Celebrate gains achieved under DPP in one year, Mutharika says fulfilling promises

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has said his administration has made a “strong foundation”  in transforming the nation since taking over power last year, saying there are “enough reasons” to celebrate the gains made so far.

President Mutharika welcomed by Speaker Richard Msowoya before opening parliament

President Mutharika welcomed by Speaker Richard Msowoya before opening parliament

Mutharika greeting lawmakers

Mutharika greeting lawmakers

Hand-clappers: Ministers in parliament giving President Mutharika some cheers

Hand-clappers: Ministers in parliament giving President Mutharika some cheers

Mutharika, who disclosed that Malawi expects its economy to grow by 5.4 percent this year, even after the country was hit by devastating floods and dry spells that damaged tobacco and corn crops, was speaking Tuesday during a state of the nation address to lawmakers in the capital, Lilongwe.

The President said he is fulfilling promises he made when he entered government in May last year by introducing public sector reforms and strengthening public finance management to avoid a recurrence of cashgate.

“I am particularly delighted because we are already delivering on our promises before the first anniversary of my Administration,” said Mutharika.

“True to my manifesto promise, I appointed and have maintained a lean Cabinet of 20 members including the President and Vice President.

“I am proud to report that the lean Cabinet has so far performed well and achieved its main objective of minimizing Government expenditure and we have already significantly reduced the powers of the presidency by transferring some departments from the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) to relevant ministries.”

He said: “Mr. Speaker, Sir, I believe that as a nation we have enough reasons to celebrate the gains that we have achieved in the past twelve months.

“ With the strong foundation we have laid, I can confidently say that the agenda to transform this country is on course.”

Mutharika told the House that the southern African nation’s growth would rebound in 2016, reaching 6.5 percent, saying his government would pursue policies that seek to curb inflation and reduce the balance of payment deficit.

On transformation agenda of his administration, Mutharika said his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government has also taken steps to strengthen debt management practices and restructure repayment of outstanding arrears to suppliers in order to ease pressure on the budget and give Government room for other priority expenditures.

“Government will also avoid further accumulation of arrears through strict expenditure control measures,” said Mutharika.

He also said his government will endeavour to reduce its fiscal deficit to levels below the internationally acceptable threshold of 3 percent of GDP, in order to reduce pressure on domestic borrowing and interest rates.

“This will be supported by Government’s commitment to fiscal consolidation and foreign borrowing through loans obtained on concessional terms,” said the Malawi leader.

He said: “Mr. Speaker, Sir, the 2015/2016 budget will reflect a prudent fiscal stance whereby all recurrent transactions will be largely financed by domestically generated resources with a modest net domestic borrowing of about 1.1 percent of GDP.”

The Malawi leader also disclosed that government will also introduce the Programme Based Budgeting (PBB) in the short to medium term, in line with the ongoing Public Sector Reforms.

“This budgeting approach will ensure that ministries and departments report on achievement of results under specific programmes that are aligned to their strategic objectives as a prerequisite for funding,” said Mutharika.

DPP and Mutharika will mark one year in office later this month.

The President said Malawians should be “fully involved” and take part in the efforts to take the country to greater heights.

“As a nation, we must unite and join hands to accelerate the gains that we have made so far as we work to transform our beloved country,” he appealed.

He commended cooperating partners, Non Governmental Organisations, Civil Society Organisations, the Private Sector, religious and traditional leaders and all Malawians for the role they play in the implementation of Government programmes.

Mutharika also commended the Leader of Opposition Lazarous Chakwera and all lawmakers for “the critical role that you play in the development of our country.”

The President officially opened the parliament meeting which will run until July 3 or MPs to discuss and pass the 2015/16 national budget.

So far, only African Development Bank plans to provide the government with about K8 billion in budgetary support. Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe is expected to present his budget statement on Friday, May 22 and he has estimated that it will be pegged at K900 billion (about $2.1 billion).

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19 thoughts on “Celebrate gains achieved under DPP in one year, Mutharika says fulfilling promises”

  1. Changaputwa says:

    Zokome wenkha, palibe chomwe ndaciona kusinthika kulikonseko apa mkumatiso bola mayi aja amayeselako. Lero lino anthu kubvutika ngt simzika zamomwemuno. Cipatala ca Boma kumasowa mankhwala mkumati anthu tilowera kt ?????


