Bushiri ready to employ Malawi Police officers victimised for Mzuzu crusade

Flamboyant leader and founder of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church prophet Shepherd Bushiri has expressed dismay over some Malawians continuous hate towards his church, saying he is ready to offer employment to Malawi Police officers who will be made jobless for providing security at his public crusade in Mzuzu.

Bushiri: I can employ the police officers

Bushiri: I can employ the police officers

This comes amid reports that some police officers in the Northern part of Malawi have been transferred to various departments for deploying maximum security that numbered up to 100 police officers at his crusade which was conducted in Mzuzu for three days.

According to reports published on one of the daily papers, this did not go down well with the leadership of the country that felt Bushiri had been accorded more VIP treatment than the President.

In an interview with Nyasa Times from his South African base, Bushiri who has earned himself a reputation as a ‘man of God’ with succinct prophecie , said he was surprised when he read about the news in Malawi media.

“I must say I was equally shocked just like other people that three police officers have been transferred to different departments and parts of the country for authorising security to the crusade that we just had in Mzuzu. I thought after the conference it was now time for me to rest and forget all the bad reports that I went through prior to the conference, but it seems the enemy is still fighting,” said Bushiri.

Bushiri said this is so unfortunate because the police officers that were deployed to the conference were not there for him, but rather to instil order because thousands upon thousands attended the crusade in Mzuzu.

“I believe every event that has over two thousand people is rated as High Risk Event and it’s mandated to have maximum police security and supervision. The crusade had thousands of people, and a good number of them were foreigners including diplomats. It was just so right to deploy as many officers as possible.

“You might have watched on Prophetic Channel or seen pictures. There were people all over Mzuzu and a lot of people gathered along the way to the venue. My convoy had less than 10 police officers with over 90 people controlling the congregation. It is very wrong to say that 100 police officers were guarding me, they were rather guarding Malawians and others nationals that came to the conference,” explained Bushiri

On the transferred officers, Bushiri sympathised with them and said he is with them in prayers and ready to help them in any way that he can.

“I sympathise with them and their families. In as much as this may be normalised, questions have been raised and all point to one thing, they have suffered on my behalf just like more people that follow me suffer.

“ Am with them in prayers and ready to help them in any way that I can even if it means employing them should they be fired. I can do that even offer them better benefits,” said Bushiri.

Asked to clarify if he would employ 100 police officers if they were fired, Bushiri said: “Yes, even if they fire the whole police, I will employ them to offer services to the people of Malawi and motivate them to work in combating crime effectively.”

He continued: “Malawi is not the first country to offer me state security. I get that to most of the countries I go. In Sudan, Zambia. Tanzania and other more countries I have been privileged to VIP treatment and maximum security at my gatherings because the governments in such countries recognize the economic benefits of my gatherings because they always attract thousands of people who fill stadiums, big halls and even arenas.

“Imagine if we had no police officers at the event and something happens that puts the security of people at risk, what reports would have erupted in the media? Am sure we would have seen more of Bushiri’s negligence reports with others suggesting that am stingy to hire police for security. This is almost a similar case where people have condemned churches that stop their members from going to hospitals saying it’s irresponsible of church leaders to stop medical treatment. To some extent, accused that if we allow them to hospital then we are fake, why not pray for them to be healed and the list goes on.

“Police security is not a spiritual benefit to people but rather social benefit to citizens and one of the requirements of government to provide. I had citizens at my conference who were qualified just like any other person to enjoy the social benefits provided by government to its citizens. We see a lot of police officers to football games and other church gatherings, no one talks, but just because it’s me, issues have arisen. I wonder why am hated so much in my own country, by my own countrymen,” said Bushiri.

it’s not the first time for ‘Major One’ to be given state security. During the Bingu wa Mutharika administration, he was accorded state security that saw officers guarding his residence following a series of fatal attacks that he suffered in Mzuzu.

It is not established if the late Bingu’s brother, Peter Mutharika is in good books with the prophet or not, but it seems the decision to transfer top police officers for allowing maximum security at Bushiri’s conference came from some politicians.

Bushuri refused to be drawn into political discussion, saying he was Man of God who serve people of all political affiliations.

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147 thoughts on “Bushiri ready to employ Malawi Police officers victimised for Mzuzu crusade”

  1. Yuri says:

    Police were there to protect the citizens of this country as well as anyone who attended the crusade, Malawians should learn to stop politicizing anything.

  2. shoot to kill says:

    Major just pray for holy ghost fire to come down and consume all those involved in transfering innocent police officers. By the way why din’t u see a vision and came up with a prophecy ha ha ha ha ha haha ha ha ha ha ha

  3. Nabanda says:

    Joy Moisture, you are saying truth Malawians we are too much jealosy thats why we are poor, Amwenye being foreigners are rich because they do promote each other.

  4. apundi says:

    iiii, boma la pitala safuna ena atukuke

  5. ethihoo says:

    uneneri ofuna ulemelero wa dziko ameneo ai mateyu 24v 5-13

  6. Joy Moisture says:

    A Malawi chimavuta ndi nsanje, mzathu akamachita bwino sitimakondwa. Refer to our national anthem.

