Bushiri church clarifies ‘prophetic seeding money’ after South African probe

The Enlightened Christian Gathering Church of Malawi charismatic prophet ‘Major 1’ Shepherd Bushiri has been in the headlines in South Africa on Wednesday after The Sowetan newspaper carried a front-page story that the church was investigated by the country’s CRL commission over reports that its Pretoria based church charges congregants R5 000 (about K200,000).sowetan

The Sowetan had a catchy headline on front page lead story titled: “R5,000 to see the Man of God

The story says Bushiri’s church told the CRL commission investigating dodgy pastors and the commercialised selling of religion, that the R5 000 was not really a fee.

The money covered each church members ’accommodation, transport and food, according to the church official Mirriam Motsolo.

She told the paper that it was just to ensure ‘Papa’ Bushiri found all the “people in one place ”.

The church official said Bushiri’s ECG also accepts “prophetic seeding” – which is for the prophet, seeding, tithes, offerings and prophetic channel seeding, for people who want to partner with the free-to-air ministry channel.

“Seeding is when you have a special need and what you are trusting God for. [You] plant it and expect to harvest at a later season,” said evangelist Trity Pretorius as quoted by The Sowetan.

Motsolo said the prophetic seeding money was not sent to Malawi but was used for Bushiri ’ s travel and accommodation.

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48 thoughts on “Bushiri church clarifies ‘prophetic seeding money’ after South African probe”

  1. Thobile says:

    Epikaizo, this is where my father, the man of God and the MAJOR Prophet is operating. We see the fullness of God in this man of God, people are jealous period. I pray that God continue to do his work in this man of God

  2. innocent says:

    I was one of the international visitor in April 2015. The money is for the hotel accommodation; food and transport from Friday till Monday.And its a big Hotel in Pretoria. I go to service now and then no money is paid to attend service. We love you Major 1

  3. Zama nkosi says:

    That is not true major 1 is the true prophet of God .we did not pay anything to attend the service and be prophecy

  4. wilfred ephraim ziba says:

    Firstly allow me to correct the Sowetan News Crews, Major 1 is not a Pastor, He is a Prophet and not any other prophet but a Prophet of God. I hope Sowetan generated more money by using the name of my PAPA on front page. sorry Sowetan we don’t fight wrong battles we fight for a price. say whwt ever you want it’s not gonna change anything, I do not remember being asked to pay any money when am seing the Major Prophet on TV, and am always blessed with his teachings about Jesus Christ son of true living God. Do something papaaaaa!!!!!

  5. Nomusa says:

    Why worry yourselves friends since you are very clever not to be cheated by this Man of God?Let those who believe in Major 1’s God do what they want and if they do not want to pay or feel cheated to publicise, who forced them to go there?
    Read God’s Word clearly,He says hold your peace,the battle is not yours but His.Who are you to judge another man?Let God do His work,otherwise if Major 1 is a sinner as you insinuate,by complaining and accusing Bushiri you are downloading his sins and adding them to you list.
    I believe this Man OF God 100% because Jesus was also accused by His own people and they never believed Him but it never changed even one of His hair,we still believe Him without seeing Him.Why not believe what you see.
    May God bless you accusers and add more years of long life to you so that you see more ,accuse more and accumulate more sins.Love you all……..Go Major 1,do something,Eyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

  6. Patric Siboza says:

    We operate from mountain top @ECG, we are people of class. We a de celebrities on churches bcos of what God who respond by cash always do. We d nt lack, we d nt stress.

    Major1 IYeeeeeee. Power

  7. olgahmaluleka says:

    Prophet Bushiri is a Man of God if you don’t believe stop criticizing

  8. mbulungeni lutendo says:

    do not criticise the anointed one

  9. Kunena Mosapsyatila says:

    This country called Malawi is a cursed territory as I said in one of the comments. In this country people are ready to castigate a man of God and with their sane minds believe in a witch doctor. They can sacrifice a herd of cattle, dig graves of albinos and even chase them in streets and villages on the instruction of witch doctors.

    Many of my country men are too religious but deny the very existence of the power of God. They have labelled every man of God loaded with miracles a satanist. This has affected this country very much. It is the poorest in the world because it has denied God. They are even blind on how to vote for their leaders. Instead of voting for God fearing people into power, they have put in thieves, lunatics, occult connected people and what have you in power.

