Bushiri resumes maize distribution: Malawi govt embraces prophet’s charity

The South Africa-based Malawian Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) on Wednesday flew into Malawi where he personally helped distribute bags of maize  -a staple-food  in the nation – to thousands of people in 10 villages in the Traditional Authority (T.A) Chitukula in the rural Lilongwe to mark the resumption of his charity initiative which was suspended recently.

Bushiri in releif action, carries maize for donation doing God's work

Bushiri in releif action, carries maize for donation doing God’s work

Bushiri had complained that he was facing obstacles from Malawi government in his maize distribution and wrote a strong worded letter to President Peter Mutharika protesting.

He resumed his humanitarian crusade  assisting the poor through his charity, Shepard Bushiri Aid (SBA) following the Malawi government clearance on the exercise.

There has been calls by Members of Parliament in the National Assembly, asking the millionaire celebrity preacher to keep helping the starving citizens as hunger bites hard, mostly to the poor.

On Wednesday, Bushiri distributed thousands of 25 Kilogram  bags of maize at Dedza Private Primary school at Area 25 in the capital Lilongwe and told the people that  the initiative was not meant for political reasons arguing that he believes in God who love hence is sharing the little he has to people.

“I feel good to back in Malawi, my home to save God’s children through maize distribution following government endorsement over the exercise. I am here to show God’s love. This initiative it’s not meant to score political mirage because I believe in God who sends me to do this work whole heartedly,” said the Man of God who is famously called ‘Major 1’.

Prophet Bushiri who was physically distributing the maize to the villagers said he will keep on giving out maize  to Malawians, saying  he was sourcing the maize in Zambia and other SADC countries.

The ruling  Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Member of Parliament and comedian Bon Kalindo (Winiko) , former ministers Ralph Kasambara and Brown Mpinganjira were seen helping Bushiri carrying bags of maize to the beneficiaries in Lilongwe.

Other notable people were politicians Hophmally Makande, Pika Manondo and Halima Daudi.

Bushiri’s humanitarian support has taken him to Zomba, Lilongwe-Nathenje but failed to finish the exercise in Karonga due to government political bickering over the exercise.

He has also assisted inmates at Mzuzu Prison.

Bushiri will proceed to Mchinji and Salima on Thursday and Friday respectively as thousands villagers are expected to receive 25 kilogram of maize for free.

The Prophet is making a difference and has touched and changed many lives, thousands have been fedand while the critics talk and question if his motives are genuine or not,  people are eating Nsima and they are thankful.

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62 thoughts on “Bushiri resumes maize distribution: Malawi govt embraces prophet’s charity”

  1. oteng says:

    Hi,um looking a good job in my life. Pilz prayer for me.in Jesus name.Amen

  2. Sindisa says:

    To Simiai and other people who have negative critics about my father you don’t have to approve what the true man of God Major1 is doing for he woks for God’s approval not us. He knew even before starting the project that you will oppose but because he doesn’t have our interests at heart he is still continuing his Godly assigned exercise. Papa Major1 Prophet Shepherd Bushiri well done proud of you

  3. Halord Dzuwa says:

    My Malawi why jerous we can’t appriciate the what the man of God is doing to our fellow citizens. Mumangokhala ndi mtima wankhaza basi. Prophet please continue your charity work that’s good leadership. Ndi mphatso yapadera iyi. Munthu ukatsogozedwa ndi mzimu oyera umazindikila vuto lanzako ndipo umadzuka ndikuchitapo kanthu. Continue man of God

  4. mark matayo says:


  5. giftgift says:

    apetara m nati munacoka open era ku america osathandiza anthu bwanji mathanyula basi ,misonkho ya anthu ija amagonapo acimwene anu munaika kuti?

  6. Elisa says:

    Pliz Pliz Pliz Africa’s lets swallow our Pride and stop Jealous what ever pple they a saying about Bhushiri is not gone wrk.lets appreciate the gud wrk which is doing only. l respect u Papa what every they say about u in Malawi u don’t give up u a still going back to help. l which they can surrender. And support u Papa we lv.

  7. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    the guys who comment rubbish of Bushiri here will die before reaching age of 45, mark my words. Bushiri is a true man of God, not APM

  8. Joseph Ojesi says:

    Lets Learn To Say Thanks When It Is Needed Malawian Not Politicising Everything.Anthu Oipa Inu

  9. Manteigah says:

    dat’s. principle of prosperity ” giving & receiving” bushir wil get more out of what he’s giving now.God Blec him.

