Chakwera condemns racist slurs, apologises for MCP atrocities in Malawi dictatorship

Leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera has condemned racist slurs hurled on Lilongwe City Centre independent MP David Bisnowaty by some Malawi Congress Party (MCP) legislators and also apologised to Malawians on atrocities committed by the former ruling party iron fist one party dictatorship.

Chakwera: My apologies on behalf of MCP

Chakwera: My apologies on behalf of MCP

Chakwera’s comments follow Thursday’s incident when Bisnowaty was called ‘a Jew’ who should go back to his home and other racist slurs.

The leader of opposition who is also MCP president noted that there is only one human race in the world regardless of race, creed, colour, language.

“Let it be on record that as MCP our reason for being is to promote development, help consolidate democracy and protect the dignity of every person. It is for this reason that I stand here to condemn utterances that are deemed to demean or denigrate anyone in this chamber regardless of the perceived provocation,” said Chakwera.

“I condemn all the remarks deemed racist,” said Chakwera, adding the first head of state Kamuzu Banda who was MCP president was against racism and wanted to everyone treated with respect.

He therefore asked Bisnowaty to forgive, forget and move on.

“As a believer in Jesus Christ and a theologian cum politician, I can state that there is but one human race, regardless of the colour of one’s skin and/or cultural and religious beliefs. I believe, in forgiveness because I have been forgiven all my sins through the death of Jesus Christ.” said Chakwera, a former Assemblies of God church leader.

Chakwera further asked Malawians to forgive the party of its past atrocities, saying as present leader of the MCP; he takes responsibility of the brutal past of the party that ruled Malawi for 40 years as many people were butchered.

“I take responsibility as President of all the sins of my father,” he said.

He asked Malawians not to focus much on the past but focus on the challenging present, likening Malawi to a ship moving in a wrong direction, saying Malawians must ensure the country is moving in a right direction.

“This country needs to move forward. Right now it is not moving in the right direction. As a ship headed for the rocks we need to change direction and not waste time outwitting each other as to how best the furniture should be arranged,” said Chakwera.

He added: “I personally believe that it is better to be hurt by the truth rather than to find comfort in lies.”

Deputy leader of the House Kondwani Nankhumwa said the parliamentary political leadership should meet to discuss what punishment must be meted out in future if another MP makes such racist remarks.

Nankhumwa then asked the Speaker Richard Msowoya to force the Dedza north east legislator Alekeni Menyani to apologise to Bisnowaty.

Mzimba north MP, speaking on behalf of People’s Party  Agness NyaLonje said such unconstitutional racist slurs will retard development in Malawi.

Bisnowaty accepted the apologies but corrected Chakwera that he provoked the situation by insulting Kamuzu, saying he never mentioned the former head of state but faulted the one party system instead.

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125 thoughts on “Chakwera condemns racist slurs, apologises for MCP atrocities in Malawi dictatorship”

  1. Given says:

    Apologies are best way of solving conflicts….. not what Kabwira is saying.

  2. changalikandu pwagu says:

    I find Jessie Kabwila’s refusal to apologise to Bisnowaty on account that the former had insulted the departed MCP leader to be retrogressive and uneducated, not befitting an academic and a PhD holder. Jessie, do you mean Kamuzu and the MCP were faultless? Really?? Is it not the naked truth that there was famine during Kamuzu’s time, and that the fact was suppressed for political reasons? Is it an insult to your departed leader to state that fact? Jessie, with your empty, brainless words, you have managed to erase my new-born interest in your party. Now I have come to affirm the wisdom that a leopard never changes his spots. If MCP ever gets back in power, it will do to Malawians exactly what it did during Kamuzu’s time. Kodi mwapusa liti a Jessie? Ndimayesa ndinu ochenjera? Munhtu ungakhale PhD wa literature ndikukhala wopusa choncho?

  3. sipidy says:

    If it is Rasism then it started with our hero JOHN CHILEMBWE. HE SAID ” AFRICA FOR AFRICANS’ a malawi tisamangomvela azungu, amatiuza tizipanga zina iwo akupanga zina. go to USA and see how our fellow africans are being treated there. yes Jesus was a Jew like you BISNO, and we all know that he was killed by the same Jews, so is it racism to say that you and your relatives killed Jesus Christ. ur only bursting of ur mum being kept in concentration camp u should also burst to us on killing Jesus. our John Chilembwe was killed by people like you. you also apologies to us for killing Jesus christ and our John Chilembwe.

  4. Clement says:

    Kabwira said Hon Bisnowaty deserve the insults now chakwera apologise to the same man. Which is which people to take? Kodi achewa inu mwazuka liti??

