Bushiri ‘impressed’ as Malawi companies submit funding proposals to AFRICCI

Over 15 Malawi companies submitted their project proposals for possible funding to African Christian Coalition for Israel (AFRICCI) Ltd, President for AFRICCI Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has confirmed.

Bushiri: Impressed

Bushiri: Impressed

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Nyasa Times after the event which was hosted at Golden Peacock Hotel in Lilongwe last week, Bushiri said he was impressed with the projects.

“Every proposal that we received is so vital and necessary for the development of our nation and as President of AFRICCI, I will do everything in my powers to make sure that we fund the most important projects of them all and see how best we can help the ones that failed to meet our minimum requirements,” said Bushiri.

According to Bushiri, some of the project proposals they received include $103 million proposal from Electricity Supply Cooperation of Malawi (ESCOM) for the rehabilitation of existing power stations, $200 million proposal from Southern Region Water Board for expansion and upgrading of water distribution network, $450 million from Globe Metals from Kanyika Nobium for mine development and $10 million proposal from Injena Oil Limited.

Lilongwe Water Board also submitted a $381 Million project proposal for the Extension of water treatment plants at Kamuzu Dam, Construction of Diamphwe Multipurpose Dam, Upgrading and expansion of Water Distribution Network and Installation of Raw Water Conveyance System.

Bushiri said AFRICCI is ready to release funds once they finalise agreements with the companies that submitted project proposals to the organisation.

As for ESCOM and Water Boards, Bushiri said they will need a guarantee from government before they give out the funds.

“As I said, we received quite a good number of proposals and most of them met our minimum requirements although some of them request very little money, which we can’t give as AFRICCI because we are looking at big budget projects,” Bushiri told Nyasa Times.

“I understand the problems that Malawi is facing especially on power and water provisions. Our understanding is that government will put politics aside and come in to provide guarantee for these two parastatals so that we can release the funds to them as soon as possible,” explained Bushiri.

Bushiri emphasized the need of government to come in and provide the guarantee so that the companies which have been approved should get the loan to start their projects.

“Unlike other organizations, our loans are very straight forward and do not carry many restrictions. Loans from AFRICCI can be refunded even at a period of over 40 years depending on the agreement. What we really need now is government’s guarantee for the companies we have marked to help and when that is done, I will immediately put my signature on paper to let our development partners release the money,” said Bushiri .

“We are ready to help ESCOM and Water Boards and all other companies with serious projects that will benefit Malawi and develop the nation. Truth be told, I have personally taken an interest in the two companies because I know their importance and the longer we neglect to help them, the more Malawians continue to suffer,” explained the man of God.

According to information made available to Nyasa Times, AFRICCI is also in talks with different African governments to fund development including providing $2 billion for the water pipeline project to government of Botswana, $1 billion sovereign debt to South Sudan, $300 million for CENIT power plant in Ghana as well as providing loans to South African companies including Eskom ($3 billion) and South African Airways ($668 million).

AFRICCI was created in 2014 with a vision of founders, men and women of God who desire to put their biblical principles in action. It brings together churches and Christians throughout Africa with a heart for growth and lobbies for funding from its members and development partners.

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48 thoughts on “Bushiri ‘impressed’ as Malawi companies submit funding proposals to AFRICCI”

  1. This is absolute rubbish of the highest order,unless AFRICCI itself is funded by Illuminate

  2. This is too much Bushir is suppose to be prosecuted for this stupidity. AFRICCI website. him as president and Christopher Chiphwanya is Legal Affairs Director. what a combination of personalities

  3. kidwell Banda says:

    Am afraid, the sums mentioned are big monies, if the first place where does the said Africci gets the money, what criteria of christians contribute to that funding. Be aware of last days. Why Escom, why water boards, devil has target, TB Joshua prophesied of a BEAST Number in 2019 is this not the beginning?Pray Malawi, pray men of God. Is AFRICCI indeed a christian organization?