  7. chimwere kumunda says:

    Bushiri sanayambe ndale….inu a Wright German kumamvesetsa zinthu!!

  8. Joseph kuwali says:

    Bushiru is a man of God please my fellow Malawians lekani kunena azitumiki, ngati aprophet Bushiru ali oyipa abwinonu mulikuti? Inu atsogoleri athu muboma chonde tiyeni tiwalandile a prophet S.Bushiri anthu amenewa akakala mudziko amatandiza dziko foreign exchange ndizitukuko zosiyanasiyana. ngati kuli Kuweluza musiyileni Yehova, chimodzi ndichiziwa ine prophet Bushiru is a man of God ngati akulemela mumphamvu yasatana potchula dzina la Yesu mnazalayo ndekuti ufumu wasatanawo wagawikana. David anawopa kuchitila Sauli choyipa kamba koti sauliyo anali ozodzedwa wa Yehova, lekani kuchitila anthu a Yehova zoyipa.

  9. Metusalem neib says:

    Dear Prophet Shepherd Bushiri help me in everthing which I tried I failed why?

  10. MALAKASI says:

    All the best Bushiri when did you leave pretoria go to malawi.so why do you need some security.Its only Almighty God who can protect you

  11. ALEX says:

    go deeper man of God

  12. Hope chande says:

    Mw government is still old!instead of appreciating 4 d revenue dat prophet brought!!dnt hv political view on ds leaders of malawi!!

  13. Ambuye amukhulukire bushiri. Coz nayeso akufuna ayambe ndale. Osamangopemphera bwanji ngati muli amulungudi bwanji mukufuna kulimbana ndi boma. Wakula liti bushiri why is ur wealthy come from God( Jesus) or ur god(satan). Muzingopemphera osti ndale mwayambazo man

  14. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    It seems lhomwes have a problem of wisdom. even if they can go to school but their brains work as if they have never touched a pencil in their lives kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  15. Most comments here say they love Bushiri because he brought business to Mzuzu and Malawi and because he is rich. Holly God of Abraham, please forgive us. We now praise and follow money mafias instead of glorifying Your name.

  16. Sellah Rasheeda says:

    it is the norm in our societies… When is elevated about us we hate them… we speak ili if them… We even plot and conspire against them… This will not stop prophet… Just get used to it and develop tough skin.. . Better still ignore the nose completely…

  17. Preciousmaulidibanda says:

    Mneneri salemekezedwa kwao

  18. Tomboy says:

    It is very unfortunate to victimize innocent Police Officers becoz of providing securty to pople of Malawi! May the good Lord help those who hate Propht Shepherd Bushiri to love others. Love your neighbour is the greatest commandment. Even if you write bad stories people will not stop following Major 1. Put your house in order so that you also attract big crowds!!!

  19. austin says:

    Did Jesus had security personnel or so called bodyguards men of God need security from the most High God holy spirit not earthly security fellow beliers let’s pray for this

  20. ndatopa says:

    Major 1 woyeeee!!!!!!!!!! ukubwera bo. you should not worry GOD is with u and all Malawian’s Apolice inu musadandaulere Mulungu amenya yekha nkhondo pa FLAMS pano.

  21. MCHAPE says:


  22. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Bushiri ubwere udzamupemphelere lawyer wako amene anakupulumutsa ku mlandu wopereka mimba uja Ralph Kasambara.

  23. He’s my only prophet whom I love, please live hime alone. Major 1, may god bress you papa! Iyeeeeee….. You are man of god forever!!!!

  24. Muyande says:

    That’s the “Second DPP” in power! Bad ruling continues!

  25. Hope says:

    Why Malawians ,instead to appreciate to God for the life of Bushiri.God bless u man of God

  26. Dave holmes unyolo says:

    Malawians love u prophet Bushiri, the criticism comes from a few malawians with ill will and they really make empty noise..we will neva stop following yo services. u r wow!

  27. palasi man says:

    He preach,healing etc he is popular,so when there is such thing the devil also goes there to destroy it,some evil mind comes in physical,some evil mind comes in theory like fighting through media,he come for a crusade and as he said such crusade some are healed in physical problems,some are healed in spiritual ways,as he do that the country also benefit items of good spiritual people and also economic changes.

  28. Hon lyson AN Phiri says:

    Major one just concerntrate on delivering us rather than the noise the so called malawi government is doing he has failed to rule the country and want to make u an excuse,pray for them God will answer them

  29. Nana Shikwambana says:

    Well responded major one. God is always by your side. This is just to make you loose focus. Just like fashion, it will pass. We are also behind you. Forward you go, backwards never. Aluta.

  30. Nangozo says:

    2 Kings 6:15-17. Prophet Elisha was protected by heavenly horses and chariots of fire. And when his servant was afraid of the earthly army forces, Elisha just prayed to God to open his eyes to see the mighty army that protected the real man of God.

