Busy schedule for Malawi President Mutharika in Zambia

President Peter Mutharika on a two day-official visit to Zambia is faced with a tight schedule over the weekend.

Mutharika and Lungu -

Mutharika and Lungu –

Mutharika and his Zambian counterpart Edgar Lungu will have interface with the media and will also be accorded with a state banquet organized by the Zambian President.

On August 1, 2015, Mutharika is expected to take part in the Agricultural show organized by the Republic of Zambia.

Mutharika will arrive at Lusaka show grounds where he will be welcomed by Lungu, the President of the Agricultural and committee members for the Agriculture and Commercial Society of Zambia.

He will be introduced to the executive committee members of the Zambian Agriculture and Commercial Society, then after, their Excellency’s will pose for a group photo with these committee members and later sign in the visitors book.

President Mutharika and Lungu will tour selected exhibition stands with the guidance of the Vice President of the Agricultural and Commercial Society of Zambia.

Among others, their Excellencies will tour the Jubilee Hall, Agricultural hall, Zambia Sugar Company, Ministry of commerce and Industry, Bank of Zambia, Seed company, demonstration plot, livestock, hybrid and LIMA hall.

The first ladies will also have their tour which will be led by Hon. Elfrida Kansembe Mwamba (MP) who is also the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social security.

After the tour, Mutharika and Lungu will proceed to the LIMA hall where they are expected to have a brief interview with members of the media.

The two heads of state will have a break which will see them having a joint lunch at Zambia State House.

In the afternoon hours of Mutharika’s two day state visit in Zambia, the two heads will tour Lusaka show grounds once more where they will be welcomed by the Honorable Minister of foreign affairs, the honorable Minister of Agriculture and livestock as well as the president of the Agricultural and
Commercial society along with its members.

While at the Lusaka Show grounds, Lungu will mark the official opening of the Lusaka Agricultural and commercial show where President Mutharika will present awards to some members and that will also mark the end of the official program for the day.

On Sunday, August 2, 2015 which will be the third day of Mutharika’s stay in Zambia, Malawi President Mutharika and his first lady Gertrude will visit the Presidential Burial site where they will be welcomed by Hon. Rayford Mbulu (MP) and deputy Minister of foreign affairs.

Mutharika is expected to lay wreaths in honor of the Zambia’s fallen Presidents, Late their Excellencies Michael Chilufya Sata and Levi Mwanawasa. Thereafter, Mutharika will sign in the visitor’s book.

The deputy minister of foreign affairs will also brief Mutharika on the construction of the late Frederick Chiluba’s mausoleum.

Mutharika will later visit the office of the First President of the Republic of Zambia to pay a courtesy call on Kenneth Kaunda, the first President of Zambia and afterwards, return to his hotel.

While at his place, Malawi president will be visited by President Lungu and Madame Esther Lungu before they will proceed to Kenneth Kaunda International Airport where Mutharika will watch Zambian traditional dances accompanied by Lungu to bid farewell to Zambians along with Diplomatic corps accredited to the Republic of Zambia, senior government official, Ministers and cabinet Ministers of Zambia.

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16 thoughts on “Busy schedule for Malawi President Mutharika in Zambia”

  1. el- Chapo(small in stature. big in mind ) says:

    Waste of time and money. The whole President crisscrossing Lusaka city with no agenda but just eating and winning while our economy is being thrown to the dogs.

  2. agnes wanzeru says:

    Busy with nothing for Malawians. NONSENSE.

  3. kakweta says:

    go and do the needful mr president. You have greater plans for malawi.

  4. mpimpa says:

    loooking @ this, my question is ine wakumudzi ndipindulanji pamenepa? Za ziiiiiiiii

  5. nkasimunguya chinankasanganye says:

    VIP know everything inregards to his relationship with the smuggled pres.He sometimes regrets to have helped in cheating the Nation on votes.
    Anakupangani za ndiolotse ndikakutafune!!.

  6. Uchindami says:

    A tight scheduleindeed. Malawi cannot do without the support of its neighbors so APM is fully aware of this. Those of you virifying this trip are simply hating basi.

  7. caze says:

    Tiyende pamozdi pokhoma msokho kenako tiyende ndi uyu yekha pokadya misokho ya a mphawiyo,mr vp if the report its very true then take of yourself afuseni mayi banda,muziyenda ndi baibulo mesa amzathu akatolika,anthuwa ndi amozi bingu bakili pitala are same pipo,we are just waiting for your turn ama ku user then end of the u become their biggest enemy ask me kunali anzanu,

  8. mtumbuka1 says:

    I would describe this trip a water down one in the sense that it is not investment / trade oriented. It simply adds no value to both countries whatsoever. Sending your vice president to such a third class diplomatic trip would be a great move cos you would saved a few cents from your wobbly coffers. I hear your counterpart (Zambian president drinks like a mad fish so you guys wants to kill two birds with one stone.

  9. Willie Chimseu says:

    I cant understand that the first citisen avoided eye contact with his vice during departure to Zambia. Kodi anthunu mukusungirana mangawa? Mind you if that is the case you will be a disgrace to the DPP entire family who voted & sweated for you to win the elections & together lead this nation.

  10. che ujeni says:

    Mwati Bububu sanafune kuonana maso ndi maso ndi Chilima? Basi nthawi ija yomwalira chitsiru chimenechi yakwana ndithu. Just be ready Mr VP


    VP, shine your eyes

  12. chifwede says:

    Useless stuff here. Instead of fixing the economy, security break down the president is going to eat and drink in Zambia?????? The whole program as laid down in this story doesnt warrant the whole head of state to travel to Zambia.

    I thought i would here signing of trade pacts, deals to procure maize since we will experience acute food shortage due to floods. Koma ayi ndithu its just MAPWEVUPWEVU. Shame

  13. Wisdom says:

    People people people, heeee, were u there just to check the eye contacts btwn VP and President.

  14. The real ujeni says:

    Go and see how A trade Fair or Agriculture and Commercial Show looks like, not that flea congested market at Chichiri we call International Trade Fair. The whole distance from Blantyre Central Business District to Ginnery Corner is equivalent to Lusaka Agricuture and Commercial show area.

  15. chinena says:

    Mr Vice President pliz make sure u watch a repeat of the departure of His Excellency at KIA, he completely avoided eye contact with u. I don’t want to speculate anything but its for u to see and acknowledge and b wiser!

    1. Beast Msonda says:

      Divide and rule. Mwauponda. Just give up because it will not happen.

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