Bushiri pulls a prophecy on rugby

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has pulling yet another bemusing prophecy in which he prophesied the win of Australia in the Rugby World Cup.

Bushiri telling worshipers on his prophecy on rugby

Bushiri telling worshipers on his prophecy on rugby

“Can we also help Australia? Can we help Australia? This is where people are trying to move, and am seeing Australia winning,”

As he was about to pray to a lady who had come to seek spiritual healing, the ‘Major 1’ paused the healing to continue with his prophecy where he mentioned the loss of Scotland in the Rugby World Cup quarter finals.

“As am praying for this one, Scotland is going to go home. Do you know how they play Rugby? Don’t think that Australians are small guys. They know what they are doing,” prophesied Bushiri.

Later on, the man of God finished his prophecy by declaring the final score of the Rugby game between Scotland and Australia.

“I saw something very funny the time we were worshiping. I saw 34, I saw 35, what is this? I will tell you very soon,” he opened his prophecy before thousands of people that congregated on October 18 at ECG Pretoria during a service that was also broadcasted on his Christian TV Network, Prophetic Channel.

As he had prophesied, Australia won the game by 35-34 and Scotland went home. The prophecy was given live during a Sunday service, just few hours before commencement of the game at Twickenham Stadium in England.

Prophet Bushiri has of late given a number of international prophecies. Among others, last year he prophesied the death of South African goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa and he also foretold the victory of Zambian President Edgar Lungu and many more prophecies which all came to pass.

Prophet Bushiri is a Malawian born prophet who has established himself as one of the fastest rising prophets in the world, ministering in the rainbow nation of South Africa.


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47 thoughts on “Bushiri pulls a prophecy on rugby”

  1. Funso says:

    It’s good to see some scepticism in the posts. Of all things to prophesise, why choose such trivia as a rugby match?

  2. Patson Soko Hozo Junior says:

    Zikindivesa kukoma pokhalatso m’Malawi. Ndingoti mania mwa Bushiri,

  3. Naphi says:

    Mu nthawi ya kusadzwa Mulungu analekelera

  4. Edgar says:

    Dont blame Men of God

  5. David Roberts says:

    I have the gift of prophecy, the real gift given by the Holy Spirit. I very much doubt that God is interested in the result of rugby games.

  6. Bololo says:

    Major 1, Who will play Australia in the finals and what will be the winning score for the Wallabies?

  7. Wife says:

    He mst tell you people when he is goin to die

  8. BK.PHRI says:

    In this age a mgonapamuhanya mulibe angakhale free to air kuti mkuonera TV? izi tikunenazi zinachitika Sunday during live church service. Prophecy was given two hours before the game kicked off. Please get my details so that I arrange for you to have at least a free to air. Seeing is believing osamangonyoza zinazi!

  9. Chaxy says:

    That is what people call man of God

  10. ayi says:

    Za zii,we are tired of bishiri lies,stop it,

  11. mjiba says:

    Prophet Bushiri I prophesize victory for All Blacks New Zealand. It shall come to pass.

  12. apao says:

    Hahaha they were. They are many and they will be many who uses the subliminals. We had
    1. Joseph Smith
    2.Swami Drirendra.
    3. His holiness Maharish mahesh Yogurt
    4. Sri sathya sai baba. A SHIRAY. PUTTAPARTHI
    5. Matthew Fox. .
    6. Benjamin Deemed
    7. Maitreya and others. Amatumikira milungu.
    Read 2Thess 2vs 7-10
    1Tim 3vs 16
    Exodus 32: 2-6
    Kikikikikiest kikikikiki kwa ma fopplllll000l00

  13. Ndaipalero says:

    I love u papa ve way u do kungoti ife amalawi kwathu nkunyoza basi wen others get wat they are looking through THE MAJOR ONE!!!!!!!! GO DEPEER!!!

  14. Amene sasutsana nafe, ameneyo ndi ali limodzi nafe

  15. Mugonapamhanya says:

    Africans are really easy prey. Anybody can cheat Africans hands down. What evidence do we have that the prophecy really took place? It is laughable how some gullible Africans can believe Bushiri’s computer-generated clips that are released after events and claim that they were prophecies. I pity you as you are the most miserable lot.

  16. Mbiri says:

    I don’t blame Bushiri for his scam but the foolish, lazy people that patronize his ministry and those advertising his deception. God will surely Reward each one of us for our works.

  17. Matthews 24:24 the scriptures say that false messiahs or christs & false prophets will appear & perform great signs & miracles to deceive even the elect – if that were possible. Masiku otsiriza abale anga.

