Britain did not reject Malawi envoy: Ntaba speaks out

The British government did not reject  Dr Hetherwick Ntaba to assume the role of Malawi High Commissioner to London as Maravi Post reported but  “ internal politics” within the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has forced Ntaba to withdraw from undertaking a diplomatic tour of duty.

Ntaba: Personal reasons

Ntaba: Personal reasons

Nyasa Times sought comments from British officials at Westminister on the reasons why Ntaba was rejected and the Foreign Office feigned ignorance on the matter.

The officials dismissed the story that Britain rejected Ntaba, calling it a “story without basis.”

Officials at British Foreign Office said UK had no problem with the Malawi High Commissioner designate, Ntaba and has been looking forward to work with him.

Malawi Foreign Affairs Minister Dr George Chaponda also dismissed claims that UK had rejected Ntaba, calling such assertions as “absolute nonsense.”

Ntaba said has withdrawn his appointment on personal grounds.

“I was appointed by the President and approved by parliament but some personal problems have emerged, quite unforseen which have made it so difficult for me to take up the High Commissioner role in the United Kingdom,” said Ntaba.

Public Appointments Committee (PAC) of Parliament chairperson Lingson Belekanyama and Chief Secretary to the Government George Mkondiwa confirmed Ntaba’s withdrawal.

Ntaba said his personal reasons “are not meant to be discussed in public.”

He stated: ”I know people may be interested to know the reasons but they are private.”

Some sources in DPP said Ntaba is repositioning himself for 2018 elections as he is nursing ambitions of becoming either the vice president or the president.

However, Ntaba said he remains “committed to serve the President and our ruling DPP so that it continue implementing development programs carried in our manifesto.”

On reports purporting that he was rejected by the UK due to links in the dispelling of former British Ambassador to Malawi Dyet Cockret, Ntaba refuted the story as unfounded.

“These are pure lies and it is very shameful for the media personnel who are spreading such lies. After the appointment was announced, the British government approved my name,” said Ntaba.

Ntaba was set to replace Bernard Sande who was recalled.

Menawhile, Ntaba is likely to retain his DPP vice president post after his replacement Ted Kalebe is heading to diplomatic post on Brussels.

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41 thoughts on “Britain did not reject Malawi envoy: Ntaba speaks out”

  1. Chisinsi DM says:

    Mr Kadakwiza I totally agree with u that Dpp has hacked the lying computer.. Lets just wait & c. Is it genesis or exodus? Can smone wake
    up by the de same tym my president wl b waking up. Me & dad we r all asleep tired after an early xmas party

  2. Zamanyazi kuzolowera kususa akuchita bwino.

  3. ronzo says:

    From computer to 4 digits caculator

  4. MBACHI says:


  5. Mayi a Priscilla says:

    Ntaba’s reasons are indeed personal . The man is a polygamist , and I believe he was in a dilemma as to which wife to take to the UK . Each wife issued an ultimatum in the event that she was not “picked” as the one to accompany him to the UK . Mkazi waku Blantyre anaopsyeza kuti anyengetsa kwabasi ngati sapita nawo ku UK . Nayenso waku Lilongwe ananenetsa kuti ngati angatsale, banja lithera pomwepo . Nde munthu wamamuna akanatani anthuni?

  6. Kush says:

    Akuyembe kezela mwana so he cant go

  7. NYAKWAWA says:

    The truth is akuluwa akanidwa ndi uk govt.

    Ngati ndi politics within the party;

    1. Why withdrawing from outside the party post?

    2. Why reassuming the functions and duties of the VP of the same party?

    He has been rejected by Queen.

  8. macdonald magomero says:

    kuvomereza ndibwino asati mpakana kuchitana force iwe ungoyakha

  9. GN Phiri says:

    Paja akuluwa adakwatirapo mzungu……banjali liripobe?

  10. Matatizo says:

    Ntaba is going to NAC kukaba za campaign watch this space

  11. Tati titsutse kuti zomwe ali yuyankhula wanthu mzoduka mutu mwamtheradi ife ndi wa dpp baxi sitikuchoka mumchipani omwe ali yuyankhulawo ndiwosokonekera moti ine inene sadandikane ku uk koma kungoti mmimba mumandivuta komanso ndine dotolo ndie ndipitirize

  12. umziya says:

    Kungonena chilungamo kuti munatengapo gawo pothamingitsa High Commissioner wa ku UK, ndiye pano akuthamangitsani. Basi

  13. Kadakwiza says:

    The computer was hacked.

  14. Onasiwelo says:

    The problem is you can not trust neither Ntaba and his dpp or the media as for uncle ntaba he was in the fore frount laying to the nation when daniel phiri was dead that he is crtitically ill, he lied no drugs as for his pathetic devil developing party many lies just to many to mention them and the media which of the media do tell us the truth apart from getting trash from the same politicians what ever the reason its their game.

  15. Jacob chitseko says:

    What ever the reason but to us is to see the part gaining its momentaum so that should remain the strongest party in sub sahara africa as a well known reseacher said.

