Burundians implicate Uladi in Immigration racket: ‘ We paid him K2.5 million’

Just weeks after Rwanda nationals revealed authorities that former Home Affairs and Internal Security minister, Uladi Mussa, illegally approved citizenships of hundreds of Rwandese, Burundi nationals have also spilled the beans on how the former minister allegedly  pocketed money from them to approve their application.

Uladi Mussa:  These are cooked up stories

Uladi Mussa: These are cooked up stories

A new docket in Nyasa Times possession indicates that a Burundian, Hakizimana Egide, applied for his citizenship and that of other four family members in September 2013, and paid K2.5 million for Mussa to grant them citizenship.

Egide applications were approved just within a month.

When queried more on what really transpired behind official lines, the Burundians revealed that they met Uladi at his Area 10 residence where they gave him K2.5 million for the five applications.

Realizing that the system was porous, Egide, revealed, he returned within weeks with another application this time with names of nine Rwanda nationals who he claimed are his relations.

Same kind of bribes were made to Mussa who is opposition Peoples Party (PP) acting president, this time through his personal aide, and the applications were approved in March 2014.

According to the Burundians, by the time PP lost the May 2014 elections they had already made another K5million payment to Uladi for the processing of citizenships for ten other people.

When contacted, Mussa feign ignorance of the issue, arguing he never met Egide or any of his relatives.

“I don’t know him. And I don’t know anything about this issue,” argued Mussa.

Asked about the money, the PP leader insisted that that he never pocketed any money and that as minister he had no powers to single-handedly approve any citizenship application and that he only responded to a memo from Immigration Department.

“If government has nothing to do, they should not create these stories. I don’t know the person you are talking about,” insisted Mussa.

Mussa was earlier on exposed by a Rwandese, Eric Banyana, who instead of applying for citizenship for only his wife and children ended up adding six more people on the application list.

However, officials at Immigration Department have rubbished Mussa’s claims, and have launched a probe to get to the bottom of the matter.

The influx of Rwanda and Burundi nationals in the country’s major cities and trading centres has persistently worried locals who wonder why and how these foreigners acquire citizenship, land and business permits without following procedures.

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39 thoughts on “Burundians implicate Uladi in Immigration racket: ‘ We paid him K2.5 million’”

  1. Mzozodo says:

    Golo, get this right. Most of these people came to Malawi as refugees. There are some Burundi and Rwandese who had passports with Business Resident Permits stamped in them. They decided to apply for citizenship after staying here for the required period, and they were granted. These ones have no case to answer. Deus in Area 18, Selemani in bwalo la njobvu are some of them. But to become a citizen from a refugee status is not possible under the Immigration Act, unfortunately, most of them came here as refugees. There might be p[olitical witch hunt, yes, but ULADI has a case to answer.

  2. WAMISALA says:

    NATION ?,??


  3. Kusadziwa says:

    Can you find out the time Seven Eleven came to Malawi and the time they got their citizenships ? From the the time Malawi came to have what is called democracy many foreigners got citizenships without going into proper ways of applying for citizenships. In other countries for any foreign person if he wants to get a citizenship he or she has to appeal in national papers they advertise for a month in order to get views from other people not the way they do in Malawi.

  4. cymru says:

    People should not rush making certain conclusions. Lets wait for the Immigration Department to complete the investigations. I believe not every one is corrupt in Malawi and the good seed will make sure that the truth is known. Politics should be distanced from this allegation. Lets respect the laws of Malawi and the justice delivery system. If politicians cook stories to tarnish or put in trouble their opponents, the justice delivery system will expose that. Every citizen whether politician or not is likely to be corrupted depending on his or her ‘umunthu’.

  5. Mathews Simbi says:

    A Uladi musakane, anthu wonsewa a m’MALAWI munowa angangotchula inu nokha basi?

  6. Machecheta says:

    Arrest all corrupt Rwandans and Burundians who acquired their Malawian citizenship corruptly.

  7. Malawian says:

    If Mr. Mussa is suspected of receiving bribes, he should be tried for him to prove his innocence. For those that claim to have offered the bribe, they should immediately be arrested (assuming offering a bribe is a crime as receiving the same). their citizenship too should be evoked because it was obtained illegally.

