Bushiri acquires second plane: Malawi prophet cleared in South Africa probe

South Africa-based Malawian prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) has grown wings and he is flying unstoppably above hate after adding another major purchase on his heavy list of toys. Forget the red Bentley or that black Porsche Panamera , Bushiri is flying higher and higher with his new Aeroplane ZS-VIP.

Bushiri: New private plane

Bushiri: New private plane

Bushiri's church packed with worshippers

Bushiri’s church packed with worshippers

Congregants at Bushiri's ECG

Congregants at Bushiri’s ECG

National Airways Corporation (NAC) a commercial aviation company in South Africa confirmed to Nyasa Times that Bushiri has finalised the purchase of the plane on Wednesday, November 25, 2015.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Ministries public relations officer Kelvin Sulungwe  said the purchase of the Gulfstream plane is a “prophetic growth” for the ‘Papa Major 1.’

“The prophet is a man of example. We thank God for the news at hand and Him alone can prove to the whole world of His greatness. This only serves as a motivation factor to all Christians out there. It’s very real and possible to be a man of God and able to excel in personal life,” explained Sulugwe.

This is the second aeroplane that Prophet Bushiri – a man who is now popularly called ‘Major 1’ in Christian circles – has  purchased this year.

According to Sulugwe, the Aeroplane will help facilitate the prophet’s travels.

“The prophet is a mobile man. He travels a lot across the world preaching the gospel and this new Gulfstream will do him so much good by making his travels easier,” said Sulugwe.

He confirmed that the plane – estimated to have cost millions of US Dollars – will be handed to the Prophet within the next 14 days at a public event.

Meanwhile, Bushiri’s church has been cleared by South Africa’s Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural‚ Religious and Linguistic Communities, on investigations it has been conduction on churches in that country in an alleged commercialised selling of religion.

ECG has been cleared on allegations that it charges congregants 5000 rand (K202,391) for divine sessions with the ‘Major 1’.

“ECG-Pretoria has a membership of over 30 000 people that come to attend our weekly services. No one has ever been asked to pay a fee to meet the prophet during all our weekly services,” Sulugwe said.

He said following the growth of the church “at an alarming rate,” it continues to attract thousands of people from outside South Africa who, though not obligated, pay to be hosted by the church.

According to Sulugwe, Prophet Bushiri has nothing to do with this as he is only concerned with preaching while all prearrangements of the international visitors are done by an independent body chosen by the church, saying “we don’t stress. We relax.”

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151 thoughts on “Bushiri acquires second plane: Malawi prophet cleared in South Africa probe”

  1. kamfwiyo trig.point says:

    munthu salimushe, akanakhala sing ‘nanga akupaseni zitsamba kuti mukalemela koma iye ali mbuuu inu nkumakhulupilira.osazifutsa bwanji iye ndiosauka koma akuti ndikalemera. go deeper man of God, God Bless you

  2. deborah says:

    Major one is doing justice to our world, poor souls are being saved by Shepered Bushuri

  3. I believe so much in Major 1 s supernatural powers. He is highly spirited Man Of God ,ordinary people will not understand his powers unless they accept Jesus Christ and believe that He is our Saviour. Lets not worry about them cos they do not read the holy bible. If you believe in Jesus Christ, you will not judge Major 1.

  4. I believe so much in Major 1 s supernatural powers. He is highly spirited Man Of God ,ordinary people will not understand his powers unless they accept Jesus Christ and believe that our Saviour. Lets not worry about them cos they do not read the holy bible.

  5. Long live major 1 i’m behind you God should continue bless you ubundantly and keeps on doing the good work of our God

  6. LEOLA says:

    If anyone thinks that he gets money from the congregation, then it shows how wicked and weak people are. He has businesses and He teaches people how to be good and best business people. Yes, He prays for people to be rich! Is it wrong to be rich? Was it wrong for King Solomon to be the richest and wisest King? Everything thing He teaches comes from the Bible and I wonder which Bible people are reading!! People are infested with so much hatred and judgements of things they know nothing about. Who are you to warn the people to be careful? Fast and pray to receive revelations from God. He read and studied the Bible 6 times and you, how many times have you even read one chapter. Aren’t you glad so many people are going to church rather than shebeens. People are seeing the light and you are busy talking about the Prophet’s wealth? So wicked!! God has blessed Him and He will do even Mooooore! If you are concerned about other people starving, why don’t you sell whatever you have so you can provide for them.Maybe you should tell your greedy Government to pray and to feed the poor and while you’re at it, tell them to pray for them so they can be healed in the name of Jesus Christ.

  7. Learn2Fast says:

    Malawians are very gullible. Nyasa Times, you have very sloppy journalistic research procedures. All you had to do is enter the aircraft registration ZS-VIP in google search and you wiould get all the information regarding the aircraft. The aircraft does not belong to Bushiri, it belongs to Medair. Medair is based at Lanseria Airport in Johannesburg SouthAfrica, and thet hires out private jets.

