Cama calls for boycott of South Africa’s outlets: ‘Black Friday’ in Malawi

The Consumers Association of Malawi (Cama) has condemned the xenophobic attacks of foreigners in South Africa including Malawians and has since called on Malawians to boycott shopping from South African owned outlets to show concern and solidarity to those affected by the attacks.

Kapito: Let's shun anything South African

Kapito: Let’s shun anything South African

Shprite to face 'Black Friday' boycott

Shprite to face ‘Black Friday’ boycott

The consumer watchdog has since set Friday 24th April as a ‘Black Friday’ when people will demonstrate their concerns by boycotting shopping from all South African owned outlets such as Game Stores, Shoprite and PEP Stores.

”CAMA would like to condemn in strongest terms the xenophobic attacks on Malawians living, working and engaged in various businesses in South Africa. The xenophobic attacks have left a lot of Malawians injured, displaced, and some have lost their lives and property,” said Cama’s Executive Director John Kapito in a statement to the media.

Kapito said the boycotts would be held in all regions for the next four weeks.

”The idea of boycotting these South African companies and outlets is to show our  concerns and solidarity as Malawians with our brothers and sisters who have  suffered these xenophobic attacks.”

The human rights activist pointed out that Malawians indirectly by buying  and using South African retail and wholesale outlets, significantly contribute to the  sustainability and growth of the South African economy.

”These boycotts are therefore being organized in order to show our solidarity and support to  all our brothers and sisters and all Africans that have suffered untold pain at the hands of these uncivilized and cruel South Africans,” he added.

Cama has urged Malawians to wear black clothes or a black ribbon during the boycotts as a symbol of mourning for ”our dear brothers and sisters”.

Over 400 Malawians have been affected by the xenophibic attacks in South Africa and government has since set up about K30 million to repatriate its citizens.


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49 thoughts on “Cama calls for boycott of South Africa’s outlets: ‘Black Friday’ in Malawi”

  1. Balamanthu says:

    Employees that work for south african retail chains in malawi including standard bank are heavily mistreated and underpaid.By boycotting purchases from these shops, we will have shown these boers that we have a spine and can stand on our own.With so many shops in Lilongwe, Blantyre and Mzuzu including Zomba, I dont see any reason why any sane malawian would cling to shops that are owned by racist people that kill our brothers who go there and compete with the savages in south africa.Because the savages in south africa love drinking and are lazy, employers like malawians.Lets for once stand for something.Boycotting shopping from Game and Shoprite will make a statement that we have certain values we are not willing to negotiate on.

  2. timve says:

    The problem of Malawians is not being cooporative. Always running away from circumstances. Instead of backing up the idea to make a statement about how we don’t like what this south Africans savages have done your busy saying all this negative stupid remarks of “it can’t happen” “it won’t affect them”. If Mandela had the same mentality would have south Africa gain its indepence. Always being negative. Have a little confidence. So whoever thinks the boycott is a bad idea. Grow some balls and try to fight for something sometimes.

  3. Mubwe says:

    Mr Kapito. Malawi market is insignificant. Mungoonongetsa nthito za ana apa

  4. I have noticed that most Malawians commenting here you do not fully understand how world economics work. if you can just boycott S African products in any manner you can in within one week investor confidence can immediately begin to be negatively affected and no one from Western economies will feel comfortable engaging an economy like that. the S African government has been arrogant for too long that is why I think they deliberately allow these incidents of burning people in the streets happen without the intervention of police. Remember what Zuma once said about Malawian roads? He does not regard Malawians and these boycotts are a way of putting pressure on his government to act. I live in Botswana but am secretly boycotting most SA products!! come on wake up Malawians!!!!

  5. mangochi kabwafu says:

    Boycott? who is going to suffer?

  6. che Mbela says:

    Boycott SA shops is the way to go. Whether we make a tangible impact on them ir not is not the issue. The statement we make is most important. No more interaction with the barbaric nation

  7. SAIN IT LIKE IT IS says:


  8. Kamkhwezule Kakang'ono says:

    Late Kamuzu Banda, former president of our country used to advise people that wealth can be generated from farming. If many Malawians engage in serious farming this nation can prosper. Working as menial labourers in south African is servitude and we eventually develop their economy.

  9. Mbangi Johnson says:

    You must also boycott South African Army when you are drowning

  10. Mbangi Johnson says:

    South African economy survived international boycott. What is Malawi. Oh Madonna will come and get another boy as pet.

  11. commando Chinois says:

    Indeed we must boycott…..All original South African products have been avoided by me…..I bought a fake Chinese stand fan but alas! It is making an obnoxious noise and does not hover evenly….I replaced my South African extension with a China Shop extension I could not iron as the cable dissolved under voltage………..I am intending to tear all South African academic certificates which I obtained there….Advice please!