    By the way, what is govt. waiting for when the culprits have clearly said they broke the law? If no action is being taken on those foreigners, should we really rule out the possibility that they (the foreigners) have only been hired by the govt. machinery?

  8. spectator says:

    Anthu a ku Rwanda ndi Burundi anayamba kulandira ma citizenship kuno Uladi asanakhale nduna ngakhalenso amwenye obwera muma container alandira ma work permit chakachinowa si Uladi musa. Kodi nkhani mukuiyambayi muikwanisa ikatuluka list yonse ya amwenye ndi ma Lebanese omwe mukuwapasa ma work permit a muma shop. Kodi tikakufunsani Ku amwenye anakamanga university Ku Rwanda mmalo mwa kulilongwe munama kuti chani Ana anjoka inu. Anthu odana ndiziko la Malawi.

  9. All citizenship obtained after 1993 should be revoked and the foreigners should reapply. Because he’s not the only one who did this corrupt practice in 2002 mugasa had a malawaian passport having stayed here for 2 months and the time he was caught by the police he had other nations passports too so are these guys for real or thieves. Go to mchesi, along blantyre road and mchinji road all the properties are theirs how?

  10. Tony says:


  11. Nambewew says:

    we now need to get strict about giving citizeship to other people! we have not got enough land. They are atttracted to our country because we are peaceful now they come here with their bad manners, they rape, they steal! malawi never used to have organised crime!

    We need to close our borders and look after our own!

  12. Nmbewe says:

    Can I ask Parliament to legislate that for every singlke transaction in malawi a receipot should be given so that people can prove what they say they paid. If anybody fails to give a receipt refuse to pay them and alsoreport them to authorities for appropriate punishment!!!!!

    Whats wrong with malawians you sell the country fro 2.5 million????

  13. Myao says:

    Ma Nkurizizawo ndi ma Kagamewo nawonso ACB iwakwidzingwe lest last thing we’ll hear is they were sent by govt.

  14. golo says:

    This is just political witch hunting! Where were these Rwandese and Burundians all this time? Why talk now. I smell a rat. Are these real Rwandese or Burundians saying this ?Applying for citizenship now as a foreigner is not an issue in fact other countries even invite citizen application as long as the person applying can contribute to the development of the country whether through economic or social activity. So all you people saying these people should have their citizenship revoked are living in dark ages….these people applied and were granted citizenship status ..records are there. To say that Uladi pocketed money please prove with evidence otherwise its just a wild goose chase.

  15. patrick says:

    uladi u r a disgrace to the nation.then u expect and think that Malawians wanna vote for u.Allah won’t accept.

  16. Chenji Golo says:

    Dear Uladi Mussa kapena kuti Chenji Golo. Apatu ndiye uli m’madzi khatikhati. Sindikuchotsela ukalowa basi. Uziwenso kuti ntchito yako ya upulezidenti yatha Kamlepo naye apeze mpando. Iwetu unaoneka kuchenjera kwako nkopusa. Anzako adya ma Billion ku Cashgate pamene iwe umalimbana ndi ma million a ma refugees Kupusa.

  17. Ooooooooh shammmmmme Mr big mouth,
    Inu munyongedwe basi,Malawi pano ili mmavuto chifukwa cha anthu ngati inu ndi Joyce Banda

  18. dayo arab says:

    its now high time to awake,without dout,political leaders like mussa must be proscuted if the proofs are rectified.law must take its course!,

  19. Peeping lizard says:

    Uladi anagulisa dziko mlandu wake ndiwa treason basi pamenepa .amakonda kunena anzake .basi azipita kumaula azikadikilira mlandu

  20. More FIRE says:

    Malawians , let’s be very serious. Very serious indeed on this issue. If I may ask, what could have been the sore reason for the whole Home Affairs Minister in doing this in terms of our security as a piece loving country considering that those who were bribing him were from ethininic war torn countries.Isn’t this TREASONOUS!!!

