Britain routing Malawi aid through non-direct budgetary channels

Britain continued to support Malawi with aid though not  routing that support through the Government but continues with a large programme of support to reduce poverty and assist poor people across the country through  other channels with MK47 billon  injected.

Britain High Commissioner Nevi speaking to reporters at Sanjika Palace after meeting with President Mutharika

Britain High Commissioner Nevi speaking to reporters at Sanjika Palace after meeting with President Mutharika

The British High Commissioner to Malawi, Michael Nevin said London did not want the  poorest people to  suffer further as a result of “cashgate” that triggered withdraw of budgetary support,  saying the aid is being injected through non-government systems to continue supporting Malawi’s social and development sectors, among them, education and health.

He said UK would provide about $100 million (around K42 billion) through non-direct budgetary channels.

Nevin told reporters after the two-hour meeting with Malawi President Peter Mutharika at Sanjika palace on Monday.

Britain will resume budgetary support to Malawi  government but has given conditions that Lilongwe should conduct public sector and public finance management reforms, pursuing Cashgate suspects, guaranteeing the independence of the criminal justice system, changes of leadership of some oversight and accountability institutions and providing more resources to them.

“So far, we are pleased with the public service reforms that the President has initiated. We are also happy with the work that the Minister of Finance is doing to clean up the public finance management systems. We wish to see this work completed,” said Nevin.

During a debate in the British parliamentary upper chamber, the House of Lords, on October 23 2014, Department for International Development (DFID) spokesman in the House, Baroness Northover said UK support TO Malawi creates educational opportunities for girls and boys, supplies life-saving drugs to the health sector, tackles under nutrition in young children and in people living with HIV, and provides vital inputs to farmers.

“We are delivering significant demonstrable results for poor people. Since 2011, the United Kingdom has helped more than 350,000 women to access family planning services. By 2015, more than 400,000 women will have improved access to security and justice. By 2016, we will have ensured that 750,000 more people have access to safe, clean water. Our support enabled 5.2 million people to vote in recent general and local elections,” reads Northover’s contribution as recorded in the Hansard of that day.

She said the results are underpinned by important transformational changes: governance reforms, health systems improvement, transparency and accountability for citizens, and girls’ and women’s empowerment.

“We enable households and communities across Malawi to build resilience to climate change and chronic food insecurity. However, we are well aware of the need… for people to have jobs. That is vital,” the Hansard quotes Northover as saying.

Malawi is running a zero-aid financial plan and Nevin said London is prepared to help Lilongwe to emerge from aid dependency to self-sustenance.

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24 thoughts on “Britain routing Malawi aid through non-direct budgetary channels”

  1. Favour says:

    Depending on donors has made our leaders dull.They can’t think of ways how our country can develop.Look,we have our beautiful lake with fresh waters but taps are always dry.Believe me munthu akasiya kuthandizidwa nzeru zimabweramo then we shall see Malawi developing.

  2. nick says:

    I wrote an article recently on Cashgate and International Aid and predicted that British aid will now go entirely into NGOs in Malawi and will be even more difficult to control fom London than when it went to government ministries in Lilongwe. That is what is now happening. Until DFID does the actual work on the ground in Malawi ( which it cannot do) and delivers aid directly to poor families, there will always be huge leakages into the pockets of the rich and powerful. No-one in Malawi or in Britain will ever believe the obvious fact that —- AID IS BAD!!!

  3. Thanks Mr President posawanyengelera your silence is killing them,we can do without them there’s always a plan

  4. E says:

    My free advice to APM, the development partners are able to see very far. They cant be cheated. They know that the cashgate’s effective year is 2005. They do not think you are serious when you talk of cashgate only with effect from 2012. They also watch all your moves and style of how you are also helping yourself from government coffers.

    They watch your Attorney General’s lack of seriousness in cases in which your home Lomwes claim and awarded billions of Kwachas. How on this earth could an unsuccessful bidder be awarded for failing to clinch the deal? How about other unsuccessful bidders? Were they also awarded billions of Kwachas. If not, why?

    How on this earth could one claim billions of Kwachas from government for loss of his goods and business in a riot by general public and be awarded the same? Sir APM the world is watching you and it thinks this is your own style of helping yourself from government coffers more so that the claimant is the staunch DPP supporter and he dominates government deals.

  5. Shaaz says:

    Malawian should know that time has come for Malawians to look inside themselves in order to solve their problems. Britain is broke, they have their own mountains of problems.

  6. yes says:

    This is a good development, unlike seeing some lady build a huge house with money meant to help the poor!

  7. No wonder and maybe system stealing right from the top men can stop. Our politicians have no sense of responsibility for the poor.

  8. Sanya Ngumbi says:

    The British can go to hell with their aid. Malawi’s friend indeed China will continue providing aid; building beautiful roads, beautiful universities; magnificent national stadiums; parliament building; five star hotels and University of Mombera in Mzimba etc. Can you ask the British to name one thing they have done in Malawi and they will not point at anything. Shame on Britain

    1. jimbo says:

      Britain has been pouring aid into Malawi for 50 years since Independence. Prior to that when Malawi was the Nyasaland Protectorate Britain stopped the slave trade in Malawi. The British also established the civil service, the postal service, the education service, and a health service (hospitals, clinics, etc.). They also built roads and a railway to the coast and put passenger boats on the Lake. They established a police service, a judiciary and an army. Where would Malawi be without the British? Sanya Ngumbi you are talking through your hat. Please don’t show everyone your ignorance.

