Call him ‘Commando’ Z Allan Ntata!

For the benefit of those who have not glanced movie theaters; a Commando is an operative of a special operations force.Commandos are distinctive in that they specialize in assault on unconventional high-value targets. A commando conducts surgical operations.



An impact—a huge impact—is always felt once they strike and as I have already pointed out; they usually take out high value targets—not just any jim and jack.

Z Allan Ntata (ZAN) perfectly fits to be called ‘Commando’ Allan Ntata!

A brief background of hard facts will be in order to justify why Ntata deserves to be called Commando.

Ntata played a major role to bring down Joyce Banda’s regime. You doubt this? Ask the Lomwe Super Cadets; do I need to mention their names? Yes; You can ask Mike  Charles Banda, Ask Patseni Mauka; Ask James Mwangali; Ask Chancy Chingwangwalu aka Magede Si Wandale Aka Elizabeth Kaluluma. I mean ask Martin Nkasala (Ben Phiri’s younger brother), Banet Meke; Justice Mponda and Grayson Chapita . The list is endless!

Some of these guys today have launched war on Ntata—the likes of Chancy Chigwalungwalu who are savagely attacking Ntata while some of them like Patseni Mauka are defending Ntata while others like James Mwangali are simply launching a polite and thoughtful counter on Ntata’s jabs.

For example, Chancy Chingwalungwalu aka Magede Si Wandale posing as Elizabeth Kaluluma recently attacked Ntata and said ‘he is not smart as we are made to believe. He is just sharp.”

Chingwalungwalu was reacting to an article from the Muckracker—Malawi’s respected journalist Raphael Tenthani—who wrote in his Muckraking entry last Sunday describing Ntata as “a street-smart guy – suave, sharp, creative, everything that makes a guy ‘a man about town’.

Tenthani even justified why the Lawyer—cum—Political Strategists is smart.

“If there is a guy who put social media to good use in the run up to the 2014 elections it was Ntata. Using creative aliases, Ntata used any available art form – be it music, video or prose – to beat up all those who stood in the way of his dear party’s one-way ticket back to State House, “wrote Tenthani.

But today, the DPP CADETS led by Chancy Chingwalungwalu—who has also declared total war on his former master—want the nation to believe that Ntata did not help the DPP to win the Presidency.

Folks, who should we believe here; Tenthani or the panga wielding DPP Cadets?

If you know the substance Tenthani is made of, you will agree with me that he is not in the habit of praising any individual just anyhow. He simply tells it as it is. Calling a spade by its rightful name but if what he wrote about Ntata is anything to go by, then DPP must be afraid, very afraid.

When he is in combat, Ntata’s operations always have an impact—a huge impact that you cannot just ignore a person of such caliber just anyhow.

Joyce Banda knows about this. Cadets know about this. I can also testify of the exceptional talents of this man.

You still disagree? Fine. Let’s simply take it from the new war it seems he has declared with the DPP. He started the war by dropping few bombs on DPP’s territory, hitting high valued targets—leaving those main targets seriously wounded. Thus what a Commando is trained to do.

Had it been that Commando Ntata’s bombs landed on an empty field; he would have been ignored but this wasn’t the case; the bombs seem to have landed where he wanted them to Land—his targets.

You need proof? Fine. Just look at the reaction from the Cadets I have mentioned above.

We are witnessing an avalanche of article attacking Ntata as a person and not the contents of his articles. That should tell you that Commando Ntata is in a class of his own!

The massive response from the junior DPP operatives should tell you that the Commando Ntata is causing big damage. DPP is feeling the heat. If it was not feeling the heat; they would simply ignore him.

So from today on wards, he shall be called ‘Commando’ Z Allan Ntata!


I am not sure. I am not a Prophet. We will all see the winner when this seemingly long war is over. But from experience, another long war which Ntata waged against Joyce Banda and her People’s Party saw the latter losing the War. Ntata had the last Laugh!

What am trying to imply here is that Ntata has experience—enough experience in as far as such high level wars are concerned. I hope that history will be in his favour again—given the long standing habit that history repeats itself.

