Mulli in ‘mache*** ako’ tirade at Times reporter: Tycoon didn’t know he was being recorded

Malawi business tycoon Leston Mulli has been dominating social media talk after being involved in a row with a Times Group reporter as an audio of his foul-mouthing rant in the interview has been leaked.

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Mulli:  What my abscence to Mulhako got to do with your newspaper?

In the audio circulating on messenger sharing platforms like fire in the dry bush, the reporter Adam Phiri asked Mulli why he was absent at this year’s Mulhakho wa Alhomwe festival.

Mulli, who is founding member for Mulhako wa Alhomwe, member of board of trustees and one-time biggest sponsor for the annual festival, sounded furious to be interviewed on the matter.

“Why are you always interested in any activities surrounding Mulli?” he asked.

The reporter replied: “It’s not me.”

He added : “It’s people that want to know, they are wondering why…”

But Mulli said: “You have been writing a lot of articles about Mulli. There are a lot of issues that are taking place in the country but you cannot even write about those issues. When you wake up and sit down, all what you think about is writing issues about Mulli…how his company is doing…why do you do that?’

Mulli who is Group Managing Director of Mulli Brothers Holdings Limited (MBHL) gave a stream of abuse to the reporter.

“How can you ask those stupid questions? If I have failed to go to Mulhako, do you mean that there’s something wrong? You think I should fail to do some errands I have because of going to Mulhako?

“Why should I get questions from you for not attending the Mulhako, you are a child with a corrupted mind. You want me to let you know where I spent my night and where am travelling today. What has it got to do with your newspaper if I do not go to Mulhako?” Mulli said.

“Should I be telling you that I went to see a sick person, I went to my farm or that I went to see a vehicle involved in a road accident? Can’t you have sense in your head, to think before you call if the question is valid? You are a misguided person and never call me again for those stupid questions,” ranted Mulli.

“You are too stupid! Mache*** akonso wamva (f**k you),” said Mulli – what a classy and sophisticated sentence.

Meanwhile, Mulli said the reporter did not tell him he was being recorded and that circulating the same audio is unacceptable.

“I was not told I was being recorded. But even if he had the interview on record, it is unfortunate he has made it to the public domain,” Mulli told Nyasa Times.

On the foul-mouthing words, Mulli said “It’s regrettable but the true problem is with the reporter”.

He added: “I have deep respect for journalists and I grant interview at anytime without insulting anyone,” he said.


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Patrick Fred

Wabweza kodi ngongole ija?mkulu ameneyi amatukwana koopsa.ngakhale a ntchito ake akamafunsa za malipiro ake amawatukwana.


Anthu akunyasaland eeeeeesh!!!!


kodi ngongole ija abweza liti galu ameneyu


And why was he recording him? what as his agenda? Adam Phiri what was your agenda?


People are interested? who are these people interested? why?


Ayi muli sanalakwe this reporter is rubbish, what does he want to achieve, ndani anafunsidwapo chifukwa chosapita ku umtheto wa angoni, ndan anafunsidwapo chifukwa chosapita kolambya kwa Gawa Undi? why are you obsessed with Mulli? Rubbish. I have no sympahty for this reporter!


How should inquired how muthalika gonna repair the economy of malawi while has already failed to repair it?????,this’s why we are trying to find out the relationship of peter and muli ratherthe best relationship muli he had with bingu????


ma reporter opusa ndi a Malawi a sanje mukulimbana ndi Mulli coz ali ndi dolla bwanji simunafuse wina aliyese amene sanapiteko. U must be very stupid reporter musiyeni Mulli azipanga ndalama nkumadya ndi mtendere. Ufa ndi umphawi.

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