CCJP urges Malawi citizens to come back home: Back protests at South Africa embassy

A social justice and advocacy arm of the Catholic Church in Malawi, the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) has appealed to Malawi citizens in South Africa to come back home following a spate of xenophobic attacks against African migrants, saying they are encountering “rejection and prejudice.”

Chisoni: There is need for stock taking

Chisoni: There is need for stock taking

CCJP national secretary said in a statement released on Saturday that the returning citizens should be assured that Malawi government is executing a rescuing program.

“Your brothers and sisters in Malawi care for your security. Come back home for your life is precious no matter how poor you are,” the watchdog appealed.

“After all, there is more that can be done in Malawi. As your coming back home, please do not hold any anger and spirit of vengeance to any South Africans or any of their property. Retribution and vengeance are not a solution. Only love will heal our wounds and bring about justice and peace,” CCJP statement reads.

The Catholic Commission also said whilst it CCJP acknowledges government efforts towards the plight of Malawian citizens affected by the xenophobia attacks in South Africa; it is high time it bring together different stakeholders to reflect upon the occurrences in South Africa.

“We need a stoke taking process to identify the challenges in our country, the reasons for the push factor to South Africa of our country’s youth, and discuss the solutions that must be implemented by relevant stakeholders and authorities- the ministries and departments of Immigration, Police, Socio-Economic Planning, Labour, the private sector and the Nongovernmental Organizations.

“ Government cannot go on to put emergency repatriation plans and leave out the mundane causes and consequences of the issue at hand. This recent experience calls for an immediate national dialogue.”

CCJP has also said it is in solidarity with civil society organisations and activist plans for protests at South African embassy in Lilongwe.

However, they called for the protests to be peaceful , saying retribution through demonstrations will not bring about desired changes needed in the relationships with South Africans.

“ Expressing our dismay with the xenophobic attacks is very important. As we plan, let us remember that peaceful demonstrations and non-violent citizen’s expression of their frustrations are only the genuine means of making those in decision making positions to listen.

“As we are encouraging the general public to participate in the demonstrations, let us, as leaders, ensure that there should not be any differed anger that might destroy property and life of South Africans living in Malawi.”

Billy Mayaya, an activist in the capital, Lilongwe, has said that there are street demonstration planned next Tuesday, where protesters will deliver a petition to the South African High Commission.

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golden eye
AFRICA UNITE anayimba BOB Marley for the sake of the continent. Ulosi unachitika apa ankaziwa kuti anthu ena ndi osokoneza. First of all let me grieve with all affected… sorry for the attacks but GOD is good all the time, you have come back and alive. what is more important is your life. MOYO NDI MPAMBA…There is a lot back here home you can be doing. After confronting and disgracing you need to bury the hatchet and move forward as people who are responsible. Ndinu anthu olimbikira ndichifukwa chake anzanu a ku Joniko amapanga nsanje… mutati luso lomwe limapangitsa anzanu… Read more »

Apitanso madzulo ake ma passport abisa kale adya chani ku Mzimba and Mangochi. Chamba and Bonya?


Nzeru zikachepa, sibwino kumapeleka ma comment, chifukwa mumapeleka ma comment opusa. Siyani anthi a nzeru akambilane.


Mr Chisoni ndi CCJP Yanuo mind your tongue.Dyera basi!Mukungofuna mutamikirepo kuti mmatha kulankhula?Za ziii! Kodi CCJP yanuyo yachitapo chiyani kwa anthu okhudzidwawo chikhalirecho ndi Mulhakho wanuwo mukungosekelera mapulezidenti ndi andale akubela aMalawi.Anthu kupita kunjaku nkufuna kudzidalira.Chilungamo ndi mtenderezo zilikuti?Dzingodyani za Aromazo.Koma kunsewu kwanuko ndi Billy’yo musamaleko.Anthu amene ali ku RSA sikuti ndiwopusa iyayi.Pro-active action is what we need and not malangizo opusa ayi.


It is sad to learn how our fellow Africans are being treated in South Africa. We Malawians we are so timid to continue buying from shoprite and Game whilst the owners of these shops are harasing our people in their country. Even the salaries they pay our people in shoprite, peanuts! K23000 (500Rands) can they pay that amount of money in RSA? I don’t think so. Anthu awa akulemerera paife koma nkumachitanso mwano. tiwakhaulitsenso adziwe kuti south africa is not superior on its own, we are contributing to their economy and superiority. Its high time they learn to appreciate others.


Koma enanu mukuti bomali likulephera ndicho chiifukwa anthu akubwera ku Joni kuno?
Bodza,osati ili ayi, koma boma la MCP linalephera kumanga madziko oyenerera a dziko lathulo ndicho chifukwa zipani zina zikuvutika pano.
MCP go to hell. Kamuzu wanu anatinena ife akumpoto kuti, “WE ARE DEAD NORTH.”


Malawi should address it’s own xenophobia first because we don’t have moral authority to judge others. You can’t remove a speck in you neighbor s eye when you have a spec in your own. Mr chisoni please star complaining against the tribalism and nepotism happening in Malawi then you shall receive credit for what you are saying.


Eeee iwe khala nchete, ife sitingabwele kumeneko, better to die here than to com there, tizabwel tikafona osati zotiyitana, u cant afford use com there to do what? mwayamba kusuta fodya wakulu!


We have no working government thus why people go to do labour jobs in other African countries. We should be ashamed of ourselves for failing to create jobs even street sweeping, road construction. All we have done for the past 50 years is hero worshipping a president.


Mr Chisoni mukundivetsa Chisoni ndizokamba zanu.Kodi tikabwera kumeneko mudzatilemba ntchito tonse or we wil b ur roughing stocks?

Wailing Soul

For sure, no wonder you will be stuck in SA. No one can employ you here with such English as “roughing stocks”kkkkkkkkkk

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