  31. Munyongolo says:

    What i know is God is the protector of everything mainly when you are praising Him.There is no need to seek protection from people by deploying police officers on such events.There is mixture here of God and satan.That’s why the police have to be fired.

  32. Mugonapamhanya says:

    You tell people to rely on your god for protection yet you rely on your bodyguards for your protection. You are like Ndovi of Living Waters who was deafening the sick with his horrible “miracles” message to the sick until he was really really done by stroke. Go to hell you cheaters of the mentally weak individuals.

  33. mphandearon says:

    God is our security why fear man of god.Of course we need security but not to rely on worldly security,for greater is in’you’ than that of the world.if u stand on the truth.

  34. Indeed,”A prophet of God is not honoured in hi own country”.Malawians,what you should know is Just like apostle paul said”For me to live is christ and to die is gain”.And somewhere he said” Since we are God’s children,Our lives is hidden in Christ in God.The life l live is not my own but Jesus Christ lives in me”Now,If you Malawians are standing aginst the man of GOD,Prophet Shepherd Bushiri,you are standing against JESUS CHRIST who lives in him because Bushiri lives not on his own.He’s adopted by God’s Spirit.The Bushiri you saw is Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s spirit living in Jesus Christ.Just like Jesus said,”l live because of the Father who lives in me”.that means that reproach you’re doing,you’re doing it to Jesus.When you dupe Prophet Shepherd Bushiri,you dupe Jesus.Those honours he received was given to God because Prophet Bushiri lives by God.And those who honour men of God,honours God Himself.Be wise Malawians.Do not increase the problems which Malawi is facing.

  35. siton says:

    Although I regard Bushiri as a false prophet who uses charms from a South African witch doctor whom I can mention his name and the agent of that witch doctor, hiring police officers is not a problem for me. Security was needed as explained by themselves, these police gained allowances which helped to meet some needs in their familiies. After all economy of Malawi is declining and people are suferring

  36. Nathan says:

    Forgive them

  37. davie Malambo says:

    keep the fire burning,amalawi amakukondani major 1

  38. Dakore says:

    Leave Major 1 alone… His dynamic teachings have lifted so many soulsl in the world… Iit just unfortunate kuti it has ended like this but security inali yofunika pa that crusade!!!!

  39. mwambo says:

    Koma kumpira ndiye a police thoo. Za Mulungu ayi? More Fire Man Of God. Malawian citizenz deserves security as well.

  40. Kabononkhola says:

    Stones are thrown at a tree which has fruits. Simply put, no fruit, no stones thrown. I don’t fully agree with some of the things the guy does, but I fully support him as a compatriot. If you look carefully, you will see the hidden hand of religious autocrats behind all this. Our so called apostles and founders are instigating politicians to this end. Most fear losing their religious advisory positions

  41. Do or die says:

    Only God knws the truth

  42. Moses Makoko says:

    Ndiponso zikumveka kuti red carpet munatenga ya kunyumba kwa a mdala, koma ana inu!!
    Chitetezo kuwabela, led kalapeti kutenga kumakasewelesa, sichipongwe chimenechi? ?
    Kodi kapena mupangila poti achokapo apita kuuna? ?

  43. martyl says:

    well spoken

  44. martyl says:

    well spoken major 1

  45. chefourpence says:

    God Bless you Bushiri

  46. Dings Mpota says:





  47. Girma Kinfe says:

    Man of God did right ,this showed you The Lord blessed him with so much wisdom
    Go with bodyguard on this level absolutely correct !!!

  48. Samuel says:

    Why the prophet is having all the security like that? He is saying that he is a man of God. Is that really?

  49. Nabanda says:

    I love my prophet Major 1,he does not answer silly things but serious issues like this. Money is not a problem, he can even borrow you jets.

  50. Issa says:


  51. Richard Mbalani says:

    Ziri ku Malawi

  52. John Tembo says:

    palibe chimene ndinganenepo apa vuto abusa mulibe chikhulupiliro mwa mwa mulungu komwso yesu muli chitetezo osati apolice onani awachotsa ku mpoto pano anya ndi umphawi kaya koma mwa mulungu muli chitetezo no police

  53. ... says:

    kikiki ndalama zimazunguza

  54. emmanuel says:

    we shouldn’t hip the blaim on northerners ..neither the leaders . the prophet could have used aproper way oo consultig the government first ..if not for the government idont thing so he could have seen police officers. ..it’s looked like he challenged the possition of the government

  55. bertha says:

    God knows

  56. Kawonga says:

    Jesus analibe guard even one. But zinazi zinachoka kuti abale,

  57. wakukaya says:


  58. tiatumbuka says:

    Bushiri is NOT and shall never be a northern Malawi name. He is a tanzanian. Inu atumbuka tulo bwanji? And why are you nyasatimes connecting a routine police transfer to this bushiri thing of yours. Pali nkhani yapa? Kungofuna kudanitsa anthu basi?!!!

  59. Godwell Manda says:

    Nsanje bas

  60. pingo says:

    Over 20,000 pple of JEHOVAHs witness attended a meeting @ their assembly place @ machinjiri turn off 2 wks ago. To my suprise no no police officer deployed inside still more no theft or any other disoder reported. Only less than 5 traffic officers to control traffic officers to control traffic.