  5. mbuya says:

    o chakwera nanga chidaya’s beating mukuti bwa racism kapena mantha kkkkkk

  6. DOBO says:

    I for 1 am not happy with that apology. My vote is always for the truth. The truth is that racism, tribalism is being practised more by action but its only racism by words that attract the attention of people. The incident that happened in Natural Resources and incident happened in Israel where a soldier beat a fellow black soldier simply because he was a black. In UK black people are suffering action racism more than verbal racism. The problem with Malawians is that we almost worship white people and that is why this has been blown out of proportion.Had it were vice versa nothing would have been done.I don’t think any person like Bingu, Mugabe or Peter and meself who has spent more time with these white people would offer such appology.The main reasons why this country is behind everything is putting too much focus on the past and political minors and beliefs in white people. Zimbabweans love Mugabe because he hasn’t and will not have such apologies to these selfish white people and the Zimbabweans don’t worship them having spent more time with them and know them in and out

  7. Nellyn says:

    Our Pastor our leader. This is a shining example.

  8. Mzozo kununkha says:

    Really it takes a man to say am sorry and you have just done that but remember to tame your MPs who lack responsibility. Please note we are silently following the proccedings in and out side the honourable house so chepesani ma own goals. Its a thing which you can easily avoid as a party.

  9. Plate says:

    mcp party is divided coz kabwila said will nt apologise now chakwera is doing so and has admitted all what bisnowat said to be true, why confusing malawians and your party. Which side of a coin are you and yet you want to rule this country

  10. Plate says:

    I can see that the mcp party is divided coz jessie kabwila said will nt apologise and now chakwera is doing so and has admitted all what bisnowat said to be true, why confusing malawians and your party. Which side of a coin are you and yet you want to rule this country

  11. No Laughing Matter says:

    Chakwera is a gentleman

  12. Stupid comment from Jackson.

  13. MCPINATHA says:

    And then what happens. BAU.

  14. lackison says:

    Chakwera must also apologize on behalf of Peter muthalika that he is failing us coz Peter himself doesn’t know the importance of apologising

  15. Sekelera Mpini says:

    Makape a MCP. Ndi zimene mumakambilana ku ma caucus anu.Kungokupatsani Boma I know we will all be meat for Crocodiles.

  16. Kingsley Jika says:

    A leader who sees wrong & takes responsibility for that wrong on behalf of those who thought a nation moves on the wheels of wrong, hatred & obstinacy, is a sign of maturity & humility. That is the language for a leader, i.e. a realisation that as much as words can destroy, they can also heal when proffered with a genuine repentant measure. How I wish your party had 10 of your kind. I wish you well, Sir.

  17. TRIBAL SLUR says:


  18. mpimpa says:

    bola anthu anamumasula basi, asazolowere kwambiri. He is MP for LLs not BT hence aziganiza bwino anthu akhoza kumuwotcha pansewu. Iye samadziwa kuti pple loves mcp no mata wat? Asamale!!!

  19. such legislators who insult others beacause of tribal or racism must be immediately dismissed from the house & declare their posts vacant for by elections. such manner are menace to development & international cooperation as well as in promoting democracy.

  20. Lord says:

    “Uyu ndi Myuda, ochokera ku …..” Bisno, try to visit the blacks and ask them the real meaning of this beautiful song. and on parting, also ask them the real meaning of ” Kalowa kayaza “. nyc repatriation to your home country if you have one indeed. Nanga ukatonzedwa chonchi, ngakhale utapepesedwatu umayenera kunyamuka pamudzi kumapita kwanu basi, kikikikikiest!!!!!!!! Usovenge mwana mzungu iwe asaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Munthu says:

    Nanga za Chasowa zili pati?

  22. Munthu says:

    Muyuda azipita kwawo shupiti

  23. Matey U .Mopiiya says:

    Apologizing is not a sign of weakness but it shows maturity ,it takes a great man to say sorry .
    Dr Rev Chakwera we thank you for your apologies
    Now a word of advise to Mr Bisnowaty ,you are independent MP and we expect not be involved in petty political retorics ,we chose you because we thought you will act differently from the local MPs who love to degrade each other .Mr Bisnowaty we expect you to be contributing developmental issues,
    I don’t think the people of Israel would welcome an MP (by citizenship not birth)in their parliament starts to condemn Prime ministers bombing of Beirut and Lebanon though we all know some of the killings were unjustified and required him to go for trial at the International court of justice,

  24. Piper says:

    Really good development. MCP apology should serve as a lesson to future governing parties. We are not living in the past anymore should you treat voters with no respect they truly will get you back at the polls. APM using national airline and this MCP backtracking are real time examples…..

  25. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    oChakwera is moving in the right direction, but he is NOT yet at the destination. To wit: there must be proportional consequences to the perpetrator(s) of the brutal verbal assault. And some heads must roll, no less. It’s incomprehensible that other MCP MPs, like Ms. Kabwila-Kapasula, even piled on Bisno; defying public opinion so arrogantly! Instead of maybe just keeping quiet.
    The way the so-called apology was crafted is like a religious one; it really does not cut the muster in politics. “I take responsibility of all the sins of my father”. Just like Ms. Kabwila-Kapasula called Kamuzu “father” yesterday. If by “father” he means Kamuzu, then we are back to the dictator’s era; and his dictats, like: “call me Ngwazi and “azimayi onse ndi mbumba yanga; ndipo ndiine n’khoswe numbala 1” (I am the supreme leader of this land and you all polish my shoes.) Aaaaaaaaa.
    We are now in the sweet era of democracy, and oChakwera should know that people expect him to apologize, by mentioning Kamuzu specifically. And also mentio several events, victims and atrocities by that regime. He can’t mentions all, and nobody expects him to; because there are simply too many to catalog.
    And then: there are people out there to waiting to get a fair hearing.