  18. Ineyo says:

    Go deeper

  19. Kho says:

    Koma mzimayiyo anamuchiza?

  20. Emma says:

    Masiku otsiliza

  21. JENTTELE says:

    P L E A S E H E L P …

  22. guguh says:

    Ambuye zibwelani!!!!

  23. joshua vs bonke vs sheperd vs angel vs salanje vs...... says:

    ndimati ndipemphe nawo kuti muzitiuzako zigolizo about a week before the game. ndimakonda njuga so i would really appreciate the advance knowledge.

    zondidziwitsa ma results after the event is over doesn’t help me at all because i can’t make any money. also i can’t know if a prophecy really happened or you’ve just created a video in the studio today and backdated it to look authentic. chonde mundithandizeko pamenepa.

  24. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    Uprofeti walowa socials tsopano. I can imagine prophets; Isaiah , Elijah, Elisha, Jeremiah, Micah, etc being troubled at the sight of the conduct of these modern day prophets.

  25. BRAJOE says:

    If they can ask him who killed senzo mayiwa what will be the answer?

  26. BRAJOE says:

    Pause the healing? Osati kunali kukanika? There are many ways to kill a rat.was the woman healed? No. Why it is not written that the woman was healed?

  27. BK.PHRI says:

    What can we say but to praise God for what He is doing in this ministry. I don’t think both Scotland and Australia had agreed with Bushiri in a game that was to take place over two hours after the prophecy was made about scores that the one will win with 35 and the other will loose 34 paja mumati people agree with the prophet. And I also hope those who tamper with clips will also tamper with the Scotland/Australia game results to prove the prophet wrong?

  28. wakukaya uyo says:

    Keep it up man of God

  29. Sapitwa says:

    Masiku omaliza! Read the scripture and you will find those Prophets that performed miracles too and yet it was not through his mighty power.

  30. Wayithayima bangalala says:

    Zikugwirizana chani ndi chipulumutso? There is no Rugby in heaven my friend.

  31. Yamikani Dowa says:

    i love Papa!he never missed

  32. Den Ching'anda says:


  33. mdk says:

    Prediction or prophecy?Lol

  34. komko says:

    Its quite different with Jesus way of prophesying. The most important thing is salvation of souls not fame. If people will be saved through those prophecies well and good.

  35. OGO!! says:

    The devil can work is spirit too, so they can do thing too. Just be careful ..If he does these thing genuinely, then well enough but in him I see a lot of deceit and opportunism. In this world we have a lot of personal issues and if anyone appears to tell you what you assume you never told anyone, we tend to believe blindly.

    One posed a question the other day, he sells armbands for protection against evil, so why have bodyguards? Why fear fellow humans than the evil powers that he is working against? Something is wrong and doesnt add up. The bodyguards are protecting his body but what about his spiritual being? Does he himself wear the armband he is selling to masses? I do not know!!

    I believe in one God, I believe in the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. In the name of the One and only Jesus Christ

  36. nyakaji says:

    Those who fights prophets read 1kings13.You will receive the same reward.Stop.Amen

  37. Funso says:

    Never mind the prophesy, what a strange commentator on the video. Is she computer-generated?

  38. The real ujeni says:

    God indeed is great. These are spiritual things that people who believe more of the natural cannot believe this. Major 1 go deeper!!!!!

  39. Zambulo says:

    Kaya mudzayankha nokha patsiku lachiweluzo źonse zadziko lapansi zikadzatha. Ndipo tsiku lachimaliziro palibe amene adzalizembe

  40. Manda Aliponse says:

    And how does that so called prophecy help one enter into the kingdom of GOD?

    1. He says:

      it draws to God those who never believed.

  41. mtochi says:

    Guys kumayamika mphatso yanzanu.Maybe you don’t English he predicted well before the match.Akanakhala kuti Bushiri ndi mwana wanu bwanji?Even the deadliest Devil can not make such a prediction.Bravo Bushiri Bravo

  42. I realy trust your prophecy man of God, though I cant fortell whether it is from HOLY GOD or the great tekute(stanic work), Please man of God pray for the leader of Malawi to go and leave malawians in peace. He must die! use what ever powers you acquire we are in great pens.

  43. themba says:

    Kkkkkkkkkk azachitaso zozizwisa zomwe ena sanazipsngepo

  44. Masoambeta says:

    Bwanji osapanga prophesy yanuyo rugby World Cup isanayambe??
    This is where people conclude that you’re opportunists. Remember, the name through Whom you’re amassing wealth and fame will one day speak to you in His truth.

  45. Moses Makoko says:

    I am yet to be convinced.

  46. Sindisa says:

    power………….winning souls thruough prophesy

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