  8. Pats says:

    Jesus did not have a mansion, donkey, even a hut to live in. Why on earth does he have all these things. There busy taking money from poor ppl. And expand their business. Thats church money. U must be ashamed of yourself. Fake prophets

  9. Swiswiri Mbewa says:

    Proud to be associated with successful men of God like Major 1. Let us work hard and be honest and praise the living God.

  10. wilfred Ephraim Ziba says:

    number 132, no wonder you call yourself Safusa because you should have asked where the money used came from, major 1 is an example to every one because he preaches the Word of God at the same time he is a well known business man, am talking about billion dollars business here, if for a second you think the man of God is using church money to buy all what he has then you are wrong. for your own information Major 1 has gold mines not a mine and wells of oil, something you and I will just dream of for the lest of our lives. Say all what you want but it is not going to change they I love my PAPA Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, and why don’t sell what ever you are using to go on internet and give the money to your government, you have done nothing to help this country yet you are accusing the man of God of not doing anything for the country, It’s a shame we Malawians are buy talking bad about our own Prophets forgetting that no matter what God will never fight his own voice, if you read the Bible, the scripture tells us what happened to Miliam when she and Aron accused Moses of marrying an Ethiopian woman. If you are God chosen only God will judge you. MAY GOD CONTINUE BLESSING OUR MAJOR PROPHET.

  11. Abel Hindi says:

    Go Man Of Go, In Your Family you don’t Stress and in Our Church we don’t Stress as well. Love you Man of God

  12. Gaone says:

    Major 1 is a mouth piece of God.God is in him as he was in Moses by the time he was a sent to save people of God from Faro. I believe he is man of God..God in flesh. My request on him is always alive..Major one bless me with job…

  13. Shadreck Ulaya says:

    Why should it be a problem when a man of God is having more money! God bless you major 1, more and more, amene zikumuwawa akakolope panja!

  14. timothy says:

    Mmmmm have no comment

  15. KARU UNITED says:

    Big change @ first we Malawians used to export labour to Afrika du Sud, then we exported sangomas now we are exporting “holy” men. Praise the Lord.

  16. The Patriot says:

    Our political leadershave been beaten clean at ground level! Mmene akufunila ndege agogo a ujeni aja! How they wish they were major 1 themselves! Paja ena aja amati iwo ndi olemera, koma Bushiri wakuposanitu! Nanga inu muli ndi ndege kumpando?

  17. To Mutumbuka, Time will tell, Cash Gate1 and Cbk, et al:
    Major is unprecedentedly a multi billionaire, who has worked hard and earned his wealth from his vast empire of international investments in, inter alia, gold mines, oil Wells, international hotel industry in lucrative tourism destinations in the world famous Caribbean America- the list is inexhaustible. Major1 therefore does not make his cash from offerings and church donations by indigent church goers. It is instructive to observe that Major1 is one of the most generous philanthropists in the world today, recently donating a staggeting USD50 Billion to South Sudan, among many donations. No one talks about this, but you have selectively indulged yourselves in ignorant twaddle.

  18. Patrick keeme says:

    But two JETS for what? He able to fly without wings and add on extra jets on him. Anyway things of those rich in spirit

  19. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    if Bushiri was a white person, people were not going to talk all this shit, but because he is a black African, espcially from a poor village called mzuzu, people are busy castigating him, corner to corner, left to right……. Africans when are we going to end this uncivilized way of living????

  20. safusa says:

    Go on stupid Malawians/Africans make this despot rich| It is the money that you give him thats making him rich. Why cant he rescue Malawians from everything bad that is happening| What has he really done for you lot| Wake up PLEASE|

  21. paul kumwenda says:

    that s my major prophet congratulations

  22. Kavuluvulu says:

    Wasting time. Going to worship at Bushiri ?

  23. OKIROR EDMOND says:

    Major 1 Always Remember me in Your Prayers.

  24. Douglas says:

    Very interesting comments… Some express sour grapes saying these are worldly things. Haaaaha. You fool. You wake up everyday to work. Don’t you? Does that make your money heavenly you hypocrite. God has chosen to demonstrate how complete he can make any man who truly believes. The prophet is announced, wealthy, handsome, and happy, not to mention Sooooo generous. You can either wake up and pray harder or sit back and throw your meaningless criticisms that add to zero…Big is Bid, the man is big in capitals.
    May all who listen and follow under the anointing receive this grace. Amen.

  25. Dau B Motsumi says:

    The more people badmouth the Man of God (our spiritual father for that matter) because of their antiChrist, the more Almighty GOD -the Most High opens the gates of Heaven for us to receive in abundance HIS grace; blessings; glory; favor. It is such a blessings to have you papa MAJOR1..! Your anointing has prepared a table before us in the presence of our enemies. My father in the Lord is not yet Rich..NO..! What he has now I call it the beginning of becoming rich..! I pray that GOD increasingly multiply you my dear prophet in Jesus Name.

