Chakwera condemns racist slurs, apologises for MCP atrocities in Malawi dictatorship

Leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera has condemned racist slurs hurled on Lilongwe City Centre independent MP David Bisnowaty by some Malawi Congress Party (MCP) legislators and also apologised to Malawians on atrocities committed by the former ruling party iron fist one party dictatorship.

Chakwera: My apologies on behalf of MCP

Chakwera: My apologies on behalf of MCP

Chakwera’s comments follow Thursday’s incident when Bisnowaty was called ‘a Jew’ who should go back to his home and other racist slurs.

The leader of opposition who is also MCP president noted that there is only one human race in the world regardless of race, creed, colour, language.

“Let it be on record that as MCP our reason for being is to promote development, help consolidate democracy and protect the dignity of every person. It is for this reason that I stand here to condemn utterances that are deemed to demean or denigrate anyone in this chamber regardless of the perceived provocation,” said Chakwera.

“I condemn all the remarks deemed racist,” said Chakwera, adding the first head of state Kamuzu Banda who was MCP president was against racism and wanted to everyone treated with respect.

He therefore asked Bisnowaty to forgive, forget and move on.

“As a believer in Jesus Christ and a theologian cum politician, I can state that there is but one human race, regardless of the colour of one’s skin and/or cultural and religious beliefs. I believe, in forgiveness because I have been forgiven all my sins through the death of Jesus Christ.” said Chakwera, a former Assemblies of God church leader.

Chakwera further asked Malawians to forgive the party of its past atrocities, saying as present leader of the MCP; he takes responsibility of the brutal past of the party that ruled Malawi for 40 years as many people were butchered.

“I take responsibility as President of all the sins of my father,” he said.

He asked Malawians not to focus much on the past but focus on the challenging present, likening Malawi to a ship moving in a wrong direction, saying Malawians must ensure the country is moving in a right direction.

“This country needs to move forward. Right now it is not moving in the right direction. As a ship headed for the rocks we need to change direction and not waste time outwitting each other as to how best the furniture should be arranged,” said Chakwera.

He added: “I personally believe that it is better to be hurt by the truth rather than to find comfort in lies.”

Deputy leader of the House Kondwani Nankhumwa said the parliamentary political leadership should meet to discuss what punishment must be meted out in future if another MP makes such racist remarks.

Nankhumwa then asked the Speaker Richard Msowoya to force the Dedza north east legislator Alekeni Menyani to apologise to Bisnowaty.

Mzimba north MP, speaking on behalf of People’s Party  Agness NyaLonje said such unconstitutional racist slurs will retard development in Malawi.

Bisnowaty accepted the apologies but corrected Chakwera that he provoked the situation by insulting Kamuzu, saying he never mentioned the former head of state but faulted the one party system instead.

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Apologies are best way of solving conflicts….. not what Kabwira is saying.

changalikandu pwagu
I find Jessie Kabwila’s refusal to apologise to Bisnowaty on account that the former had insulted the departed MCP leader to be retrogressive and uneducated, not befitting an academic and a PhD holder. Jessie, do you mean Kamuzu and the MCP were faultless? Really?? Is it not the naked truth that there was famine during Kamuzu’s time, and that the fact was suppressed for political reasons? Is it an insult to your departed leader to state that fact? Jessie, with your empty, brainless words, you have managed to erase my new-born interest in your party. Now I have come to… Read more »
If it is Rasism then it started with our hero JOHN CHILEMBWE. HE SAID ” AFRICA FOR AFRICANS’ a malawi tisamangomvela azungu, amatiuza tizipanga zina iwo akupanga zina. go to USA and see how our fellow africans are being treated there. yes Jesus was a Jew like you BISNO, and we all know that he was killed by the same Jews, so is it racism to say that you and your relatives killed Jesus Christ. ur only bursting of ur mum being kept in concentration camp u should also burst to us on killing Jesus. our John Chilembwe was killed… Read more »

Kabwira said Hon Bisnowaty deserve the insults now chakwera apologise to the same man. Which is which people to take? Kodi achewa inu mwazuka liti??


o chakwera nanga chidaya’s beating mukuti bwa racism kapena mantha kkkkkk

I for 1 am not happy with that apology. My vote is always for the truth. The truth is that racism, tribalism is being practised more by action but its only racism by words that attract the attention of people. The incident that happened in Natural Resources and incident happened in Israel where a soldier beat a fellow black soldier simply because he was a black. In UK black people are suffering action racism more than verbal racism. The problem with Malawians is that we almost worship white people and that is why this has been blown out of proportion.Had… Read more »

Our Pastor our leader. This is a shining example.

Mzozo kununkha

Really it takes a man to say am sorry and you have just done that but remember to tame your MPs who lack responsibility. Please note we are silently following the proccedings in and out side the honourable house so chepesani ma own goals. Its a thing which you can easily avoid as a party.


mcp party is divided coz kabwila said will nt apologise now chakwera is doing so and has admitted all what bisnowat said to be true, why confusing malawians and your party. Which side of a coin are you and yet you want to rule this country


I can see that the mcp party is divided coz jessie kabwila said will nt apologise and now chakwera is doing so and has admitted all what bisnowat said to be true, why confusing malawians and your party. Which side of a coin are you and yet you want to rule this country

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