Chakwera ‘misinformed’ on KCH scanner: MP Bisnowaty faulted

Leader of opposition in Parliament, Lazarus Chakwera, has been accused to have “misinformed” the nation on Monday when he told Parliament that the CT scanner at Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) has been down for eight months.

Bisnowaty exposed patients to unavailability of service

Bisnowaty exposed patients to unavailability of service

Chakwera was responding to President Peter Mutharika’s statement during the opening of the 46th session of Parliament which was presented last week.

Information from authorities at KCH indicates that the said machine is up and running after proper repairs.

“The CT scanner at Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) which was down for about eleven weeks is now up and running. It was fixed on September 27, 2015 by the hospital staff (radiographers and biomedical engineers) in collaboration with Haukeland University,” said a doctor at the hospital .

The scanner broke down on July 4, not eight months ago as Chakwera put it, and was supposed to be fixed by Medical Consultants Africa (MCA) Ltd which is owned by Lilongwe City Central legislator, David Bisnowaty.

Despite relinquishing responsibility at the helm of the company since last May when he won his seat, Bisnowaty is the one who negotiates for contracts and pushes for payments of the company at the Ministry of Health.

Upon producing a quotation of $6,560.71 (approximately K3.6 million) for spare parts and K720,000 for labour, MCA Ltd changed tune soon after receiving a Local Purchasing Order.

According to the sources, Bisnowaty started demanding previous arrears accumulated from previous jobs his company carried out for the ministry before his company could attend to the scanner.

Despite pleas from hospital authorities to have the scanner fixed while the previous payment was being attended to by Capital Hill, MCA Ltd management put their foot down and exposed patients to unavailability of service.

Few lucky patients were referred to CMED Clinic which is owned by MCA Ltd creating a situation which exposes clear conflict of interest.

Meanwhile, at CMED patients are charged K100,000 per scan.

As this was happening, an expatriate radiographer on an exchange program from Norway contacted her friends in Europe to decipher the meaning of error messages that were displaying on the scanner console.

When feedback from Norway came, it was established that contrary to MCA Ltd’s assertions the scanner did not need any spare part but just an IT solution.

Efforts to speak to MCA Ltd officials proved futile as they all referred the matter to Bisnowaty.

The parliamentarian, however, could not immediately comment.

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54 thoughts on “Chakwera ‘misinformed’ on KCH scanner: MP Bisnowaty faulted”

  1. Thako la njoka says:

    Eish kaya

  2. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    Kuchipatala kumachenjera nawo anthuwa akhoza kumati machine awonongeka akufuna anthu mudzipita ku private hospital azikagawana nawo ndalama mwalipira kumeneko. Mumadziwa kuti zipatala zambiri za private ndi za madokotala a public hospitals?

  3. bob nzinga says:

    lies! i went to kamuzu central on October 14, 2015, and the machine was not working. people were referred to Bwaila Hosputal!

  4. bob nzinga says:

    lies! i went to kamuzu central on October 14, 2015, and the machine was not worjing. people were referred to Bwaila Hosputal!

  5. selfish decision says:

    Zochititsa manyazi it would have been a scanner cashgate all those charges

  6. musova says:

    ngati akunama ali ku oposition nanga akadzalowa m’boma nde adzanama bwanji

  7. Brigadier salgado says:

    African political kkkkkkkkkkkk

  8. The Most Concerned says:

    Chakwera apa ndiye chamukwera pansana. An Idiot who thinks speaking an American accent can make a gud President, not in Malawi Mr Chakwera.

  9. The Most Concerned says:

    Chakwera apa ndiye chamukwera pansana. An Idiot who thinks speaking an American accent can’t make a gud President, not in Malawi Mr Chakwera.

  10. peter says:

    Ndiyakhe anthu amene akulankhula zoipa ndi kumatukwa Honor chakwera kuti ngati ndinu mtundu wa nzeru komano wa ulemu wanu musuye, kodi titamati gulu ndi Munthalika tikhoza? Iweyo ndi baja lanu lonse ndinu agulu wokhawokha.

