Catholic Commission attacks Malawi govt on corruption: Dares Mutharika to end economic suffering of citizens

The Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) has launched a scathing attack on government over worsening corruption and is persuading Malawians to press the Peter Mutharika administration to provide practical solutions to issues affecting their lives.

Chiphwanya, CCJP national secretary: Faults Malawi government on worsening corruption

Chiphwanya, CCJP national secretary: Faults Malawi government on worsening corruption

An advocacy arm of the Episcople Conference of Malawi which is an influential  organ of the Catholic Church,  CCJP on Thursday released a strong worded document, titled ‘Nation in Search of Redemption,’ petitioning the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government, to address social, economic and political challenges which the country is experiencing.

CCJP argues Malawi continues to draw global attention for all the wrong reasons and called upon authorities and the general citizenry, to critically examine the country’s state of affairs and “be part of the solution.”

The Catholic Commission among others has accused Mutharika’s administration of its failure to deal with worsening corruption.

The Catholic arm commended the bold step taken by the Treasury department in ensuring that all government accounts are properly reconciled in line with public expenditure management control before subsequent disbursements are made.

“It is only a robust public finance management system that will bring sanity and credibility in our fiscal regime. Irrespective of some hitches encountered with the on-going public finance management reforms, we, implore upon the authorities to continue on this path. We believe that this is the surest way of restoring confidence from Malawi’s bilateral partners and the general citizenry, ” reads the statement in part.

CCJP has accused Anti Corruptoon Bureau (ACB) of selective justice and compromised war on corruption, saying  ACBs operational independence continues to be put into question.

ACB has been persuaded B to investigate and prosecute all cases objectively and fairy other than the status quo where those who belong to the ruling elite are shielded.

“Owing to the fact that ACB is run on taxpayers money, CCJP calls upon ACB to desist from selective criminal prosecutions as these may taint the little gains that have been registered in the fight against corruption,” CCJP said.

It asked for speedy action on all outstanding cases so that they should reach logical conclusion.

CCJP says those in authority too should demonstrate loyalty to Malawi by not shielding anybody suspected of involvement in any corrupt syndicate.

“We call upon Malawians to join hands in fighting the Mafia type of corrupt syndicates who use unorthodox ways and means to silence those championing the war on corruption,” the statement reads.

The Catholic body has since called on the citizenry to work up and demand their rights from their leaders.

“We call upon all citizens to actively take part in decision making process and not to accept any form of mediocrity from those entrusted to run the affairs of our country at all levels. We believe that as citizens of this great nation we will be our own unmaking if we fail to exercise our rightful role in our hard won democratic dispensation by making our voices heard in matters of national interest,” CCJP said.

The CCJP among other issues also expressed concern on continued harassment of persons with albinism.

“It is disheartening to note that while some perpetrators have been apprehended and in some cases successfully prosecuted, no single market has been established to date. This raises serious fears and questions about our ability as a nation to collectively fight the vice. Our reputation as a nation has been heavily battered globally due to our failure to end the vice,” the CCJP noted.

They also condemned the plunder of taxpayers money in district councils as widely reported in the local media.

“While the infamous cash-gate saga was largely reported at Capital Hill, it is sad to note that our local councils have also become new plunder havens. Locally generated resources in councils have become a new area of plunder,” reads the statement.

Meanwhile, CCJP has urged Civil Society Organisations, media, faith community and the public to be active in demanding accountability from officials by demanding explanations, reporting irregularities, exposing and whistle-blowing all credible cases of financial mismanagement.

Malawi  is facing growing levels of poverty, desperation, hunger and shrinking public service delivery that are untimely and compromise on quality.

CCJP’s national secretary Marti Chiphwanya said the statement has been released following their periodic Justice and Peace Secretaries meeting which took place in Mangochi in line with  “mandate of ensuring Gods reign of Justice and Peace on earth through the promotion of transparency, accountability, good governance and rule of law.”

Apart from Chiphwanya, other signatories to the communiqué include Arnold Msimuko  Diocesan Secretary for  Mzuzu,  Bruno Banda Diocesan Secretary for Mangochi, Noel Kondwani Mtonzathe   Archdiocesan Secretary, Lilon Kampango the Archdiocesan Secreart tBlantyre and Lewis Msiyadungu  another Diocesan Secretary.

Other signatories include Chikwawa Diocese Secretary Louis Nkhata  while Karonga, Dedza, and Zomba Dioceses have also appended their signatures on the petition.