  61. Bringing politics on gospel issue is naive. why attacking man of God like this?? we need to respect bushiri as a son of malawi and a true man of God. a president is more less than a prophet hence require security as any citizen can seek. this is nonse to attack senior police officer in command.

  62. Nasan says:

    Muzipanga comment mwazelu pali zoti mukambe zatundu wathu apa ine tumbuka weni weni zandinyasa kwambili

  63. Forgotten? says:

    Have you forgotten that JB kept on detaining APM in Ntchisi coz he was enjoying maximum security?

  64. Baba wa boy says:

    Idiocy at its best!!

  65. ninja says:

    zoonadi iwe bushiri sunafike polandira ulemu wa chitetezo ngati umenewo ngati ndiwe tsogoleri wa dziko kapenq mfumu bola papa iye ali ndi vatican zimakhala zomveka,,,,i know you enjoy to be criticised it puts you the sportlight you are not alone,,,,,….you are playing your cards right for the time being but one day lots of people will realise what a fraudster you are,,

  66. The police were their to protect the people who were @ the crusade nt for the man of God so stop talking senseless u the media

  67. Bristol says:

    Prophet Bushiri, don’t consider that everyone hates you but rather the devil is our number 1 enemy whether we like it or not. If God is on your side no enemy can prevail against you. Relax God is in control.

  68. Munazolowera says:

    Oyipayo Achite Manyazi,we Are Going Forward With Major 1 Iyeeeh!

  69. mangochi Kabwafu says:

    To hell with fake prophet

  70. Tione says:

    “Mphunzitsi salandira ulemu kwawo,” anatero yesu. In His time Jusus was regarde as Joseph and Mary’s son not knowing that He was the promised Mesaiah. Do not worry a bit Prophet as you are a servant of God spreeading the gospel in these end of the times. Some of these politicians are the ones that mislead the president. God will fight for you!

  71. jones chinomba says:

    End of times and people will see more than this as men of God are looking for human security rather than God’s.

  72. Prisoner monger says:

    *****************Mark my words*************************
    very soon we will here that the Malawi Police Service has declared its allegiance to Major Prophet Bushiri.


  73. Limani says:

    This is interesting. Next time there may be need to exercise powers to control the crowds

  74. Sand Wa Sand says:

    So Lessonable!! Drama At Its Peak. Tales Whose Narration To My Grandchildren Shall Sound Me Wise And Historical Indeed 40 Years Later. So Help Me God.

  75. James says:

    Mukuonetseratu kuti anthu inu simumapemphera ukafunse kuti timakatani ku miracle crusade? ambuye akukhululukire sukudziwa chimene ukunena,the bible says if you are in Jesus,if you believe in him ,jesus himself will be in you,Let me teach you ngati simukhulupilira kuti obadwa ndi munthu angamachiritse odwala,kapena kutulutsa ziwanda,prophesying ndiye kuti ndiwe munthu omvetsa chisoni,umadzinyenga wekha kuti ndiwe khristu lapa nthawi ndiyomwe ino,bcz azitumiki amene iwo anadzipeleka pamaso pa yawe are those ukuwawona akupanga ma miracles,showing that the spirit of the almighty God is working in them,even iweyo anthu angakudabwe ,sangakukhulupilire chifukwa akukudziwa bwinobwino,dziko lapansi liri chonco,even Jesus anamukana kwawo ku Nazarete,thats the spirit from devil which is moving around the whole world kuti inu ndi ine tisalandile chosowa chathu,tisalandile chipulumutso.Dziwani kuti satana kwake ndi kupha ndi kuwononga right! kapena munditsutsa? cholinga cha satan akufuna mudwale,mudzivutika ndi umphawi,komanso mufe.Listen to me ndiye wina akubwera kuchotsa matendawo,kuchotsa ziwandazo,kukupemphelerani mtendere,ndiye inu mumunene ameneyo kuti ndi wa satanic? my fellow malawians tiyeni tikule Mu uzimu Satana asamakupusitseni ayi,I was in mzuzu,am not a member of ECG but am a believer in Christ,so many people got healed,delievered and prayed for breakthroughs,ine ndemwe ndikupelekera umboni oti ndalndira machilitso after 5 years ndikuvutika ndi ma discs pa msana wanga ,koma pano ndachiritsidwa.my advise to you fellow Malawians,musamangomva anthu akulankhula no,mudzipita ndikukawona nokha ndi maso anu i so doing mudzadziwa chowona cheni cheni,you should know that there is a spirit from devil which is defaming God`s servants, kuti inuyo ndi ine tisalandile chosowa chathu kumapeto kwake tife ndi kukapsa naye limodzi,lets change our mind set nthawi ikutha,major 1 is a real ,am saying real man of God,stop talking evil against him chifukwa mutha kulandila thembelero pls!

  76. albert says:

    Malawi civil servant like aurguement and this does not need arguement plz what type police admistration is this of management even the president is so quite, y bothering, it high time to deal issue of government not this one

  77. Anangozo says:

    he better get his facts well, did he hear that they have been fired or just mere transfers?