  26. dungulinya says:

    Contrary to most Mr bisnowsty must grow a thick skin, he cant keep crying everytime he’s insulted. Other parliaments even fight. Walira mvula walira matope

  27. Kondwani says:

    Mtsogoleri adzitero,kuvomereza ndkupepesa zikalakwika.malawi lucks such leaders.

  28. K.Linono says:

    If these words came from dpp you Mcp would have said resign Mp has done very serious thing he should resign

  29. nachisale says:

    Too late to mitigate damage done a Chakwera. MCP kuzolowera ndale za nyau. Kwao gule!

  30. onyonyo says:

    MCP singasinthe fisi ndi fisi

  31. MLOMWE says:

    President wanzeru amayenera azitero kuzichepesa ndipo odziwa kupemphera ndikusaiwara ambuye ndipo azikhala wachisanzo.I like the way you doing and the kind of life you have Mr Chakwera.May God deliver us from the evil of gay and satanism government.HELP US GOD WE ARE CRYING

  32. Bingu says:

    Bravo chakwera….ngakhale ndili wa DPP by place of origin but I admire your type of leadership.You will be our next leader.koma iwe reporter, khamula dont misinform us.Chakwera never said that mcp ruled for fourty yrs during which manypple were responsibly.

  33. GRM says:

    That is the way to go Chakwera. I hope sizizachitikanso. It made all of us who voted for Bisnowaty fools. He is Malawian. He campaigned on the platform of city development but he is being pulled down by all of us who think we are more Malawian because of the colour of our skin

  34. Alex Likoswe says:

    Forgive our sins as we forgive those who transgr

  35. Alex Likoswe says:

    Forgive our sins as we forgive those who transgress us

  36. Bessam Kapuma says:

    Pachimake pa Chikhristu. Mwalalikira Parliament yonse apa and dziko lonse. Amen

  37. ngongoliwa says:

    God said repent and go, but do not sin again.I will take Chakwera and his female goats serious if these guys are slf disciplined in parliament. They should not be making useless voice. Children sometimes learn by COPYING. The Menyanis, the Julianas, the Jessies have copied a rotten tongue from their father Chakwera. You have to insight discipline in your boys and girls by being a role model. the way you present yourself to the head of state for this country , no wonder that your family is producing such children who do not even know that RACISM is a serious issue UNO Charter. Even Jessie I thought you are the same person who is known human rights defender.Your ability to fight human rights have eyes to see whom you can fight for his right or not. Garu iwe. Mutu waukuluwo.

  38. Mmalawi We Niweni says:

    Thank you Dr Lau, now you have my vote come 2019, we thank God for you and the future Malawi has through your leadership
    On the other hand Bisnowarty learn to behave like Malawian, learn to respect elders I’m Malawi. Bisnowarty; we know why you are doing that and who has sent, you are doing that to continue getting those dirty business deals like the one you have done at Kamuzu Central Hospital by lying that you have repaired XRAY/CT SCANNER which only worked for 5 days and stopped and you are now claiming K25,000,000.00 from government, be ashamed on what you are doing to poor Malawians, we know that you are supplying substandard drugs which are even health hazard to poor Malawians, so please Hon Bisnowarty be careful tomorrow

  39. Woyera Kamasula says:

    For once, Chakwera you have made my day. How I wish you disciplined your overzealous lieutenants in the likes of Lunguzi, Kabwila, Menyani, etc. etc.etc.etc.etc. Check what most of them say more especially here in the Central Region. They never imagine that there are lots of other party supporters at any gathering, be it a church function, wedding or funeral. Such people are so boring. They often leave people with no choice but to boo them. These followers are destroying your name in the wider public here in Malawi. When they talk what they know is to castigate APM and his government. They really see nothing apart from slurring him. This habit is detering would-be supporters of MCP to come out and declare their allegiance openly. People think today’s MCP is the same old MCP full of atrocities. Once again, Chakwera, you would have scored much if such maturity started yesterday. Kudos Chakwera. Everything has its own beginning. You have started making people think otherwise towards you. But please discipline foul-mouthed legislators please and maintain your maturity please please. I do not mean you should not be criticising, no, but criticise with facts and love of one’s country. Remember people do not eat politics please. May I further request that you show the peace that is in you through your facial expression in parliament. Some of us often think you are full of vengeance by looking at your facial expression that seems to have changed from that you wore when you were the President of Malawi Assemblies of God.