    1. Wailing Soul says:

      hahahaha! You have made my day! What a good sense of humour but you have a point!

  12. Willie Chirwa says:

    Cama thanks for your suggestion on boycotting the South African economic interests but I beg to differ. You and me pretty know that these shops are partronised most by white collar guys and they cannot boycott these shops because they are not really affected and may not understand why we trek to SA. What you should suggest is that you call on the wanachi to march/demostrate at Shoprite, Game PEP and thereafter we loot everything in there as their countrymen have looted our brothers property and at the end burn the shops so that they feel what it means starting all over again. The billions they make here is repatriated back to SA were these looters are going to enjoy our sweat and create jobs for these bastatrds.

    Insted of the four weeks this job can be done within hours and my second plea to our security organs and leaders is temporarily turn the other side whilst we do it the same way their dilly dalied in condeming their brothers actions. Ming you this is not the first time remmember 2008 they did the same and history repeat itself. Pakwao ndi pakachere what goes behind the scenes your guess is as good as mine.

  13. Sayimoni Bayisikolo says:

    Blacks in America boycotted buses during segregative time when a strong woman like Rosa Parks refused to give a seat to a white man to show a sign of defiance.Its time Malawians stopped buying from game,shoprite and other south African shops.We have financial outlets like Getbucks and Blue that are making obscene profits by milking Malawians with their katapilas.Its time all Malawians got united and supported our shops to show our anger.

  14. chechule says:

    Those who value money than fellow Malawian’s lives shame on you, I know school did a good job such that u think of anything in logical sense, but if u reached that extent, u are a useless citizen who sits in the office doing nothing helpful, busy finding means of lobbing of cash, counting down days when to get your salary. Ooh! Yaah I know, you think just about your Ju and mary at home, u r not an island friend, we are connected one way or the other, we are in a chain of dependence, one piece goes out, it affects the whole. Get back to your senses and see!

  15. Alungwana says:

    We too can xenophobise these shops including the golden gate memorial xool owned by Matinga a south african

  16. Alufeyo says:

    Brothers and sisters you must understand that south african blacks are the most uneducated and backward people. They are animals thats why whites introduced apartheid to keep these baboons at bay. My mother is south african from polokwane so i can say without fear or favour that the lowest human being is a black south african thats why murder is not a problem to them. Just watch Zuma address their parliment what you see is an unexucated thud madquerading as a leader. Lets just make sure that we develop our country and empower our youth economically.

  17. Tawonga Phiri. says:

    The boycot to purchase from the mentioned shops will hurt the Malawi economy. Shoprite and others operate as Malawi registered companies. They pay Malawi taxes snd collect and remit your Value Added Tax. If you do not buy, their tax contributions will decrease and will hurt the Malawi economy.

  18. mtichimwitsa says:

    Tikangowabera katunduyo tikatero tabwezera. Tikatchyole basi akatifunsa tikawawuza kuti tukadyera pa maliro. Mxiii

  19. Tiyanjane says:

    Mr. Kapito, we have more serious governance and unity issues in Malawi, which do not get the support of some of your colleagues (and sometimes yourself) when calls to voice out concerns are made. for example, you absolutely refused to support demonstrations against NACGATE. I do not think you have added your voice to the call for empowering the masses to determine use of their national resources, by devolving excessive and evil central control of our national assets. Give governance and resource management powers to the regions and see how jobs will be created through business growth; simply because wealth generated from local resources be ploughed back into the system and not into foreign bank accounts of evil men. You know that Mr. Kapito.

    I will not take part in your suggested boycott of RSA businesses. I will instead invest my energies into fighting for FEDERALISM because I have al the confidence that my part of the State of the Federal Republic of Malawi will surely blossom economically; for our young people to earn their income right there in their State (or neighbouring States).

  20. God will take revenge says:

    If the foundations are distroyed,what will the righteous do?” Come now Malawians.All these things happening are challenges because of the Breakthrough that is coming.You saw how the recent rainfall affected peoples lives,fields,properties.Now it is this killing of our fellow brothers in SA.God has prepared something big for this Beloved nation Malawi.So the Devil has seen those breakthrough.God revealed this to his obedient servant Prophet T.B.Joshua that Africa will face various challenges but if we dont shrink back and murmur,complain,revenge ourselves,we will lose.But if we endure and trust God,Africa will be great.He said small nations will became Big coz of the blessings come after these challenges.So,ls not Malawi one of the small Nation? Let’s look up to God and bless his Name.We should not repay evil for evil.If Malawi is a God fearing nation,Do we have to take revenge? whom do we fear then,Man or God. You leaders of different position.Lead us not into revenging our enemies.We must bless God in good and bad times alike.Job faced great temptation.He even lost everything but did not curse God by giving up from him.