  78. Watching says:

    I am made to understand that one has to pay for this kind of service. That’s much needed revenues for the government. If the officers have been transferred because of this, then it is an unfortunate development.

  79. mokandy says:

    Awa atitopetsa

  80. thapelo nkhoma says:

    The more u talk of my father the more God is blessing him inu mulinayo jet,or hammer ubuli basi

  81. thapelo nkhoma says:

    When a certain group of pipo r doing bigwalk they hire police plus police viehcle ma traffic police aswel,ma church in Malawi just 2 mention catholic pa maula parish when they have their prayers do they employ 1 police man. Kumakha a police bwe so vuto ndichipamenepa simuzatukuka amalawi ndisaje. Asiye a Major1 my daddy God is using him.the duty of police is to protect us malawians . am a proud daughter of the major

  82. Chigadula says:

    In Malawi, and many other impoverished nations, it would appear, that only a few citizens like the president and his family are entitled to proper security, but why?????

  83. Nelly says:

    Malawian leaders please wake up God loves u so much that u major 1 if i we u i will be supporting him coz God can u him to take your country from glory to another. I pray that God will open your eyes to c what major is doing. In our family no stress relax major 1 we love u n pray for u always shalom

  84. The real ujeni says:

    You will never and can never break a Northerner in Malawi, they don’t depend on man or politicians, just watch them, clever, intelligent and forward looking, while us amangwetu nkhaza, kaduka nsanje all day everyday ngati ESCOM

  85. Fury Road says:

    Wherever there is opposition there is position

  86. Richard says:

    Just to say something on what my brother Gift have said in his comment, I think he must realise and come over his statements. Ther’s no way biblically someone who needs to sponsor nor grunt a kind of positive gratitude, should look at the negativities of the region. The bible says Jesus did not come on earth for the perfeted people, but for the perfecting people. If we were all perfect God would send his son to come and rescue us from sins. Now Gift says that the prophet will sideline the northerners interms of sponsors because the northerners seam to have mistreat interms of security personels,then he is wrong because those who are involved in transferring the stuff who deployed security personel to the crusade are not northern civilians but the police themselves as a whole. So why should the civilians suffer from being sponsored because of other managerial ability? If you were of Gods you wouldn’t have said all that but only to advise as a man of God does.

  87. thapelo nkhoma says:

    Malawian full of jealous. Accept God is using Major1. My father is my hero Weser u lyk it or not

  88. u malawian too march talking Bashiri is not angel

  89. commenter says:

    As much as I don’t agree with what Prophet Bushiri does this was outright wrong, for the IG to treat the police this way. It’s not like they worked for free they we’re paid!! This IG is sooo wrong on another level.

  90. ALOSWEA says:

    Kkkk Mtima kuwawa ,mtima kuwawa ,nanga akabwera Salanje kkkk sindikudziwa ,please don’t be haPpy with this poverty zikutimvetsa chisoni

  91. malume says:

    Nkhawa yanga ndiyoti Amalawi omwe munapitanu mumati mukukatani?zaoneseratu kuti anthu sakuwerenga Baibulo.posachedwapa wina abwera ndikumati ndi yesu muzapita muzamukhulupirira chifukwa cha zozizwa.chonde amalawi awa mukuti ndi aman of godwa ndi aman of devil muzaziwaizi mukazayamba kuwerenga bible GOD be with you all.

  92. Zefania Kabotolo says:

    This is what we want from our police service. There was maximum security in Mzuzu during Bushiri’s conference. Indeed it was a very huge gathering for three days, but no report of deaths or casualities during this event because our police demonstrated professionalism that is required day to day. It is just very shameful despite all this professional performance by our police to hear that police officers responsible for this professional act have been victimised.

  93. Bulutu says:

    before comment…kno how security is provided in the country…

    mabulutu akumalawi thats why peter muthalika akukunyelerani mkamwa

  94. Gift says:

    I have always said Malawi as a nation will never grow. Citizens have the attitude of hurtred especially to northerners. God is showing some wonders now and speak to you dirrect that you do not despise people because of the ethinic we are one in God eyes. They is this news online called Malawi 24 it is always carrying negative news about Bushiri non of it articles give positive news about this man of God. Please note where you hurt most that is where God touches and blesses. The more you are at loggerheads with Bushiri the more he will be successful he will even sponsor developments to the northern region and make it recognisable on the map. Watch out God has his own plans for these notherners. Do not be jelousy your own government can not afford to have a presidential jet yet an individual like Bushiri has that must be a lesson to all opposers do a sole serching you will realise envy will never take you far.

  95. chindazi says:

    The one in front of Bushiri looks like Paul Mphwiyo…. is it him or a relation kkkkkk

  96. kumiwuwe khomeni. says:

    Did Jesus had a bodygurd in his life?kkkkk

  97. ileft everything in my ever Living God. Let him be Praised amen.