  40. mtumbuka1 says:

    Can someone please tell me just 2 reasons why dpp & peter deserves another 5year term. Just don’t tell me because he is a lomwe president.

  41. Mapazi asiyana says:

    Hearing what some of our Mzps day in parliament,there is great need for the country to come up with proper entry qualifications for these MPs. Their statements demonstrate the level of illiteracy in them. Simply,they are a waste in the chamber

  42. Mapazi asiyana says:

    Hearing what some of our Mzps day in parliament,there is great need for the country to come up with proper entry qualifications for these MPs. Their statements demonstrate the level of illiteracy in them. Simply,they are a waste on the chamber

  43. musova says:

    Mcp sidzasitha kupepesa kwa bodza uku

  44. Mbwiye says:


  45. Kumamvetsa says:

    That’s the only way forward. Shame on Menyani. Shame on Kabwila. May the nation forgive these rabid dogs

  46. Time will tell says:

    Wise words from a leader. I cannot believe someone said that to Bisnowaty. That was very ignorant of him. A Malawi chonde muziyenda nkumaona zikuchitika kunja. There is no way such words can be uttered in a parliamentary chamber. Kukulira kumudzi or what?

  47. Concerned Citizen says:

    Thank you Dr Chakwera for the political maturity you have shown through these timely and wise words.

    This is real maturity. As Malawians let us all remember the Ngwazi’s words when he used to tell us we were all Malawians.

    May God continue to bless and guide you.

    May we continue to develop our beautiful nation.

  48. starling kondowe ,from chikwina cdss,nkhatabay says:

    Rev chakwera’s apology shows maturity and political uprightness.How,MP’s should desist from such insults and just forge ahead a zeal in stimulating a conducive arena to yield good outcomes.

  49. Mwandi says:

    Mcp has disappointed me a lot. That’s good of Chakwera to apologise.

  50. Njolinjo says:

    That’s the way to go Lazarus. I hope others will borrow a leaf from this.

  51. WAMKAKA says:

    MCP sidzathekaso, anthu ake zochitika zawo akungotikumbutsa pa dzana paja!

  52. Gracian Lungu says:

    Azipita kwawo kumene munthu opusa ameneyu

  53. Mucracker_2 says:

    Very good apology nevertheless this is killed by Jesse Kabwila’s vilain statements where she is glorifying what Chakwera is condemning.
    What a party of chickens

  54. Kenkkk says:

    Now the top man hiding in dpp who carried out most of the old mcp atrocities should come forward and apologise as well.

    Laz you have done very well to apologise for the sins of old mcp. If it was the other leader that dpp thugs always want to lead mcp, he would not have apologised and has never apologised for the sins of the old mcp, why? He was heavily involved with the dpp official feeding crocodiles.

    It is good that David had also accepted the apology.

  55. Kes munthali says:

    Zazii! Kungofuna kuphimba anthu maso. Fisi ndi fisi basi.
    What I can tell you Chakwera is that Malawians will never forgive and forget your dirty party , you have a lot of Blood on your hands. Blood of women, children, men, old, young, disabled , able bodied etc MCP massacred mercilessly.

  56. Max says:

    Great leaders reason like Chakwera

  57. kulinga says:

    That’s talking. Mulalikireni mmayi wa mtima wa anacondayu asinthe.

  58. Bisoniwati says:

    It takes a strong leader to say sorry.Next time do not hesitate to apologise because people question the wisdom of a leader that remains quite for sometime to do what is right as regards to issues like these.You would have immediately condemned it and not wait to be told.Can you also instruct kabwira to critically analyse issues before opening her mouth.She responded differently and dangerously.That is killing the party.

  59. matombodya says:

    Thank you Chakwera. Now Kabwira should apologise to the nation and Chakwera for cheating that MCP would not apologise

  60. guta says:

    Has the MP apologised!??/:!?

  61. gulugunya says:

    Pamudzi musangona makolo akupita kubwalo kukapepesa chifukwa cha ana awo kapena chifukwa chamachimo agogo awo, ndiye kuti zinthu sizilibwino ayi. Chaukwera unafasa kwambiri, koma umaiwala kuti iwe mzimu wa Mulungu adatachoka kale mu mtima mwako.

  62. Dr Haswel P Bandawe says:

    Well done Dr Chakwera. In as much as Dr Banda terrorised, killed, imprisoned Malawians perceived to oppose the one party system, the clamp down on freedom of speech he repeatedly spoke out against regionalism, tribalism and racism.

    This is a fact. Even when fighting for the independence of the country, he insisted that he was not against white people. But he was against the system of Government that was modelled on apartheid South Africa(little did he reconcile the oppression of the apartheid system and the denial of freedom of speech he imposed on Malawians).

    Dr Chakwera is right: we should move on. A thought, though: It should be recalled that it was the Late President Bingu wa Muntharika who erected the statue of Dr Banda, constructed Dr Banda’s Moselium and reverted (After President Muluzi changed them) the names of land marks like Kamuzu Stadium, Kamuzu International Airport.