  4. Zoni says:

    Kodi man of God anakulolezani ma applicant kuti muwatchule mugulu??Bwinotu bwino anzanu a George Partridge ali nazo zungulizunguli ku court chifukwa chobwebwetuka za maclient.Keep your mouth closed.On another note it just needs you to put pen to paper?eeeeee advanced lending.

  5. MANYUCHI says:

    Something very fishy here! why reveal the names of the applicants?? is there no confidentiality? how can the govt guarantee a loan of $450 million without going to Parliament to get approval for the project and the expenditure? was the ministry of Energy consulted in this loan application? even the World Bank and IMF cannot scrutinize a complex technical loan like hydro-electric issues in 3 weeks and give approval!
    try someone else- we are not as daft as your idiotic followers!

  6. Earth Digger says:

    Beware abundantly of these spurious men, them wolves in sheep skin. I for one can’t buy that, am sorry!

  7. MBACHI says:


  8. Alex Likoswe says:

    Lack of conditionality will give these guys good time to chew the money. Conditionalities help to put governments on track. No African government has discipline with spending .

  9. Penyengu says:

    Isreal is the blessed land and indeed if this big cash is connected to the good cause of this land then it’s ok, but it is for promotion of the so-called Prophet’s questionable image then we have a problem. I’m yet to be convinced that we are dealing with a true man of the Almighty GOD, our ever-loving n caring heavenly father.

  10. Reasonable Man says:

    Ndalama za al qaeda izi. Satanism allegations aside, we must know kuti kunja kuno kuli anthu amagula maiko. States inagudwa ndi ayuda, that’s why amailamulira kuchita chili chonse chimene ayuda akufuna angakhale chili cholakwika. Musakomedwe ndi ndalama zimenezo amalawi. Mukuona ngati muthetsa nazo mavuto koma basopu, muzaona chakuda when you finally realize kuti mavuto eni eni ayambikano.

  11. Dan says:

    Eeeeeee!!! Org. yoyamba 2014, all these huge sum of money? God intervine in this strange donations in our African continent.

  12. Ineyo Woona says:


    If I were ESCOM and the rest of the Government parastals quoted above I would NOT waste time with this FRAUD that has mutated and been recycled over the years.

    The clue is in the Government guarantee that the fraudsters will demand and attempt to monetize in New Jersey, Cayman islands, even from Mauritius. We already know how their game plan will end, if the ST and attorney General pressurize RBM (or any local bank to issue the guarantee (an MT760 or an MT799)

    From some of us who have been long enough in Government these tricksters always appear as soon as a new Government is ushered into. So my warning to the new Secretary to the Treasury, Dr Mangani watch out, don’t even entertain these crooks.

    Unfortunately I DO NOT feel sorry for Bushiri, who has conveniently hired himself for the publicity stunt. These international crooks always uses a public figure of some dubious character to get to the powers that might be- usually those with authority to issue the guarantee in the Ministries of Finance, and then get someone from the Central bank who shall actually send the guarantee using SWIFT. Their preferred format being an MT760 or an MT799 message.

    In the days of Bingu another group of fraudsters operating from RSA, hiring Malawi’s ambassador (aided by some well known DPP zealots in JHB, one of them actually promised to wire the whole DPP headquarters) then jetted into the country, with the same mutated fraudulent scheme. They managed to get their way into state house BUT they were finally stopped at RBM, when the said MT760 could not be issued by RBM. This was despite pressure from the so called financiers and their aides at capital hill

    Of course they threatened everybody who blocked their deal but the country’s resources were saved.

    Is Bushiri aware that he is being used? I doubt but he is dealing with super fraudsters who can create a country on earth. His job is to make sure that the deal looks credible (being a popular man of God) and get contacts in Government and RBM to issue the MT760. Probably he has never been briefed how the layering in this financial structure will work- he has only been promised a cut and a commission.

    So if you are one of the companies that submitted your papers/proposals GET them back, you are dealing with fraudsters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Unfortunately FIU and ACB can not decipher such complicated financial structures in the dark world of private placements


    If the source of this huge sum of money was from non christian, it would have been a field day- talk of money lounderling. ESCOM instead of borrowing from internal source, Staff Pension Money, which has grown in huge millions, it finds itself choosing to stoop so low to borrow money from dubious source, I cry for beloved ESCOM. Don’t say you were not warned.