This is why DPP should be afraid of Commando Ntata. He is determined when he is fighting for a noble cause.

Ntata Satopa. He is capable of sustaining a war until he wins. His targets are always high value ones.
You aint seen nothing yet. The best of Commando Ntata is yet to come. DPP will win this BATTLE if they humble themselves and accommodate Ntata but if DPP decides to ignore Ntata; I am confident that DPP will lose this WAR.

Mark my words! We are watching this battle keenly.

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104 thoughts on “Call him ‘Commando’ Z Allan Ntata!”

  1. Wongani chilonga says:

    He z a nobody in th society? En hu r u yoself? A jealous lunatic hu z nt happy wen others mek history globaly.shame shud b on u

  2. Chengolopiyo says:

    Wakwiya ndi mfiti, wakwiya ndi mfiti!!!! Nice article wina walira kkkk

  3. Mawule says:

    Musiyeni Ntata alankhule, bwanji kodi inu a Diphiphi? Lero waipa because he is against you? He is a man in his right senses and is talking truth. Pitala wabooka m’mimba and akutaya kamwazi daily. Yesterday you were heaping praises on Ntata inu a DPP when he was attacking JB. If he is insane now as you call him, then your leader Arthur Peter Mutharika is the most insane, an imbecile and whole of DPP idiots. Go go go Ntata we are all ears. Wash their dirty pants in public.

  4. vilimmwera says:

    let his views stumble

  5. kk says:

    Commando my foot. Hw can you call somebody who run away even before the burial of the late Bingu wa Mutharika a Commando? Commandos never ran away when the battle is being fought. This person you call a commando run away and went into hididng in exile and even failed to show up for the burial of his own bloody brother who was a lecturer at Chanco. To me this is not a commando but a coward. The author of this article is a failer and coward too who want to praise somebody who is a nobody in the society. shameeee!!

  6. Nyamkaka says:

    What is the writer saying?

  7. Nyirongo says:

    Get lost you thieves. Do You think this ntata thing has value? for what? Doesn’t his hair do and his face tell it all?

  8. tsetsefly says:

    I salute Ntata for the good works. Whether one likes it or not he will go along way in the country’s history as a change agent. One again well done. I word of advice to Allan. You are fighting a team of blood thirst beasts. They have history of panga brandishing in BT, killing of police officers in Thyolo, undressing chiefs in Mangochi, Chasowa killing at Poly, July 20 killings in the north, misterious diappearance of dissenting personalities across the country, MK92 billion thefty at capital hill, graffiti at Lumbadzi police and list is endless. So please wear thick skin as they do not stop at anything when they are determined to eliminate.

  9. Kanyimbi says:

    Kodi anthu a chamba ngati awa atithandiza chiyani?

  10. Mugonapamuhanya says:

    Ntata is an automatic loser. Assuming DPP loses power (which is doubtful) and MCP takes over, do you think Ntata can fit in MCP. This ganja guy is fast making himself a political pariah and a liability by portraying a vengeful, malicious, greedy and selfish character. No political party can trust him anymore, in any case he is not a grass-root politician. This is secondary school politics. Mark my word. I said the same thing about the downfall of Chimango and Chimunthu Banda.

  11. zingaliwa says:

    Big up Ntata

  12. Yosefe Gambatula says:

    It doesn’t even require for Ntata to write for the voiceless Malawians.Pitala has made alot of blunders within a very short period of time and with his recent handwriting saga of inflating his bank balance,almost every Malawian has lost interest in him.People are just waiting for 2019 to kick him out from his self imposed position aided by his crooked friend Saulos Chilima.

  13. pamsundu says:


  14. Raw Nerve says:

    This low class propaganda article is no doubt the architect of this crook Ntata who has hired abysmal mercenaries to gauge his way through the ranks of power. I would be very surprised if DPP fell for this cheap noise by this rastaman. Ntata is trying to emulate Julius Malema’s methodology yet he is very bad at it. While Malema has some personality issues, he stands for the poor and has a philosophy he adheres to while Ntata is purely fighting for personal glory at the expense of the nation. Such an approach is reprehensible and most shameful.