  98. Concerned Citizen says:

    I think we Malawians have a problem. At first I thought it’s only politics to bring down one another. But with the current development, I have concluded that Malawi will never develop. Reason jealousy. in other countries, they support each other or sell their products despite who is producing it for the sake of your country but not Malawi. What is long with 100 policemen to be deployed to protect over 2000 people? What is the recommended ratio of a police : citizens to be protected? If it was a choir going for a fundraising big walk, you find two police traffic officers in front and two traffic police officers ate the back protecting 10 people. We have seen some policemen guarding some few people in big walk fundraising activities, Armed policemen in weddings, Policemen in social parties be Christmas parties or any social gathering. We have seen policemen being deployed in football matches with armoured vehicles included. What is more with over 2000 people that includes foreign dignitaries? If indeed some Political leaders has made an issue out of this they should think twice and feel ashamed. With this thinking, Malawi will never develop. I don’t remember hearing Bushiri boasting of being a President of Malawi to warrant the transfer of the policemen. What we have learnt of Bushiri is of his Miracles. So why can’t we live God to judge!

  99. Apostle Madalitso Nagoli says:

    It’s Very Unfortunate. The best thing Malawians can do is to support Major1 Prophet Shapered Bushiri. As a Malawian myself, I suggest that Malawi Government should consider offering Bushiri a Cabinet Position. This shall do good to Malawi’s economy.

  100. maaaajooor1 osmayankha amenewa…major 1 do something,,,,,, iyee. antha okha akalimbana ndi MAJOR 1. KOMA abale inu simukuona kuti amalawi tikuluza apa, akanakhala kuti akuchitila zimenezi dziko lanthu la malawi ndalama bwezi zikulowa mdziko muja koma kumutoza kumeneku munthu wa mulungu angafune kukakhazikika kwawo? taluzatu apa.nawo che mutharika saakuiwona game apa. Maaaajoor do someething . ine sunday lomweli ili ndili ku pretoria konko iyeeee

  101. Spider Web says:

    What Bushiri is saying here is, guavament is failing to motivate its employees especially police officers. The reason senior police officers were seen at the event in Mzuzu was they wanted to receive allowances. That aside, personally i see nothing wrong in providing security to the people. At least Bushiri is right on this one. Security is a social benefit. If things went wrong at that event this ongoing hate reporting would have doubled. Stop your nonsense and let Bushiri do his work. If he is a fake prophet let him be vindicated by God. #muzafaimfayowawa

  102. ngozo says:

    This Bushit guy asatisokose ayelekeze kubwera ku Lilongwe akhaula pumbwa ameneyu. Real men of God are protected by the blood of JESUS the almighty.

  103. Grip says:

    I feel very bad when u fight major 1 instead of focussing what to be on ur table compare urself with dad most of u its jst by mercy that u had food this mon. All of u wil never drive that v6 machine. Dad our God we worship is honourable we deserve more hounor not even mzuzu crusade security coz thats jst 1%.

  104. zizi says:

    Dzuka Malawi Dzuka, uchangamuka liti, i tell you my fellow Malawians the coming of this man in mzuzu have bring a change in some other people’s lives, not spiritually only but also economically, ask tax drivers, sacramentos, lodge, resthouses just to mention a few.

  105. Viyazi Tembo says:

    His excellency Nyika republican president Shepherd Bushiri………

  106. khalupa says:

    Hate or not hate….security was very needed there.

  107. SUTHA MAKANI says:

    #2, is Bushiri himself educated? If he can pay the whole police, why cant he have his own personal police to protect crowds and himself? Let’s wait & see how this drama ends! I hope it wont be another human sacrifice of 114 people!

  108. chizamsoka munthali says:

    It’s not the whole Malawi that hates Bushiri but rather a few misguided demons portraying like journalists who are paid by some evil politicians. Where ever you are Major 1,please release angel Gabriel so that name ndibooleze

  109. mtaisi says:

    Muthatika must have limits,dpp supporters must learn good manners,dont act ngati ndinu anthu openga,ineyo i dont believe ib bushiri,but dpp gvt is taking this buhiri issue beyond spiritual

  110. John Banda says:

    I don’t believe in the self styled prophets neither do I follow them. I only place my faith in the Lord. But the arguments and counter arguments regarding Bushiri’s recent visit to Malawi has caught my attention. What is of great interest to me is the issue about the deployment of security at Bushiri’s rally in Mzuzu. It has to be understood that the Police Officers that were there were actually hired from the Malawi Police Force. It is not a secret that anyone can hire a Police Officer for the purpose of protection. We have seen it done, therefore I don’t see anything wrong for Bushiri to have done the same in the name preserving law and order at his mega rally. The Police Band must have been hired to provide pomp to the supposedly triumph entry in Mzuzu and that doesn’t not constitute an offence. The question we should be asking here is: Did Bushiri fulfill his obligation to pay the Police Force for the services they rendered to him or he didn’t. If he did then there is no issue here but if he didn’t then he can be taken to task to have him pay.