  26. solomon says:

    Wow not yet it just is z beginning watch see what God is about to do!

  27. Wellington says:

    The man of God is highly blessed.he is reaping the fruit of his hard work.People must not look at his reaches as it is a blessing from God, they must look at what he is doing to be what he is.Poverty will be there ever and there’s nothing he can do about, it’s not a one man’s solution, government must do something about it.

  28. Nditsheni says:

    i am a young man fromSA my dream is to own my own college the problem is i don’t have money or assistance to start it , have been praying for such dream.. so papa can you help with a strong prayer of yours so that I can be who i wanna be…….

  29. Mushabati john says:

    Prophet shepherd bushiri is my model with my family my God richly bless him and the all church

  30. EPIGLOTIS says:

    Let Almighty God be what he said ” I am who I am”. Amen

  31. phillimon tlhabiwa says:

    I would like to visit E C G for the cross over 2016 please may you tell me who to contact and their phone numbers amen in JESUS NAME

  32. Bushirified says:

    Jesus Christ became power so that we can be rich #Rich_forever Major1 has made it in Christ Jesus… Though his success came like a heart attack to the haters I know its too good to be true but this Young Malwian has made it and has put Malawi on the map… #Major1_Rocks and that’s a fact. To him stress is not a factor.. Forward ever… He’s Got Christ…His got cash in dolas …. This man ayyyy. Blessed…favored…. Graced…loved…. His all that and more…

  33. Daughter of Major1 says:

    Congrats Daddy am so proud of you….I love you sooooo much.

  34. Malakia says:

    i know Job in bible was so blessed and i believe he was a God fearing man yet i know there were people sleeping with empty stomach those days too, but was it to stop him from getting further rich no. should the hard worker and blessed become poor because they are chosen by God to lead his people into salvation and bless the and because some people are using their faith and work hard to acquire their blessings. If if you teaching how to cook should be cooking also. if you are teaching blessings, you must be blessed more so that people my believe.

  35. presence says:

    I pray that God lift u up Papa, and may he rise for you to move from glory to another glory, and show the world how great is our God, i pray for you my father,that all of this negative vibe may not even come close to affecting you, we love you and appreciate you, Thank God for you Papa. We are lucky to have you as our Prophet.
    Major 1 Iyeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

  36. Truth says:

    Why two planes, an aircraft is not like a car. This means as observed rightly before, the first plane was a borrowed one with stickers Bushiri on it. Chepetsani kunama, too much striving on lies is not good for man of God.

  37. tabwerakokapichira says:

    Father, as you are increasing our Major 1 remember me. Congrats Daddie.

  38. Sir Bentby says:

    enanu munazolowera kunyoza atumiki amulungu, koma tilangizanepo apa. Bushiri has donated 50 billion kwacha to Malawi govt. Nde pita akazagula mankhwala mu zipatala sizoti muzizapitako.

  39. sister says:

    Major build roads in the north. your riches are enough to change our country Malawi.

  40. Prince Mathibela says:

    You can badmouth the man of God in which ever way you want but you can’t take the grace of God that is upon him. If you don’t believe that he is a true man of God then why do you even bother talking about him?touch not my anointed one says my bible,as for the man of God never give up saving souls for a gold to be gold it has to go through fire don’t mind them just do your job papa,if you can buy even 30 of them we’re not saving a poor god. Our God is the owner of gold and silver that means He is very rich, if our father is rich we’re also rich.if we throw stones to all the dogs that are barking on us we will never reach our destination.

  41. Odi says:

    That’s my Major Prophet, my spiritual father Iye! Congratulations!

  42. mbongeni gule says:

    We Thank God for all this achievements , I tap to the anointing .God is not looking for poor people he is searching for desperate hearts .This is God at work.

  43. mpho ratanang says:

    Let them talk papa ,u are a true prophet of God,the more they talk is the more God uses u mightily,love u my prophet

  44. dunamis says:

    Being called does not mean you should not be rich as long as you have your own businesses. The poor will always be around. People just like telling other people what to do with their money. Let them do what they please. God made many people rich in the bible and there poor were always there. As long as is not misusing church money, I do not have a problem.

  45. Sapitwa says:

    Yet again appearing on the media for wrong reasons! Nothing wrong to be rich but to praise material that one accumulates is synonymous to praising idols than God. If you really spend time worshiping God,your riches are not materials but the spiritual closeness to God. People, be careful in these final days. You can’t only believe and have faith in The living God after seeing or witnessing a miracle. Even devils have miracles!

  46. mummy says:

    I thank God for your life Papa, I have seen miracles that God has done through you. You bring so much peace in my life may the Lord bless you major 1


    I PRAY.

  48. Jonathan Mwanja says:

    When will we start acknowledging the good things of what this man of god is doing to malawi. Who knew that there is mzuzu in south africa. He is preaching the word of god day and night. He has employed alot of malawians. If he is not againist us is for us.