  11. mzake wa bololo says:

    Bololo ukanama, APM ndi deal

  12. Gwape says:

    Nkhani ndiyokuti CT scanner has not been functioning, whether for 1 week 1year 2months it doesn’t matter, now that its working bravo to dat

  13. ZZ Junior says:

    Bisnowaty azipita

  14. Bololo says:

    The fact remains we have more problems that cant be solved by this government. Whether the problems originated from negligence of this govt or the previous one or not, the leadership is void of solutions. Malawians are paying for their decision to elect APM (or not standing up to act on the electoral irregularities that gave DPP undeserved chance to rule this country after messing up earlier). Amayi messed us up but APM has done little than necessary to change things around. Come 2019, lets try MCP. They have all the reasons to do better to remain relevant and its leadership (not just the president) is so changed up for the better now. The only party that can act on corrupt practices and bring sanity is MCP.

  15. Mbwiye says:


  16. mlomwe mnzanga says:

    chakwera ndi galu umangoyankhula zinthu usanafufuze chitsiru cha munthu kuzolowera kusokoneza anthu basi mbusa wonamiza anthu wamtundu wanji pa ugalu pako bodza lako laoneka

  17. Ndombwindo says:

    Foolishness can never be shared!

  18. chipsyenthe says:

    Nkhani apa ndi ya Bisnowatty not Chakwera. Inu nokha simukuona? Rewrite it comprehensively, expose the suffering pple went thru as a result of his greed, fish out previous contracts as well but dot forget to grant him an interview. Kumvetsa chisoni… .

  19. Man of God says:

    That’s the tendacy of these whites. They pretend to help while milking the thin cow.

  20. Mavizi mtanga says:

    This Jew should stop meddling in Malawi politics. He joined politics to milk out more from Malawians. Fuck off david.

  21. Khokhola says:

    In the First Place let me commend the people who have followed this issue of Scanners at KCH.

    Its unfortunate that people are commenting on issues they don’t know. Soon after MCA supplied the equipment to KCH, the company has been maintaining the equipment on volunteer basis.

    The company has been repairing almost each and every fault because there is no formal contract between MCA and Malawi Government regarding the same.

    Now, the issue should be pushed back to the Ministry of Health and questions should be asked, is the ministry too broke to identify the maintainance team? How long will be MCA be reparing the equipment on free basis, just because his his company installed it?

    The issue here at hand is about money Govt has no money and is broke to pay for maintenance. That’s the issue. Stop blame game.

    MCA is a medical company which at the end has to pay its members of staff.

    Once again don’t comment on issues that you don’t know.

    Leave this issue to Ministry of Health and let them release funds for these facilities to work.

    1. darth maul says:

      khokhola, is is intelligent to clap our hands for machinery that needs to be continuosly repaired? donation or not, we must maintain our dignity.

      stop buying prados and start buying medical equipment.

  22. Mnyamata wa nzeru says:

    This is serious!! However, Malawians will never learn!! Too much alcohol in their heads!!!

  23. Dambudzo Mwasanya says:

    It doesn’t require Chakwera to be exact with the date when the dead machine came back to life.The fact is that the CT scanner hasn’t been working for sometime putting more people lives at risk.The money chewed by Mphwiyo and Lutepo would have done a job for repairing the malfunction of the CT scanner or buying a new machine.

  24. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

    The MCP, the perpetual opposition party in Malawi, needs to up it’s game if it is to be taken seriously. Getting out important, but wrong, information does not enhance this position.
    DPP and UDF now know that they are up against only locker room bush research operations in the Opposition Party.

  25. Mbuya says:

    Thats scannergate so it means ve other Co r not experts?

  26. Peter Muthanyula says:

    Ndiye Ayuda amenewo. Concentration camp is where they belong

  27. The Patriot says:

    So what? Bisnowarty or whatever you are called, do not remind us of the old days! The more we see you the more we remember our path to where we are now!
    Please read this statement between lines, am sure you get the point!
    Are you still an indepent MP???

  28. devilsadvocate says:

    Chakwera m’mesa unali wopemphera iwe? U angomva mau opita ndimphepo basi umbekere wapeza yotentha. Kufuna kugena milage? Get the fact’s straight before yoyou open the now big and loud mouth of your. Ukungolimbikira kuti APM atule pansi udindo iweyo ndiye unatani? M’neneli wonyenga wasiya za Ambuye wayamba mabodza. Ha ha ha! Exposed big mouth.
    You have been misinformed by your plants at KCH.

