile. Mawa ndi inu ndipo mudzasowa anthu kudzakuthandizani. Matenda si chinthu choseka ayi. Ngakhale munamuchotsa ntchito muyenera kumuthandiza Moya. We do not correct a wrong with another wrong. Monga bwana mukanakumbukira zabwino zomwe Moya anachita potukula kampaniyo osati kulakwa kwake. Kumbukirani kuti Mfumu ndi kudzala

Change GOLO!

It proves to be difficult to appreciate illness of a colleague until at such a time we fall victim to it. kuno ndikunja tisamathe mau ndi matenda amnzanthu. Where is this issue coming from? Is it because he has been assisted and we want to rob him? Shame!


This is discrimination, we don’t fire HIV patients so why should Moya be fired? Bwana chikadya muzaona matenda akazakhala mnyumba yanu. You may pride of having lots of money but this decision is irresponsible unreasonable and foolish. I hope you will not regret this decision one day.
Many managers look at maximising human resource use to maximise their profits. Any sign of loss, they will be quick to sack. They are selfish and they look at the year end profit and the bonus they will make.


When you are facing a life and death situation like Mr Moya you can do anything. In my opinion Mr Moya has been unreasonable in suing a company that gave him over seven Million as a loan. On the other hand BP&P is not being considerate of Mr. Moya’s contribution to the newspaper. How much of the seven million was a grant? If Mr Chikadya and company did not give him any assistance then Mr Moya who had legitimate expectation of support can ask for it.


Achikadya Onetsani Mtima Wa Umunthu,mzanu Akapeze Thandizo Milanduyo Pambuyo Mnzanuyo Atachira.


Eeeh but Leonard Chikadya is an arsehole!!

jzu tembaaa

Chikadya ndifiti


people lets look at this issue with a sober mind.every company and even the government have conditions of service .lets look at conditions of service for bp & p before we accuse the boss or moya


Most companies terms and conditions of service allow the employer to fire its employees for prolonged illness. Nonse mukubwebweta apa ndinu mbuli!


plse save moyas life

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