  21. fkr says:

    This article just adds fuel to a fire that no one wants. What we really need to do is get our own country right so that people don’ t have to go to South Africa and work there. We should create jobs here in Malawi. Forget about trying to boycott South African stores here in Malawi because MALAWIANS work in the stores !!!! Cama are just idiots to even think this way, we will just hurt ourselves, do you think when these stores have to start laying people off Cama are going to look after the people with no jobs ? Come on get real comment 1 says go shop at Sana ? Well 90% of the stuff in Sana comes from South Africa so what you going to do stop buying the stuff that Sana sells too……?

  22. This people are animals.i agree with bwana kapito lets show them our unger

  23. john says:

    apparently, we talk of attracting investors and now you say we shud boycott SA shops. i dont agree. we hv malawians working in these shops. suppose the shops r closed and moved, will kapito employ these pple?

    most malawians in SA dont hv proper docs to work there. some of them are robbers. ma burundi inu simumawakhapa inu.

  24. mbewa zanga says:

    Let us boycott these shops and buy at sana, they have good qualities of goods. Mr kapito please organise demonstration, we should match and give our petition to south african embassy.

  25. Chambang'ondo says:

    Bwana Kachipanda and olemekezeka. I agree with ur points in this matter. And bwana Kapito I want to collect your statement. Majority of these Malawians are not staying and working regally. Izi zikusonyeza kuti inu ndiye mukutsogolera kuphwanya malamulo. Ndiye Boma tikuyendetsela ndalama za osaukali mukutiso asagwire ntchito? Inu za ana anu munapanga bwana. Tisiyeni tipange zathu nafeso.

    1. Wailing Soul says:

      Shaaaaaah! Koma chingerezi Chambang’ondo. Akuti! I want to “collect” your statement. Majority of these Malawians are not staying and working “regally” kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

      I rove leggae music a rot velly much.kkkkkkkkkkkk

  26. brutsha says:

    I understand CAMA is doing all it can within its mandate. And it’s a good idea. However, truth is that xenophobia is done by uncivilized black South Africans. The shops mentioned here are owned by civilized white South Africans. And comment number 1 might be correct in his/her analysis.The best way I think would be to organize something against the South African embassy in Lilongwe. The embassy is a representation of South African administration which has not been convincing in dealing with xenophobia attacks going by some footage( security agents just watching people killed in cold blood) and also accounts made by Malema.

    1. Wailing Soul says:

      I agree. These shops are owned by wealthy white billionaires. The reason for the boycott does not hold water. Nonsesical!

  27. Dr. butros-butros gurlie says:

    Its too early to venture into that…lets negotiate after it fails you can advertise your idea..REMEMBER punisbment shud be the last solution

  28. Lucky Shawa says:

    I agree with Kapito. The aim is not to punish these shop owners rather it is just to show them our concerns and solidarity. Bravo Kapito, bravo Malawians.

  29. Mai A Yolobasi says:

    But south African music is owned by black south Africans. Can all Malawian music stations stop playing this rubbish forthwith. These south African blacks regard Malawians as sub human. Not long ago their own president Zuma was saying rubbish about Malawi.

  30. Maboma says:

    Howard n honourable, you have to know that “anger sees no alternative”. When you are on strike here in Malawi, do you always have an alternative where to earn a living? Raise your eyeblows and logger that. Thumbs up Kapito.

  31. Kulibe kantu says:

    Harola Kachipanda or whatever you call yourself, you are a sell out. Your comments show that you value money more than life of people. YOU THE WORST CAPITALIST. What is VAT or imports or jobs compared to the lives of people. If your DPP government was visionary it would have ordered Press Corporation, which is a government company, to build big supermarkets in all the districts of Malawi and we will forget about Shoprite. We do not even need these supermarkets in Malawi.

    You do not even know that the goods you buy from these South Africa shops are creating jobs in South AFRICA AND GROWING THE SOUTH AFRICAN ECONOMY.

    The boycott is necessary to show solidarity to Malawians who have suffered, but also to send a message to the South Africa government to STOP their people from attacking foreign nationals. That they will be recupercusions across the continent against such barbaric behaviour.

    1. Wailing Soul says:

      They boycott is not necessary because the message you will be sending is goingto the wrong people. The black unemployed South Africans behind these attacks do not own these shops. In fact they also hate the owners of these shops because they are white and very wealthy. So you will in a way be rallying behind their long held beliefs against white supremacy and inequality in economic power.

  32. Mayi a Nyembezi says:

    And let us also boycott standard bank. Everyone with a standard bank account must close it and switch to locally Malawian bank like national bank. Best move Kapito.