  10. Chambe says:

    @Simiai Chinguereze
    You have a very good observation ! Not long ago, we were informed of this man’s link with JB.
    He has also been accused by his congregation by duping them of thousands of money for selling prayers which have been found ineffective.
    You will see that he won’t distribute maize in Mulanje, Thyolo, Chiradzulu where Lhomwes are and I say if he does, don’t receive maize from the man with questionable circumstances. We can not eat maize if the money that has been used to buy is under probe .

    1. Geoffrey Lwanja says:

      We will always live with skeptics like you,but life still goes.It was the same with Jesus.

  11. Nyau says:

    sharing the little he has hehehehehehehehehheheheheheh, little wasintha meaning kodi ??

  12. Nyau says:

    Haha. Profit Bullshit

  13. Asajohengute. says:

    You are warmly welcome Mr prophet .Pls continue to help as here in Malawi things are at worse. And you should flow to the southern region especially Chikwawa and Nsanje districts. God bless you man of God.

  14. Namarokoro says:

    Akugawa Chimanga ndalama zake za Cashgate zapasidwa ndi Joisi Banda. That’s why all cashgate crooks are involved.

  15. son of major says:


  16. Tina says:

    what a conclusion to the story? Walemba nndani mwati?
    Anyway… In the first place Bushiri samayenera kunyanyala kugawa chimanga chifukwa chofuna ulemelero wa dziko lapansi… Ntchiyoyi nja Ambuye… Osamanyanyala…

  17. THE HAWK says:


  18. Davie Tembo says:


  19. Geoffrey Lwanja says:

    We should thank the President for making it possible that the exercise of maize distribution continues.

  20. MIMI says:

    Mwana uyu adzafa infa yopweteka

  21. Ken says:

    Nase idzani kuno kumpoto tizakapokeko

  22. davie kathumba says:

    musiyeni azigawa yekha chimangacho inu ngati mufuna kugawa chimanga kagaweni chanu cha blue…osamangodziwa kuba ndalama zathu…

  23. timo says:

    Major 1 is doing Gods will. KOma akanati akufuna ulamuliro, basitu unali wake apa. No question about it. Where are the cash gaters to help Major plis? What about the government?

  24. Linthumbwi says:

    Bushiri, this is good work. But Prophet, please save your image by not allowing people like Kasambara, Mpinganjira, Manondo, Daudi, etc to be associated with your charity work. Pepani anthu amenewa are associated with party politics and mbiri zao sizili bwino kwenikweni in Malawi, unless I dont know how you guys are connected.

  25. john phiri says:

    So where are those that were accusing him of seeking favours from government? Dpp supporters should know that there is a very thin line between truth and falsehood. Thanks to Peter for rising above politics and assuring the major of your support. To defeat hunger we need to join hands. By the way where is Salanje with all his mercedes benz? Sell them and come help people at home.

  26. ineyo says:

    Now happens to the suspended Karonga exercise? Take out politics out of this noble exercise.

    Politicians are there to create problems they can’t solve. Always doing things with evil intentions.

    I am not a Bushiri fan but very grateful for what the man of God is doing, helping people who are being punished by politicians selfishness

  27. Chitapata says:

    Team yogawa nayo chimangayo nde ndi ma wounded okhaokhatu( CashGate).

  28. Nachithidzi says:

    Well done

  29. Shadry 1 says:

    Major 1, go ahead with this charitable work, may the God almighty keep on blessing you.

  30. Kamzalanga says:

    This DPP govt only stops Bushiri when he distributes maize in tbe north. This DPP govt wants northerners to die of hunger. FISP coupons were only given to people of the south and center, but only to 209 people in the north. This APM man wants to kill northerners.

  31. bigmanwamkulu says:

    please ask salanje to do the same

  32. window says:

    No comment!

  33. dave elisa says:

    major 1 your the helo in malawi keep on watching prothetic channel to remain protected

  34. Cash Gate says:

    Well done munthu wa Mulungu

  35. fredo says:

    Major 1 dont forget my people in Chiradzulu Doooooooo Something I salute you on this may God be with you

  36. Thank you Major 1 for your heart of giving. May God bless you.

  37. Dumbani Ngwira says:

    blessed is the hand that gives

  38. ken says:

    Satanayo walephera!Go Major 1 goooo

  39. cbk says:

    Keep it up!keep it up,critics are there to frustrate,yet they can’t even distribute a 10gram of maize,shame on you guys!