  9. Wanganyewanganye mtumbuka says:

    Nobody is perfect. Many NGOs are also crooks. The targeted beneficiaries do not benefit. What they know is to cook false indicators and reports. These need external auditors too.

  10. nick says:

    The usual nonsense from International Aid agencies in Malawi like DFID !! The essence of it is that we (DFID) have been doing the Malawian government’s own job (in Health, Education etc) and if we are not allowed to continue doing that job then Malawians will have no Health or Education. Do we really believe that the ex-colonial power in Malawi is the only one which can rule Malawi, fifty years after independence?? Do we really believe that the money Britain saves the Malawian government from spending to do its own job will go to good causes in Malawi ?? Cashgate suggests something else !!
    C’mon Malawi. Get back on your feet!
    Corrupt Malawian politicians and their followers in the UK House of Lords should not be allowed to hold a gun to the head of a poor Malawian child or woman (as in the old gangster movies) announcing that if the money doesn’t come to them the kid’ll get a bullet in the head !!
    C’mon Malawi

  11. Mr Chasowa Fredrick says:

    Malawi has done well to introduce the zero aid budget and stop relying on donors like Britain . If Malawi had implemented the zero deficit budget introduced in 2010 Malawi would be somewhere by now Malawi made a big mistake to abandon the zero deficit budget All these donors , namely USA, UK and others have there own domestic challenges that they cannot assist developing countries Imagine the UK is even failing to pay its financial contribution to the EU because of financial challenges it is facing . I hope many of you have followed what the Prime Minister of UK has said on this issue of UK financial contribution to the EU The High Commissioner here is talking about K47 billion as assistance from UK to Malawi. This is not much and if Malawi is serious this can be raised locally to assist the poor Malawians.
    Malawians let us continue to work hard and we should be like countries such as Kenya which does not rely on these donors to raise salaries for public servants and its MPs. We appreciate what these donors have done to us for all these years and continue to do to Malawi but we should also make some efforts to assist ourselves I salute all the donors for there unwavering support to our country.

  12. John says:

    Goodall is also the main culprit here! He has wasted a lot of money due to his poor judgements, and his defence on all his contracts he approved that ended up being useless is ” i did it for Malawi”. Pathetic!!

  13. mboma says:

    Thank u britain, these political bastards have to chew their fingers now, NGO have the money , this is like USA which is private sector driven!!!!!!!!

  14. Blessed Banda says:

    Can they highlight what the NGOs are doing and how the projects will improve the livelihood of the poor. Funding homesexuality will not change the livelihood of people. NGOs are also corrupt. Accountability is extremely minimal.

  15. William Matewere says:

    After 50 years of indepedence I feel its just about time we got weaned and start doing our own things. We have begged from the British for far too long. I believe Malawi is capable of running its show only if we defeated greed among ourselves. Imagine just 60 people were able to feast on over MK20 billion of our resources and if this money had been put into investment we could have made a lot of gains out of it.
    I think its now about time we add the defeat of corruption to our national anthem. Let us put down hunger, disease, greed and corruption from our country.

  16. john k black says:

    This shows there is no such thing as a zero aid budget. Without foreign aid we would be doing even worse. Thanks to our rulers.

  17. Big brain says:

    Trying to remain relevant azungu awa!

    Malawians let’s not relent from working hard to rely on donors

    We need to work, research on locally available medication

    Improve productivity on all aspects

    Manufacturing China did the same what’s wrong with us

    We can do it and surplus everyone else but we need to work hard and establish systems

    1. khamani!! says:

      Relevant to who ? Are you kidding ?

  18. loveness says:

    so basically we poor Malawians are not benefiting anything from our government, our hard earned money which we donate to our government by paying tax is not known where it is being used if Britain is claiming that they are running different programmes for poor people, Please Malawi government can you account as to where you are using our money.

  19. Abiti Mtila says:

    But how sure are you that this money will go to the beneficiaries? DId you know that some NGOs are into the Cashgate as well? Some NGOs are even worse than the Civil Servants! They have built mansions using donors money! Watch out. The devil you know is better than the one you don’t know!

  20. Phwitiko says:

    Bravo Britain for the support but never give Peter & DPP thugs for they are founders cashgate because all PP members were DPP. 92 billion must be investigated & cases be prosecuted successfully then donor aid can be given

  21. Anabiyeni says:

    Thank u Britain n sorry to the scavengers that will not be able to get their hands on this precious aid.

  22. Not Anjenjenjeman says:

    Kamuna wa Queen. Osaopa kumuuza mfwiti ngati muja achitira chakorwa. Zilibwinobe Ma NGOs ndinthawi yanu ponyani proposals to DFID mnsanga.

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