    Malawi championed the self rule in southern Africa. Its time these foreigners treated us with diginity and not as subhuman just because we have been unfortunate to have Bwampini as our president.

  33. MKWINYANGWI says:

    I knew from the start that some people would love money more than a brother imagine someone is saying he would opt for quality goods when a malawian has been roasted on tires in RSA.. and another is saying malawi will loose revenue what is revenue when your people are being cut open in the head and their brain poured out on a street. and some one is saying it is not the azunguzi doing it we therefore can go buying south African. I we stop buying south african government will loose revenue from these guys and in turn south African government will not build those house the government build for the people in soweto who are killing our brothers lice. When you go buying on that day know for sure you are a lice(NSABWE) making your boss South African whites build a house for his servant black south African thereby oil palming him to kill your Lice(NSABWE)brother in RSA. Being made a slave for your love of good things shame on you. You are the people who are making our country poor, I now know for sure such are the people who go voting because anakupatsani suger. Shame on you!!!!!!! TAWAWONELE KUPANDA MANYAZI

  34. human says:

    This Howard kachipanda is a selfish person he say he doesn’t agree with the I dea of Mr kapito of boycotting S A products because its going to hurt the malawians that are working in these shops here in Malawi. But what about those Malawians that being subjected to brutality by South Africans don’t you feel sorry for them, so you got no concern for them at all, Shame on you. I say the South African businesses must be boycotted because this will cause 1% harm than 100% harm that South African are causing to Malawians right now in S.A.

    1. Wailing Soul says:

      I agree with Howard kachipanda because what CAMA and all those who agree with the boycott are using a fallacious argument. The shops and all investments that are in Malawi emanate from wealthy white South African billionaires. The people who are killing our brothers and sisters are our fellow blacks but mostly unemployed and thugs. And these unemployed thugs will be more than happy with that suggestion to boycott Shoprite etc. becasue they have always held long standing beliefs that the whites took over their land and thereby their resources for economic wealth. Here in South Africa, there are some black empowerment groups like Seskhona of Cape Town who are actually encroaching and taking over land illegally by force that these white businesspeople had bought and were planning to build flats or big merchandise stores. So by boycotting the South African shops in Malawi, you are actually doing a favour to the blacks behind the xenophobic attacks.

      In a nutshell, by asking Malawians to boycot PEP stores, or Game etc is more like saying:
      I will stop buying Likuni Phala because a guard at Rab Processors (producers of Likuni Phala) impregnated my daugher! Who re you hurting there? Its yourself and your baby who will suffer the long term consequences of malnutrition due to the lack of Likuni Phala.

  35. BIG MAN says:

    Nkhondo simanga mudzi!!!! Malawians can’t survive without SA’s Shops and companies. The china Shops sales fake products!!! Even malipiro amene abale athu ogwira ntchiti mma shop a china ndiochepa compared to those of SA shop!!! THINK TWICE a Malawi… Tiyeni tipeze njira ina pliz

  36. opportunist says:

    I have already stopped buying from the mentioned shops what is remaining is demonstrations

  37. Its one of the big way to tell South Africans that we are deeply concerned about the killings .A lose for a while in revenue can not be compared with lose of life of our brothers and sisters. Bravo Kapito

  38. Bwampini wa Muthanyura says:


  39. clever says:

    I think you call yourself honourable have not seen the pain of death,. We are wise, we just want to show SA that we are feeling pain

  40. Howard Kachipanda says:

    I dont buy the idea. We will be punishing ourselves. These companies pay huge tax through imports. We also pay huge tax through VAT when we buy from them. They are employing hundreds of our brothers and sisters. Kodi a Kapito mukawadyetsa pakhomo panu anthuwa? Makampaniwa are wholly owned by whites, akuchita ize ndi akuda anzathutu. Can you call off this plan.

    1. Wailing Soul says:

      I agree with you 100 per cent Howard Kachipanda. Irrational reasoning.

  41. jeff says:

    I agree with CAMA we should atleast show our concerns
    We should stand with our brothers and sisters who have suffered with this situation
    It is responsibility of South African government to protect all human beings
    To bycot message will go to south African government

  42. Chemtukanika says:

    The idea is most welcome to all genuine Malawians and all peace loving people living in Malawi.One can not prioritize quality commodities over lives of people unless he/she is mentally ill.If people ignore delicious food for losing their beloved ones what are those items found in PEP,Game stores and Shoprites whose prices are so very expensive? May God punish those selfish South Africans before the last day.

  43. honourable says:

    I don’t buy the idea because we don’t hv alternative products here, our companies manufacture fake and low quality products and south African companies prioritize quality,secondly most shops are owned by white south Africans who love Malawians ever since

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