  49. Thabo meela says:

    If one dedicated his life in the house of the Lord he will have all ,his enemies will watch the cup being refilled, the bible says the Lord will be the Sheppard ,
    yes people are starving ,the question is did major one never starved while doing the work of God, the bible tells us that the harvest in many but the labourers are few, Can God allow you to harvest in the land you never worked in ?
    We need houses and many things but have we remained in his house and dedicated our lives for him to notices our works ?perhaps we have , now the question is are we worthy of his riches ? Have you worked for God with loyalty ,have any of us left our homes to make all nations the desciples of Christ .

    Here is my testimony. . One day I questioned God ‘s presence in my life and the same night I had a vision and God Said I’ve seen you and I’ve heard you and I’m about to bring a change in your life , I was so excited that finally God gas heard my cry but God said tomorrow it will be yoyr last day to live so give me one reason why you should see another day . I the realised that I pray hard seeking his riches but I have not worked enpugh for his glory .
    Major prophet has earned his wealth just as God promised everyone .. his extravagant lifestyle is a simple that king David had the best and is still showing off through major 1 ..
    Blessed me a man serving God whole heartedly .
    Major one I pray that you be blessed and carry the kingdom of God in your heart ..
    Major one do something .
    Thabo meela .. limpopo botlokwa south Africa .

  50. momo says:

    Dont judge until u see by ure own eyes.i went there and i was prayed for and i paid nothing. All im saying is dont judge and i thank god he send him to SA. It is so amazing that people dont mind paying traditional healers while they just throw thier bones on de floor and tells u to pay and on top of it buy cow or goat but u cant give to the house god. Major 1 is grooming i an next to buy my own plane…forward papa forward you go.all they can do is talk about u but they cant touch u..is just pure jealousy…IYEE..on closure major 1 is helping in many ways donating money to assist other countries all over why cant wediscuss about that…POWER IYEE

  51. JEREMIAH says:

    My Prophet do no worry about those who say bad things about God have given a task to open our Eyes. IT IS DONE 1+1= 2

  52. litle marabuh says:

    i the old testament theology shows wealth as sign of Godºs blessings but Jesus came poor and lived a very poor life and he invited his followers to be poor `blessed are the poor….

  53. voice of reason says:

    When God brought into the promise land he didn’t bring just one man but the entire nation. But these days ONLY the man of God prosper. One man I respect is TB Joshua humble servant of God, a giver. What has Major given to South African people since he came here but people must give give to him so he buys more jets. This is not the system of God. The food brought to the temple was meant to feed the poor not to prosper one man. The bible says the gift a of God are irrevocable which is why Jesus said i will say get away from me you workers of iniquity I never knew you. God said you take care of the poor you are lending to me. These jets are there to serve which purpose except his ego. God is not like that.

  54. Son Of Mojor 1 says:

    If You Hate Mojor 1 Its your business.. But You are Welcome to Join Us 31 December At FNB Stadium Come and Recieve

  55. Chifundo says:

    Congratulations Bushiri. To ECG members, remember it’s month end. Please don’t forget to give 10% of your gross pay to Bushiri this Sunday. By the way, don’t forget to buy his merchandise. Annointing water, annointing soap… Thereafter start fasting to get your miracle of financial break through. LOL

  56. ephraim says:

    U will knw dem by dey fruits.take heed tat no one deceives u 4many will cum in my name nd deceive many!!

  57. Davie Phiri says:

    That’s my Papa, Major 1! Power!!!!! We are very proud of our Prophet. We don’t castigate your pastors , when they buy bicycles we don’t get jealousy. Critics will burst as we celebrate Major 1!
    His anointing is flowing in the church, I too, will buy an aircraft ! If my Papa can, why can’t I?

  58. Sandra says:

    It is not for us to judge. Let’s focus on his preaching, his teachings are very powerful. We love u prophet, God will bless you, I like your spirit of ubuntu you are not boosting about your success.

    Continuing with your teachings.Amen

  59. Clifford Major 1 SON says:

    To be in the same arena as our Pappa Major1 Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is enough for you to prosper. Come and experience this for yourselves even if you don’t believe. Come and satisfy your curiosity by coming to FNB STADIUM on the 31 December 2015. We will be having a wonderful crossover service. Your life will never be the same again. During this crossover service your impossibilities will become possibilities. Who better to convince you than yourself. Come and receive your own bottle of The Lion of Judah anointing oil. The anointing of God is able to do impossibilities just believe.