    In other words like most great men Dr Banda committed great wrongs. MCP should rightly distance itself from those great wrongs. But he also did great deeds; those should be celebrated.

    Again, well said Dr Chakwera.

  63. golosso says:

    All MCP members are very stupid. MP Menyani is very stupid. Juliana Lunguzi is very stupid .Jessie Kabwila is very stupid. And above all Chakwera himself is very stupid. Why insulting all the times. I mean even APM is fed up with you Chakwera. If in the family the father is stupid the off springs of that family also become stupid. Chakwera you utter nonsenses all the times in parliament, praise the Lord that APM just takes you as a fool and nobody wants to fight a fool like you Chakwera. Kang’wing’wi wachabe chabe ngati. This is just the beginning, you will kneel on your knees and keep apologizing because of your rotten biblical lips and those of your off spirings.

  64. Mahera says:

    Only the true and wise malawian lead can do that. That’s maturity Chakwera. Malawi is waiting for you for a positive change in 2019.

  65. blessing lipengs says:

    That’s the future president of Malawi speaking! This man has the Statesmanship ,leadership to move malawi forward.all the old guards of MCP no one could have done what Mr Chakwera has done to apologize to the Nation for the terrible past of MCP not even Tembo! Your words Mr Chakwera gives great hope for Malawi and a shame to all the enemies of MCP.
    The New Malawi Congress Party is born and what is ahead is the new beginning of a new Malawi .A leader who defends not his own member when he is wrong that’s the Leader Malawi needs .Chakwera woooeeeeee!!!!!!!!

  66. Mirella K says:

    As I wait for my dear Analyst, let me start by saying that this apology is welcome! MCP should NOT be fooled that Malawians have forgotten of its atrocities and it can do much better if it really demonstrated that it has fully transformed by avoiding such insensitive childish slurs!

    That said, three issues:

    that ‘…there is only one race in the world regardless of race, colour, language’ is a senseless utterance of a would be President. It is not a sin or racism to acknowledge that there are so many races in the world. In fact there are many! What is required is to avoid treating people unfairly on the basis of race!

    ‘…….40 years as many people were butchered’….Here it should be noted that saying MCP ruled this country for 40 years is misinformation and that’s the least we expect to hear from a would be president. By the way, does abusa Chakwera has conscious? He want to rule Malawi through a party that butchered, mutilated and defiled our people?

    ‘…I take responsibility as president of all the sins of my father’. Malawians, this statement is meaningless and it is a reason enough never to vote MCP back in power. Just what does ‘taking responsibility for a party’s atrocities mean?

    1. The Analyst says:

      Here I am dear. Sorry I was asleep. I hope I haven’t missed much.

      Anybody at full command of their brain knows that Chakwera’s apology is not sincere! How and why? You ask? Lend me your ears . . .

      . . . Why did Chakwera allow Jessie Kabwira (Party’s Publicist) to open her mouth and say that Bisnowaty deserved the racist slurs because he insulted the founding father of the nation? How does Chakwera reconcile his apology with what Jessie said?
      . . . How come Chakwera did not disown Kabwira’s remarks anywhere in his apology speech? Any sane Malawian can see that the numbers are not adding up here! Shhhhh . . . I can hear Jesus Christ speaking . . .

      “Any kingdom divided against itself will be ruined. A house divided falls.” – Luke 11:17

      Further, why has it taken Chakwera all these days to make an apology? Did he have to be told to apologise? Did he have to wait and first assess Malawians’ sentiments and decide whether to apologise or not? Nooooo!!!!

      “Apologise quickly when you wrong someone because ‘am sorry’ has no value in the grave.” – Lakesha Ruine

      Anyway . . .Lets now focus on the future.

      . . . We expect you to forthwith discipline Kabwira. This woman has a bad mouth. She is a bad apple and an influence in the MCP. She is a seemingly small leak but can sink a great ship. “Njoka saweta” – Saulosi Chilima.
      . . . Otherwise, you will spend time trying to rebuild the party from high heaven to low hell to no avail.

  67. Mhango says:

    These atrocities committed by MCP must be included in secondary school curriculum so much so that; the younger who shall be eighteen by may2919 ,should
    not make a mistake of voting for MCP.who knows their grandparents were butchered by MCp.

  68. Kabwira Kapasula says:

    Nanga zimayi wa nkhope ngati mamuna uja amati MCP singapepese, zimayi ameneyu akuonongerani inu a nyau chipani chanu ngati mumulekelele

  69. Mbonga Matoga says:

    A true leader,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Chakwera yemweyo 2019.

    This issue should serve as a good lesson to MCP, that being the largest opposition party they should be on their guard all the time for snares like what started this saga.

    It is not a valid excuse to say that MCP was provoked.

  70. thinktankmalawi says:

    Big up Hon Chakwera…thats statesmanship….not rants vomited by jesse kabwila..