    Some who post these unfortunate comments have never touched their Bibles for years, never own one or keep them on their shelves as souvenirs. Yet they are the ones making the loudest noise. If you don’t believe in any man of God, it’s better you remain quiet and focus on your business. As in the words of Apostle Paul who was also accused like Jesus Christ, the same way Major 1 is being ridiculed in the media, “let none of you be the judge of the other……..let God alone be the judge”

  10. It’s gud but don’t cheat pple to drink petrol

  11. MaKopa says:

    Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lies and illusion false prophet

  12. Bwande says:

    Go deeper in their pockets Major one. Most South Africans are so stupid and lazy. They believe anything that will give them microwave solutions. They don’t need God but God things. They need people like you Major who knows to exploit stupid people. Get rich man by fooling those idiots. I know your ministry works better for such people. It is only in Africa where fools like these south Africans get fooled by these crooks. If Major one is really performing miracles in the name of God, why and his allies don’t go to Europe or America? I have never heard that these prophets making headlines in Africa have gone to America or Europe to exploit the white guys. Wake up my fellow Africans. May I ask Bushiri, TB Joshua, and all these African prophets to go and preach to white guys

  13. Wayithayima bangalala says:

    Eishhhhhh no comment

  14. Son of Major1 says:

    You people are really obnoxious to think we SAns are stupid. That money is not paid by South Africans, international visitors pay that money for accommodation and transport in order to see the man of God at the church because it gets really packed. Many that’s why your countries aren’t blessed as SA because you always attack men of God without all the facts! I’ve been there numerous times and never paid R5K. Your father the devil has deceived you with lies, and hence now you are talking about things yall don’t know about. We are being blessed here. Stay suffering in your ignorance. The bible says touch not my anointed. If you don’t understand the biblical principles of giving, shut up and go spend your money on booze and drugs that will eventually kill you

  15. Kush says:

    You can call him by names but for him being a man of God wont change what I know is people they get healed, they get delivered, death people come back to life through my Papa Major1, Major 1 doesn’t eat peoples money because he is rich already he have mines and oils so R 5000 its nothing he cant be rich with this R 5000, you cant travel to Malawi or wherever you are and come to SA and think you gonna sleep In a hotel for free, eat food for free, having transport for free the R 5000 is paying all that, no one is forced to come and pay R5000 those who pay are those who need help from God….stop talking nonsense about Major1 if you don’t believe in what his doing just mind your life and leave other people alone. Major 1 will always Major 1 nothing will stop him preaching the gospel of God and no one will stop coming to our church because of your comments, we are more than 30 000 in our ministry you think people will stop coming because of the media or you

  16. Advocate Milton says:

    Major1 is already a multi billionaire in USD and does not need paltry R5000. Considering that international visitors are accommodated in most posh hotels in South Africa, some charging close to R3000 for 3 days, then transportation to and fro church, food, insurance contigencies then R5000 charged is even a loss to the church. Major1’s overriding interest is to spiritually help international visitors who flock in SA to see him. SA appreciates the boost in the tourism industry owing to these visits because of Major1. Long live Major1.

  17. selfish decision says:

    Let him milk the South Africans we don’t have any problem with that but it would have been bad if he was doing it to fellow Malawians .Moreover he doesn’t put his fingers in their pocket they give it freely.
    Bravo Bush reap them they are not clever

  18. ganganfuno says:

    Signs of the time

  19. pheko says:

    the bible says let no man be a judge of another he himself will judge all man kind.

  20. Bushiri Mprofeti Wakuba (BMW) says:

    Malawians let’s be proud of Bushiri. He has achieved great things for us. He has managed to steal South African money even better than South African gangsters themselves. We should be proud of our son. He is an excellent and stylish thief.

  21. mlomwe mnzanga says:

    i knew it!!!!! av bin saying bcareful wit dis guy his power iz nt frm God, this guy iz a liar blive not……ayaluka pompano jst wait!!!!!!!

  22. Son of Makor 1 says:

    You may write whatever you want , I am solidly behind Major 1 and his ministry . Ask those people the type of testimonies they have after meeting Majir 1, they are priceless !!!
    I am willing spend millions just to meet Major 1. I know my life would never be the same!. The future will be clear, problems removed, I will be preserved, I will attract jealousy , Malawians would write nonsense , God would promote me me and more!
    Go to your Bishops abd Reverends. We have no problem . Leave us go to our Major 1, why should it be a problem to you ? After all we don’t come to you to beg!!!!

  23. nyayo says:

    Let’s find better means if getting money. Nowhere in the scripts would you find prophets charging a fee. We shall meet in heaven guys mwawonjeza

  24. Mpumulo wa Bata wayandikila says:

    Zouluka zonse zidzatela tsiku ndilimodzi

  25. Hansou says:

    Seeding = you give money to an individual masquerading as a prophet when you have a special need. That individual uses money for chow, accommodation and travelling and somewhat the the need gets answered by God??

    Does that add up????

  26. swakansweke says:

    Bushir, God’s eyes are on you. He will never be quiet always. One day he will speak and u will hear his voice. Be careful. Time is ticking, we shall see

  27. Shania Banda says:

    is he a man of God? If yes let us search kut which God? Is it wth a small g? I guess yes,tisapusitsike,,he only wants money nat preaching,,business

  28. chigumula says:

    God punish the so called men of God who cheat people in so many ways in the name og ” God says this” “God says That”

    Isn’t this the same money which he used to charter a plane? Why not buy bags of maize for the miserable orphans instead of coming here to show off!