  60. nyasi says:

    All the time u keep cursing Bushiri, how do you feel in your heart and how do u think he feels because he is also a human being born of a woman. Let us respect one another. If you are cursed all the time how can you feel?think about it for a moment

  61. Sandra says:

    It is not for us to judge, let’s listen his preaching, his teaching are very powerful, enjoy God”s words with prophet. Amen

  62. Zisiyeni zikulire limodzi says:

    As a born again, I have friends who are so crazy about prophets and prophesies. I don’t blame them because that’s how they look at their salvation. Suffice to say that Hosea 4:6 is at work. just listen to Prophet Trevor Kautsire enlightening people on the signs of end of times on Kuunika Programme on Sundays, 3:30pm on TVM . If the belief people put in prophets nowadays was channeled towards believing in Jesus Christ, the son of God, many people would be heading to Heaven. Read Mathews Chapter 24. But no-one can stop this because the word has to be fulfilled.

  63. BK. Phiri says:

    We call it living the word. Papa Major1 is the doer of the word. In ECG we don’t apologise for being rich becoz we save God who is the owner of silver and gold.

  64. Alfred Chimenya says:

    We wish you haelth life thus our PAPA here in Mzasi see you week end at ECG Pretoria IYEEEEEEE. POWER.

  65. Bongani says:

    Congratulations to the Man of God, Major 1.May God continue to bless him more and more.

  66. Saulos Phiri says:

    Hahaha pple u believe so much in de power of darkness, de devil can not giv wealth like God does, Jehovah God is able to provide in abundance dan de devil, Our God is not happy to see His pple suffering in poverty, God is limitless, who told u dat God is happy to c u following Him in poverty? why do u believe so much in magic? wealth comes frm God, whether u like it or not but Major 1 Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is going higher en higher everyday becoz He believ God 4 anythng, if u want to learn mo abt His secret its simple just follow Him on prophetic channel, as children of God in ECG we dont stress coz we kno dat God is in control, even me just wait tomorrow u wil b talking of me wen God giv me wealth thru dis annointing of Major 1. Iyeeeeeheeeeh power, you’ll hate papa again en again untill u love him, en remember dat no matter wat but non of His hair will b lost..!!

  67. mpho says:

    I believe that all of us has been given something by our God, it’s how you want to use? If one does not follow something then don’t .why sacrifice someone with what you believe. Let those who does do and if you don’t then it’s fine. In our family we don’t stress, we relax. I luv this man of God big time.

  68. Karabo says:

    May God keep blessing you Majo1 the prophet of generations a.k.a bazooka 🙂 yall haters keep hating he is blessed!!!!!!!

  69. Lesley says:

    Ppl should stop being jealous and judgemental. GOD will never bless us in the same way equally. All we should do as ppl we should just count our blessings and stop comparing ourselves with others because we are not the same . congratulations major 1 on ur purchase. It’s a good example that when believe in GOD .HE will make wonders in our lifes. Iyeeeee

  70. daph says:

    Do not touch my annoited ones…so says the Lord.my God bless you more papa.

  71. CLIFF CHENA says:

    Go daddy go ,our God is rich proof is come see my papa major prophet shepherd bushiri .And to you all who hate the prosperous ways of my papa we can come buy you all and your family members to Jesus Christ …..am a major1 die hard!!!! +27 612728713

  72. CLIFF CHENA says:




  73. daniel says:

    Osamangonyoza achuluka onyoza kwambiri ndi azibusa ,tazifunsani mumpingo mwanu muli anthu angati nanga liti munayambata?kusoweka kwa ku zoza muzikhala choncho mmabwalo a onyoza (salmo 1v1and 2.

  74. Sekuru T says:

    Major 1, do something.I am a son of Major 1, do something.

  75. Ndiimafhi Richard Thizwilondi says:

    Thanks to the man of God helping us as a nation through the word of God. above all may our God bless you and ur family. Amen

  76. selfish decision says:

    How many individuals have bought aeroplanes before him. ?
    I see nothing strange here hence no news. Let him preach true gospel from the bible we are not interested in his miracles . What will one benefit from miracles ? Many people are performing miracles and what’s so special with his miracles
    You will realise but by then it will be too late.
    Wake up you still sleeping

  77. Felix Huios says:

    Big up to papa Major! for such a great achievement..

    This shows that as sons and daughters our future is so bright, we will soon own airports.

  78. phanuel says:

    Major 1 you are indeed man of god let those who judges you die in poverty because is not their place to judge but god s place.arise and shine, arise and rule the world.arise and deliver people from kingdom of darkness in the mighty name of jesus

  79. Sindisa says:

    I am so ashamed to listen to your debate you people of Malawi. I am South African and a member of ECG Pretoria. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri teaches the word of God and nothing else. He is the riteousness of God and yes he deserves the wealth that God gave to him and he has a right to spend it as he wish. If he like he can buy a third Jet to shame the devil. And to prove to to people like you and I that silver and Gold belongs to God and you and I has a right to claim it for iur inheritance. Isaac son of Abraham became rich until he became worthy. I therefore say Major one take it all it doesn’t belong to the world it belong to is. Eyeeeeeeeee. ….

