Burundian teen girl commits suicide in Lilongwe

A 14 year-old Burundi national on Sunday (10th January, 2015) was found hanging from a roof of a house at Falls Estate location in Lilongwe.

Lilongwe Police Station Public Relations Officer (PRO) Inspector Kingsley Dandaula said the Police have identified the deceased as Cynthia Nibyabandi who until her death was staying with her parents at Falls Estate in Lilongwe.

Dandaula said the deceased’s father Kamwanawasha Amiable, businessman had gone to his shop leaving the deceased, her sister and his wife at home when the incidence happened.

“At around 10:30 on Sunday morning her father who was at his shop was notified by his wife that Cynthia was found hanging on the roof of the house and her father reported the matter to Lilongwe Police who took the body to the Kamuzu Central Hospital mortuary pending postmortem,” said Dandaula.

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17 thoughts on “Burundian teen girl commits suicide in Lilongwe”


    Shame. Evil spirits to blame.

  2. nyalebuli says:

    Very sad…..being a girl not good.

  3. Walks-By-Night says:

    One Burundi less ViVA

  4. Rodriguas says:

    My heart bleeds for the death but why falls and not Dzaleka? Investigation should be twofold; for the death and entry, residence and business or work permit. Tamvana makhoba?

  5. innocentphiri says:

    I wonder we malawian we one when it come to hate foreigns, but we are full all over southren Africa staying without docoment.

  6. Karenzo says:

    I am a Burundi national living in BT. The father of the deceased is my friend. However he behavior could have been contributed to the suicide of the poor young girl. The man married a second wife and the mother of the deceased decided to divorce. since then they have been going thru misery life up until the young girl decided to come to her dad’s place so to continue school. However, things didn’t work as planned bcz she has been severely mistreated by the step mom. So I guess this is one possible reason for the girl to end her own life. I will know much if I go to see the bereaved family on Wednesday.
    Cynthia RIP

  7. el chapo says:

    ok, izo zachitika ndipo sorry. now tifufuzeno ziphaso zanu ma burundinu. muli ndi chilolezo chanji chokhalila ku falls? why aren’t you at dzeleka refugee camp? how did you escape and have the money to start a business and rent a house at falls? business and residency permit mu.ayipeza bwa?

    i may sound cruel but seriously, the worst enemy to malawi is malawians. timangolola alendo azitidyera masuku pamutu. the stupid, corrupt, opportunistic immigration officers can’t see that they’re denying their own children future job opportunities because of a few hundred dollars.

    does anyone on this forum know of any malawian with a shop in burundi? rwanda? nigeria?

    1. Che Wanimiliyoni says:

      Anthu akuda always jealous with fellow black foreigners. Why u dont you ask the resident permits of all these “Indians” staying in this country is because they are whites and shud have the papers but this one just bcoz he is a “Burundi” then he cannt have the papers hence must be at Dzaleka…foot!

      1. el chapo says:

        hey idiot, che wanimillion; my comment is direct response to the article above. do you see anyting about an indian in it? if the article was about a mwenye suicide, i would have replied accordingly. i would advise you in future to read, think, process, understand then comment. iwetu pamayeso udzayankha zinthu zoti sunafunsidwe.

  8. Che Wanimiliyoni says:

    May the soul of young Cynthia RIP. On another note unrelated to Cynthia death let me advise parents against subjecting impregnated school going teenagers to inhumane treatment just as if they’ll give birth to a dog. Many girls undergo unsafe abortions, others runaway from their families and start prostitution and worse still others commit suicide to avoid being rediculed by parents or being dumped to the empregnator she doesnt love. What’s so funny is that our culture is largely matrimonial {chikamwini} but we dump the girl at the empregnator’s house where she will be ku chitengwa and be ill-treated by inlaws. Why not drag the empregnator to the young girls home?

  9. Mbuya says:

    Any suicide note left?

  10. advisory committee says:

    But why was she prgnant?

  11. Tengupenya says:

    What evidence pointed to suicide? It could as well be murder.

  12. Mwenecho says:


  13. Ephraim says:

    Oh shii thts worse.mm How dId It happen that she managed to sacrIfice her soul while she wasn’t alone at home,may the Investigators dig more about the IncIdent and post a lot about it so that we can also understand ….. May the Lord AlmIghty allow her soul to rest in peace…….

  14. enoch says:

    Why doing that

  15. Chikondano says:

    May her soul rest in peace.

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