    He even challenged that he can recruit all the Police Officers and pay them better than the Malawi government! Isn’t this mocking God.

    Be careful. Pride comes before a fall!

  29. waabanda says:

    musiyeni man of God apange mbali yake pa dziko lapasi chilungamo chili pakati pa iyeyo ndi Mulungu amene tose timamudziwa

  30. Kofi mmesa a prophet bushiri ankati Australia iwina rugby world cup…wat happened

  31. mangochi kabwafu says:


  32. Why? says:

    If you follow what Malawian prophets do, you would be amazed. Why do most of them treck to SA upon the so called anointing? Today, even pastors are trecking down to SA leaving vulnerable Malawians here at home. Why?

  33. thako la mmwenye says:

    ambwiye che bushiri tiyeni nazo mbuzi za ma zula amazitenga ngati ndiochenjera. abeleni ndithu mokwanila ndipo money yo ibwere kuno ku malawi

  34. amphalasa nyanianthu says:

    Kunena zoona kumeneku ndikubera anthu! Dikirani zimenezi sizitha zaka ziwiri. Bushiri ndi wa Satanic njira imene adamupatsa kumeneko ndi yophimba anthu mmaso mkumapereka wokha. Mudava kuti mu Bible za seeding? Mulungu akukanthani. Paja adathawa kuno ku Lilongwe kupita ku Blantyre komanso uko kuthawa ulendo waku southe africa. Waiti for 2 years. Period yake yaku satanic ndiya 5years! Ngat mufuna kudziwa zambiri mutha kundipeza!

  35. International Observer says:

    I am surprised that people in Malawi are wondering about Bushiri’s malpractices. Is it not the same person who a couple of weeks ago came to Malawi, in Mzuzu to be more specific, where he indicated that whosoever wanted to be helped (Prayed for) by him should cough a sum in the range of MK10,000.00? To day he is doing the same but now not in Malawi but in South Africa and poor Malawians are agape with wonder? That is how he has managed to buy for himself all those flashy cars, how he manages hiring a jet to Malawi and later on cheat you people that the jet belongs to him. If all that was genuine wealthy, could he stoop so low to cheat poor human beings in the name of God? Masewera kapena masanje? Bwinotu being, wins amwa deep!!!!!!

  36. ABONZI says:

    To say ndiodzozedwa can u substantiate that fact? Give us the evidence komanso anamudzoza ndi ndani ndipo mphavu anazitenga kuti? Osamangoti from heaven, even the devil performs miracles kawerengeni Chibvumbvulotso!

  37. Mzee says:

    As usual the south african govt has once again failed its people. The best is to deport Bushiri he is a fraudster who should never be allowed to cheat the desperate. Bushiri has never been a man of God only that South Africans are gullible.

  38. Sikono mukamwa says:

    Sumwhere the truth is not told in this article and so many things are hidden in fear of exposure. Time will tell. Watch the space.

  39. Pk says:

    You wish that money spent on women +beer!……. corrupt generation

  40. mpagaja says:

    if people loved Jesus the way people love Bushiri this world could be somewhere now but there no short cuts to heaven. You can get you miracle but miss heaven


    Now u believe when I said south africans are the most stupid and sleepy people in the continent,but pretend to know more,that’s why crime is 3 high. Anyone who wants to make money fast,just go to south africa with a simple magic,then u the man

  42. Gerado says:

    Mind control exists

  43. Pseudo code says:

    everything has the time; a time to sow and a time to harvest, this is just the beginning, more to unfold, watch the spaces!!

  44. James says:

    Zako izo,umadabwa chiyani iwe ,udziwe kuti anthuwo akufuna kuthandizidwa and church chimakhala ndi dongosolo lake ndiye ngati Church chagwilizana kuti amene akubwera ku meeting apeleke fee yoti ithandizile munthuyo malo ogona ndi chakudya so what is wrong there? ukamalimbana ndi Major ndikuwuziletu kuti you are just wasting your time,Major prophet ndi odzodzedwa pamene iwe uli busy ndiza mdziko,zako izo.`am just praying hard kuti Major 1 abwere mu mzinda wa Blantyre kuti miyoyo ya anthu idzapulumutsidwe.Mwina enanu mumangokomenta chifukwa simudziwa kuti prophet Bushiri ndi ndani? kodi utumiki wake umayenda bwanji? koma ambuye atichitire chifundo kuti Major 1 abwere ndi Crusade kuno mudzasiya kulankhula

  45. darth maul says:

    ngati makape akujoni ali ophweka why not eat their money?

  46. Willie Chimseu says:

    I dont think that the people are forced to pay the R5000 . Major one is there to help the people who require his help not at a fee but if one choses to well & good. So what South Africans mwamukhuta eti? Bwerako our major one.

  47. mzuzu says:


  48. mapapaya says:

    Zayamba kuululika. Ife timadabwa.

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