  71. Ayobeee de Zobue says:

    That is a Godly living mr president. That’s what Christian leadership is all about.Bearing sins of unsaved that they May see Christ in us. Impartiality in judgment and condemnation of every evil is important. The world needs leaders like Daniel, Ezra, Joseph etc. Bravo once again mr president. To bisnowaty, I also apologise for the ungodly servants in our govt.

  72. mzunguwanzeru says:

    I never knew that Chakwera is such a good and matured leader. God bless Malawi.

  73. George Kamanga says:

    As David accepted his sin of killing for greedy reason to conceal his adulterous action with someone wife so I salute Chakwera for portraying true and right leadership by accepting the wrong your children did in the August House as well as the evils done by the previous leaders in MCP.

    I desired that APM can follow the same route but it is difficult because his heart is like of Pharaoh’s heart when he pursued the Israelites to bring back them to horrible life in Egypt. APM won’t take this route for his heart is to kill, murder Innocent Malawians in order to get dirty cash.

  74. chatonda says:

    Congrats Dr Chakwera but Bisnowaty cannot differentiate MCP and Kamuzu. He is a fake and needs to be screened further.

  75. lackison says:

    Umayankhula mwano bisnowaty iwe, am glad chakwera took responsibility on the atrocities which happened

  76. mtumbuka1 says:

    Dr. Chakwera, you have nothing to apologise for. There’s no way a Malawian will be heard in Israel even if he thinks he is democratic enough. I have worked with Suleiman for gift of the givers(south Africa) from 2010 2012 giving relief help during Israel / Palestine war and we had tents planted in Gaza for relief and guess what? very few people came to our tents to collect relief food from our tents just because we were black people. I remember having Mary kimane from Kenya and Rashid kilumba from Zanzibar in our relief tent but they ignored us just because we were blacks! Israeli people are the biggest racists ever. You go to their vegetable markets in Israel, they just don’t buy, they observe a particular season that vegetables are grown and they buy veggies grown during that period alone …so tell me if that is not discrimination coupled with all the cisms you may think of. The problem with Malawians is kusaphunzira and kusayenda. One day just go to Dubai and work as a waiter or waitress from African and see if you can stand the abuse. This guy you are calling bisnowatty needs to be disciplined and be informed that everything he sees in Lilongwe was constructed by kamuzu and mcp. All the roads in Lilongwe were constructed by kamuzu and it doesn’t matter what they choose to call them today. I was last in Malawi in 1997 but I was using kamuzu banda’s roads, hospitals and schools so if bisnowatty thinks kamuzu was bad he can go back to Israel and trace his parent’s roots otherwise Malawi should be better without these opportunists who are calling themselves Malawians…Malawian of Israel roots my foot.

  77. says:

    We love yu Chakwera . This is the way to go

  78. Mwamuona mtsogoleli? Osati makani zinthu zikalakwika mpaka kumenya gome.

  79. Khemuche says:

    Even those who were born in 1994 after the dark age of the killer party of MCP can not aford to forgive MCP. Kamuzu and MCP simply killed too many people. Memories are still fresh. MCP will never rule this country again. Mr Chakwera we are sorry, your apologies are not accepted.

  80. akuntinji anamuona says:

    This is what we need Mr chakwera. If Malawi can move with common understanding be assured the devil will not smile on us. The current challenges that we are facing are minor but the greatest challenge that Malawi is facing is moving with common objective especially in this era of democracy. Divide minds no matter brilliant they may be, will not stand. On failure will be registered on the board of their legacy.

    Let’s silence the enemy by moving in unity and for sure we will turn things around.

  81. NYONYO says:

    well done but i reckon you are sincere with your cohorts ..i guess this apology is not meant for cooling the waters and attain a political mileage

  82. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Agalu inu!! Mukambirana chani kodi?

    Why should you discuss a system which was there twenty one years ago. Koma Bisnowaty, is that moving forward??

  83. Mkwapukwapu says:

    This is typical of MCP. Very discriminatory in all manner. Leadership may change buy their background belief and position is the same. They are Nyaus all over. This can also be noted in some Nkhoma Synod churches, and companies in the central region, very arrogant and more of themselves. Very tribalistic. Look at the composition of MCP. 99% of them are from the centre. If MCP was in power, do you think they would have apologised? Not at all. What CHAKWERA has done is not necessarily an apology but buying favour from Malawians in order to gain a political mirage thus all. Do you think the Kabwilas are a transformed species? What about the silent time bombs like the Majonis, and those others? The fact that we were cheated to presume that Chichewa was a national language makes them feel pompous and look at those other tribes as inferior and thus why they have the audacity of calling them Jews. The same principle was applied at chasing the northerners from other regions yo their homelands thereby declaring them foreigners within their Nation. Fools without any grain of sympathy. Thus why you killed many during those 40 years of dark ages.