  15. Indegenous says:

    Comment komadi zimenezi phindu lake ndi chani a commando talk sensible things that can contribute to develop mather malawi dyera basi ndi njiru nkhuku yake siswa madzira dala. tata

  16. leoplant says:

    Don gv ntata any space to breath.shrink & squeeze him as much as u can…kut anve chot juuuuu….panopa akunva chot beeee.
    as a patriotic citizen I can’t buy his views… akulira.
    let’s join hands & develop our beloved nation under the wise & dynamic leadership of APM…

  17. soko says:

    ntata! Keep on going. Dont relent

  18. paul mwambo says:

    I think this person so called mtata if I can rate him he is one of the useless citizen of malawi.who do not want malawi to grow bcoz all what he says it does not contribute any sensible things its just full of criticism now is mtata a god who can just judge people and give them names. My dear what ever you do know that God is watching, one day u will be the one to be judged.

  19. sattoe felix says:

    Those issues are useless to us,we do not need them again tatopa nazo mukufuna kutiuza chani pamenepa zilibe phindu lilonse zimenezo lets talk about sustenable development.

  20. mbewe says:

    full of unsubstantiated truth. tatopa nuao a ntata lets forge ahead with development than pointing nonsensical accusation.

  21. Lutepo says:


  22. Chikutumbwe says:

    Commando anathawa nkhondo nkupita ku UK, anzake anamangidwa kuno iye atabisala. Lero ndiye akufuna chiyani? Kagwere uko fake Commando!

  23. matako says:

    DPP cadres should be afraid indeed. Ntata has lots of beans to spill. This man knows how the DPP rigged the election and by the look of it he is smart as he is gradually dropping bomb after bomb! Be afraid indeed! They always say send a thief to catch a thief! Ntata is a one peeced off guy and he is out to even the score. Good for him. I hope he tells us how these DPP corrupt swindlers stole the vote

  24. Billy says:

    read carefully before you say any thing.

  25. Dave Elisah says:

    Commando safa allan ndi mtondo

  26. Mcherewatha says:

    DPP did not win elections because of Ntata. They won because a majoriy of people voted for them than the other parties! It’s a game of numbers. What did Ntata do for DPP to have more people vote for them?

  27. Kinyentu says:

    Ntata,Ntata what?

  28. dungulinya says:

    Commando from london… 🙂

  29. tiyenazoni amalawi

  30. KARU UNITED says:

    “He who fights and run away,lives to fight another day” Robert Nesta Marley,Ntata once fled,his tuntrams will end in futility.

  31. berha says:

    Ntata articles zatopesa give us something a nyasatimes

  32. Tsotsi says:

    Ntata nd dilu!

  33. Prophet Joshuanomics 101 says:

    I am sorry. I do not agree with this so called Chiipira Wachaje who has also coined a pseudonym for this article like the others he has aforementioned aka so and so.

    The DPP won the elections by playing with the voters roll through the computing system and physically inflating ballot stats. Period. For Mangiochi or Lilongwe central to have more voters than those registered was no work of someone from overseas like Ntata. It was from the DPP guys on the ground and Chilima inclusive.

    So this so called commando will remain a cowardly commando studying towards a PhD at a University in the Uk that registers students in April. As we are told he commenced a Phd study just a week after Bingu died. I would love to know which university this Ntata chap is studying at.

    By the way he also wrote a book. Yeaa! I remember yes, he has a book: Titled “The Trappings of Power….” Do you know the publisher. yeeeeah! Authorhouse Publishers of Bloomington, Indiana

    Chiipira Wachaje, i will not email you but I urge you to read about Authorhouse Publishers and who publishes at Authorhouse. If you have studied through tertiary education, then try to google about Authorhouse. No serious academic would want to publish with Authorhouse. They are categorised as “Vanity” or “Predatory” publishers.

    And that’s exactly where your Commando got his book published. In other words, if he seeks employment in the academic circles or research institutes, his book would not be ranked nor rated at all. That’s Allan Z Shabba Ranks Ntata for you.

    If I were DPP, I would not respond to any scripts that are being coined by this dude, be them truthful or not. But I am not Nankhumwa, neither am I Kasaira nor Ben Phiri. So it’s up to them to asses the venom.