    The problem we have in Malawi is that anyone person who draws a multitude of people to his gatherings is a threat. In this regard Bushiri’s gathering was not political in nature and should be seen as such. If the numbers surpassed those that attend political rallies then we can as well say thumbs up to the propagation of the living gospel. Those people definetely required security regardless of who they were.

    Bushiri, if indeed he is what he claims to be, should desist from engaging in worldly politics as this can be a catalyst to derailing his mission. Christianity has clashed with satanism from time immemorial and will countinue to be so till judgement day. The only way is to stay focussed on the right path and most importantly pray for those that continue to wallow in the dark.

  111. Benford says:

    Malawi police poor administration,why man of God have maximum security,

  112. Mapwevupwevu says:

    We have no Leader in this Country, anyone can make decisions on this OLD Mans behalf. Educated for nothing. Our Country is collapsing, Man of God, help us to pray for Change of Leadership.

  113. Nzika says:

    Kodi Munena bwanji kuti mutsata mulungu pomwe mwalephera kukhulupirila kuti maxmum security amapereka ndimulungu yekha …? ***Mukuyenda no nkhawa coz of only 100 police****kodi simudziwa kuti ngakhale ma Millions-millions a police, soldiers, well equiped will never save ur life but only the mighty name of Jesus Christ?


  114. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Pepa Bushiri ndi satana ameneyu. Just do your God given job.
    Pray for them to get to sences. Kkkkkkkkkkkk

  115. What a wise way of addressing issues major. Malawi doesn’t look at the bigger picture and that’s why we are stagnating in everything. I have never seen a God fearing nation that is so jealous like Malawi. For your information the mayor for Pretoria is trying his best to stop Major 1 to move to Midland where he has bought land for his church becoz the Mayor of Pretoria has seen how his city and province is benefitting from the Prophet. Bushiris ministry is not just another ministry, it is the ministry God himself has commissioned in our generation. It is the ministry thru which God is speaking to mankind today. It attracts thousands of foreigners in rollers ,pounds etc and this is the ministry our government should have guarded jealously just like SCOAM of TB in Nigeria. Perhaps you don’t know that SCOAM brings in more foerx in Nigeria than anything else and government had to provide state security and motorcade for TB Joshua whenever he is travelling. Malawi work up!!!!.

  116. It is so disappointing for Malawians to be so ridiculous like this. When are we going to be civilised? I have seen police providing security to Pastor Chris when ever he is in SA for free. Police gets deployed to the venue to do crowd control, and this is done free of charge. If Prophet Bushiri offered to pay them, that gesture must be appreciated by government. After all they are not well paid. Money is being stolen by Politicians, but we don’t complain. The same money could have been paying our men and women in police service. The police are not there for politicians. They are there for the public. Malawians why do we hate each other like this. Here in SA Trevor Noah the comedian is doing greater things in USA. The whole country has rallied behind him. If he was a Malawian then we could have seen some negative publicity against the guy. Man of God I for one, as a Malawian,im proud of you and please don’t stop doing such crusade in that cursed country. It needs healing.

  117. kumwembe says:

    Akudakhala a Bushir a ndalama sakadamapemha ma K10,000 kuti athandize anthu pa zinthu za Mulungu. Ndiye kumanama kuti anglipile police yonse

  118. Concerned Malawian says:

    I totally agree with Bushiri here. There was nothing wrong with that. Infact, a polisiwo were given mannies unlike when they guard these misguided fools in the name of politicians

  119. MKAZI WA ABUSA says:

    iwe oyenda mmalele ukufuniranji security ya apolice athu. sunatenge ku south Africa konko bwa? as a man of GOD OR A PROPHRT THAT U CLAIM TO BE bwanji ukukhala ndi mantha ndi anthu amdziko mpana kumaopa kuyenda wekha? mr miracles u r FAKE. kwamunthu odziwa mau psalms 23 ikuposa apolisi 1million

  120. A Dyumali says:

    Major 1, are an evangelist or a politician?

  121. Shadreck Ulaya says:

    Koma satana ali mmavuto kwambiri, zuoneka ngati kumene aliko iyeyo dyabulosiyo ndi amithenga ake akanva za Bushiri akumatsegula mmimba, of all the men of God in this country, Why is Bushiri being attacked on everything, from side to side! it means among all the men of God we have in this country, this prophet is Special. as for me the man of God is BLAMELESS, Please let him be!

  122. DRAKE says:

    Firing Police Officers for offering security at a crusade is very unproffesional and un democratic. Infact Police officers are there to protect its citizens and not only the head of state, therefore there was nothing wrong with what the Police did at Bushiris rally. This type of behaviour of blocking other dignitaries from accessing Police protection was discourage during the dawn of multiparty and this is another autocratic behaviours from some bad Politicians who want once again want to spoil this beautiful country.