  29. D.D. Phiri says:

    now wat r u..nyasa telling us. mr chakwera lied to malawians,,l think more is to come..chakwera is desperate to see pple turning against muthalika. this stupid article is supposed to tell malawians the truth about scanner’s breakdownand & how misinformed chakwera is, but why bringing issues surrounding mr. biznowaty? u want to confuse leaders ha? kodi anyasa ndinu a mcp? why exposing muthalika to any length in ur articles and only halves with red hearings when its chakwera? this is stupid reporting. ma editor opanda manyazi

  30. WAKUDA KAMANGA says:

    Kmkkkkkkk mulakho wa agalu.

  31. kesterkalonga says:

    Chokani spa aChakwera akuti azikangodyesa nkhosa sangalamule boma ife MCP ayi singalamuleso olo pang’ono akachoka Peter abwera Atupere. MCP izingosusa basi olo chabwino azisusa chifukwa Ndi ntchito yawo mpaka kale.

  32. ineyo says:

    akunama za 11 weeks zo ,ine i work at qech and we stopped sending patients there about 8 month ago whn the CT broke down

  33. mack banda says:

    This is very cheap politics of wanting to paint a bad image on Hon Bisnowaty. He no longer runs the companies. He hired new managers to run the companies. There are a myriad of problems in the ministry of health which cannot be attributed to this noble and humble MP. As a matter of fact Bisnowaty has come to the rescue of government on several occasions ie the Ebola test kits which he freely donated to border posts. if you want to fight the MP then just wait for 2019.

    Are all the equipments in our hospitals not working because of Bisnowaty? Mchinji mortuary not working for 4 year is that also because of Bisnowaty ?Is New generator not installed which was bought one year ago for Mchinji hospital also Bisnowaty’s fault . Is the fact that ladies are dying from Breast cancer every day because the 4 mammograms that India donated 2 years ago not installed is also Bisnowaty’s fault ? Or are the X-ray machines and Dialyses machines at KCH not operating for months are also our good MP’s fault ? Stop the blame on the one that is helping our Malawian brothers and sisters and blame the corrupt people in Government that are not doing there Job . I wish all MP’s in this country would do as much as Bisnowaty does for us . Shame on you !!!!

  34. mdk says:

    Achakwela phuma too much ngati wayufi.zolankhula zanu chimodzimodzi mayufi anu mma Facebook mu.mukangomva nkhani straight kugulu osapanga verify so long nkhaniyo yakusangalatsani.abusa you are too hungry for power mapeto ake mupepela nazo izi

  35. sure says:

    why should the the scanner down for 11 weeks without taking buy or repair it in due times like aweek?
    nde kuti anthu amene amadwala pakatipo ayezedwa ndi chani?

    Bisnawatyy kutitengera pa chinena et? why did not fix if you cant why taking contract at first…….you will never be there again

  36. john mzunguwalira says:

    This mzungu akunama anapeza ntanji. I was at cmed twice in July and Sept refered from KCH and paid K800,000 in total for scanning the head, neck, chest and pelvis. I have the receipts. Chakwera is telling the truth.

  37. HIB says:

    The truth is that this HALFCAST-MALAWIAN is in the same business and benefits a lot from the breakdown, Bosnowarty has been failing to come and fix Philips equipment esp CT bcoz naye ali ndi yake , ask ku Dyangluke he charges them a lot to fail them, how can our Govt give service contract kwa munthu amene ali interest in the business ? I work there and I know the truth about this shit, amalawi anzanga the ministry officials that can change the contracts with this ‘KILLER’ are corrupt as well and they have never given KCH A COPY OF THE CONTRACTS SIGNED TO AVOID US THE USERS TO HAVE WORD. Amene akumubakila Bisnowarty ndiamene akudya nawo ndalama n now KCH benefting from Norwegian Hospital and yet pompano anabwera ku CT akuti kuzakonza but never replaced any parts we as users were there, but few day we heard the MCA has received MKW21 Million pongopukuta machine n tell ministry kuti aika ma parts , ministry never consulted KCH if its true of the parts replacement. its all BULLSHIT corruption

  38. darth maul says:

    town boy biznowhat atawona kuti munthu wakuda ndi opusa, osusuka ndipo ndi ophweka, anakugulitsani za fake kuti akudyereni kawiri popanga ma repairs. one prado could have bought ten brand new scanners. bumbaclaats

  39. levelheaded says:

    Kodi article’yi ukamba za Chakwera kapena za Bisnowatty?