  14. amnzeru a kummawa says:

    Aaaah! zoona izi? Timva zambiri. Proposal is something very confidential, mpaka kutchulidwa pagulu. Tiuzeni zambiri.

  15. Mphwache says:

    The catch here is Government/Sovereign Guarantee meaning (a government guarantee that ensures that all obligations will be met by Government if the original obligor defaults). Now, why should Government pay through our taxes pay for defaults done by ESCOM, SRWB, Injena, etc? Where will Government get this money when it cannot even raise enough tax money to meet its own budget? I can guarantee you that Government has been banned from issuing Sovereign Guarantees by IMF, as a condition to IMF’s assistance, hence forget this.

  16. What a cheap article. Did you confirm with the parastatals mentioned if this is true? And what nonsense is this that when people ask for loans you discuss it openly before you’ve even approved the loan

  17. Mphwache says:

    I hope this organisation is not the same slimy one also called Africa-Israel, whose Chairman is Lev Leviev a diamond magnate with mines in Africa and Russia, which is tottering on the brink of collapse due to bad debts incurred by the investor in real estate and shopping malls. My worry is, what happens if Government issues a sovereign guarantee on loans and finances that will never materialise? Is Lev going to cash our guarantees against his bad debts?

  18. Ntcheu Boy says:

    Papa Shepard Bushiri,do every thing possible to facilitate the loan in order our country to move forward

  19. point blank says:

    Point blank will no comment on this issue.

  20. Nanchidwi says:

    How foolish can one be, giving all that money to Escom or water board, they will eat it and you will have nothing to show for it. Tax payers will only have to foot this bill after wards, after bushiri and the companies have shared the capital. This is blood money, keep away from it!!!!

  21. Amalawi tisachuluke nzeru poderere chifukwa chakuti akutsogolera guluri ndi mmalawi nzathu. Tisaiwale kuti ana a Isirayeri anapulumutsidwa ku njala kwa Iguputoa(Egypit) ndi Yosefe mu Isirayeri mnzao yemwe anapatsidwa ufumu mnyumba ya Farao. Mukaonetsetsa zinthu zake nzofanana. Tiyeni yiyesere tizidzanena zambiri pambuyo.

  22. Man R says:

    i personally not believe this, is it IMF lending up TO $2B mm is just a myth

  23. Gudubu says:

    Is this true??? What sort of organization can be willing to disburse such huge sums of money willy nilly??? Look now, they are showing signs of not willing to support those who requested for smaller disbursements. What is all this??? Should we take them seriously?????????????

  24. David Nyirenda says:

    What are your contact details?

  25. Awo says:

    Mwana wakwithu we vwira dankha ku kaya .

  26. malawiana says:

    Typical Malawians believing is anything that comes their way.

  27. Julious says:

    This is good Man of God.please priotise indeed.electricity and water are two most important for our country to grow.Injena is a profit making firm but sibweza ngongolenso ayi.dont give them ndalamazo thy like luxury life styles koma business samayiziwa.God bless you prophet Bushiri.

  28. jeff says:

    This is not tru it is just trying to get give hope of nothing
    Thare is no such kind of project exist in the world don’t take serious guyes

  29. lnu amene mukukaika khalani and you will be shocked sooner not later. These programs are real and countrys that dont have cursed people like Malawis doubting Thomases have already benefitted and are going foward.

  30. Innocent says:

    Man of God, once funding is released to Malawi Organisation, really need a critic followup, as there is now a greed attendance of wanting more resources to end into pockets of individuals than into the actual ground work. They may even say, we have auditors but auditors can also be corrupted. If it means auditing these organisation, let it be agreed before hand that its AFRICC to identify them.
    God bless you Man of God!!!