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11 thoughts on “Catholic Commission attacks Malawi govt on corruption: Dares Mutharika to end economic suffering of citizens”

  1. santana says:

    Mr Ambuje, Santana is not a person who can be intimidated by by those who have blind faith. My point in the previous post on this issue is that the CCJP belongs and its a child of the Catholic church. The sole aim of this organization is to deal with justice and defend the indefensible. I am just reminding this so called religious group that it should stop being selective when critciising the injustices in our society. The bad things and corruption is not happening only in government. The church, which would be exemplary has a lot of nasty stories of sexual abuse and homosexuality. To say the truth and with the fear of God it is the catholic church which is in the forefront abusing these children and its priests practicing homo. You can not deny this because the media all over the world is writing about this. And to back my point just recently the pope is coming flexible with the gay people just because many of its priests are gays. The fear is that once he comes hard with them they will vacate the church and automatically reduce the already reduced number of priests. Wa mwale and Bibo should read international news to know how dirty is the catholic church. Even the pastoral letters which are being issued these days are just not influencial and are being deemed as postcards. Ambuje you say ukhoza kunditembelera. What powers do you have to curse me? Even the whole church can not issue a curse on me because it does not have those powers. It is the church with its sexual scandals which should expect a curse from God. And God is deliberately exposing every sexual scandle by the priests so that you stop boasting that you are a church to reckon. The same priests who enjoy gaying are the same people who put hands on your big heads and say you are being blessed, what a spiritual blindness!! The big mistake this CCJP has done is to expose the names of the signatories of this document. We know who these people are and what affliation they have in political arena. So they want to use the church to fulfill their ego, a thing which Santana will not stay idle looking at it ,no. So Ambuje and Bibo enter the battle of the pen with Santana. To the church I say tell the priests not to burn with sexual drsire because its a thing which you chose not to do. Leave our children alone.

  2. Dalitso says:

    The Catholic Church is one of the richest global organisations, if not the richest when taking into account the valuable archives that are stored within the vaults of the vatican. If the Church wants to start throwing allegations of corruption, exploitation and the use of false information, then they ought to consider the ground they built their own house on.

    Historically, Churches have supported their local constituents. Be this through land allowances, seed purchases or financial means. In difficult times particularly, the church was seen as a pillar of support for struggling communities.

    In more recent times, this support has reduced, other than rhetoric and talk of what others should do. Pastors, preachers, priests, prophets and the church itself continue to grow their wealth. This isn’t due to God gracing them because of their greater faith, it is to do with the exploitation of others faith and their congregations desperation to gain favour with the church to improve their lives.

    Given that the majority of Malawians would class themselves as religious (any faith – although the Islamic faith appears to put far greater stock in enabling and assisting its followers in Malawi) then it is quite baffling that this God that they continue to finance does not seem to be doing a huge amount to help build and develop their futures.

    That there are issues with the Government and other organisations is true, but I don’t see the church stepping in with their vast wealth to help reduce the suffering on many starving and hungry Malawians. What I do see is exuberant, and overly grandiose construction projects occurring either for Church facilities or new larger churches which will enable the church to ‘welcome’ more followers who will then be expected to ‘donate’ money in an environment which pressures people to give money, or shames them if they don’t.

    1. wakwiya says:

      Dalitso I don’t know when u were born. U can not compare Catholic and DDP or Malawi politics. Maybe u are one of them who are enjoying seeing our nation falling and the whole world talking about us. People like u should not belong to this planet.u quite dum u know how the Catholic got or get their money. They don’t steal from poor people or tax money. Catholics started their church thousands of years and it grew over the world. Built schools, hospital’s , help opharns etc. DDP or Malawi politics steal even medicines from hospital. Abale what kind of people are in Malawi? Who can not understand what Catholics are saying? They are not false self enriching business pastors or prophets who start preaching 5hen call themselves men. I went to Catholic school and I still believe that they are church to help those who are weak.

  3. santana says:

    Mr Wa mwale, you don’t need to be in DPP govt or a DPP supporter to know what Iam talking about. You never know I might be a catholic myself but I don’t want to be blinded by these accusations just because the critic is from my church. Achotse kaye chitsotso mu diso lawo kenaka……………..

  4. Ngalamayi says:

    The Catholic church, the CCJP here, speaks the truth and demands only what any good government should be doing. But does the DPP, the government listen, or are they too busy making sure their own pockets are well-lined, their friends shielded from prosecution, the 2019 elections safely in their hands again…?

  5. Bibo says:

    Santana,the issue here is not about some members of Catholic church molesting children, but it is about dishonest leadership in Malawi which munches on tax-payers’ money not legally but corruptly. I guess your understanding of the issue is to correlate it with Catholic’s hypocrisy which I stand to differ.

    You should be aware that Malawi has a population of close to 17 million people who equally deserve a share of the national cake. Politicians born before the Baby boomers period have ransacked our country without remorse. You would expect a lot of wisdom from leaders like late Bingu Mutharika, Bakili Muluzi, and now Peter Mutharika, but these politicians have slowly brought the country to its lowest ebb.Despite late Dr Banda’s autocratic style of leadership, Malawi didn’t experience the sufferings that are prevalent today. The country was an envy of neighbors-it had a stable currency, low inflation, people had the buying power, there was low level of corruption, and the civil service had efficiency.