  84. Sapitwa says:

    He asked Malawians to forgive the Party yet you refused to apologise when we put it to you last year. You and your Kabwira refused citing that Kamuzu asked for forgiveness and there was no need, really from the Reverend who knows to forgive 70 x 7? Why now and who can take this serous? You are lucky that most Malawians have a spirit of forgiveness but take note that the relationship from the people with your party has eroded.This incident will make your party loose some seats in the central Region constituencies. It once happened and history will repeat itself.

  85. Team B special says:

    Good move honorable R. Chakwera, as a man of God you have clearly demonstrated maturity and heavenly wisdom which is lacking in other political parties leadership. Even if people will conderm and degraded you on political grounds, God will uplift you. Jacob seeked forgiveness form his brother Essau and God blessed him. You are a blessed man LC

  86. BigMan says:

    A party in confusion. The spokeswoman justified racism in the morning, in the afternoon the Leader says something else. Surely they are not ready to lead.

  87. Charombanthu says:

    Great leadership in this man I must say. They say “to err is human” and I congratulate Chakwera for rising above party politics and uttering those words of wisdom. You have my “thumbs up” for knowing that some of your party loyalists are misguided. Once again, I salute you! And to MP Bisno, you are a great man and a true Christian to forgive without conditions. I salute you too. We can build this nation with this type of thinking and reasoning.

  88. Hara says:

    He Seems 2b Forcd 2 Apologise.Mcp Ndi Imeneyi Shadng Blood Z Her Best Sport.Kamtima Ka Uyouth.

  89. Khwethemu says:

    Bisnowaty ndi mbuzi basi. Kamuzu was head of one party sysytem hence the provacation. Anthu odzikonda ma Jews. Simukuwadziwa eti.

  90. Nagoya wa Goya says:

    Bravo Dr. Chakwera, you are a real statesman! May God bless you as he prepare you to lead this country!

  91. Concerned says:

    Wow! That’s The Way To Go. Good Leadership. Nothing Lost, Only Respect Gained. We Are One In God’s Sight.

  92. Munyasa says:

    Akayamba alekeni mkasa sang oready

  93. mcp says:

    Oh Ochakwera thumbs up! This the kind of leadership we need. Keep focused, root out the rot from the party. It will cost you dearly! Malawi is a changed space and never take these things for granted. Its sad you have dull MPs who cant read times. Hey, I feel pity for them Congrats bwana Chakwera once again. I have forgiven them including Kabwira because of what you have said bwana. Keep it up, lets get our heads up out of the dirt! This is 2015, this is new time, lets think and act forwardly! Thanks bwana once again

  94. The Most Concerned says:

    Chakwera wapepesa, yet Jessy Kabwira ali busy tellin other Media houses kuti MCP wil not apologize coz it’s Bisnowaty who provoked them. This is a clear sign tht the MCP house is not inorder & is in a total mess. No wonder Malawians wil neva vote u in power again. Bullshit….!!!!!

  95. The Analyst says:

    . . . and I quote . . .

    ” . . . Bisnowaty attacked the father and founder of the nation, how do you expect the MCP to react?” – Jessie Kabwira (MCP Publicist – implying that Bisnowaty deserved the racist slurs)

    “Let it be on record . . . as MCP, our reason is . . .to protect dignity of every person. I condemn utterances that demean or denigrade anyone in this chamber regardless of perceived provovction.” – Lazarus Chakwera (MCP President – implying that the racist slurs were wrong).

    Why did you allow the mouth of Kabwira to open her mouth and say Bisnowaty deserved the racist slurs coz he insulted the founding father of Malawi nation, yet you knew you would come and speak against what Kabwira said? And why didnt you disown her remarks in your apology? Ssshhh!!! Listen . . . Jesus Christ has news for u!!!!

    “Any kingdom divided against itself will be ruined. A house divided falls.” – Luke 11:17

    Anyway, your apology sounds sincere! But why has it taken you all these days to see the need for an apology? You wanted to first assess what Malawians would say? And see whether to apologise or not? As a leader we expect you to act with speed. To Lead!

    “Apologize quickly when you wrong someone, because ‘am sorry’ has no value in the grave.” – Lakesha Ruine

    Anyway let bygones be bygones but am not yet done with you . . .

    “Its polite to apologise, but its more polite not to do anything calling for an apology.” – Vikrant Parsai

    . . . As such we, expect you to forthwith discipline Kabwira. This woman has a bad mouth n a strange mind. She is a bad apple and an influence in the MCP. And a seemingly small leak that can sink a great ship.
    . . . Otherwise you will spend time trying to rebuild the MCP party, from high heaven to low hell to no avail. As such although all partys are holding bags in their hands only to be opened after 2016 elections, you shall realise then, that your sack is empty.

    And this is painful to you and your supporters.

  96. mack banda says:


  97. Stevie says:

    Surely, accept the past and help with the current situation (solving, not just pointing issues without giving clear and tangible solutions) otherwise forget about Malawians giving you the first citizen position coz we need to be sure that the past is surely and really gone (otherwise what your boys and girls – mps are showing leaves much to be desired of your characters). Remember to forget the past and forgive you (what MCP) did needs our consent hence clean house and discipline those unruly bad mouths of your boys.