  21. More FIRE says:

    Munaoneka TUKUMU-TUKUMUMU kudziwa kuti mukudya pomomwe simunalime. BEMUDA yosakukhalaniyo, angomva kuti imadya pomwe ayimangilila,!!! Nnaga munakakhalitsa m’mobamamo ndiye Malawi akanawolelatu. Kamlepo!! “More Fire”

  22. More FIRE says:

    Sizochedwanso apa!! Kamlepo should indeed take over pendinding serious investigations. Hon Kalua may be considered talkative to those who know him less but he is very patriotic to Malawi and bold enough to hld the toughest bull by its horns. Malawians its time for cleaning up. we’ve suffered more than enough from these hypocrites. The long arm of the law should get hold and scortch these hynas in sheep’s skins. HELP US GOD

  23. beach dog says:

    Kodi Honeycomb Chidyauzu, kodi iwe ndi Ken Nsonda eti? Iwe ndiwe Ken Nsonda basi! Zomwe walembazo zikhuzana bwanji ndi DPP? Trivia iri pati pamenepa popeza nkhaniyi ndi yoona? Ku DPP’ko, tandimvani, data bezi yanu musaitseke ayi. Nkhani iyiyo ipite momwemo. Nonse olemba nkhani ku State House, ikumbuleni nkhani imeneyi kuti tipeze mavote 2019.

  24. Phwisa says:

    Any patriotic Malawian would wish to see all citizenships given to all African applicants between 1994 to date revocked. We have been wondering why even our parliament does not regard the influx of these people as an issue. It it were in other countries Uladi would have already been arrested and this would even motivate more to reveal more. Govt should thank the Rwandees/Burundians by arresting Uladi forthwith and confiscate his property on money laundering. But stupid Malawians, Stupid Parliament, stupid police, stupid me

  25. Abiti Nchila says:

    This Madrassa teacher also got lots of money from Nigerians for bonyaland passports.

  26. Victim Sankho says:

    Where were they all this time? This is government working to weaken the opposition.
    Shameless DPP!!

  27. al hajh says:

    I suggest the citizenship status for these Burundians and Rwandees be revoked if law has provision for that. Then these foreigners should go to Uladi and ask for their money back. In this case we can know who really “ate” the money.

  28. chiwa kogoya says:

    No need to revoke the application remember we also do apply for citizenship in foreign countries like south Africa.
    My advise is whoever responsible for illegal tendaces they must face the law.

  29. UFULU says:

    Mussa out, Kamlepo take over. Kamplepo is clean. He is just too talkative, a charicter which leaders aught to avoid. A leader serves for a long time if and only if, he is well disciplined and not like Uladi or Kamplepo. Kamlepo should learn to be patient and be the last to comment than be the first.
    Chwee mwana chwee!!!

  30. pavanyako dozidozi says:

    No wonder go deeper more mess was left.Most pipo again from somalia Luanda changed their citizenry to be known as Burundi while in true sense they are not from Burundi then got Malawi citizenship

  31. Chiongolero says:

    Just revoke those applications and send the foreigners back to their motherland. As for our own Mussa, just leave him out of the political window by not voting for him and his PP again in the future.

  32. makani omwe akupanga mussa amupweteketsa chifukwa ali busy kutukwana anthu oti sizikuwakhuza ngati iyeyu ndi osalakwa angodikira akhoti akaweruze koma kuti azilankhula moopseza chonchi mumuonera ameneyi atha ngati makatani galu ameneyi

  33. Achiphwisi chamussa says:

    Mbuzi imadya pomwe aimangilira.. Inu mumati atani? Amangidwe basi

  34. Honeycomb Chidyauzu says:

    Every well meaning Malawian can know that this is political persecution. Leave Uladi alone and deal with the numerous problems the country is facing. DPP is a party of failures. Don’t waste time with trivia.

  35. godfrey says:

    Tiyenazo change golo pano ndiye uliyang’anitsa kuti gololo?

  36. wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaaa!!!! says:

    Agwe nazo Mussa uyu, kapena athawa ngati Masteni ache, JB. Kikikikikikiest.
    kolapushoni amachiat ku PP kuja sazaisiya anthu amenewa!

  37. Benjones says:

    INVISTIGATE mussa’s period in office .

  38. Nkalo says:

    Mukati ‘without following procedures’ ndiye kuti chiyani. Inu nomwe mukuti they applied to Immigration Dept, isn’t that a procedure?

  39. siso says:

    Malawian leaders kkkkk full ov corruption n selfish,,,,

Comments are closed.

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