  40. Grrrrrriiiiiiiiiiii says:

    Vuuuuuuuuuuu! Nkudzaluza ma points pamene pajanso!

  41. International Observer says:

    Not surprising at all, is this Bisnowarty not the same person we have seen in the recent past on Facebook throwing birthday parties for Chimwemwe Chipungu’s children in Lilongwe? It is therefore not surprising that he is behaving in such a manner knowing very well that he rub shoulders with the so called DPP elite. The country is indeed being managed as a personal estate where national issues are decided unilaterally. Well, let the Chakweras of to day point out the anomalies this administration is unceremoniously perpetrating with all impunity. The day of reckoning will soon come.

  42. SONG says:

    Bravo Dr Chakwera, you are a real leader for people, the scanner was down for 11 weeks, the x-ray stopped working way back and now is the laboratory that stopped working. Alhomwe ndi zitsiru kwambiri how do you think can a patient receive better treatment. The equipments were bought by Kamuzu after he constructed the central hospital but u are failing even to manage the Scanner machine. Shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

      Get off your high horse singing praise songs of that dictator Kamuzu: “Zonse zinali za Kamuzu.”
      There is absolutely no way these machines were bought by Kamuzu, and last this long. Comment on aspects of issues you know! You seem to have absolutely no knowledge about medical lab equipment.

  43. drogba says:

    Ng’omaaa yanu tikuimvatu a chakwera, ikulira ndithu kwambiri bola isang’ambike pompano

  44. mbuzi iwe says:

    Chakwera actually lied to the nation that the CT Scanner at KCN is not working. He must be ashamed of himself. Mbusa wa bodza chifukwa chofuna udindo. Kumvesa chisoni Bwana Chakwera

  45. mapapaya says:

    atsamundawa ayamba kutibera

  46. Kandapako says:

    Ndi zimenezotu! Inu mumavotela mzungu osazindikira kuti ali ndi ma plan ofuna kupanga ndalama? Ndi azungu awa, amafuna kutidyela masuku pamutu. Wake up fellow Malawians. These foreigners will hoodwink us for their financial gain. When the going gets tough they abandon ship and move elsewhere. There were alot of azungu in the tobacco industry who acquired Malawian citizenship when tobacco was paying. They were mostly with Press Agriculture, General Farming, Chamwabvi Group and other tobacco business concerns like the big tobacco companies in Kanengo. When the going got tough in the tobacco industry they all run away and are citizens of other countries now. A similar thing happened in Zimbabwe. Wake up Malawians, these people pretend to be good to us as long as they can make money. Zikabvuta they just abandon us.

  47. Achimidzimidzi says:

    The reporter is complicating the matter. Why disclosing that government is not creditworthy by not paying its liabilities and consequently killing private sector.

    The Nyasa times Reporter is indirectly agreeing with Dr. Chakwera but afraid of Nicholas Dausi.

  48. JB says:

    Oh my am ashamed ashamed it took an exchange student to tell you guys not to spend uncessariry . Malawi will never develop people are too greedy

  49. Mkanda says:

    Malawi is a sorry and funny nation. So what is being refuted is just the period and not the fact that the CT was really down for some weeks and 11 weeks (3months) for that matter. Very laughable. I will not be surprised to see a quarter page in dailies carrying this as this has become a norm. Spend money on non essentials and let people starve. I won’t ask anyone to resign, but failures will on be put bare!!

  50. TUDZI says:

    KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK, o CHAKWERA, yakunyereranitu iyi,

  51. Katakwe says:

    Hahahahaha this is just a cover up. The management is just fearing the consequences for the exposure of information to the opposition parties. The story has been awash on FB and don’t deny it now! Tomorrow they will start denying the issue of the Laboratory if mentioned by the opposition parties. The problem with Malawian politics is always being on the defensive even when things are not going on well. The end results we are not making headway. Then deny as well that Malawians are not experiencing water supply shortages and constant electricity blackouts.

  52. malawi says:

    III Chakwera Chakwera, kuwerenga Speech, not kudziwa zomwe umayankha. Anzako anangoyankhula straight point. EEE baba Chakwera, reduce speed pliz.

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