  80. bornface chirambo says:

    proud of you man God keep on praying perhaps this Malawi can change to the will of GOD

  81. Porche says:

    Verily, verily; I say unto you, those who believe in me shall, the works that I do, shall he do. He will do even ‘greater works’ than than this. Because I am going to my Father. Jesus is referring to greater signs and wonders…So you Thomases Relax because in the ECG family there is No Stress. We have seen signs, wonders, and miracles. It is enough to Believe in Him. It is a good thing to freely give one tenth of my income…Not because the Prophet demands us to offer and tithe, It is the right thing to do. Come and taste that the God of Major one is sweet. May He visit you in your ignorance and your Life will never be the same again.

  82. milonde says:

    Gulfstream G650-(2015 model) that is what i own. Which one does Bushiri have?

  83. kk says:

    We are leaving in last days.remember the days of Lot,people were busy with earthly things,but God destroy them all,if we can read the whole old testament have you ever heard that God’s prophets were rich?????? Prophets were not busy with the things of this world but they were busy warning people about their disobedient to God.be very careful brothers and sisters

  84. Wakikiki says:

    That’s my Papa I know. All his critics shall be proved wrong. No-one will stand in His ways, as God is doing extraordinary things through. People will not stop God, as trying stop him is stopping God who is using him. This is beyond human. Critics will realize later that they were fighting GOD Almighty. You are not hearing me somebody. The devil is in trouble. We as sons of Major 1, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, we are also moving forward. Our God is an awesome GOD. He is a GOD who answers by cash, by fire, by thunder, He is Strong and Mighty to save. Iyeeeee! POWER!!!!!

  85. Donnex Patrick chandiloza says:

    That’s what a man of God must do, not just be the beggars

  86. opportunist says:

    That’s Major 1.We have lost forex to RSA because of jealousy and backbiting which is rampant in this country

  87. withebouy says:

    Ndiye ife chikitikhuza ndichani paumoyo wathu

  88. OPIO ANDREW says:

    If you have not yet experienced PAPA SHEPHERED’s teachings and miracles you may not realize the worthiness of my MAJOR 1 in the complexity of issues affecting your life. What My PAPA SHEPHERED has got now should not even be quantified but rather sealed because this not yet even a breakthrough. MAJOR 1 is embedded in the HONEY COMB of HEAVENLY WEALTH. BELIEVE DAT!

  89. Sibongile says:

    I wish people who criticise can first go to church and see what happens there.I believe they will be the first ones to get a prophecy.Stop working for the devil we thank God for major one may He continue to raise more men and women of God.We are so blessed to have you Papa in South Africa.

  90. claudio Nyota says:

    If Salomon was rich, Isaac was rich , Abraham was rich why not Major1? If you are sleeping without eating ,then follow and know what did he do to achieve what he has now…you can’t resolve the problm of a hunger by giving them food but if you show them how to get that money..that will help them eternal…that why he is holding Monday service don’be lazy but be transform with Prophet teaching

  91. chris says:

    The God of prophet BUSHIRI is not a poor GOD.. Let him succeed in everything.

  92. mary says:

    Pliz live the man of God alone

  93. Muyao says:

    Tsoka kwa amene akwanilisa lemba, ngat muli ndi mpata opombeza satana muziwe ndekuti mulungu aliposo. Athu mavomera Ku pembeza satana chifukwa cha chuma kodi muzalimbadi pachilango? Masiku amathamangatu awa!!!!

  94. nyakaji says:

    I receive this annointing Papa its my portion in Jesus name,when u do good men talk about u when u do bad men about u,man will never stop talking its his nature. Woe to those who bad mouth Prophets of God for they will get a reward If they dont repent

  95. Chrispen Nkhata says:

    I am proud of my Spiritual father Major Prophet Bushiri, he has transformed many lives around the world more especially here in mzansi. My life has completely changed I feel at peace with myself now . Thank you God for sending us your servant Major 1. Keep on Blessing him so that delivers all the sinners .

  96. motown says:

    Unfortunately for people who comment here have been taught that if you are a christian you must always be poor and very poor,from the dream I once had it is not like that christians have been given power over all creation but you christians are lazy hence jealous when one of you prosper,secondly what I have seen in Prophet Bushiri,his billions doesn’t control his ego,but what he is called to do that is to prophesy is what controls him,give yourself one day a chance and listen to his bible teachings,you will be amazed by that man of God .Stop pulling people down unless you are a devil’s agents !

  97. mpho says:

    major 1………………. i receive in the name of Jesus. please remember me in your prayers always. i want to be a multimillioniar my daddy

  98. Robert Chanza says:

    Why people you want to be holy while you are denying Gods power,read bible and see how God was blessing his servant ;check Job ” he was and devil took everything from him but Job being a faithful to God,Bible it says God bless Job and he was rich than the way he was before”now stop say why Prophet shepherd Bushiri he is like this no guys leave Prophet alone if you want question God if it is posible for you to do that but as far as I know from Bible you can’t question God why he has blessed a person.Note Bible says do not touch my anointed one.