  123. SMM Jnr says:

    That’s very true man of God. The security in what ever vs W’s not only for you but the rest of the citizens that attend your meetings and for our visiting brothers nd sister from other countries. Why should maximum security only be served to the president and not the citizens that pay taxi to sustain the same security serviceslike police and army. Does the president or any other position pay these police officars from their pockets? That’s nonsense. Prophet Bushiri is a Malawian and child and citizen of the land, why shouldnt he be given a maximum security if the situation calls for it. Don’t just hate Bushiri, have good reasons to do that if you think it is proper to hate him. Thw government spends millions a Kwachas offering security to stupid politicians and that the only good thing they do for the nation is fight against each other and deny the country development.Next time you come Prophet, come with convoy bigger than the one of the president and with more expensive vehicles than that of the president and hire the whole army and the whole police all security companies and let’s see what they will say again. Useless politicians.

  124. Willie Chimseu says:

    I agree with you that even all police officer rendered their services during the mzuzu crusade should not worry too much as Major one is at their disposal for help even it means the whole 100 officers . Nsanje ku malawi itipha theladi

  125. musekanji palibe kanu says:

    well spoken BUshiri maximum security is social right for everyone not just the president

  126. MLOMWE says:

    why Malawi why Malawi ,malawi you will never proppsper if you keep on chasing Men of God abroad.

  127. knowells says:

    Vry sad story,why police,why malawi.pure last days.

  128. Kacheto says:

    even 100 police officers anachepa.. 200 cud hav been better.

  129. BB says:

    Guys nsanje ndiyo yakula – Kodi boma silinamangepo mabanja ena mbuyomu chifukwa chachikhulupirilo chawo pongosankha mapemphero okha ndikusatumiza ana awo ku chipatala kukalandira makhwala. Nanga chavuta ndi chani pa nkhani ya Bushiri potenga achitetezo pa crusade ya ku Mzuzu. Sizoona kuti chifukwa iye ndi munthu wa mulungu ndiye sipamasoweka kutenga a chitetezo. Kodi simunamvepo kuti mbava zakaba mu kachitsi? Ndiye mukuti pasakhale achitetezo chifukwa ndi za mulungu. This is backward thinking.

  130. These are all carnal minded leader.Man of God thousands are very happy with the Gospel but the problem is the devil is also using some busy bodies but he will always fail.

  131. Josiahzz says:

    Bushiri do u need an extra bible man….am ready to become one

  132. nophiya says:

    There is one thing Major One Prophet Sheperd Bushiri is not telling us. Were these Police officers hired or the Police Management in the North decided to provide the security on their own? If you compare with other church functions you will fine out that the churches hire these police officers. Can you tell us that you hired these 100 police officers? Now if 100 were at Civil Stadium who provided security to the civilians in the North?

  133. The game says:

    For once i can back you up by providing security to people who were there listening to your lies.

  134. OBSERVER says:


  135. Nkozombwe says:

    Ndikudabwa kwambiri kuti chalakwika nchani kutenga a police? KUkabwera oyimba za circular or gospel kuno ku Malawi nde police ndi mbweee and not transfered at all. Ku mpira, ngakhale ku chikwati kumakhala a Police. Y

    You are being used by satan! The same politicians since i was born ndakhala ndikuona knhope zomwezo and yet malawi remains the same at 51. Kodi our presidents doesnt know that these politicians akungofuna podyera osati kutukula dziko? What is Dausi doing in US?


  136. Mfunjo says:

    Darkness can not beat the light, those fighting the Man of God will end up in hell. Major one we are with you come rain or sunshine. God is in control.

  137. mango tree says:

    Vuto lokhala ndi ma recycled politicians omwe omwewo since kamuzu days. Tatopa nazo, what change can they bring to the nation, at 51 now malawi remains the same.

    Go deeper Major 1, the devil wont defeat us and you, in Jesus Name.

  138. captain says:

    You can try to block him, but you can not rob his anointing.

  139. Wawa says:

    Ngakhale papa yohane paul ku vatican amakhala ndi security. The police in malawi were there for the citizens indeed, kodi kukanaphedwa anthu ku crusade ko mawa si mukanamunenanso Major 1? Everything close to Jesus indeed receives attack. Its the devil in us people who are fighting Major 1. We are bring used by satan but when time comes, tidzazindikila bwino patsogolo.

    Always fighting your fellow Malawian, that means God is in him and the devil doesnt want that. The devil wants us to perish hence blocking the man of God. But know that Major will not be shaken, God is on his side for ever and ever.


    Timpondeponde satana akagwere ku nganjo ya moto.

  140. Well heard Man of God! God is watching and the enemy will never prevail against the annointed. As you put it, its Gvt’s responsibillity to provide security considering the benefits.

  141. becks says:

    ” even if they fire the whole police I can employ them and offer Them better benefits
    And motivate them to work effectively to combat crime.”

  142. Truck says:


  143. mlomwe mnzanga says:

    i dont trust him..i trust God almighty

  144. Sangala. Tinkanena ife says:

    Inu andale mupanga zimenezi mpaka liti?

  145. JB says:

    Teach these uneducated politicians Man of God. They are the thieves. Am glad you moved to SA these small minded crooks cannot handle your annointing let them rot there in poor Malawi

  146. amidu says:

    Mmmmm, the devil is aliar. If someone has no faith,need to be prayer. Papa ur big boss Almighty God is in control.

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