  31. chatonda says:

    Please give us the website of the AFRICCI.
    Zikomo Bushiri

  32. Good Men says:

    My stand remains the same that this thing does not add up. May be my phych is wrong but my gutss i trust tell me something is wield about this money The reporting is bias, we need confirmation from the waterboard and escom if they have really applied for this non-existant fund.

  33. Achimwene says:

    Malawians, we need to pray over viz funds from this unknown organisation. There might be evil covenants attached to viz moneys. It can be cursed money from the devil and whose huge costs will be paid my our children even by blood. I don’t trust this organisation. I have warned you. Osamangosusukira ndalama mudzayanjana ndi satana. Ali ndi makutu wamva. Should I go deeper? Basi ndisiyire pompa. Ndatukwana munthu apa? Ndanyoza munthu kapena?



  35. thinktankmalawi says:

    This doesn’t add up….its a group.of Africans lobbying for the shpport of israel…Israel gets aid from USA….how can a lobbying organisation becomes financier of such huge sums of money..this organization.is being overrated….

  36. Amadu says:

    Kodi chomwe tikufuna ngati.dziko ndi ndalama kapena umboni wakomwe kuchokera ndalamazo… ine ndinene apa even atakhala kuti ndi za.miracle lisiyeni boma litenge tithetse.mavuto basi.

  37. Joseph Banda says:


    Good for the financing window for Malawian companies. But the strategy is the other way round. If the window is to develop Malawi, big companies are not the solution. Target SMEs and Start up green projects can have a lot of meaningful development to the country. Escom, BWB etc can get funding from all over, but SMEs cannot even approach the local banks. Look at how Prof Muhamed Yusufu came up in Bangladesh. He targeted what is normally referred in formal banking sector as Unbankable sector i.e. SMEs. But the he started grameen bank, many millions who should have been omitted by the formal commercial banking communities were financed and changed over night the fortunes of Bangladesh and the world over. Malawi benefited the concept with the birth of Malawi Rural Finance company (MRFC), now gone. This is why there seem to be an increasing poverty levels because SMEs have no where to get financing. If you can re direct your strategies to the informal sectors and SMEs, Malawi will not be the same. Believe me, if you stick to big projects, Malawi will not tick. I bet you. In any case thank you for the initiative. But consider my request.

  38. bulutu says:

    But be careful of the cashgate syndrome. The figures submitted should be followed once loans have been granted as organizations are known for inflating figures in the name of kick backs. Taziona izi in all organizations and worse in Govt departments.

  39. Kenkkk says:

    It is important to participate rather than not to participate, it is better to try rather than not trying at all, then later regret it for not participating or not trying. Regardless of whether or not the source of funding is genuine or dubious or controversial, the malawi submissions should be commended, we never know what will transpire.

    If all this is true, this is a big opportunity to develop our country using diversified sources of funding.

  40. Desmond. says:

    We thank God for u anointed one.

  41. Zanga Phee! says:

    It might be something else on this Pastor,perhaps Israel is trying to gain mirage in other poor African countries with their dirty Money in the form of donations,But Malawi government i guess it should be given a cold shoulder on this context. Money is in cash gate they don’t have problems.Funding them again is propagating this attitude.See my name.

  42. LeoMesii says:

    I still dont trust this organisation.Its existence remains questionable and the amounts in question are quite huge that even the world bank and imf cannot issue. At the end of everything we will hear that no proposal has gone through as pretex to blindford us that the org exist. Beware of these strange occurences…

  43. honourable says:

    Injena samabweza ngongole akudyelani . Bushiri ukudyelera mphwanga bola zisakhale zapansi pa nyanja

  44. VINKA says:


  45. Chamba says:

    I would not adivise government to borrow money from unknown sources. We have over K200 billion in pension funds money locally that can be used to fund development projects. Use that money than these unknown sources of funds.

  46. Tsiripas says:

    Apatheid israelis are killing innocent gazans yet u r here talking nonsense

    1. The waist is ISIL who are killing there fellow muslim. The Israelis are God chosen people they can not kill each other like the Arabs.

      1. Plee says:

        God chosen people my foot

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