  99. Boitumelo says:

    Papa I want you to pray for me n bless me with job and to have a child Amen!!!

  100. Vonani says:

    I am one of the proud members of the ECG church and I know my Prophet helps multitudes of poor people, never even once did he ask for our money, he is not only a man of God but also a business man, that where people are missing the plot.The things that he acquired are through his businesses. he teaches us to work hard as he also works hard and also to believe in God, our saviour Jesus Christ Lord, who is able to do all things. People just like to talk without facts, God has blessed him because of his dedication to his Kingdom. people stop being jealous, Long Live Major one Iyeee! continue to do what you were born to do.

  101. Nelisa says:

    Oh 5 dimensions of the anointing look what you have done we prosper in the word! Love my father major 1 you have not seen anything yet haters!

  102. Yaness says:

    What to do to be in touch with Major 1???

  103. Gavin says:

    Its about time we stop assoiating Christianity with Poverty, bible says silver and gold are God’s and were his children. Glory unto God for showing us his love through man like Major 1

  104. manono says:

    What is from god can’t be taken by anyone major one my papa

  105. Willie Chimseu says:

    That is Papa , Major 1 of ECG. We dont stress but only relax in everything.

  106. kkkkkkk says:

    I love the contributions of number 17. Thats what we call wisdom. Anthu ambiri ndi mbuzi zenizeni. Kukanakhala ku Malawi uknamva Major 1 travels alot and it good for the growth of our church but the State President must use public ndege kkkkkkkk

  107. Joy says:

    And the truth is the Man of God works realy hard. All those that have closely watched his ministry know for sure that he is a great vessel of God. How do the people of God continue to live in poverty while the earth and all its riches belong to God?(its in the bible). Silver and Gold belong to God, being rich is not a crime. The Love of Money is the root of all evil not the possesion of it. His followers are rich too. We are not brought here on earth to be poor just because we are belivers. Let him enjoy his blessings.

  108. Mzozo kununkha says:

    The rich man’s worthy is in the city and rigthous worth is in the holy place. tidikire oweluza very soon will appear before the clouds of heaven.

  109. Lovva says:

    While you hate him, us we receive grace under his anoiting.
    You shall hate while this is just the beginning.
    So, like him or not us we sit back and relax

  110. Guguh says:

    Day of reckoning is coming,i feel sorry for all the brainwashed. Have you ever asked yourself questions like why is he called Major 1? Where did the name come from?

    In my reading of the bible prophecies were sent by God through prophets to a specific person (note: prophecy not predictions)

    Why will the function be public? What’s the motive behind that?

    Anthu inu zipempherani. YESU ndiye yankho. There’s no such thing as God of so and so… God is directly available to everyone! Izi muchedwa nazo

  111. Oliver Twist says:

    Mesi Papa!!! Tuza na bayibi na mokoli awa. Becareful of them, copycuts!!! They will come in your name just like in the days of our Lord Jesus Christ!!!you don’t feed people with Lizards, snakes, Petrol but the word of God. Mzambe alakisi yo nzela na paradiso!! Ambuye otilengayo akudalitse mpaka ambiri amudziwe YESU.

  112. Mpalestina wamkulu says:

    I have never heard salvation news from Major 1 apart from the riches he is busy accumulating. I have faith and confidence in Almighty God because He will judge fairly.

  113. losco says:

    What adull prophet!! He can’t consider the way his country men are suffering and do alitle relief on them instead of continuing his show off.

  114. patricia kaliyati says:

    Allow Peter to use it when he is going out so that he does not spend hours at aiports

  115. Oliver Twist says:

    Go deeper Papa!!! Nasepeli makasi! Mzambe na ngayi apesi yo mbongo ebele Papa. Usombi avion mususu!!!! Amen!! Chiuta ngwa nkhongono nadi. Kupharazga za Chiuta pela!!! Nanga wanyake wayowoye, iwe jiso kumbele kwa Chiuta Dada!! Inafe tinazidziwa kale-kale za umulunguzi, koma kukakamila machimo!! Ndiye chifukwa tikulephela kupita patsogolo!!

  116. Akatswiri says:

    Good news that the Prophet has been cleared from the mess.

  117. Felix says:

    God is great. Praise God.

  118. The real Ujeni says:

    This man would have helped our country, our government but because of jealousy and hate, you insult him and don’t appreciate him. Now let the jealous, haters brigade of Malawi insult him. You’ll notice that other so called men of God are the ones in forefront hating him, out of jealous.

  119. Mjomba Yusuf says:

    Akatero wakula ameneyu, azilandila ulkemu pa zachuma plus za uzimu

  120. People will come from all walks of life to mt Zion to look for the Lord and He will not be there. All this fame, all these riches will go but the word of God will remain forever and never said the miracles of the Lord. What connection is here with catholics

  121. Munyane says:

    Major 1

  122. mac dee says:

    Only God knows!