  34. mbewe says:

    very interesting indeed, how nyasatimes favour negative reporting for the beloved country. nobody bribed polling staff. i was a polling staff and presiding officer. no political party approached pokling staff affer bribes. its only negative reporting by unproffessional from malawi. its easy to prove. since we voted has ever come in tthe open that truely i have been bribed by particular party to favor it. this is proof enough peoples conscious wad answeredd. many of thode commenting didnot particupate in theelection as polling staff to tell the truth about electio

    1. Comment: only foolish souls can talk this trash and crap. We too were there at the tally centre bwanji bodza. Just shut your stinking thoughts and mouth.

  35. King Jaffe Joffer says:

    Who’s war is this one? What is winning the war in this case? I thought Ntata was just informing the nation the side part of the DPP regime. If his aim is to be accommodated in the ranks of DPP and milk our taxes for free, then I say to hell with this commando!!

  36. Nxhi Nxhi says:

    zopusa zachibwana asiyeni anthu olamula alamule mwamtendere

  37. Shonayi says:

    Okonda kuwerenga ma novel osowa chochita adziwerenga za Mtata.

    1. MSANA WA PETURO says:

      Iwenso wawerenga, ndiye kuti nawenso umakonda kuwerenga manovel, nanga wakomenta bwanji?

  38. thiodora fanrosam says:

    the article is clearly bargaining for ntata’s favour.sorry,ntata theres no more room for you in this gvt.your articles do not justify are just wasting your time.go and start selling bonya if you are receiving clients seeking legal assistance.DPP won through God’s wish.Not through ntata.cursed ntata you will remain.Be careful.

  39. chimbwititi says:

    comando sathawa man

    1. Marioshona man says:

      A stupid commando

  40. Siddy man says:

    Tiye nazoni bola muzimalize penaso kumakhala kusaka pofela.Ena amati wokufa anasiya mawu tizionela limodzi bola musakhale ngati agalatiya.

  41. kabumbu ka Getu says:

    Ntata is great. Pitala alira

  42. tchende la pitala says:

    We will support ntata to bring down DPP

  43. CHISYENE MESI says:


  44. Ben Phiri says:

    I have now realized that Allan Ntata is a great man and we need to give him respect,please Ntata call me as so that we discuss

  45. Visiyeni vindere! says:

    Ntata pitiliza yakoyo ukuoneka kuti ma ganyu sapotaz uli nawo ambiri. Ena ndi zipani zimene zomwe ziri pa mpanipani chifukwa ma ma dribbles amene mnyamata wa kwa goliatiyu, APM akusewelera. They are very much ezposed and poverty is their bedfellow ndiye asowa mtengo wogwira. Ena ndi aja akuti achita celebrate death of their hero chindere chakufikapo in silence. Ho! Ntata koma attention seeking imaitha bola usatope. Umufunse mzako sasamba Tenthani akudzidzira masiku ano popeza amaona ngati amunamuna APM azibwetukanaye pa provocation yake. Moya APM inu mtima mmalo, cool game chitukuko pachanya. Golodi road, Mombera Varsity, Mangochi T-Off to Mangochi road, Tsangano-Neno road, Chingale T-Off to Lirangwe road, Mzuzu -Nkhatabay road. Enawa alira pyoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  46. Kenkkk says:

    Kes, obviously you are one of dpp die-hards that still deliberately don’t get the message that ntata is trying to deliver. You are not telling us anything new to counter ntata’s message of instilling good governance in the country. He is a changed reformed man who doesn’t want malawi to fall into the same bad governance that he was once part of which is repeating itself now with the same dpp party currently running our govt.

    So telling us that he abandoned his dead boss is of no interest to malawians because it has nothing to do with how the current dpp govt should be runnning the country. Telling us that he is lying about going to study in uk in april again has nothing to do with how this govt should run our country. By the way depending on what uk university or college or programme or mode of study, you can enroll and study at any time, it is not only from september as you claim. September is just the main academic start time for mainly undergraduates but it is not the only time to start studies in the uk.

