BWB takes water connection campaign to market centres: Mpope Mpope

Blantyre Water Board (BWB) has slashed water connection fee by 25 percent to allow prospective customers access piped water at affordable and flexible cost.

Mateyu explaning to cutomers on how to apply for connection

Mateyu explaning to cutomers on how to apply for connection

Mateyu: Mpope Mpope campaign

Mateyu: Mpope Mpope campaign

The reduction in connection fee is part of the ongoing Mpope Mpope campaign the utility service provider rolled out in May this year with an aim to connect more customers in Blantyre and surrounding areas.

As such, in a bid to raise awareness and reach out to more potential customers, the Board is going around in main markets within the commercial capital.

Speaking at Blantyre Flea Market where the Board interacted with potential customers, BWB Public Affairs Officer Priscilla Mateyu said the aim is to make the campaign known to each and every resident in Blantyre.

“We have embarked on a campaign to increase awareness on this promotion and as such we are going around main markets in the city where most people converge to interact with them on how they can get piped water.

“Prospective customers would be required to pay only 25 percent of the connection fee and pay the remainder within six months,” said Mateyu.

“This offer removes the burden of our potential customers having to pay the full cost of connection by offering a 25% discount if the customer is paying cash up front, and if paying in installments, the customer is required to deposit 25% of the total cost and pay the balance within six months.”

She said this offer is the first of its kind by BWB and underscores their commitment to serving Blantyre with clean and potable water.

Commenting on the customers’ response on the promotion, Mateyu said the board was overwhelmed with the number of customers who are visiting the offices to apply for new water connections.

“Since the launch of the promotion 3,000 people have applied for new connections, 2 000 of which have already been connected,” she said.

Currently water connection costs a minimum of K42, 000 however during the promotion the utility body is offering the new connection at a minimum of about K20, 000.

The promotion started in May 2015 and will end this month of July.

BWB has 45, 000 customers and the promotion targets to connect 6000 more customers.

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12 thoughts on “BWB takes water connection campaign to market centres: Mpope Mpope”

  1. Noordeen Halilu says:

    Total connection fee is about K68,000.00. Less 25% becomes K52,000.00. This is the minimum connection fee of the distance of about 6m. Its not the K42000 or K20000 which is mentioned here. Let’s tell the public the true so that they can make informed decisions. Of cource am one of the beneficiaries of this offer.

  2. Sindi says:

    Dropped my application early last month and not processed yet ndiye muzitisokosela apa?

  3. JARIBU says:

    Mkazi anali wokuda uyu and anali black beauty pano ndi mzungu kunkhope kokha..sob sob sob

  4. Muyambe kuchita bwino ndipo anthu ayamba kukuyamikirani mwamva. Zimene anthu akunena apazi ndikutopa uku. Musinthe anthu inu. Khaya ndi ulesi kaya, kapena ndalama zimakucheperani. Koma sinthani ndithu. Limbikirani ntchito kuti dziko litukuke

  5. Okuba awa, iyaaaaa, asatinyansepo apa ife. Za utsisru

  6. Blantyre Water Board is not serious and considerate. I doubt what these people do every morning when they wake up and go to work. No wonder, some of its staff amapezeka having sex at the grounds of Mwaiwathu Hospital. Please, people in parts of Blantyre are suffering, yet you claim kuti munawapangira connect madzi. Briefly, you are very inefficient. The point is that you are broke and this has nothing to do with improvement in service delivery. Koma muzimva chisoni. How many people have no water for months after putting that thing you call pipe. Stop this shit and nosense please. Muzamenyetsa atsikana amene ali ma customer care service consultants. With this mediocrity, i doubt whether in Blantyre we have regular water quality testing schedules. Mumatimwetsatu nyansi inu, mbuzi inu mwamva. Iwe Mateyo, be careful you may create historic enemies when executing your duties. Tsiku lina anthu azabwera kuzakuchita chipongwe kunyumba kwako. Utisamale wamva

  7. KUKAYA says:





  8. kabotolokamo says:

    Quick cash for boreholes ! kkkkkkkkkkkk..

  9. Mapwevu pwevu gafament says:

    Please stop this organised crime of stealing from people. This is a legal and organised crime to steal from illiterate and unknowledgeable people. The truth is that you are broke and want to raise money. How many new connections are not working? Ask Stella Nama… How many times per day people have complained to her about this shit. Musamatiyese ngati ogona ayi. We can treat you accordingly. Zautsiru ife ayi. Ananchidwe inu eti. You are very inefficient. Stupid zanu

  10. There is no discount, just delayed payment. I would not be surprised if BWB charges interest for the payment plan. That is no discount either. What good is any government if, after decades of international funding for such developments, most citizens still lack safe and reliable water for domestic purposes? It is all more of the same: 10% of Malawian people receiving 80% of the country’s economic resources and production outputs. Reform is coming too slowly. We in the USA know the warm heart of Africa can do better, starting with water services for basic necessity of life. Water services, as well as sewage services, are the first and foremost responsibility of government. Water is essential for a healthy economy. What exactly does all the ministers, directors, chairmen and women not understand about: Water is life; water is a fundamental human right. DO YOUR JOB OR RESIGN. Your children are watching you.

  11. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Another publicity stunt by BWB, baasi. Their priorities are just skewed.
    This outfit should concentrate on increasing capacity, and on reliability of the water supply. What is the point of selling access fees when many parts of the city, on the water grid, have NO water at all for weeks? Ms. Mateyu should know that people see beyond her beauty, no matter how often BWB want to use her photo for these pressers.
    People just want water!
    The bwanas and the engineers tasked with providing Blantyre City with water should be ashamed of the outcomes of their efforts. They have failed us miserably:1 out of 10 marks.
    I though by now heads would have rolled. Where is the minister responsible, and APM? This is a very important file, abale inu.
    APM: please consider giving this file to Akweni Kaliati. Within months, there will be progress
    at BWB, I tell you.

  12. Wilhelm says:

    Just another way for the water board to steal more money. They’ll take the money for the connections and the water, and of course more than half the time the water will never be working!

    Up to now countless residents of Blantyre are suffering with little or no water. Of course, their bills reliably come to them with ridiculous charges, whereas the water is nowhere to be seen.

    When asked about it, they come up with some nonsense excuse about pumps or pressure or on-going work. It will be sorted out in a few months. This has been going on for years.

    They are also a big consumer of European Union money, which they blow on new cars and pick-ups for themselves. Very little goes on the critical infrastructure it is meant to be used for.

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