  123. Lion Chigamba says:

    AMalawi Kodi tasiya kumutukwana Bushiri? Ndimayesa tinazolowera? Chonde otukwana aja tabwerani muzayambe

  124. GooNgayikosya says:

    komatu abale mumpingo mwana komba eti!! kwende nayo jahanama jikwalinda

  125. KING ANGELEZI II says:


  126. MAENDAENDA says:

    The Major Himself!!!!

  127. Mbuya says:

    Major 1 ur brothers r dying of hunger in MW help just a little .U can buy 1 million bags of maize and share them

  128. gwengwe says:

    Jesus had nothing not even a donkey ir a camel but used to travel a lot reaching his people especially the poor and he was too rich spiritually…Lord have mercy

  129. Truck says:


  130. cashgate1 says:

    Does it make sense for a called men of God to live extravagant lives yet many people are in dire poverty? #somethingsdoentaddup#

  131. clems says:

    Difficult to understand since we can question the result but not the question itself

  132. cbk says:

    Pple are sleeping with empty stomach or eating mangoes as lunch and dinner,please consider them here PAPA.

  133. Time will tell says:

    It is fascinating how this boy fromChiwavi in Mzuzu has become so rich. Since Bushiri commands so much influence and following on our deeply religious and lazy society , I would love if in his charismatic preaching, he told the lazy people attending his church waiting for a miracle plain too work hard. Bushiri is a hard worker, he cannot tell us that the plane just fell from heaven NOO. He works hard perfecting his preaching to convince followers, perform trick, and spend days travelling to [laces to preach. That is his work. In turn he gets money from his followers and buys jets. They don’t give him the money while he is just sitting Phwiii at home NOO. They give him their money because he preaches to them a convincing message. Ma pastor pano mukukonza ma message a new year kumati 2016 a year of prosperity, of cars and houses and jobs (as usual). Auzeni anthu kuti 2016 work extra harder on that business you have, study harder on that ACCA, produce great profits for your company so that you get bonuses and God will bless the work of your hands. AMEN

  134. jaunky says:

    Go higher Major 1,go higher.Moving from glory to another glory,a Prophet of this generation,may God continue blessing you major 1, am proud of you papa,come to malawi and bless us with another crusade pls! pls! pls! papa and this one to be hosted in Blantyre.

  135. mtumbuka1 says:

    Don’t be carried away guys, he is of the world and he will have everything in this world. Jesus refused such offers from the devil when he showed Jesus all cities and kingdoms of the whole world to own just to worship him but he refused. People like bushiri accepted the offer and will be filthy rich and have everything on earth. People go to his church with the hope of becoming rich just like him while spending all their salaries on him but they will be promised lies and false hope. The power to prophesize and have wealth on earth was given to him and not those who goes to his church. Nobody goes to his church to fetch the kingdom of heaven but to be successful and rich. All crooks from Nigeria patronises his church to get rich and nothing else. If you buy 2 planes or 10 doesn’t make you a man of God but you had the money to pay for them and what matters is how you got that money. Wake up people worship the almighty in spirit cos the rest are of this world.

  136. Nabanda says:

    can somebody please link me to Major 1, all I need is a 15million Malawi Kwacha to own a house…plliz chonde.

  137. sabata says:

    No comment

  138. chizamsoka munthali says:

    Remember me in your prayers Papa and I receive in advance, God bless you Major 1

  139. Chinthiti says:

    These are worth and stories of the earth nothing like this in the Kingdom of our Father God,becareful Brothers and Sisters.

  140. Jerejede says:

    Major 1

  141. Totally peplexing story ya Major1….

  142. adamson says:

    for the bible says,He who was rich got poor for our sake that we should be rich. Am proud of u Major 1.


    Thats good news but please complete the Chibanja church neighbour. We are proud of you.God should give you more.

  144. Mafulufute says:

    “Kupsya kulipo for all ye who glorify fellow man in your quest for earthly pleasures!” Robert Mugabe, 2014.

  145. ichoicho says:

    end times better I return to the main stream churches but not roman catholic.

  146. i'm the guy in the ma units video says:

    that’s my boy. eat that money shepherd, it’s your time. all of malawi with it’s 16 million population has no plane of it’s own, we can only share ownership with ethiopia.

    milk the south africans to the last drop then come home nthawi ya zisankho tizakuvotele, bola uzatiganizileko chithumba chosaphwacho.

    anathiphela abale athu ndi xeno agalu amenewo. utibwezelele iweyo powakolola

  147. Bethel Matewere says:

    No Wonder its real Major 1, Continue doing recommendable Job, God has created you with a purpose!!!!!!!!!!

  148. JB says:

    Gods creation and Gods job to judge

  149. Fair Malawi says:

    When will we have a headline like ” Bushiri spends 40 days and nights Fasting and Praying at the Mountain Seeking the Face of his God”.

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