    So you ignorant, brainwashed dpp bootlickers please come up with something of substance to counter what ntata is saying or proposing about good governance. So far you have shown us nothing apart from your favoured words or phrases of “frustration, envy, bitter, run away from bingu, lying, wants mupando, jeslous of ben, etc”. Is this all you can tell us to counter what ntata is saying? Even amongst the dpp cadets there is division and we the public can even tell which ones of you are savages and brainwashed by too much worshipping za zii.

    My advice to you dpp is either to keep quiet and just listen to what ntata is advising / saying or come up with strong counter arguments on what you are doing on good governance ntata is talking about. Go back to your manifesto and come to us how you are implementing it or how you intend to implement it covering such issues as coruption, nepotism, quota system, development, review of some badly written legislations/statitutes, reduction of presidential powers etc.

    All your arguments to counter ntata if they are to be effective should start from the premise that ntata has reformed, completely changed from his previous bad governance practices he was part of. We don’t want to hear the same tired boring old stories of what ntata did or didn’t do.

  47. TATE says:

    We have enough arsenal in our armoury to finish this battle. Ntata just started a war but will not finish the battle. we are strategising to so when we launch an assult it should be deadly. Yes we know he has managed to recruit his disciples and Ralph being the head, but just as he did prior to elections he never gave the DPP the chance of winning but the DPP came from behind to win the elections. For those who doubt, even in a game of football, when you score a goal with a hand and the referee does not see and whistles for a goal, it is registered as a goal. We had twelve candidates and do you wonder how the EC and the courts still favoured the DPP. Who is Ntata after all. Since HE took over he has not gone to any capital to beg but you will see the donors soon coming on their own. Forget being in dreamland, Ntata is nothing compared to the opposition in Malawi.


  49. ngangaube says:

    Munya muona agalu a DPP kodi uyu Ben Phiri wasanduka chani

  50. Wids says:

    For your good memory, we had CSOs in Malawi that would command respect but soon after they had accepted plum jobs from amayi, they stopped being relevant. Tell me if they can ask people to go to the streets if anybody in his right senses will do that. As for Ntata, yes you describe him as a commando, but the DPP is a party that knows most tricks of war and would not be cowed by this frustrated embicile. Those who know how to fight wars will not return fire with fire but will wait until the enemy runs out of amunition and launch an assault. We had Lucious Banda who learnt the bitter lesson and for sure Ben Phiri is not one simple guy who will just retaliate and make sure the enemy rises to launch a counter attack. For the good information of the writter, Ntata will come out of the battle more bruised never to rescurrect. Mark my words.

  51. tikhala says:

    Nkhope ya Ntata ngati mfiti. DPP dont stoop low. We used to hear of pple who thought were too big- Ralph K etc, but where are they. If you take the guy in, yuo will be a laughing stock. Just Chasowa him!

  52. amakhosi mukulugenzi says:

    Ntata know much about what he say . Take it or leave it

  53. Chechule says:

    Nara or whatsoever his name is, single-handly did not win an election for DPP. This miserable person says here above that DPP will be defeated by Ntata – does he know what he is talking about? Natty has started a war that he will not win even if he brings into the fold his whole village. From the tune of this essay (or whatever it is), Ntata wants to reap where he didn’t sow. He might have a point but the manner he is handling his “commando” trash is very amateurish. If he is sane enough why is he changing names with every passing day? I watched a discourse Ntata had with Kasambala on YouTube and from the discussion you can easily tell the BOY Ntata’s reasoning is very shallow because Ralph came up with pragmatic solutions unlike his, who then looked intelligent because he was riding on the back of the government. Let Ntata continue with his tantrums and we as observers will be there to remind him that he was once forewarned about the repercussions of his madness.

  54. Aristotle says:

    The praises of men are like bubblegum; Chew them, but dont swallow them. Human nature is fickle

  55. zigzagg says:

    I said it already tht Ntata wants favours from DPP bt he is hundling it prematurely despite him been barister u need to consult strong minded ppo bfo u speek out

  56. vyamuvisulo nthengwa says:

    if he cant sting why not ignore him!

