Malawi paper says ‘no’ to secession, but backs federalism debate

A prominent Malawi newspaper, Nation on Sunday has become the first paper to publicly reject the North Malawi independence campaign but has strongly supported the stance taken by the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) to facilitate a national debate on proposals for the country to adopt a federal system of government.

The weekly newspaper in its editorial comment with the headline ‘We say no to secession’, said: “Let Malawians speak their minds on how they wish their country to be governed.”

The paper however said it does not agree with the idea of accommodating secession calls.

“Whatever grievances some quarters of society have and no matter how legitimate the concerns may be, the solution cannot be to dismantle this country into pieces,” reads the editorial.

Although the paper has rejected the secession call, is does not dispute the fact that there are genuine concerns calling for immediate attention and action.

It nonetheless stress that “secession is certainly not the right way to address such issues.”

Reads the editorial: “Even in the face of  nepotism, lack of development or the quota system of selecting students into the University of Malawi (Unima) and many other issues that are being cited by proponents of secession,  there is no justification whatsoever for the country to take this regrettable path.”

The paper noted that Malawians have together “fought colonialism, dictatorship and ushered this beautiful country into democracy”, adding that “in this long walk, we have stood together as one Malawi; our patriots have shed blood for Malawi as one country.”

It wonders where things have gone so wrong that the word secession should be heard in our midst.

Pro-federalism campaigners said newspapers are “perfectly entitled” to back one side or the other.

Meanwhile, the Nyasa Times  is giving its columnists and those posting comments,  freedom to take their own position on the federalism or North Malawi independence.

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Nkhani Apa Siyonyozana Ndi Kutonzana, Nobody Shud Claim To B Wisier In A Democratic Dispensation, Let Pipo Debate , & If Need Arises, Referendum Shud Take Place. Sizomatukwana Ayi, Anthu Ena Munakhala Bwanj? Lets Look @ These Isues Objectively Osangot Pot Kwathu Ndikwakuti Ayi, Mkungoonetsapo Umunthu Wanu Oipa Apa. I Just Urge Thoz Fighting For Federation To Do So In Gud Faith. Dont Rush Saying Apasidwa Ndalama, Achisi Mkuopa Zenophobia Kuti Angadzakulandeni Chipatala Chanucho, Mmesa Vuwa Ndiemwe Akugawa Ndalama, Lets Remov Emotions Coz Av Seen Both Partez R Emotional, God Bless Malawi!

Gift Maliseni

This is just a mare scrumble for leadership and forsure it will have an impact only on few selfish leaders

Gwadani you are a shameless man and I know that you were fired by a boss from north becoz of ur incompetence. Now you want to call all northerners stinks. Oh! my friend you are a shameless man to the people of central region. You shouldn’t say we in the central region but u should say you yourself. Is Hon. Menyani from north? Or is Chakwera from north? Federalism is not dividing the country. In Malawi we do vote on regional line whether u like it or not. The region that will suffer is the one which has less people… Read more »

I’m from central region and Lilongwe and Mchinji to be specific. I don’t think the central region is for federalism. Central region knows how to fight her battles and we do it in parliament,let alone north go for seccession and not fedederarism. This animal called north stinks but borrow a leaf from Lesotho and Swaziland. Malawi won’t lose anything if this stinking north secced from Malawi. North is more of a parasite to Malawi. Leave Malawi the soonest else we start a campaign of xenophobia. We don’t need or miss you in Malawi you selfish northerners.

mapwala ansumbu

tiyeni nazoni kunonso tiziyamba

Maxmos Chaima

Yes! But declaring Northern Region as independence is a wrong idea to solve the differences. This is the works of the devil who wants to turn Malawi into a non-peaceful country. Malawians let us unite and pray for unity! Churches, do not fuel the practice. Your responsibility is to bring peace and wise resolution led by Jesus who is the Master of peace. Let Malawi be a peaceful country for ever!


ayi atumbuka mwatikwana. Kodi mumaganiza you are knowledgeable enough than all other tribe?
mind u mulungu amadana ndi ozikweza


Sitinati. Uvetsa.

Northenors can not vote on my behalf on wheteher Malawi shud adopt fedarlism. The fedarism decision shud be a national decision and the results will be NO. However if the question is whether North should get waway and form own country, I assure you Malawi will vote YES. Malawi is tired of the north being a thorn in its midist. It will do Malawi good to let NORTH GO, now and soonest possible. Nothing is beneficial to us as a country from these pipo. All they think, dream about, eat, talk, prioritise is about NORTH and NORTH and NOrth. They… Read more »
I ma one of the supporters of either sussession or federalism. I feel it is utterly wrong to think that Malawi cannot be disintegrated when one section of the Malawian population feels it is more legitimate to access the nations resources than the other. It is also very wrong to think that some section of the country will remain unattended for the sake of unity. What is in Malawi is to some extent the perception of Boko Haram where the nations feels that education is evil and are burnt towards victimizing them for the choice they have made to pursue… Read more »
mai nsato

Kamuzu called it Stupid chitaganya, and stupid Tumbukas want stupid chitaganya today. No wonder Kamuzu called them stupid azipita kwawo ku north. stupid tumbakas go to your stupid villages in the north

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