Bullets coaches’ contract runs out: Malawi champions to engage new tacticians

Malawi top league TNM Super League champions Big Bullets have dropped a bombshell by announcing that the tenure for the coaches contract has run out after leading the People’s Team to their first title in nine years.

Out of contract: Bullets technical panel

Out of contract: Bullets technical panel

The team also completed a double after earlier winning the Carlsberg Cup.

Bullets General Secretary Harold Fote said coach Elia Kananji, his assistants Mabvuto Lungu, Lloyd Nkhwazi, Swadick Sanudi, team manager Fundi Akidu and Technical Director Billy Tewesa the panel was hired on a season long deal should reapply to be considered for a new term of office.

Fote said their contract expired on December 6, the last day the team wrapped up the season against Blantyre United in which they won 3-0 at Kamuzu Stadium.

“We salute Kananji and his backroom staff for a job well done but their tenure has come to an end. If they are interested to continue, they will have to reapply,” Fote said.

The development comes while Kananji is with the Malawi Under-17 national team in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe at the Africa Union Region Five Games.

The executive has also disclosed that the temporary contract of Burundian coach Nsanzarwimo Ramadhan with the team has also run out.

Ramadhan based in South Africa was engaged on October 1 for an initial one-month deal but extended it to see off the team’s season campaign.

He said the executive would determine whether it was necessary to have him back.

In a related development FAM has disclosed that Bullets should have coaches with Caf coaching qualifications if they still harbor the ambition of playing in the Caf tournament.

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33 thoughts on “Bullets coaches’ contract runs out: Malawi champions to engage new tacticians”

  1. Makhalapwiya says:

    Ai. Eliya kananji is going nowhere. The guy is good. Bullets timakonada, so is Eliya Kananji.Even Mr Makhalapwiya will not allow that.Others can go but not Eliya Kananji!!!

  2. bwampini says:

    If we let Kananji go,then mulungu atikhululukile.

  3. Phwexy says:

    Maule ndikawawa….. Be careful if time is there make Kananji a CAF coach…. We may lose everything here…… God bless bullets…

  4. Gwede says:

    Kananji ndi dolo mungopanga renew contract yake pompopompo then mumupangitsire upgrade nkhani yatha.

  5. yungsai says:

    malawi wakeup ngat sitikumva tiyenera kufunsa cotract ngat yapanga expire ndimomwe zimakhalira then zili ndiiwowo kuwatenganso kapena ayi koma sikuti awachotsa ntchito koma zomwe anagwiritsana zathera pompo.kkkkkk nanenso ndili ndimwai okafunsira ntchito ya u coach bola cv yabho evn omwewo ngat akuzidalira y not.lets jst say thanks Allah for everything in this season.

  6. Kadakwiza says:

    As a Big Bullet fan, I would like the management to keep the winning team. Keep Kananji please ndakupemphani a Fote chonde.

  7. Peter Benga says:

    I wish the whole technical could reapply.To me this has been the cream.You know our team has been insulted for seasons and seasons.God bless maule

  8. John says:

    Elia is a good coach there4r he shud reaply a new deal contract

  9. Umbava wayamba kale says:

    Kodi wanena kuti awachotsa anthuwa ndani? Kumamvetsa zinthuzi pulizi. Akutitu maugwirizano (contracts) amene anasayinirana ndianthuwa ananafika pamapeto. Chatsala apa ndikupanga ma contract ena.

    1. DPG says:

      Contract expire my foot. This is just a gimmick. We all know this so called executive is favouring a foreign coach who unfortunately denies being foreign. Why have they let the contracts to run out in the first place? From the performance of this technical team, they deserve a renewal. Why asking them to reapply if I may ask? that’s an insult to the technical team. My warning to Msungama and Fote is; please trade carefully here.

  10. Virus Lwazi says:

    Congulats to BB for winning the double?

  11. mwana mulopwana says:

    what kind of management system is this Mr Fote, and Mr Msungama, I fail to understand your system, anywherein the world people will always maintain a wining team , I fail to understand , it is high time to give you an exit door if you think you are clever, I have followed Kananji while he was at BT united and the same thing applies to the way he has handled BB,

    Fote and Msungama mwandigwa sopano

  12. Chiwambo says:

    If this comes bcoz u want a coach who have CAF qaulifications no problem,but if u want to ignore Kananji bcoz of a Burundian Caoch aa!shame on you.

  13. zomba boyz says:

    I cograts bullets

  14. opportunist says:

    Can u send Ramadan away from this team otherwise he will divide us

  15. Kasiya boy says:

    Am noma fan but wats wrong with kananji? Munthu wakuchotsani uchitsiru wanu osatenga league zaka 9 lero mukufuna mbulundi vuto lanu aFOTE NDI A KONDI NDICHANI?

  16. Wezzie Ngwira says:

    Let them continue.MY TEAM..PEOPLES tTEAM

  17. munthu wabwino says:

    Iwe PJ kumamvetsa nkhani. They are saying the contracts have run-out not that they have been sacked.

  18. Kika Kanawe says:

    When did my beloved team’s executive realise that the team needed coaches with CAF qualifications to participate in the so called CAF competition?Please tell us the truth,just tell us what the team is up to.Don’t destroy our beloved team please.

  19. MMALAWI says:

    mr fote,msungama thats stupid

  20. innocent says:

    Kondi and fote mumva kuwawa season ino .

  21. Kangankude says:

    Useless bullets executive,,,nthawi yomweyi mwaiwala kale,mukunamizidwa ndi Ramadhan.let me warn u this may b ur downfall,jst try and do that muone mmene mugwere next season. Alaaa!

  22. fredrihno says:

    The Million dollar question is does Elija has Caf coarching qualifiction ??if not and we still have to participate in Caf then he can not be the Coach for the peoples team but if we are not participating in Caf then no doult give him another Contract,,he diserve it!!

  23. DPG says:

    Typicla Malawians. We do not honour achievements rather useless papers that may either have been obtained crookedly. That’s why we have people sitting in big offices but not being relevant at the end of the day its Mother Malawi that suffers. Why not sending these guys for upgrading courses so that they get the desired papers because we know that they can do the Job, papers or not.

  24. PJ says:

    Why change a winning combination???

    Hope you are not being cheated to hire the useless Msazu who failed miserably in RSA.

    Lets stick to what we have because local is lekker

  25. Chief says:

    Hire them back

  26. kester Kaphaizi says:

    DPP just dont waste our time. Act now useless thugs

  27. Yetson Nkhoma says:

    Eish!! My team let Kananji come back.I give him credit.

  28. kambwali says:

    Basi mwamutaya eliya pa zonse wakuchitilani? Muli ndi tsoka

  29. Mthanda Kalanzi says:

    Bullets, mukamamva matama amakhala chomcho. Panopo mukufuna kuoneka madolo ngati simukudziwa kuti dolo ndi Kananji? Nanunso a Kondi mumangofuna podyera ndalama. Rammadan wachita chiyani chimutengere? Vuto aMalawi timalephera kuchita bwino chifukwa chake nchomwechi.

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