Call him ‘Commando’ Z Allan Ntata!

For the benefit of those who have not glanced movie theaters; a Commando is an operative of a special operations force.Commandos are distinctive in that they specialize in assault on unconventional high-value targets. A commando conducts surgical operations.



An impact—a huge impact—is always felt once they strike and as I have already pointed out; they usually take out high value targets—not just any jim and jack.

Z Allan Ntata (ZAN) perfectly fits to be called ‘Commando’ Allan Ntata!

A brief background of hard facts will be in order to justify why Ntata deserves to be called Commando.

Ntata played a major role to bring down Joyce Banda’s regime. You doubt this? Ask the Lomwe Super Cadets; do I need to mention their names? Yes; You can ask Mike  Charles Banda, Ask Patseni Mauka; Ask James Mwangali; Ask Chancy Chingwangwalu aka Magede Si Wandale Aka Elizabeth Kaluluma. I mean ask Martin Nkasala (Ben Phiri’s younger brother), Banet Meke; Justice Mponda and Grayson Chapita . The list is endless!

Some of these guys today have launched war on Ntata—the likes of Chancy Chigwalungwalu who are savagely attacking Ntata while some of them like Patseni Mauka are defending Ntata while others like James Mwangali are simply launching a polite and thoughtful counter on Ntata’s jabs.

For example, Chancy Chingwalungwalu aka Magede Si Wandale posing as Elizabeth Kaluluma recently attacked Ntata and said ‘he is not smart as we are made to believe. He is just sharp.”

Chingwalungwalu was reacting to an article from the Muckracker—Malawi’s respected journalist Raphael Tenthani—who wrote in his Muckraking entry last Sunday describing Ntata as “a street-smart guy – suave, sharp, creative, everything that makes a guy ‘a man about town’.

Tenthani even justified why the Lawyer—cum—Political Strategists is smart.

“If there is a guy who put social media to good use in the run up to the 2014 elections it was Ntata. Using creative aliases, Ntata used any available art form – be it music, video or prose – to beat up all those who stood in the way of his dear party’s one-way ticket back to State House, “wrote Tenthani.

But today, the DPP CADETS led by Chancy Chingwalungwalu—who has also declared total war on his former master—want the nation to believe that Ntata did not help the DPP to win the Presidency.

Folks, who should we believe here; Tenthani or the panga wielding DPP Cadets?

If you know the substance Tenthani is made of, you will agree with me that he is not in the habit of praising any individual just anyhow. He simply tells it as it is. Calling a spade by its rightful name but if what he wrote about Ntata is anything to go by, then DPP must be afraid, very afraid.

When he is in combat, Ntata’s operations always have an impact—a huge impact that you cannot just ignore a person of such caliber just anyhow.

Joyce Banda knows about this. Cadets know about this. I can also testify of the exceptional talents of this man.

You still disagree? Fine. Let’s simply take it from the new war it seems he has declared with the DPP. He started the war by dropping few bombs on DPP’s territory, hitting high valued targets—leaving those main targets seriously wounded. Thus what a Commando is trained to do.

Had it been that Commando Ntata’s bombs landed on an empty field; he would have been ignored but this wasn’t the case; the bombs seem to have landed where he wanted them to Land—his targets.

You need proof? Fine. Just look at the reaction from the Cadets I have mentioned above.

We are witnessing an avalanche of article attacking Ntata as a person and not the contents of his articles. That should tell you that Commando Ntata is in a class of his own!

The massive response from the junior DPP operatives should tell you that the Commando Ntata is causing big damage. DPP is feeling the heat. If it was not feeling the heat; they would simply ignore him.

So from today on wards, he shall be called ‘Commando’ Z Allan Ntata!


I am not sure. I am not a Prophet. We will all see the winner when this seemingly long war is over. But from experience, another long war which Ntata waged against Joyce Banda and her People’s Party saw the latter losing the War. Ntata had the last Laugh!

What am trying to imply here is that Ntata has experience—enough experience in as far as such high level wars are concerned. I hope that history will be in his favour again—given the long standing habit that history repeats itself.

This is why DPP should be afraid of Commando Ntata. He is determined when he is fighting for a noble cause.

Ntata Satopa. He is capable of sustaining a war until he wins. His targets are always high value ones.
You aint seen nothing yet. The best of Commando Ntata is yet to come. DPP will win this BATTLE if they humble themselves and accommodate Ntata but if DPP decides to ignore Ntata; I am confident that DPP will lose this WAR.

Mark my words! We are watching this battle keenly.

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Wongani chilonga

He z a nobody in th society? En hu r u yoself? A jealous lunatic hu z nt happy wen others mek history globaly.shame shud b on u


Wakwiya ndi mfiti, wakwiya ndi mfiti!!!! Nice article wina walira kkkk


Musiyeni Ntata alankhule, bwanji kodi inu a Diphiphi? Lero waipa because he is against you? He is a man in his right senses and is talking truth. Pitala wabooka m’mimba and akutaya kamwazi daily. Yesterday you were heaping praises on Ntata inu a DPP when he was attacking JB. If he is insane now as you call him, then your leader Arthur Peter Mutharika is the most insane, an imbecile and whole of DPP idiots. Go go go Ntata we are all ears. Wash their dirty pants in public.


let his views stumble

Commando my foot. Hw can you call somebody who run away even before the burial of the late Bingu wa Mutharika a Commando? Commandos never ran away when the battle is being fought. This person you call a commando run away and went into hididng in exile and even failed to show up for the burial of his own bloody brother who was a lecturer at Chanco. To me this is not a commando but a coward. The author of this article is a failer and coward too who want to praise somebody who is a nobody in the society.… Read more »

What is the writer saying?


Get lost you thieves. Do You think this ntata thing has value? for what? Doesn’t his hair do and his face tell it all?

I salute Ntata for the good works. Whether one likes it or not he will go along way in the country’s history as a change agent. One again well done. I word of advice to Allan. You are fighting a team of blood thirst beasts. They have history of panga brandishing in BT, killing of police officers in Thyolo, undressing chiefs in Mangochi, Chasowa killing at Poly, July 20 killings in the north, misterious diappearance of dissenting personalities across the country, MK92 billion thefty at capital hill, graffiti at Lumbadzi police and list is endless. So please wear thick skin… Read more »

Kodi anthu a chamba ngati awa atithandiza chiyani?


Ntata is an automatic loser. Assuming DPP loses power (which is doubtful) and MCP takes over, do you think Ntata can fit in MCP. This ganja guy is fast making himself a political pariah and a liability by portraying a vengeful, malicious, greedy and selfish character. No political party can trust him anymore, in any case he is not a grass-root politician. This is secondary school politics. Mark my word. I said the same thing about the downfall of Chimango and Chimunthu Banda.

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