  57. Joe wa Kalunji says:

    Our usual problem as Malawians is praise-singing characters that deserve not to be treated as such. I see in this article the true hallmarks of a ntata apologist or disciple.

  58. Fathara says:


  59. mapwiya says:

    Ntata ndi mwalamwala,more fire commando.

  60. ago says:

    Commando amathawa. The runaway commando. Politics….

  61. Ndikutelo says:

    Ya,zoona Ntata kubwela ngati Moto WA m’dondo ndipo a DPP akusowa poyambila kuuzimitsa mpakana a nduna omwenso ndi publicity secretary kuchita nsonkhano WA a atolankhani. Ndipo uku nkuyamba chabe DPP ili pa mavuto,chifukwa Ntata aivula. Mwinatu ndi zoona zina amati phukusi la tambe aamasula ndi tambe.

  62. Sniper says:

    I can see smoke at state house. Ntata is in his own class.

  63. chidamtere says:

    he is very genius indeed

  64. powder says:

    takumbukirani padapita nthawi yaitali bwanji ana ku chanco asanayimbe ‘maiwa ai nabola abingu’ ngati simuzidziwa ask mij to play you the song. no matter what, dpp will win again cause amayika moyo wa anthu komanso chitukuko patsogolo

    1. Greencardless Malawian says:

      A paudala MMwandiaeketsa..hahahaha!

  65. Mafia says:

    The funny thing is that when Ntata speaks, the Blue camp is always shaken. And instead of responding to his content, they start attacking him personally. That simply shows how great Ntata is when it comes to reasoning. Much respect!

  66. chejali says:

    Why ntata zisiye iwe dzikalima sudzitha idzi.

  67. Israel2013 says:

    Indeed it is same old & myopic tacts from the DPP diehards (Kes, Wakufuna kwabwino & Commando weniweni): “attack the people and not what they say”.

  68. Manyozo says:

    Ntata is a man of high caliber. Underate his actions at your own peril

  69. kapilikoni says:

    A Commando never fails his mission, its success or death. Now since u r borrowing Military Strategy and u know very well that Allan has never been to the military, u r making him to try and achieve an impossible self destructive mission which will only end him in jail bcoz he’ll “soon” b sued and arrested! I’m in the military and the Commando do not discuss their mission openly, their mission is only known once the target has been successfully neutralized or destroyed. Kenako timva kuti Mtata is General! Alaiya mwaonjeza

  70. chipapwiche says:

    This is very true and true it is. You know what? There are some people who never want to accept the truth just because they love someone so much

  71. James Mwangali says:

    Aah now it makes sense. It always surprised me that names like Magede Si Wandale, Benet Meke always highjacked and spoiled all discussion in My Malawi My Views Facebook forum. I ended up blaming and wrongly accusing Mr Dausi thinking these operatives were under his command. Thanks for your story now l have a clue. And my deep apology to Mr. Dausi.

    Now I have a good reason to hate Ntata. He is a huge confusionist.

  72. Notoriou Treacher And Timid Asshole )NTATA) says:

    Ntata is an abbreviation for “Notorious Treacher And Timid Asshole”

  73. zingati zanu says:

    Ndiye mukuti Bingu anafa liti kodi anguru inu? Pa 5, 6, kapena pa 7?

  74. zingati zanu says:

    Walemba yekha chibaluwachi. Ntata can do anything even claim his own death. Shut up ife sitimalimbana ndi boma boma limalimbana ndi ife. Zako ndi zingati?

  75. Milward says:

    A case of mercenary writers! Commando my foot! Wati ubweretse za mufilimu apa? Wachibwana iwe! You have a very fertile imagination. Ntata cannot sustain this unless he has nothing worthwhile to do. What a waste of knowledge and education! Mmalo mokaphunzitsa ku ma college kapena prosecuting or defending cases?

  76. Whiste Blower says:


  77. Bwitoto says:

    @ Kes What do you know about lies.You are really brain washed person because if there is a real liar then Pitala Mutharika is the biggest of them all. Remember when Ntata was fleeing as you put it Pitala was busy lying black and blue about Bingus dead body to be of one Daniel Phiri? Remember this. If you don’t remember then just shut up and stop talking about lies. Achimwene this president of yours is the biggest lair that I am sometimes ashamed to be aMalawian.