  98. pinango says:

    Bisnowaty, forgive and forget. We are humans. To error is a human to forgive is a divine.

  99. ndagwada says:

    Thats a type of a leader Malawi is looking for saying the truth where is due to say sorry. my advice going to Bisnowaty we had people like Bintoni Kansas in the central Region nobody ever stand against MCP in central and come back to your seat

  100. milonde says:

    Very good start Chakwera. But please muzzle big mouth Kabwila. She will bring you all down. She has no brains or decorum to be a Publicity office holder. Send her to the kitchen to cook nsima for delegates. That where she belongs. Jehovah Witness like her father were kicked out of Malawi by Kamuzu and now she come here yavi yavi full of intolerance and racism. The mind boggles! Jeeeeeez

  101. Jp says:

    The first Political leader to admit and accept being at wrong when things go bad for his party. Malawians its time to start respecting the Leader of MCP and trust in the future of the party

  102. Well Dr Laz ChKwdrshas spoken hid minf basi but thid is not perdonAl Estate chipani patsogolo wsthu punidhment rraiiredzkseni atuksanz ksngati myumbs imenryi . Mp akuyimirz anghu zatha,z chaksfz zkuyimirz chipzni pomdiyana….

  103. Malawian!!! says:

    Good, you never loose anything. That’s Godly way of doing things.

  104. Eye Witness says:

    That’s the true Leader…apologising where it is deemed fit. Si enawa..kulakwitsa daily..Kunja kutenga anthu oposa 100 osapepesa koma kusaka nkhani Ina yobisalirapo. DPP have seen a true Leader?

  105. New generation says:

    Bisnowaty must accept the apology as he had done and check his language when talking about the past because the government of Mw goes together with ruling party therefore that was indirectly describing Dr H Kamuzu banda who made strong foundation of this country so that we still live peacefully however racism is very very bad!!! How can you talk ills of DPP without reflecting to its president, in reality, is ruling party and government different in Malawi ?

  106. SONG says:

    Brilliant Leader of Opposition, you are a true leader and we expect you to rule this country come 2019.

  107. gibbbbbbo says:

    wise words from the good FATHER……..BRAVO CHAKWERA

  108. Chigawaneni says:

    That’s a right move in the right direction. We can make a better Malawi in this way.

  109. GN Phiri says:

    Chakwera, Congrants . That’s what it means to be a leader!!!

  110. Chingolopiyo says:

    Its ok Lazarous, but how about the atrocities under Bingu and DPP? Who is to apologise to Malawians?

  111. Chikavu says:

    Is this apology genuine? Why have you not retracted your spokespersons remarks, the madwoman herself, that “Bisnowaty deserves what he got”?

    Problem is, the MCP leadership is the one promoting militant and careless approach to national issues in persuit of “kulimvetsa boma kuwawa” as per Jessie Kabwira’s declaration three months ago. The party is still so bitter and hateful for losing last year’s elections and as a result making stupid blunders. I love the party but this emotional and immature reaction and approach to issues is appalling.

  112. Kabinda says:

    We will forgive, but we will not forget.

  113. Chipiliro says:

    Wrong priorities

  114. Chief Cadet says:

    Kulankhula kwa mtsogoleri you osati kumenya tebulo APM phuzirapo apa

  115. TONDEWADULA says:


  116. Honala says:

    Bravo Chakwera. Sit down with your boy. Bisnowaty Please accept an apology. I beg everyone to forgive and forget. It will hate me if this will be something to continue talking in different ralies of different political parties

  117. opportunist says:


  118. Dikisan says:

    Jala Pamlomo!
    Chakwera, your are a smart guy. Whatever people will say to me your are gentleman. Keep it up. This is what your Kamuzu would want to see from a leader.

  119. utitiri says:

    Let us move on. Forget about that Nyau dancer Alekeni Menyani and his sister Jessie Kabwila. These two do not deserve to be in the executive committee of the MCP and should not come any near to the MCP President!

  120. Nangozo says:

    We need such leaders who can accept the wrong doing and apologise on behalf of others. Human being make errors, but what is needed is humility at all levels.

  121. Drake says:

    This is what is supposed to be like. A man of God and a Theologian and a leader of a party. Not the NYAU dancers like Kabwira and group who are condemned to he’ll fire.

  122. Longa Mbuya says:

    Man of God. That’s the way to sit.

  123. JJ King says:

    Hahaha Chakwera that is good move but you need to move extra mile by suspending those MPs from the party for 24 hours

  124. Peter27 says:

    You should not have apologised! In fact, “that Jew” is commiting bigger atrocities at Queens Hospital through his companies dubious deals,,,,,why are foreigners always having an upper hand in Malawi? Firat Indians, now Jews? Who will be next? The Japanese? hhayi votsek!

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