  16. dadaboma says:

    UK yamukana Ntaba. Tamva kale zimenezo. UK cannot accept a DPP envoy, never. Ntaba and DPP have agreed to treat this issue as Ntaba’s “personal problem” just to save the party’s face. Don’t forget that Ntaba is second vice president of the party – that’s why he cannot speak the truth about this issue because of the repercussions on his party. And it’s the more reason UK has refused him.

  17. Alungwana says:

    Internal politics? Go back to your motherly party thus MCP

  18. Paul Matemba says:

    Koma ya!

  19. PP Propaganda says:

    This is DPP strategy. I think DPP strategists have observed that sending him abroad could be political suicide. Trust me Ntaba will very soon occupy a high position in the country. It could be ministerial or anything. This is strategy for 2019 general elections.

  20. Parables says:

    I wonder why our journalist are so unprofessional.
    When Bingu said our journalist are spoiling this countly with lies i thought he was a problem but now i understand, They spread news they are not sure of.
    Our lies spread faster than our truth by these unprofessional journals. chenjera nawoni

    1. Namkungwi says:

      ndiye makhalidwe achi Mlawi amenwo kukonda zotay nthawi basi kaya tidzadzuka liti?

  21. Suppose the UK was Ntaba or it were you; were you going to be comfortable working with a diplomat who behaved as he did a few years ago? Politicians will always trash even sense and wisdom; thats there nature.

  22. Will says:

    If h z hoping 4 such a position then h must be building castles in the air. I cant foresee DPP giving the presidency to any region. Chaponda z there, Dr Matabwa z there, Dr Fabiano z there, Mtengowaminga z there. This presidency shall never go out of lomwe belt if DPP keeps on governing!

  23. MAMVUTO says:

    Antaba zatimvuta tingomvomereza mwina bodza lija mumanamali azungu aku uk amamva.

  24. Chipoya LJ says:

    The main cause of Malawi’s problems is we its citizens. Most of us are not so patriotic. We almost policise everything especially the media.

    In many case, you find media personnels publishing unfounded stories like this of Ntaba which can in turn tarnish the image of our country. Some persons and media houses are busy denting the image of our elected President outside there just for their political gains yet forgetting that their relatives are suffering here because of their lies.

    Brethren! Let’s we all unite and defend our country. Let’s we work together regardless of one’s political affiliation, region or tribe. We are all Malawians. Let’s we put our differences behind and fight together for better Malawi. Let’s we leave politics behind.

    All in All, GOD Bless Malawi!!!

    1. Namkungwi says:

      Yes I agree. Its nice to see that there are some Malawians who are awake and are thinking! Keep it up

      Malawians we need to stop being dsetructive all the time! Ntaba is brainy he will make it where evr he goes and he is a valkues citizen of malawi we dont care how he applies himself we sytill love him anf value his work”!

      By the way the Brits are not as small minded as some of you think they are! They would not be holding grudges from Bingu days thoise days are gone!

  25. Yasin Yusuf Sanud says:

    Was the appointment made after thourough consultations from the appointee?

  26. Alfred says:

    Mukukana kukapuma ku ndale zaku malawi a ‘ndati titsutsee’

  27. sapitwa says:

    Two wives and you failed to choose which one to take

  28. wawawawa says:

    A Ntaba, inu yanu ndi MCP basi, achina Nyaphaphi amenewa sangakusamaleni ayi. Taonani a Chilima ndi a Kalirani lero ali ma udindo opanda ntchito okha okha. Zitayeni bwererani ku MCP.

  29. Bekertilly says:

    M’tengo umagwera komwe unalemelela MCP khomo is open

  30. A COMMONER says:

    Personal reasons are: which of the 3 wives wil go with him 2 London? His 1st wife(mzungu), 2nd or 3rd wife? The only thing is STAY AT HOME and take care of ur business.

  31. mzozodo says:

    Kurya mukurya kale makola ndalama muliso Nazi sono mukupenjaso vichi munthu ndimbatani ukaongola wathyola kkk

  32. rif says:

    kaninso nkhani mukumatilemberazi zimakhala zabodza? Shaaa, my regrets! Kutinamiza kuti azungu anamukana, mukutilakwilatu.

  33. Get rid of him policy in DPP. You can send a party vice president to the embassy. The aim was to appoint another person. That was it and unfortunately, Ntaba has realised too late.

  34. Patriot says:

    Mmalo motukula dziko lino akukanganira ma udindo a Vice ndi Pulezidenti mu 2019.
    I Prophecy: Ntaba will not complete 2015 as a member of DPP, and many other with him are going to reposition themselves in other parties.
    My second prophecy: I see IMPEACHMENT.

  35. Mavi patako says:

    A ntaba, sign yoti sakukufunani mu DPP.

  36. Nanchunjule says:

    Ntaba ndiofunika akhalepo ndipo tinalakwitsa kuti spite kunja nthawi ya mavutoi adziwanamiza anthu kkkkkkkkkkk

  37. Edwin Bright says:

    Am trying to make myself believe that its really a serious personal issue otherwise we are wasting each other’s time and infact LACK OF SERIOUSNESS on our part. I cannt imagine how disappointed i will when i discover the reasons to be immaterial.

  38. Lawyers says:

    DPP politics of ejecting members by sending them away. It did not make sense to send the whole party president to work abroad.

  39. kuzuzikatu ndimoyo kumeneko

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