    Let me remind Santana that in the then Catholic Pastoral Letter written by the Bishops on March 8,1992 with a title “Living In Our Faith”, was the message mostly based on human rights issues about Dr Banda’s regime and not economic and corruption issues. It was a letter about freedom of expression,unlawful imprisonment,and freedom of association. My point here is: no matter what you perceive of the church, it has a role to play in our society by preaching about equality, self empowerment,citizens’ rights, economic empowerment, and a corrupt- free society. What CCJP has done therefore, is to sensitize citizens about their role to check on their leaders who seem to care less for them,the tax payers.It doesn’t need a rocket Scientist to notice or discover the vulnerability of Malawians at the hands of DPP leaders. The country is at the mercy of DPP politicians who are corrupt to the bone and who plainly brag about stolen money. Worse still, they have discovered a formula of divide and rule.

    For someone not to support the voice of the Catholic church against government’s corrupt practices is beyond comprehension. It demonstrates sickness of some people’s minds. Doesn’t Santana notice the wrong direction of the country?Why close your eyes to the leadership’s failures while open your wide mouth to spit mucous at the church without substantiated evidence. After all, if some Catholic Priests committed sins against either church members or young boys and girls, it would first be handled within the domain of the church and then equated to nationwide criminal investigation. There is no record of such approach.

    That the country has heartless politicians who keep on plundering resources while the poor get poorer is not an overstatement. The best thing to do is to bring in a young generation of politicians who stand to lose a lot if not performing with ethical obligations . These old politicians are accumulating an illegal pension at an exponential rate and have nothing to lose, hence their greed and lack of patriotism. They are a social and economic menace to our society such that our future generation(children and grand children) will be in doom. So my friend Santana, don’t sound elusive and you are looking a fool for shielding tax payers’ plunderers-your mentality has a moral decay. Some of us would like to see a prosperous Malawi with good roads, modern hospitals , reputable schools, and people enjoying the economy not this baloney being done by DPP leaders.

  6. Wa mwale says:

    Mmmmmm, so we still have some big-headed people instead of taking action over the mentioned issues, they finding accusation of the CCJP’s letter?
    I think these people in dpp, are not human beings but animals, how come they don’t want to learn a lesson? All they need to hear is Praise praise praise praise Muthalika while at the same time pay a blind eye to all the evils done by their masters? Paja anati sanamve anamva nkhwangwa ili pankhongo……..

  7. santana says:

    The CCJP can not be the group which can tell people about people’s rights and justice. The Catholic church has many areas to correct itself spiritually. We hear many stories all over the world about catholic priests sexually abusing children. Despite all the evidence from the victims themselves the Vatican has never issued any statement condemning the sinful act. Here in Malawi we have heard about this sexual abuse to innocent children but the CCJP has remained silent as if they are not aware. So to come out with their document condemning injustice and corruption in our society is just ridiculous. Let the CCJP first issue a statement to their own catholic priests condemning them for the sexual abuse to the children who help in mass activities in the church. These boys are sent by their parents to serve the Lord not to be sexually abused by those who deliberately chose not to marry. Scandals of sexual abuse is rampant in the Catholic church but all these have been swept under the carpet. Is this not corruption at its best? So the CCJP Malawi chapter should just shut their mouths and open only open it when it is serious correcting the big wigs in the church. Where was the CCJP when the catholic nun was caught red handed at KIA doing what they vowed not to do? Why didn’t they issue a statement in condemnation? We have many children in the villages fathered by the catholic priests yet not a single day did the CCJP condemn it despite knowing the whole story. The CCJP is not ripe enough to criticize others.

    1. ambuje says:

      Santana ndiwe chitsiru kwabasi. Ukusakaniza nkhani. Why don’t you keep your anger to yourself? Usandikwiitse.

      1. ambuje says:

        Santana. If you want to fight the church, you are a loser. It does not need a rocket scientist to see that Malawi is on auto-pilot. Blind and useless politicians are leading Malawi. Akupita ku New York uko, kukazijambula maliseche. What are you talking about? Are you aware nyasi zimene ziri ku foreign affairs? Ndikutembereratu ine if you want to fight catholic church. Ukamati ana mmidzimu ndi ansembe? Akupanga uhule ndi ansembe okha? In your view? Iwe ka galu eti.

    2. corrupt minds says:

      My friend do research first before you expose your ignorance. priests who are proved quilty are stopped from ministry. Conferences and task forces are in place and addressing the past as well as preventing the future occurences. Vatican has admitted and is sorry and is in touch with the victims. This is not done in pvt everyone who is smart and connected knows this fact. By the way is the CCJPs point valid? Attack the argument not the ‘person’ baba. The fact remains corruption has put Malawi on the world map

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