    What gain and achievement are you talking about APM. All these scandals and blunders

  3. male pipo says:

    Inu ndiamene mukufuna personal gain. Ife ndiye tikumva bwino

  4. The Most Concerned says:

    Boma ilo…!!!!

  5. nYAU SITHOBWA says:

    In one year only we have meet the following 1- Floods -2 killing of albinos- 3 Famine -4 Xenophobia in South Africa what more the remaining four years oh Lord have mercy with us

  6. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Mr. President, I know you’re most often repetitive. Whatever is being said here is abstract. What gains are talking about. 20 ministers plus one million advisors. Even your wife has a marriage counselor so that she does well when you engage her in bed. All these on government payroll.

    Right now you don’t even know that most of our youth are looking for employment or some businesses to earn a living. As a result of unemployment most of them go to RSA where they are killed by sword and stone.
    Kodi mevera MBC radio 1 kapena Ufulu 92.5FM

    Keneka mukuti,’let us unite and join hands to accelerate developing this country’, that’s strange because you and me cannot agree on repaying a loan behalf of Mulli or Kasaira.

    That’s being stupid. Only devil is allowed be as stupid as that.

  7. Cerebrating ndalama za NAC zikupita lu mlakho, Mukupha ma albino, kuba ndalama zachithandizo cha ma disaster prone areas, nepotizim, kumanga ndikumasula mvula, kukalemba ku cell. lukhululukira ngongole amtundu wanu chifukwa kunali ma share a malemu mkulu wanu mu buzines ya Mulli ndi Kanyoza. etc

  8. Patridge says:

    We r not yet paid Apr salary ndiye mukhale mpakana 3 july muzitaniko. Misonkho yathu ife tikuvutika. Nkhaza tu izi.

  9. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    He is talking about his personal gains. Fattening his on pocket. As for me I don’t see anything tangible. Nkhuku yeniyeni.

  10. Joseph jim says:

    Lets wait and see,cause his not first leader says like that ,currently we ‘re still here in NATIONAL OF PEACE MALAWI.

  11. Malaza says:

    What gains is he talking about?. He needs to leave his comfort zone and visit kawale and chilinde and see just how miserable and pathetic people’s lives are. This guy leaves in Lala land

  12. Jelbin mk says:

    He didn’t explain how government took the responsibility of rescuing individuals from their non-performing loans at MSB and should we call that strict expenditure as he wants us to believe???? If anything worthy celebration in his illegal one year rule then its the 6 billion promissory cash paid to MSB on behalf of Mulli,Kusaira and 11 others. Let the DPP celebrate this because Mulli did not take the money on his personal capacity he took it on behalf of the DPP as a party.

  13. nsonga ciswe says:

    Ku chalichi, Ku malilo?

  14. makhere says:

    All malawian presidents sing the same song when in power . “My government has achieved this and that” but nothing on the ground. The MPs don’teven know what inflation means ….all what they.expect is their allowances while atending parliament. We want real development. There is too much in malawi kaya poti muyenda mumaprado and you dnt see. Pa dedza border pofunika filling station with paying toilets and showers and nkulemba kuti welcome to malawi.. the warm heart of africa. mangani ma refuse bin.. ma bus sherlter.. mapublic toilet… mapavement moyenda anthu apansi… ma filling station at least every Km100. Ma rural growth centres abwerenso. Ma China angokhala olima and irrigation not mashops. Etc zina musova nokha. Ma councillor aziyenda mayiko ena azikaphunzira zitukuko osamangotukwanana.ndale za ku malawi.

  15. What gains?Can u just give me 1 or 2?Nonsense palibepo chimene mwapangapo cha nzeru.kkkkkkkkkk!

  16. Mhesha says:

    U mean up to 3rd of July 2015? Two solid months!

  17. chejali says:

    Kkkkkkkkk 2015-2016

  18. Zaya ku nkhongo says:

    Let’s hope so Mr. President

  19. KAMBUKU says:

    “Government will also avoid further accumulation of
    arrears through strict expenditure control measures,”
    says the man who wanted to purchase a jet.

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