  40. Kaunga says:

    A big hand to you Major 1 God bless and you may leave longer

  41. Wasalipa says:

    Yes, They are eating nsima and are happy..Big up to Shepherd

  42. Jaunky says:

    That`s my Father who inherited the Genes of Christ,your kind heart really shows that you are indeed a Servant of the most highest God,may he bless you abundantly in Jesus name Amen

  43. Namulangeni says:

    isiii Man of God to hell,if ur really man of God chonyanyalila nikhala chani??? aMalawi sitizatukuka coz of dyera kukonda zinthu zaulele iyaaaa ntchito kulandila basi!!! amati atani siwabweresabe tichimamngato kuzagwa!!!!!! zaziiiii

  44. Makweya says:

    Nyasa Times, is Pika Manondo a politician? He is a cashgate thief and was there as Kasambara’s bodyguard.

  45. Denguzman says:

    Major !, U are a true son of jesus christ coz the way u were treated it wasnt easy for somebody to accept the call of our MP. U are welcome and god kp on blessing u and the entire ECG Family.

  46. wa ku mtandire says:

    Simiao ndi max nsani so what if Pika Ralp Brown Makande were there? Which court has convicted them? They are Malawians and feel the pain of Malawians. While you are busy keeping your millions to yourself and your children at most they are doing something which the Father Above will credit them with. Why cant we focus on the issue at hand without wanting to tarnish people?
    To Major 1 well done continue your good works and the Father who sees from above will reward you more and more. I pray that God will give you back 100 x10 x100x100 you are a true man of God and a true Malawian. How many Pastors in Malawi have done anything about the hunger? How many have even distributed madeya>? Not even MPs or Ministers who are busy pocketing kicknbacks from investors. Beware your day 40 is coming..Major 1 my hero everyday.

  47. Iqbar says:

    What’s going on here? Look at the people involved in the distribution. Only God knows where this maize is coming from and whose money it is. La 40 lizakwana tizadziwa zonse bwino…Mulungu ndiwachifundo nthawi zones. Amen

  48. Fariz says:

    Bravo for resuming your maize aid man of God Bushiri,pls include Thyolo on your programme.God bless you.When one is doing agood deed to his fellow humans satan will always try to stop him using weak minded people.

  49. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    thats man of God. to hell with those who envy this man. if Bushiri can stop distributing food to the needy, can Dausi and his friends take over???? these people are jokers. stop this bullshit and get civilized. Bushiri never told you he wants to be a president but you get jealousy of him why?

  50. Wanzeru says:

    cant get any better than this……..Big up Papa

  51. Noxy says:

    Great! God Blesses those who give.

  52. MERCEDES says:


  53. george says:

    Bravo Major 1

  54. ellias says:

    Major 1, my Major Major…… God will continue to Bless you. Wishing you all the best and maintain your goodwill.

    Iye, Power! My Major1

  55. max nsani says:

    why is it that almost all the people mentioned to be helping Bushiri distributing the maize; kasambara , manondo,makande, mpinganjira are connected to the Phwiyo shooting/ cashgate cases? What’s going on here?

  56. Mbuya says:

    Koma kodi ma MPs cant they contribute pangono pangono zawo all together as a group and donate kaya ku Chipatala to show solidarity i could be very happy to see dat idea and coming from opp side

  57. simiao chinguereze says:

    Cash gate suspects, murder suspects anali komwekonso…… Ralph, Pika, makande , Mphinganjira are all suspects of the public plunder and some of them are answering charges in court….

  58. phwiti lloyd says:

    Major 1. Dont forget Likoma island. There is no munda oti tinga kolole komaso malingana ndi ma transport apamadzi zinthu, sizili bwino. Hold our hand bushiri. Boma limati iwala always. Plz major.

  59. boy-boy says:

    congrats Major 1.

  60. Macbeth says:

    first of all ,big up to de govt for understandin hw de situation we r by crealin all de problems Major 1 was facin.Secondly,Major 1 has demostrated himsef az a true malawian and a man of Ģod by forgiv de govt to resume aid to de affected Malawians.Manyazi agwire awo amene amayetsesa kuti Major 1 asatigawire chimanga kuno kwathu pamene iwo mmanyumba mwao akudya zonona tsiku ndi tsiku.Welkam bak Major 1 ,we r very proud of u so much.Apa nde Malawi sanabetse iyayi.God blesss u mo!

  61. vwapuvwapu says:

    Thank God.

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