  78. Chikopa says:

    Joice banda didn’t fall because of ntata my friend its simple the work of his hands didn’t speak for her , she was busy distributing maize and cow . Thats the erea she is good at, had it been that ntata is commando dpp could have lost the election , you forgate that 3months to 20may he through heavy bomb to muthalika but he suvived meaning muthalika is predetor.

  79. field marshall says:

    ntata is a big thorn that is piercing dpp so hard and the time they will be removing it,its wound will be already rotten and it will come out with stinky pus!

  80. jovelyn kasondo says:

    am no bwampini affiliate but ntata”s dayz are numbered, machete weilders will shave his shaggy hair. if he was a real commando he wud hv blasted dpp în his close associate days to me he looks a frustrated and clueless faggat!

  81. patrick banda says:


  82. Njonja says:

    Ntata the winner not a loser.

  83. sh ebraim isa says:

    Good and sound observations,from any angle you ditect logic.

  84. frascis sakala says:

    Ntata will finish off DPP with support of majority malawians. 70 percent of malawians didnot vote for DPP and those obviously are supporters of Ntata.

  85. Mwakawonde says:


  86. Mwakawonde says:


  87. Nganali kombweke says:

    Call Ntata what? chisende chomwa madzi ometera ngati chimenechi chikhala commando? commando wa mtundu wanji wozimenyera nkhondo yekha? Nanu a nyasatimes talekani kukweza kamba mutengo. Daile tizingokhalira kumvera za iyeyu, zolemba zakutherani eti ?

  88. He is a superman, a sperman is a man who would love to cause damage on afew and save the majority. Here he is at tyms a superman regrets his actions but deep down his heart he knows the mission is complete. An ubermesh. Thus our commando, send more bombs moto ukuzima ponyani mabomba ena madal

  89. Patriot says:

    Ntata yemweyo kuti wa wa wa

  90. Kes says:

    Lest we not forget, on this day 3 years ago, Ntata had abandoned Bingu and DPP at its hour of need, being a coward he is. Ntata was very close to Bingu, he was his legal advisor, during the imfomous period were bad laws were introduced, including banning judicial reviews against government, charging k 2000000 for right to demostate and the most ridiculous the farting in public law. By the way the academic Calender in the UK runs from Semptember ending in May, they is no program at any British university that runs from April. So to say that you left Bingus rotting Body to study is a blunt lie, so not only are you a frustrated individual, coward you are also a lying bastard.

  91. commandoweniweni says:


  92. bombsday says:

    So Mr Ntata is trying to bully the DPP leadership into submission?.A commando,huh?.

    But Joyce Banda is not Arthur Peter Mutharika and certainly the DPP is not the PP.

    Make no mistake,the ”commando” has got a gigantic task ahead of him and he may wish to call himself a superman because the load of work ahead is too huge for a commando.

  93. Biti Foloko says:

    Did Ntata man the polling centers altering figures and bribing presiding officers?

  94. NAC says:

    Ntata did the damage alright….And Mbendela of course

  95. patrick banda says:

    Patseni Mauka is Ntata himself. How can you claim that Patseni Mauka is backing Ntata when it is his own Chigoba pa Facebook. Patseni Mauka= Z Allan Ntata.

  96. wakumudzi says:

    Trash.commando my foot.

  97. Wakufuna Kwabwino says:

    I wonder why people dont comment on this word NTATA but nyasatimes tirelessly continue writing about this name NTATA whats so special on this.

  98. john says:

    Francis Kasaila has told us on Times Exclusive that Ntata has never written any strategic paper for DPP to win nor has he attended any strategic meeting of DPP.Elections are not won through social media as the target group is not more than 200000 if that was so JB could’ve been at State House as hers was the best campaign complete with a vibrant social media and party materials.Ntata will not succeed

  99. bwangazi says:

    Zachamba basi!!! Dpp is a party of fools!!!

  100. Ezekiel Peter Ching'oma says:

    On behalf of MCP, I say thanks and continue with the good work!

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